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Project CARS
Project CARS

Nintendo Wii U | PC | PlayStation 4 | Xbox One
Genre: Racing
Developer: Slightly Mad Studios Official Site: http://www.projectcarsgame.c...
Publisher: Classification: PG
Release Date:
19th March 2015
Friday, 28 August 2015
Post by Steve Farrelly @ 12:20pm 28/08/15 | 1 Comments
Included in the pack is the 1964 Ford Mustang -- a must-have for any car lover. There are also cars from BMW, Ruf and of course, Ford.

Introduced in 1964, the Ford Mustang quickly became one of the company's most-recognizable models, single handedly starting the muscle car revolution that shaped the American car market for more than a decade.

After the first one million road cars of the original Mustang had been build, Ford gave its best-seller an extensive upgrade, equipping the car with a more powerful 4.7 liter V8 engine and introducing the now-iconic Fastback body style. Now, in 2015, the Mustang GT is the newest addition to Ford’s iconic range. Powered by a massive 5-litre V8 engine and delivering more than 428hp of power and 528 Nm of torque, buyers can choose between a full manual and automatic six-speed gearbox, the latter coming with genuine shifting paddles – a first in the long history of the Mustang.

Based on the Porsche 911 3.2, the 1987 CTR Yellowbird is one of Ruf’s most iconic models, and one that helped build their reputation for building no-compromise sports cars. The 3.4 liter twin-turbocharged flat six engine provided 469hp from two large turbochargers and intercoolers, and had been equipped with a new Bosch Motronic as well as an ignition setup originally designed for Porsche’s 962 Group C race car. Thanks to extensive weight-saving measures such as usage of fibreglass and aluminium, the CTR weighs just 1150 kilograms, resulting in a very impressive performance

BMW's 2002 Turbo road car made the history books in 1973 by becoming Europe's first-ever mass-produced road car powered by a turbocharged engine. The 2002Turbo's two-litre four cylinder engine provided 170hp of power, a figure that made the 2002 one of the most powerful cars on the road during its time. Unfortunately, the 1974 oil crisis forced an end to the 2002 Turbo's production after just one year as gas prices were soaring across the world. Only 1672 cars were produced during the model's limited production run, making the 2002 Turbo one of BMW's most iconic and most sought-after classics. Built to the Super 2000 touring car regulations, the 320TC is BMW's weapon of choice for competition in the World Touring Car Championship (WTCC) and countless national touring car series around the globe. Weighing 1170 kilograms, the car is powered by a 1.6 litre DI-turbo four-cylinder engine and a full adjustable six-speed sequential gearbox. Driven by veteran touring car aces such as Tom Coronel, Franz Engstler & Stefano D'Aste, the 320TC clinched five world championship wins.
Watch a trailer for the new car pack embedded below, and check out a handful of new screens after the trailer.

Wednesday, 22 July 2015
Post by Steve Farrelly @ 10:59am 22/07/15 | 6 Comments
Project CARS' unique approach to content delivery by way of an "on demand" service has updated with new Audi vehicles and New Zealand's Ruapuna Park track.

About Project CARS on demand service:
PROJECT CARS ON DEMAND is our commitment to keeping Project CARS up-to-date with the greatest, freshest, and most critical content whilst also allowing players to pick and choose the cars & tracks they want - without being locked in to a pre-paid scheme. With continual Feature Updates addressing items identified by the community and introducing new functionality, exciting Free Cars and beautiful Community-created Liveries, and a variety of themed Car Packs and Track Expansions, Project CARS is built for the future and continues to be a growing and evolving experience throughout 2015 and beyond led by the racing community around the world.

Watch the Audi Ruapuna DLC trailer embedded above
Project CARS continues its program of continual updates and fresh content delivery today with its first Track Expansion featuring New Zealand’s Ruapuna Park circuit and three iconic Audi racing cars.

Comprising of five unique layouts, Ruapuna Park International Raceway is New Zealand's premier motor racing facility, located 13 kilometers west of Christchurch, New Zealand. Hosting some of New Zealand's most exciting racing events, including the prestigious Lady Wigram Trophy and an annual round of the New Zealand V8s series, the track's main 3.3 kilometer layout runs in an anti-clockwise direction and its challenging layout incorporates many fast sweeping corners that reward smooth and precise drivers.

With the Audi R18 e-tron Quattro, six-time American Le Mans Series winner Audi R8 LMP900, and 1989 Audi 90 IMSA GTO rounding out this expansion, all players will additionally be able to get behind the wheel of the coveted and limited run Audi A1 Quattro with delivery of their second Free Car. Also if that wasn’t enough, the second pack of Community Liveries includes an amazing community-created livery for the Ford Escort Mk 1 as well as six real-life DTM liveries for the Mercedes 190E 2.5-16 Evolution2.
Can you see this on demand service as a good thing? Or does it create issues in online play against vehicles you're unfamiliar with because you didn't buy into the content through the unique system?
Thursday, 7 May 2015
Post by Steve Farrelly @ 03:49pm 07/05/15 | 17 Comments
Joaby has been racing in any car, on any track, in any style he wants this past week, taking Slightly Mad's Project CARS for the AusGamers review spin. Is it a pole position in the racing space?

The short answer is, it's maybe a bit too blurry to tell. Well, not 'blurry', because Project CARS is gorgeous, but more in what it's yet to do but will likely get to, because even from the ground up, this game has been a community effort where car enthusiasts aren't just its life-blood, but its seed from the start.

From Joaby's review:
PCARS works very, very hard to accurately simulate the handling profiles of all of its vehicles. And as anyone who has been to a weekend long bucks party knows, Karts don't handle like cars. So starting in Karts taught me oodles of terrible habits regarding the game's control model. After moving beyond the Karts (both 125cc and 250cc) I found myself braking later, taking much tighter racing lines and generally racing poorly for a dozen races afterwards.

I think it's actually a testament to the game's accuracy, if anything -- it's rare that you feel such a distinct shift in handling without there being an environmental change to accompany it.
For the lazy readers out there, this review also comes packaged with a narrated video review component.

Click here for our Project CARS review.
Friday, 24 April 2015
Post by Steve Farrelly @ 12:15pm 24/04/15 | 4 Comments
A new trailer for Slightly Mad's Project CARS has been released highlighting the game's multiplayer, which appears to have no restrictions on car or track selection, or combinations of the two.

In Project CARS online multiplayer, create your own public and private race weekends or join players all around the world to put your skill to the test. Will you be the first one to cross the finish line?
We do see a little bit of Bathurst in here, and of course the mind starts to race with the possible vehicles you can run on one of the world's toughest courses.

Watch the trailer embedded below.

Friday, 10 April 2015
Post by Steve Farrelly @ 03:38pm 10/04/15 | 0 Comments
Gran Turismo once ruled the graphics roost for car games, and was eventually usurped by Turn 10's Forza series, but the long-in-development Project CARS from Slightly Mad Studios is giving both (and all other) franchises a run race for their money.

It's also not long now before the game arrives on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Wii U, and if today's trailer is an indication of how the final product is looking, racing fans might have a new series to invest in.
Take the wheel of the Megane R.S. 265 and the Clio Cup on one of the many tracks of Project CARS and enjoy the next-generation of racing simulation.
Watch the new trailer embedded below, and be sure to take part in the quiz contest both Project CARS and Renault Sport are running to go into the draw to win a copy of the game and a Renault Sport Enthusiast Day prize.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015
Post by Steve Farrelly @ 01:43pm 24/03/15 | 0 Comments
The long-gestating Project CARS from Slightly Mad Studios (and many, many independent contributors) is almost upon us, and today it was revealed there would be more than 30 locations to tear rubber on, accompanied by a new trailer.

Project CARS features over 30 locations from around the world with multiple variations of each, offering one of the largest track list of any racing game in recent years.

The ground-breaking dynamic time of day and weather system makes every race unique and urges players to adapt to every situation.
More recently the game was pushed back for polish, but will be landing on PC, PS4 and Xbox One early next month. Until then, there are still apparently more locations to be revealed, so stay tuned.

Watch the new trailer embedded below.

Thursday, 19 February 2015
Post by Eorl @ 10:14am 19/02/15 | 0 Comments
Project CARS, the ultra-realistic racing simulator from developer Slightly Mad Studios, has once again been delayed and will now see a release come April 2nd.

Previously scheduled for a launch in March of this year and originally scheduled to launch last year, Project CASR has run into a number of development issues. Today's change is in reference to the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions, with no news yet on when the Wii U version can be expected beyond an extremely vague 2015 release.

“Moving a release date was not an easy decision to make, as we know our fans are eager to get their hands-on on Project CARS,” studio head Ian Bell. “But we know that these extra days will allow us to provide the best game experience that our fans deserve. We assure you the wait will be worth it when the game does arrive early April.”
Monday, 20 October 2014
Post by Eorl @ 11:25am 20/10/14 | 0 Comments
Project Cars, the crowdfunded simulation racing game from Slightly Mad Studios, has been pushed back to March 20th, 2015, the studio announced over the weekend.

The new date, which applies to the game's PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions, represents a delay of four months — publisher Bandai Namco had previously set a release date of November 18th. In a press release, Slightly Mad and Bandai Namco said they decided to push back Project Cars to move it out of the crowded fall 2014 release window, and to allow for additional development time.

"Whilst a tough decision to make, the change in release date allows the game the greatest chance of success and visibility, and the opportunity to polish the game even further to the high standards that both ourselves and our community demand and expect," said Ian Bell, studio head at Slightly Mad.

Project Cars is also in development on SteamOS and Wii U, however they have also been delayed to a later date following the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One releases.
Tuesday, 30 September 2014
Post by Eorl @ 03:53pm 30/09/14 | 1 Comments
The developer of racing game Project Cars is targeting a 1080p resolution and 60 frames per second output for both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of the game, according to a recent interview with Eurogamer.

Slightly Mad Studios' Andy Tudor told Eurogamer at EGX 2014 that the Xbox One version is "not quite 1080p at the moment." Of course, as with all games still going through the development cycles Tudor noted that "it's not representative of the final quality. We're still aiming to get there.

"Towards the end of the game you're always optimising, and during development it's a rollercoaster. Sometimes you look at the game and think oh god, that's not working, that's not working. But other days you hit 60fps, and it's awesome."

"For a racing game, 60fps is hugely important," Tudor continued. "What people don't know is that the physics underneath runs at 600 times a second. We measure the input you're doing on the controller 250 times per second. Project Cars does that way more than any other game - they're all doing that significantly lower. The screen refreshes 60 times per second - we're measuring the tires, the physics, the suspension, all that stuff, 600 times."

Project Cars is due out in the on November 21st for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. A Wii U version is also due out at the end of the year, which Tudor has confirmed is still going well.

"There are significant hurdles that we've had to get over, and that's kind of expected," he said. "But the fact we can have weather, time of day, a significant number of cars on screen, it's actually really promising."
Saturday, 9 August 2014
Post by Eorl @ 09:44am 09/08/14 | 0 Comments
A new comparison video has been posted to driving game YouTube channel AdrianFlesp, showing off just how much has changed in the last two years for racing title Project Cars.

The eight minute clip that you can see below shows just how much things can change in just two years, though that’s a fairly long time by anyone’s count, game developing isn’t exactly easy – especially for a game of such high standards as Project Cars. Lighting, shadows, detail and landscaping are among the transformation for the game, developed by Slightly Mad Studios.

The PC video comparison uses the California Highway track from Project Cars, also due to be released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, with a Wii U version coming in 2015.

Friday, 4 July 2014
Post by Eorl @ 09:21am 04/07/14 | 0 Comments
Publisher Bandai Namco has today announced that it will now be handling all publishing material for Slightly Mad Studios' upcoming racing title Project Cars.

The new publisher also confirmed that a November 2014 release date is expected for Project Cars, along with reaffirming that the PC and PlayStation 4 versions will support Oculus Rift and Project Morpheus virtual reality headsets, respectively.

"With a portfolio of prestigious, popular, and iconic titles under their wing, Bandai Namco are the perfect partners to bring our pioneering community-driven game to players around the world." said Slightly Mad Studios chief Ian Bell.

A new trailer has been released to coincide with the announcement, which you can check out below. Project Cars will be debuting on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Wii U.

Friday, 2 May 2014
Post by Eorl @ 09:49am 02/05/14 | 0 Comments
Developer Slightly Mad Studios has today revealed a handful of new screenshots from their upcoming racer title Project CARS, showing off for the first time the PlayStation 4 version.

According to Andy Tudor, creative director at the studio who took to the PlayStation Blog to reveal more backstory on Project Cars, these screenshots were taken simply by "pausing the game and taking a screenshot." The blog post also continues to tout support for Sony's upcoming virtual reality headset Project Morpheus, which Slightly Mad hopes to finally "feel what it’s like [to sit] in the driving seat of a high performance machine."
Whether you’re recreating Lewis Hamilton’s fearlessness out on a European racing circuit, searching for that perfect opportunity to break out of a close pack of GT cars, testing your stamina doing a 24h race in an LM Prototype, or simply taking a muscle car out for a drive down the US West Coast, both the cars and tracks are exact 1:1 recreations of the real things.

On the cars that means visually down to the screws that hold the suspension manifold together, physically in terms of recreating the exact handling and performance characteristics, and sonically representing the various roars or purrs or growls that each exhibits. Others may say similar, but they don’t come close to the attention to detail we put in.
Check out the screenshots below and head over to the PlayStation Blog post for a full run down on just what the team are hoping to achieve with the racing title.

Project CARS will be available on PC, SteamOS, Wii U, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One starting in November. The game will also contain support for Oculus Rift and 4k resolutions.