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Rainbow Six Extraction
Rainbow Six Extraction

Genre: First Person Shooter
Developer: Ubisoft
Publisher: Ubisoft Classification: MA15+
Release Date:
Monday, 21 February 2022
Post by KostaAndreadis @ 03:42pm 21/02/22 | 0 Comments
Rainbow Six Extraction’s first post-launch Crisis Event, Spillover, is available now. We go hands-on and learn that there's no amount of claymores you can lay down before you feel 100% safe and sound.

Spillover is also the game's version of a straight-up 'horde mode'.

The stealth component of Extraction is set aside as you fend off alien hordes whilst trying to neutralise Sprawl Colonies. The tactical side of Extraction remains in full as careful Operator selection (defensive and support) will be one of the things that results in success over failure. The arrival of new-to-Extraction Zofia also ties in nicely to the Event as her grenade launcher is a surefire way to thin Archaean numbers. Which also works a treat when paired up with a Tachanka mounted turret.

How the Crisis Event works is fairly similar to that of a traditional ‘horde mode’, albeit with a 25-minute timer always counting down. Setup and defence is key, choosing the right Sprawl Colonies to target, making sure you’ve got the right gear equipped (drones are essentially useless here), and knowing that as soon as you place a bomb on a Sprawl Colony it’ll trigger the arrival of the horde. The goal is to try and stop all 9 Sprawl Colonies on a map, within the time-limit, whilst legging it to the extraction zone in one piece.

Our Full Rainbow Six Extraction Spillover Event Hands-On
Tuesday, 25 January 2022
Post by KostaAndreadis @ 05:16pm 25/01/22 | 0 Comments
After completing more than a few incursions into the alien-infested maps of Rainbow Six Extraction, both pre and post launch, we're finally ready to delivery our full review. So then, how does the Rainbow Six Siege off-shoot fare as a tactical co-op experience?

Pretty good, but not without issues.
But first, aliens! Yeah, for a Tom Clancy-based adventure in changing firearm grips and Holo sights, having the antagonists be a mysterious race of shape-shifting alien creatures is a little strange. Parasitic extraterrestrials that have come to Earth to spread their goo and pulsate to the beat of their own space-drum. Part of the strangeness comes from Rainbow Six Extraction being, for all intents and purposes, a Rainbow Six Siege spin-off. You’ve got the same engine, similar weapons, the same Operators, and that focus on tactics, stealth, and outright action.

Whereas that could very much read like a negative statement on the ambition and quality, being a Rainbow Six Siege spin-off goes a long way to instilling Extraction with a sense of identity. That is, in the lecturial genre-iffic sense of the term. An identity born from the tactical and stealth-based nature of Tommy C-style incursions and missions where small maps, spatial awareness, and a back-pocket full of zip-ties are the order of the day.

Here it’s creeping around, taking out pulsating nests, locating objectives, carefully sniping a few Archæans, and making a tactical exit or move to the next airlock.

Our Full Rainbow Six Extraction Review
Saturday, 8 January 2022
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After spending a few hours with the co-op focused Rainbow Six Extraction it’s safe to say that Ubisoft’s “Left 4 Dead but super tactical” experiment is shaping up very nicely.

Here's some gameplay from our recent hands-on.

And here's a snippet from our preview.
Rainbow Six Extraction is as engaging when you’re dealing with a singular threat or scouting up ahead as it is when you’re facing off a rush of attackers and scrambling to jump through an open window to create a bit of distance. Even when you’re fending off waves, setting up a room with defences and being ‘tactically aware’ is paramount.

Bringing it back to Siege, the key thing to keep in mind is that Extraction benefits from the robust systems, Operators, gadgets, and mechanics that have been honed for several years. The scanning and then shooting a threat through a wall, setting up a makeshift barricade, sending off a drone via remote control on a portable display. It all works flawlessly.

Head Here to Read Our Full Rainbow Six Extraction Preview
Monday, 15 November 2021
Post by Steve Farrelly @ 02:25pm 15/11/21 | 0 Comments
In keeping with the gaming giant's transparency around its post-launch plans for all IP, Ubisoft has highlighted its roadmap for Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Extraction, a standalone chapter of the Rainbow Six Siege platform -- A one to three player co-op experience where Operators fight an ever-encroaching and evolving alien threat. And the entire roadmap revealed today, is free.

Building off the foundations of what makes Rainbow Six Siege still one of the most-played competitive shooters on the market, only with a focus on team-based cooperative play more akin to Back 4 Blood than on Siege's siege gameplay setup. Extraction is also a more fantastical offshoot of the IP, which has allowed developer Ubisoft Montreal to really push the envelope in terms of art, events and structure.

Here's some official notation from Ubisoft:
Risk it all in Maelstrom Protocol, a thrilling weekly challenge mode with tiered ranks, built for the most skilled Rainbow Six players. Players must navigate a series of nine subzones with increasing difficulty, tougher enemies, quickly depleting resources, and allotted time getting shorter at each stage. At each checkpoint, squads must choose to either extract to bank their points or attempt to push to the end. Earning points will secure a place for challengers in up to five classes, from Bronze to Silver to Gold, Platinum and even Diamond Class, each rewarding players with special headgear and REACT Credits.

Rainbow Six Extraction will feature a variety of other exciting challenges, including Crisis Events and Assignments. Crisis Events are limited-time, game-changing events with themed content, introducing a new Operator to your roster or a new dangerous Protean enemy to defeat. In the first Crisis Event, Spillover, players must wipe out mass colonies of an evolved version of the Sprawl as hordes of Archæans attempt to stop them. These events will reward exclusive REACT Tech, new cosmetics, and new lore.

Assignments are weekly modes with gameplay modifiers that put players’ skills to the test. For example, Veteran Mode involves no HUD, limited ammo, and friendly fire enabled. At launch, players can tackle both Maelstrom Protocol and weekly Assignments, with Crisis Events becoming available soon after.

The Standard Edition of Rainbow Six Extraction is available to pre-order for the new low price of AUD RRP$69.95 on PC and AUD RRP$79.95 on console. This includes free post-launch content, Buddy Pass tokens, a deep operator progression system, four adjustable difficulty levels, 13 dynamic mission objectives, over 60 weapons, legacy Rainbow Six Siege tech, 15 exclusive REACT tech, and Maelstrom Protocol, a weekly challenge mode.

Each edition of Extraction will unlock two Buddy Pass tokens, allowing players to invite their friends to play with them for up to 14 days across all platforms. Any progression their squad members earn will transfer over when they purchase the full game. All pre-orders will also unlock the Orbital Decay Cosmetic Bundle in Extraction.

Everyone who plays both Rainbow Six Siege and Rainbow Six Extraction will receive the United Front bundle, which contains four exclusive gearsets, split between both games, and will instantly unlock Extraction’s entire roster of 18 operators in Siege.

With development led by Ubisoft Montreal, Rainbow Six Extraction recruits players to join the Rainbow Exogenous Analysis & Containment Team (REACT) and assemble a one to three-player squad of beloved Rainbow Six Siege operators. Both Rainbow Six Siege players and those looking for a new PVE co-op game can enjoy taking on mysterious alien creatures known as Archæans in 12 all-new and unpredictable maps. For the first time, players can also progress through a custom leveling system for each of the 18 operators to advance in new ways. As they level up, players will also permanently unlock new containment zones, operators, customization items, new REACT tech, higher difficulty levels, in-game lore, and more.
The game isn't due until January 20, 2022, but for now you can also watch a new trailer highlighting all of the above, embedded below. There's also this gameplay capture we took from a hands-on session a few months back.

Monday, 18 October 2021
Post by KostaAndreadis @ 11:16am 18/10/21 | 0 Comments
Back in June, Ubisoft's Rainbow Six Extraction got delayed to early next year. With the development team citing more time needed to create the Rainbow Six take on the whole co-op shooter thing. Today comes word that the early next year release is going to be very early with Rainbow Six Extraction out on January 20, 2022.

We went hands-on with a preview build back in June and walked away impressed with what we saw so no doubt that extra couple of months of polish has been put to good use. As for the game itself the blend of Operator style action from Rainbow Six Siege, mixed with the Left 4 Dead co-op vibes of fighting hordes of aliens (no zombies here), is fairly straightforward. Though as per the gameplay breakdown below, there's a lot that sets Extraction apart from other co-op shooters.

To confront and eventually contain a growing alien threat known as Archæans, your squad can choose from a roster of 18 Rainbow Six Operators, each with their own set of gadgets, weapons, and abilities. Try different combinations of Operators to open new strategies to approach the Archæan threat in each of Extraction’s 12 maps. Set across four regions in the United States, these maps feature procedurally generated challenges, a diverse set of enemies, and infestations with increasing difficulty the further you go in the map, to keep your REACT squad on its toes and test your teamwork.

Of course, it’s not just about adjusting to the world and the Archæan presence – you’ll also need to make some tough decisions. After completing the mission within each containment sub-zone, you’ll have the option to extract your squad and net the rewards you’ve earned so far, or venture deeper into containment and risk what you’ve earned to confront tougher enemies and earn greater rewards. That gamble could mean temporarily losing one of your Operators, caught Missing in Action (MIA) within the containment zone. You’ll have to squad up and launch a rescue mission to recover your MIA Operator. What will your squad risk to complete its mission?

Rainbow Six Extraction is out January 20 on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC.
Monday, 23 August 2021
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The three-player co-op survival shooter has come a long way since the debut of Valve's seminal Left 4 Dead back in 2008, but that hasn't stopped the comparisons rolling in for titles that tick the co-op-survival-shooter checklist. Ubisoft's Rainbow Six Extraction could be pitched as "Yo, how about Rainbow Six Siege but Left 4 Dead?" but this new gameplay deep dive presents something very different. And admittedly very cool.

With the competitive focus of Rainbow Six Siege showing no signs of slowing down, Extraction brings that same tactical and diverse Operator focus to the world of PvE -- where the threat is an alien entity known as the Archæans. From game modes to gadgets to Operator abilities and the type of tactical action you can expect, this is a great little summary and slice of Extraction.

Check it out.

Rainbow Six Extraction lets players join the REACT Team and assemble a one to three-player squad of well-known and beloved operators from Rainbow Six Siege to confront mysterious alien creatures known as Archæans. Equipped with more than 65 weapons, ten legacy Rainbow Six Siege tech and 15 exclusive REACT tech, the operators have been adapted to best take on the alien threat. For players new to Rainbow Six who want to go at their own pace, Extraction is also fully playable solo.

Players will deploy into 4 varied regions across the U.S., including New York, San Francisco, and two other regions, and face the alien threat in 12 all-new, unpredictable maps. Each map is roughly three times the size of previous Rainbow Six Siege maps, and contains unique dynamic modifiers, ensuring no incursion is ever the same. Tackle 13 different mission objectives during tactical incursions including one called ‘Gateway Objective’, in which players must face off against a Protean, a deadly Archæan variant that has adopted the form of REACT operators and mimics their behavior.

For Rainbow Six Siege fans, Extraction introduces not only entirely new Rainbow Six lore featuring many of their favourite characters from Siege, plus the 12 wholly unique maps to dominate, but also a brand-new twist to familiar gameplay features: for the first time, players can progress through custom leveling system for each of the 18 Rainbow Six operators, allowing them to advance their Operator’s gear, weapons and abilities in an entirely new way. As they level up, players will also permanently unlock new containment zones, Operators, customization items, new REACT tech, higher difficulty levels, and more.

Yeah, it is looking good -- and the alien designs and strategic setups all look very different to the traditional Left 4 Dead-lite we've seen elsewhere. That whole scene of rescuing a fallen squad-mate from a cocoon to then place them in a sci-fi bed chamber dealy for resurrection? The sort of detail you want to see in a modern PvE shooter.

Rainbow Six Extraction is on track for a January 2022 release on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Windows PC. Cross-play and cross-progression will be supported from day one. For more be sure to check out our recent hands-on preview and interview with the development team.
Monday, 19 July 2021
Post by KostaAndreadis @ 12:49pm 19/07/21 | 0 Comments
With Rainbow Six Extraction seeing its release date pushed back four months to January 2022 and Riders Republic moving from September 2 to October 28, 2021. In the case of Extraction, the time is to allow the team to hit its ambitious goal of delivering, "a full-fledged AAA experience that changes the way you play and think about cooperative games".

Going hands-on with Rainbow Six Extraction recently we discovered that its blend of tactics and co-op zombie-style shooting to be pretty interesting compared to the competitive side of the franchise. Especially with the sci-fi tone of a mysterious alien viral threat.

“It was also important for us to keep a grounded approach -- so don’t expect superpowers for your Operators,” Extraction’s creative director, Patrik Méthé told us. “These are [still] top tier Operators fighting a new, always-evolving threat that they don’t know much about”.

No doubt the extra time will allow for more fine-tuning and polish.

As for Rider Republic its delay is to ensure a smooth launch for what is shaping up to be a pretty exciting multiplayer action sports playground. With a day/night cycle, weather effects, multiple 'rides' and a massive play-space Ubisoft's plans for this are definitely sizable. Which is why we asked about the possibility of jumping on a skateboard.
Sunday, 13 June 2021
Post by Steve Farrelly @ 06:18am 13/06/21 | 0 Comments
As part of pre-E3 access through Ubisoft, we had a chance to get down and alien parasite dirty with Rainbow Six Extraction in more than a few sessions, some of which we managed to capture and that you can check out after the jump. But in addition to that, we also had a chance to chat with the game's creative director, Patrik Méthé.

Here's a snippet from everything we had access to:
We managed to play a handful of rounds of the game which, if you played that Outbreak time limited event, you’ll have a basic understanding of as far as structure goes. It's a cooperative tactical shooter in maps with destructible components. You have objectives that range from breach-like to defend-like and combinations in between, as well as twists on various themes. There just also happens to be a creeping alien virus of some sort sprawling a sticky goo that slows your movement, spawns enemies of various types and hierarchy, glowing sacks (nests) and ‘trees’ that want to eat you.

No, seriously. It’s all very alien.
Click here for our Rainbow Six Extraction hands-on and developer interview.