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Sea of Thieves
Sea of Thieves

Xbox One
Genre: Adventure
Developer: Rare Official Site:
Publisher: Microsoft Classification: TBC
Release Date:
March 2018
Monday, 31 January 2022
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Sea of Thieves has come a long way since its debut back in 2018, where each and every step along the way it has retained its identity as a multiplayer pirate adventure unlike any other. In a new Special 2022 Preview Event covering what's in store for the year, we also learn that the game is showing no signs of slowing down. Or, you know, dropping anchor somewhere.

With over 25 million players, including five million sales on Steam, there's a lot on the cards. Let's break it down.

With Seasonal updates being a big part of Sea of Thieves in 2022 they're set to be expanded with new cinematic story elements. Adventures and Mysteries are described as "story-focused events designed to complement Seasons, providing regular narrative-driven content for players to dig into alongside the other gameplay features brought in by our Seasonal content drops".

Adventures will be time-limited, with the goal being episodic storytelling that will last for the entire year. One of the cool things will be the addition of cinematics to set the scene. The first Adventure ‘Shrouded Islands’ is set to launch on February 17. Mysteries on the other hand will lean into the side of Sea of Thieves where you need to piece together clues without a helping hand or on-screen prompt.

With Season Six kicking off in March there's a brand new combat and exploration experience coming in the form of Sea Forts.
Six Sea Forts will appear around the world, drawn through from the Sea of the Damned and protected by patrolling Phantoms. You’ll battle through these ghostly foes and collect keys to fully explore the Sea Fort, eventually taking down its toughest defenders and claiming the loot within the treasury.

Also coming in Season Six is a Pirate Legend-exclusive Voyage for Sea of Thieves veterans.

Multiple seasons, new modes, features, and cinematic stories are expected throughout the year -- culminating in a big finale.

Though it's not all "new things added" as the PvP focused Arena mode will be removed in the next few months. With Rare noting, "With the scope of Sea of Thieves growing larger and larger, the huge task of maintaining QA and bug fixes for both Adventure and Arena modes has become something we can no longer justify. We’re proud of what we achieved with Arena, but ultimately it wasn’t as successful as we had hoped, and a bespoke competitive mode with few dedicated players is hard to align with our future vision for Sea of Thieves."
Monday, 22 March 2021
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Sea of Thieves is about to get a new one-off storyline called The Legend of Glitterbeard, and the story behind its creation is nothing short of bittersweet and heartfelt. It was created in tribute to the late James White, a member of Rare that passed away in 2020.

As described by Alex Hunnisett, Head of Live Service, "He was known as a gentle giant with a warm hearty laugh, down-to-earth demeanour and an epic beard that would make even the greatest pirate glow with pride. James (or Jim as we called him) was just starting his career in the games industry, but had already played an instrumental part in developing the game that you love."

Tragically the team lost Jim this time last year with many left heartbroken, with The Legend of Glitterbeard created to memorialise him in-game in a story that will celebrate his kindness.

"We’ve shaped this one-off storyline in memory of someone we miss, placing him in the world forever as the larger-than-life Glitterbeard, selfless guide to the players who follow in his wake," writes Alex Hunnisett. "Should you discover the scattered chronicles of his adventures, they – and the huge heart behind them – are something we hope you enjoy sharing with friends, family, crewmates and other voyagers you meet on the seas."
Thursday, 3 December 2020
Post by KostaAndreadis @ 12:40pm 03/12/20 | 0 Comments
As part of a new developer update Rare has outlined some of its plans for next year, noting that with over 97% of Sea of Thieves players Pirating in Adventure Mode -- that will be the focus going forward. 2020 has been the biggest year to date for Sea of Thieves and starting in January, Seasons are coming to its high seas.

As per the video below, Creative Director Mike Chapman outlines that Seasons will last three months and each will begin with new content and a new way to play. Basically adding structure to what we've seen so far alongside rewards and progression and a new Plunder Pass feature. The progression will focus on the ways people already play and tailor rewards accordingly -- with some exclusive stuff for Pirate Legends too.

As seen in other titles the Seasonal progression will follow a 100 levels of unlocks.

In terms of other new stuff there's also a new Merchant's Alliance voyage all about piecing together clues to find a lost shipment -- very cool. Rare is also hinting at big stuff as part of the new content drops coming in 2021 and on that front my hope is that we finally get that arctic zone to sail through that, well, I've been kind of day-dreaming about for a while now.
Thursday, 5 November 2020
Post by KostaAndreadis @ 01:01pm 05/11/20 | 0 Comments
With Rare confirming that Sea of Thieves not only looks better on the brand new Xbox Series X and S consoles, but the experience will improve thanks to "significantly reduced load times". Which means getting into the game and back into the action after a visit to the Ferry of the Damned a lot quicker.

This is great news, because Sea of Thieves - as wonderful as the game is - does suffer from a very long initial load on Xbox One. And then there's the old staring at a black screen and spinning wheel as you wait to get back onto the seas. Thanks to the fast SSD storage of the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles, fast loading is set to become the norm and will be a key part of the Optimised for next-gen version of Sea of Thieves.

On that note, Rare also confirms that on the Xbox Series X the game will run at 60-frames-per-second in native 4K, and hit the same 60fps but in 1080p on the Xbox Series S. Another next-gen thing, improved frame-rate, also confirmed. Rare didn't outline any other visual improvements coming - so we'll have to wait and see if things like draw-distances or texture detail also get a bump.

The optimised version of Sea of Thieves will go live alongside the next-gen Xbox launch on November 10.
Thursday, 3 September 2020
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With pet monkeys, birds, and cats, already a part of Sea of Thieves (available to purchase from the in-game Pirate Emporium), it's time for dogs to be added. Coming as part of the next monthly update called Vault of the Ancients, arriving September 9.

Which features a new addition that lives up to its title with new Gold Hoarder missions that will lead you to hidden treasure vaults full of, well, the shiny stuff. And puzzles and challenges and secret loot. Which you can see at the 2:30 mark in the following Sea of Thieves developer video below.

The treasure vaults look very cool and with the times element to see how much loot you can get out will no doubt add a bit of tension and push your pirate greed to the absolute limit.

Back to dogs, as with other pets you'll be able to interact with your canine friend, scratch their itch and play them a tune. What would be cool is an option to play fetch with one of the bones left over from Skeleton Lord. For fun.

Sea of Thieves: Vault of the Ancients arrives September 9 for Windows 10 and Xbox One and as part of Xbox Game Pass.

Tuesday, 21 July 2020
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As per a new post from Rare's Joe Neate, Sea of Thieves recorded its most active month so far - with over 3.3 million active pirates taking to the seas in June 2020. With the game also hitting Steam, it has sold over 1 million copies on the PC platform. Proving that thing we've all known for year, that when it comes to PC gaming piracy will always be popular.

Or, a weird version of it as Sea of Thieves is included in Xbox Game Pass for PC. The other big milestone can be seen in our header image - since launching back in March of 2018, Sea of Thieves has now passed over 15 million players, with 5 million of those players fastening their sails this year.

"The way that the game and its community has continued to grow has been amazing to see," Joe Neate writes. "It was only in January of this year when we shared that 10 million people had played the game! We’re also humbled that more people have played Sea of Thieves in the first six months of 2020 than who played in the whole of 2019, which was more than 2018."

This is great news for Sea of Thieves fans (which you can count us as at AG HQ), and should point to a lot more goodness coming to the game in the near future. Our dream, is for a the map to extend with a new frosty biome, one that limits ship movement and adds a few frosty islands to explore. Not exactly imaginative, but we got Lava World. It's time for Ice.
Thursday, 18 June 2020
Post by KostaAndreadis @ 12:45pm 18/06/20 | 0 Comments
The latest update to Sea of Thieves is now live with Haunted Shores seeing the arrival of a new threat - Ghost Ships from the Sea of the Damned. Led by Captain Flameheart’s spirit these ship can be found roaming the seas or taken head on in voyages as part of the latest World Event.

The Ghost Ships are weaker than the usual skeletal variety but that means there's a lot more of them and they're packed with new spectral cannonballs - that you can equip if you manage to survive.

Daily Bounties are also updated with bonus rewards for turning in Ashen treasure and cooked Megalodon meat. All of this arrives alongside a suite of new cosmetics to earn and new items to purchase in the Pirate Emporium but perhaps the best bit is the introduction of a bunch of new sea shanties - with the ability to now select what song you want to play.

For all the details on the Haunted Shores update, be sure to watch this video.

Ghost Ships Rise to Seek Vengeance

We’re pleased to unleash a whole new type of encounter this month and look forward to seeing how well our players react and adapt. Captain Flameheart’s spirit, recently released from captivity, continues to grow in power and has now found a way to rally supernatural support from the Sea of the Damned! His Ghost Ships are the latest threat to reach these seas, and though their phantom forms may be easier to destroy than earthly ships, they’re fearsomely armed and sure to outnumber living pirates.

Crewed by lost souls, these swift fleets provide a twist on the usual challenges of ship combat as they attack with otherworldly weaponry and drop mines to catch the unwary. As danger lies in all directions and the ships themselves prove perilous to the touch, agility and crew communication will be just as important as combat skill!

Flameheart’s Flagship

The centerpiece of this update is an emergent event featuring Captain Flameheart’s own ship, the Burning Blade. With the arrival of Haunted Shores, Flameheart’s looming skull will now manifest over islands like the clouds that represent Skeleton Forts or Skeleton Ship battles. However, this particular sign means that the Burning Blade and an armada of Ghost Ships has appeared around an island, as if searching the Sea of Thieves for something…

These will prove to be tough encounters, with Flameheart’s floating skull not just acting as a beacon but giving orders to his ships and berating meddlesome pirates. The Phantom and Wraith Cannonballs fired by the Ghost Ships are as unnerving as they are powerful, but supplies can be claimed by players for their own use after defeating the Burning Blade. There are valuable Damned treasures to be looted too, plus unique sails to be unlocked by fearless pirates who send enough of these Ghost Ships back to the Sea of the Damned.

Expanding the Adventure

Ghost Ships won’t be fading away after this month’s big event – they’re a permanent addition to the game, providing a new way for pirates to gain gold and reputation with the Order of Souls alongside their usual Skeleton Bounties. Players can accept these Voyages right now from Order of Souls representatives or from Duke in the nearest tavern.

There’s even more to do this month thanks to a refresh of Daily Bounties and other events, all trackable via the Events Hub. Expect a new playlist of Bounties offering bonus gold and Doubloons for completing in-game tasks, plus special time-limited events such as The Hunter’s Call, that will boost rewards for deliveries of cooked meat from sharks and Megalodons, so if anyone falls overboard during a battle with the phantom fleets, they might consider pulling their weight in the shark-hunting stakes instead.

The shanty system also gets a boost in Haunted Shores as instrument-wielding pirates can now use the menus to jump straight to a favourite tune. Better yet, the range of shanties has grown with several new songs for you and your crew to belt out on deck, on shore or in the tavern, including fan favorites such as ‘Maiden Voyage’ and ‘We Shall Sail Together’!

Last but not least, the Pirate Emporium enjoys its usual monthly update, ushering in the appropriately undead-themed Blighted Ship Set for fans of State of Decay. You’ll also find some pets that have been transformed into living treasures by the Gold Curse, a range of new outfits for your furry or feathery sidekicks and even animal-themed pirate dance emotes for players who want to laugh in the face of Flameheart’s threats.

Enjoy exploring all these additions alongside this month’s hair-raising headline challenge – one that’s sure to create some surprises between players once they pick up some of those hard-hitting supernatural cannonballs!

It's very cool update and with the game now playable (with cross-play) support across Steam, Windows 10, and Xbox One - Rare's Sea of Thieves continues to grow from strength to strength. That State of Decay Blighted Ship Set looks amazing too - the sort of crossover that probably shouldn't work - but totally does.
Friday, 22 May 2020
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With Rare's pirate adventure hitting the platform after being exclusive to the Windows 10 store and Xbox Game Pass since its launch just over two years ago. The timing is great too as since launch Sea of Thieves has become one of the best multiplayer titles on the Xbox platform - with its own vibrant and unique take on sailing, finding treasure, and sinking other ships.

Here's a new trailer to celebrate the announcement.

And here's Rare's Joe Neate talking about the game's journey so far.
We’re delighted to announce that our ever-evolving pirate adventure Sea of Thieves will be launching on Steam on June 3, 2020. For over two years the members of our community have been sailing freely into fantastical adventure with Xbox Game Pass and on Xbox One and Windows 10, but as we go full steam ahead we look forward to onboarding a whole new community of PC players. We can’t wait to welcome these eager new pirates into the fold and watch them discover Sea of Thieves’ wide open world for themselves.

With a player base of 10 million pirates and counting and a host of exciting plans for the future, the wind is now in Sea of Thieves’ sails. Since launching on Xbox One and Windows 10 in March 2018, the game has been on a hugely eventful journey. From the arrival of its first free new adventures in The Hungering Deep to the enormous Anniversary Update that introduced Tall Tales and The Arena, and then on to the introduction of more regular monthly content releases in 2019 – most recently with Ships of Fortune in April – it’s evolved into the definitive pirate adventure – growing stronger with each slew of additions and ways to play.

Price-wise it arrives on June 3 for $39.99 USD.
Wednesday, 8 April 2020
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The next big content update for Sea of Thieves, set to arrive on April 22, is going to be a big one. With Ships of Fortune bringing major changes to how you can interact with the various Trading Companies (these being the Gold Hoarders, Order of Souls, Merchant Alliance, Athena's Fortune, and the new Reaper’s Bones), with the ability to pick a side and become an Emissary.

Which will require a donation that then opens up a new progression system where, say, the more chests you return to the Gold Hoarders the bigger the multiplier you'll receive as reward. As an Emissary you'll be flying the flag to complete voyages and even compete in a competitive Emissary Ledger leaderboard.

As per above flying the flag as an Emissary communicates your allegiance to the wider sea, which opens up new danger thanks to the addition of The Reaper’s Bones trading company. Where the goal here is to take other Emissary Flags as trophies. Naturally, this new faction is located at The Reaper’s Hideout.

As Sea of Thieves celebrates its second anniversary the game is also bound for Steam.

Also coming in the update is a new revive mechanic allowing pirates to revive fallen crew mates in a limited re-spawn window. Plus, the introduction of a new type of pet - cats. And an overhaul of the competitive Arena mode focused on quicker and more action-packed rounds.
Friday, 3 April 2020
Post by KostaAndreadis @ 01:07pm 03/04/20 | 0 Comments
With Rare's excellent and ongoing pirate adventure Sea of Thieves bound for Steam - with the official store page now live ahead of the "Coming Soon" release. Of course, as is the way with the high-seas, cross-play between pirates will be there day one with Rare noting that this announcement arrives alongside the 10 million unique player milestone for the game.

Which no doubt will grow with the Steam debut.

“Sea of Thieves has always been about incredible pirate adventures where you never know who or what is just over the horizon,” said Rare’s Studio Head Craig Duncan. “The team at Rare continue to evolve Sea of Thieves, adding more variety and content so that every new voyage feels rich and fulfilling as you make friends and foes on the seas. We’re genuinely thrilled to bring Sea of Thieves to Steam, and look forward to welcoming the Steam community to our game so we can share a grog and a shanty together and hear the tales of their adventures!”

As per Rare's head honcho Sea of Thieves has definitely grown to become something quite special since its initial debut. From incredible storytelling to new activities to how it simply continues to feel unlike any game out there.
Friday, 13 March 2020
Post by KostaAndreadis @ 10:45am 13/03/20 | 0 Comments
The latest monthly update to Sea of Thieves has arrived, with Heart of Fire introducing a new Tall Tale in addition to new on-ship and on-Pirate weapons in the form of the Chainshot and Blunderbombs. Plus, monthly Voyage handler Duke is handing out special Athena's Run voyages for Legendary Pirates.

Here's the breakdown of the update.

Tall Tales: ‘Heart of Fire’ – Stories of a returning enemy and a dark ritual have begun to spread across the Sea of Thieves, and this ritual threatens to consume the souls of a once proud and noble crew. Journey to Morrow’s Peak Outpost and speak with Tallulah in The Charred Parrot – a journal in her possession may be the key to learning more…

‘Heart of Fire’ Commendations – New Commendations have been added, charting players’ progress as they work to halt the ritual. By progressing through these Commendations, players can earn the Ashen Dragon Hull and the Ashen Dragon Curse.

Athena’s Run Voyage – Only Pirate Legends can purchase this new Voyage from Duke, then take their crews to visit Thieves’ Haven and surrounding islands on the hunt for new Athena’s Treasures. Those yet to reach Legendary status can join a Legend’s crew, or patrol Thieves’ Haven and try to steal from one! Anyone can return these new treasures to the Mysterious Stranger at any Outpost tavern to cash them in for gold and Athena’s Fortune reputation. Due to the raised stakes and rewards of this Voyage, Duke has placed a 50 Doubloon cost on it.

The Athena’s Run Voyage will be permanently available from Duke after the Heart of Fire update.

Athena’s Run Commendations – The Mercenary Voyages Reputation pane contains new Commendations for tackling Duke’s latest Voyage, rewarding crews with Doubloons and a new Legend of Thieves’ Haven Title.

Athena’s Run Rewards – Completing the Athena’s Run Voyage five times unlocks a special all-in-one costume: the Legendary Treasure Seeker. This marks the debut of a brand new cosmetic type to be expanded upon in future updates. The Athena’s Fortune reputation pane also contains new Commendations for cashing in the new Athena’s Treasures, unlocking new cosmetics from the Ghost Set: the Ghost Cannon, Capstan and Wheel.

Chainshot – A new cannonball type is now available in both Adventure and Arena! Chainshot will be available in ship barrels when players spawn, and can also be found in barrels throughout the world. When chainshot strikes a mast, wheel or capstan it does maximum damage, instantly destroying that ship part. When hitting the hull, however, it does very limited damage, so make sure to aim high. Chainshot has a shorter range than standard cannonballs, so get in close before unleashing it!

Blunderbomb – A new type of throwable weapon like the firebomb, the Blunderbomb is a glass sphere that explodes on impact, sending pellets in all directions. These pellets deal damage based on the distance from the explosion and cause knockback to any player on the receiving end of the blast, with a direct hit causing the most knockback damage. When fired from a cannon, these provide a larger player knockback and explosion radius. Watch out though, Blunderbombs may knock ships back but don’t damage them.

Monday, 13 January 2020
Post by KostaAndreadis @ 02:58pm 13/01/20 | 0 Comments
And it's a game that I still continue to play thanks to the monthly content updates and major expansions that have slowly transformed what was once a pretty bare-bones experience into one of the best games of this generation. Yeah, big call but everything that has been added to the high-seas has only helped cement and highlight just how different and special Rare's Sea of Thieves is.

And with the game passing the 10 million players mark, it looks like 2020 will see many more sail-hoisting adventures arrive. Joe Neate, Executive Producer at Rare, stated the following in a recent update.
It’s mind-blowing to think of that many people setting sail on the Sea of Thieves, and it’s all been made possible by the support and passion of our fantastic community.

For everyone at Rare, the Sea of Thieves community represents the very best of what gaming can be. It’s home to players from more than eighty different countries, bringing together gamers on Xbox Game Pass, Xbox One and Windows 10 PC and creating countless stories and moments that people can treasure. Seeing these stories shared through social media or other community spaces is something that inspires the team every day. To every person who’s played Sea of Thieves, thank you.

And speaking of monthly updates, the latest of which is expected to arrive this Thursday - called Legends of the Seas - and will be based around celebrating the community and sharing its stories. Very cool. More details on the event and update should be coming in the next few days.

Speaking about achievements here's a video of my treasure finding prowess - where X, always, marks the spot.

Thursday, 17 October 2019
Post by KostaAndreadis @ 12:39pm 17/10/19 | 0 Comments
And then naturally fight over the treasure when all is said and done. Or, hopefully stick to an Alliance agreement. The latest update to Sea of Thieves, called Fort of the Damned, sees players taking on Voyages to find Ritual Skulls and claiming Flames of Fate - in order to take on an updated threat at Old Boot Fort. In what is the biggest update to the game's Fort/Raid system since launch.

With the Fort activated on demand as long as the requirements are met, in what is a new permanent fixture in Sea of Thieves. Here's a breakdown of the October update - which also covers new cosmetics, a new instrument (a banjo!), and updates to the Arena.

Sea of Thieves continues to impress with its monthly updates and this looks to be no different. Though getting all the Flames of Fate (which are obtained via dying a certain way) might prove to be difficult for small crews who want to take on the challenge without the help of other pirates.

It's a pretty sizable update so be sure to head here for the full patch notes.

Sea of Thieves is available on PC and Xbox One and as part of Xbox Game Pass.
Thursday, 12 September 2019
Post by KostaAndreadis @ 11:38am 12/09/19 | 0 Comments
As part of the new Smuggler’s Fortune update the long talked about cosmetic storefront is finally available in Sea of Thieves. Where, as per the headline pets are now purchasable (with Ancient Coins ala real-world currency) - including both a parrot and a monkey. A monkey that will dance when you play an instrument, cower when your ship is under attack and generally roam about like one of the members of your crew.

Although micro-transactions can be controversial Rare has been open about its plans to implement them in Sea of Thieves. Delayed substantially due to the focus on adding meaningful content, which the game has delivered on, the aim here is for pure cosmetic stuff to be offered as a way to generate revenue. The new Pirate Emporium is accessible via the main menu and also located above the Order of Souls at any Outpost in-game. Here you can get new pets, pet outfits, new legacy Rare ship cosmetics including an impressive Banjo Kazooie make-over, and new emotes.

All purchasable by Ancient Coins, Rare has also added a way to earn a few extra one in-game with hard-to-kill rare Ancient Skeletons popping up from the sands. Here's a trailer going through the Pirate Emporium and the new voyages and other big updates coming as part of Smuggler's Fortune.

Sea of Thieves has been online for 18 months now, and with several expansions, story content, and monthly events arriving at a steady clip - the timing is right for a new cosmetic storefront.
Thursday, 15 August 2019
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It's been over a year since Rare released it's pirate adventure Sea of Thieves on Xbox One and PC. And since that time the game has grown and expanded with new features, locations, and ways to play. The latest bit of content to arrive, called Dark Relics continues the new monthly schedule of events with new quests to hunt down Skeletons on behalf of the Order of Souls.

Because they've stolen a bunch of, you guessed it, Dark Relics. The update comes alongside new ship cosmetics and rewards in addition to new permanent features like harpoons for row boats and Reaper’s Chests. Which appear on everyone's map offering a risky race to try and reap the rewards.

It all looks great and since the sizable Anniversary Update from earlier this year we've been dipping back into the Sea of Thieves waters fairly regularly. There's just nothing else quite like it, and with all of the changes - there's always something to do as you sail the high seas. Rare plans to have monthly events and content updates of this nature go live on the second Wednesday of every month.
Thursday, 13 June 2019
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Which introduced a lengthy story-driven campaign, fishing, cooking, and a bunch of improvements built on a solid year of updates to Rare's pirating high-seas multiplayer adventure game Sea of Thieves. As part of the Xbox Game Pass service the game has found continued interest from players too, with 2 millions players hoisting their sails after the massive April update.

Including us here at AusGamers. In fact we've been playing a tonne of Sea of Thieves over the past month, and have been genuinely impressed with just how much there is to do now. And how much of it still holds true to the promise seen at launch.

Which, as per our review, we noted, like the digital Nostradamus' that we are.
If the launch version is looked at as a foundation for more - Sea of Thieves becomes an exciting proposition. And a game that one could come back to time and again. Which makes sense when viewed as part of the Game Pass subscription service. As a standalone title there is a feeling of “is that it” that permeates several corners of the experience. The big question is, can Rare keep players interest in the long term. And what exactly does the content roadmap look like for Sea of Thieves. How soon until more, meaningful content arrives?

Not only limited to the Anniversary Update, recent content drops like the Forsaken Shores, Shrouded Spoils, and others have added much needed life, danger, and purpose to the game. It's still Sea of Thieves, and we love how unlike anything else it is. The new story stuff, called Tall Tales, are involved quests sending players off with little guidance as clues need to be deciphered from books and hand-drawn maps and diaries. No quest markers, no checkpoints, each Tall Tale is confident and excellent design on behalf of Rare that treats players like thinking problem solvers and wanna-be pirates.

We'll be revisiting the game in an updated review very soon too, so stay tuned.
Friday, 18 January 2019
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Like a frightened turtle. Early next month, the Sea of Thieves install size is set to be drastically reduced with a new streamlined installation that will also allow for easier updating and optimisation on the part of developer Rare. So then, what sort of shrinkage are we talking about? Significant.

With the base Xbox One install size dropping from 35GB to 10GB, the Xbox One X version 47GB to 25GB, and the Windows 10 PC version 47GB to 27GB. It's a pretty impressive bit of optimisation, that Rare states will also mean that future updates won't increase the overall installation size in the same way that previous updates have.

The Shrinkage Update is due to rollout on February 6, and will force a full re-install for the game. But after that it'll be, err, smooth sailing.
Wednesday, 28 November 2018
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Or tomorrow, sometimes it's hard to figure out conversions and all that. But hey, you're an Aussie games site and that's why we come to you? Okay fine, after server maintenance and the update the rollout of Shrouded Spoils should go live overnight at roughly 1am AEST. Making it a mix of tonight and tomorrow. Anyway, this a big one because in addition to the new and expanded weather system this update brings many of the most wanted items to the world.

Including the ability to further customise your chip with different canons and wheels. Very cool. Plus the world is expanding with six new Skeleton Forts alongside Skeleton Ship improvements and the introduction of a Skeleton Sloop. Even the Kraken is getting a re-design alongside giving players actual reward drops and commendations for taking out any of the big threats - including the Meg. Which is also getting an overhaul with new visual variants.

And all of this is wrapped up in the new weather effect, fog. Which not only adds an eerie quality to sailing between islands but adds to the challenge of dealing with unfriendly pirates and other threats. Oh, and the Merchant Alliance are getting more items out in the world to find in addition to the re-appearance of special Mermaid Statues holding treasure.

Shrouded Spoils is the fourth content expansion so far for Sea of Thieves, in what has been a pretty impressive bit of post-launch support from Rare and Microsoft.
Monday, 29 October 2018
Post by KostaAndreadis @ 01:20pm 29/10/18 | 0 Comments
Set to drop next month Rare's fourth expansion for Sea of Thieves is all based around player feedback and what they'd like to see. Called Shrouded Spoils one of the big new features will be an expanded weather system that will as per the title shroud both the water and islands in a thick fog - making the crows nest a must for travel.

Check it out at the 3:00 minute mark below - it looks incredible with sunlight peering through the eerie mist. Also, ships will creak and groan and make more ship sounds whilst in the thick of it.

Full details on the expansion are set to come shortly but another cool revelation comes in the form of expanded ship customisation - a big thing that people have been wanting to see. From changing up the wheel to canons and more.
Tuesday, 18 September 2018
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With Rare's Sea of Thieves getting a steady stream of updates and content since its launch earlier this year - many have been waiting for the upcoming Forsaken Shores updates originally due for release this week. Mainly because it introduces a new volcanic region to explore and new ways to play. Looks like we'll have to wait a bit longer as Rare need some extra time to polish the expansion.

Not long though as the delay is only a week, with Forsaken Shores now launching Thursday September 27 - as per this post which notes.
This was not a decision that was taken lightly, and we know this may disappoint fans who were looking to play the update this week. That said, our priority is to deliver a stable, polished and bug-free experience and we feel that the extra week of development will enable us to do this.

In the meantime why not watch the teaser trailer released last week which, well, looks impressive to say the least. And not just because it confirms the long-awaited addition of row boats to the game.