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Speaking Simulator
Speaking Simulator

Genre: Simulator
Developer: Affable Games Official Site:
Publisher: Classification: PG
Release Date:
February 2020
Friday, 7 February 2020
Post by Steve Farrelly @ 11:24am 07/02/20 | 0 Comments
Brisbane-based Affable Games' inaugural Indie release, Speaking Simulator, is now out in the wild and features the player taking on the role of an android bent on destroying humanity, however, in order to do so he must first infiltrate society, by talking his way to the top... of his human job.

It's... weird.

And equally charming with some clever, yet light comedic writing and very basic mechanics centred around speaking to other humans with the aim of passing yourself off as one. Though it is marred by a few design issues.

Here's a snippet:
t’s the fun and the problem with the game all at once. The novelty of being an android hellbent on infiltrating humanity, as a believable, “even cool” human (in robot disguise), wears off quickly. The writing in the game is fun, it’s barebones and performs its task about as well as you trying to talk your way into a nightclub past a bouncer, in that after awhile it all feels like a chore. The further I got into the game the less the dialogue meant anything despite speaking being half of the point. Before you know it, you’re not just manipulating a tongue in an android mouth with three switches, you’re controlling eyebrows and eye contact, even your chalauntless, all while moving your mouth and tongue; teeth spilling out of your head just in an effort to ensure Katy from HR, who has a thing for you, inappropriately, stays interested.
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