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Genre: Action
Developer: Blizzard Entertainment Official Site: http://eu.battle.net/overwat...
Publisher: Blizzard Entertainment
Thursday, 19 July 2018
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Celebrating its Second Anniversary we recently had the chance to sit down with Blizzard's Scott Mercer to discuss the most recent Overwatch Patch. Which in addition to providing the most recent rework of Symmetra introduced a number of features designed to enhance the social side of the game by taking steps to combat negative behaviour.

Which in handles by doing the opposite of simply becoming like Mario in Donkey Kong and swinging the ban hammer wildly - by rewarding positive behaviour and teamwork.
This fundamental shift to incorporating a system that has the required effect of reducing negative behaviour but also one that encourages teamwork, is something the team at Blizzard has been slowly building toward over the past two years. “Trying to encourage better player behaviour is something we've been actively working on for quite some time,” notes Scott Mercer, Principal Designer of Overwatch. “There's a lot of things we've been doing in terms of feedback when players do report someone. They received an email and they knew that the report actually did something.”

“But I think Endorsements was really an opportunity for us to provide a much more positive reinforcement for members of the community,” Scott adds. “To be able to say, ‘Hey, you're awesome, and I really enjoyed playing with you. Here's this endorsement.’" Built around the idea of a player being able to assume positively instead of assuming negatively – instant access to someone’s endorsement level promotes a clear tangible record of past behaviour.

Click Here to Read Our Full Interview with Blizzard's Scott Mercer
Friday, 29 June 2018
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Aka Hammond, aka "Specimen 8", like Winston was genetically modified at Horizon Lunar Colony resulting in both increased size and intelligence. And so, is able to command and fit comfortably inside a large wrecking ball of a tank. The new tank hero is live now on the PTR and as per the name is able to switch between bipedal shooting and giant ball rolling.

Check out the Wrecking Ball origin video below.

As a new tank, Wrecking Ball sounds like a fantastic addition to the Overwatch line-up. The addition of a Grappling Claw should introduce a new type of movement too.

    Quad Cannons: Wrecking Ball fires machine guns
    Adaptive Shield: Grants Wrecking Ball a number of temporary shields based on the number of enemies nearby
    Roll: Wrecking Ball transforms into a sphere with increased speed
    Grappling Claw: While in Roll mode, Wrecking Ball can launch a short grappling hook to attach to surfaces, swing around, clear gaps, and move upwards. Using this ability allows Wrecking Ball to gain momentum , dealing damage and knocking back enemies upon impact
    Piledriver: Wrecking Ball slams down from the air, pulling enemies towards the center of impact and dealing damage
    Minefield (Ultimate): Wrecking Ball litters the ground around him with damage-dealing proximity mines

Of course, as a giant hamster, reaction to the new Overwatch hero has been mixed - with many forgetting the already very strange line-up that includes a giant gorilla, gamer in a mech, and cyborg ninja. For more on Wrecking Ball be sure to watch this video of Game Director Jeff Kaplan introducing Hammond.
Tuesday, 29 May 2018
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As noted by Blizzard Esports Leagues CEO Pete Vlastelica to German site Handelsblatt (translated by PC Gamer). In the interview he notes that Blizzard are looking to expand the Overwatch League's global reach with two more teams from the Americas, two from Asia-Pacific, and two from Europe and the Middle East. Fingers crossed that means one from Australia.

Although that might be unlikely due to the fact that for the inaugural season Overwatch League franchises sold for $20 million USD each. Which is rumoured to be going up for Season 2 based on the popularity of current competition and the success that teams have been finding. As the original interview was with a German publication Blizzard made special mention of Berlin and how it would be the perfect city to host an Overwatch League team.

In terms of the second season Blizzard also confirmed that all league matches will once again take place at Blizzard Arena, with home-and-away scheduling pushed back to the third season of competition.
Wednesday, 23 May 2018
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Overwatch turns two this month, which means we've been playing it on the reg for the past two years. Okay sure, that's a no brainer but it feels like Overwatch has been with us for longer than that. A testament to the game's staying power and all-time classic feel. And to celebrate the Overwatch Anniversary Event is now live, bringing a number of goodies.

Including anniversary themed cosmetic items, a new Deathmatch map called Petra, and the return of all past seasonal cosmetic items as well as past seasonal brawls. And it's that last bit we're excited about the most.

Also, Overwatch is on sale across all platforms with prices Genji-slashed by up to 50%.

  • Overwatch - $29.95 AUD
  • Overwatch: Legendary Edition – PC - $59.95 AUD
  • Overwatch: Legendary Edition – XB1 - $64.97 AUD
  • Overwatch: Legendary Edition – PS4 - $64.95 AUD
  • Upgrade from Overwatch to Overwatch: Legendary Edition - $30.00 AUD

With Legendary Editions packed with five Origin, five Epic and five Legendary Skins. The event will be running from now until June 12, so be sure to log-in to Overwatch on PC, PlayStation or Xbox One.
Tuesday, 15 May 2018
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Overwatch is on the cusp of hitting its second year anniversary, and to celebrate a special Overwatch Anniversary Event will run from May 23 through June 12. The best part is that we'll be getting all the seasonal brawls, which will rotate daily in the Arcade. Including the most recent Overwatch: Archives mission.

Also coming is a new Deathmatch map called Petra, alongside a new Competitive Mode specific to Deathmatch. Which will, like standard competitive play, include placements matches, skill ratings, and leader-boards.

Naturally, any new Overwatch event means new cosmetics and Overwatch Anniversary Event 2018 is no different. But, this time to celebrate two-years of Overwatch all Loot Boxes will include all previous seasonal event loot. Also players who log-inwill receive a Legendary Anniversary Loot Box, which will guarantee one Legendary item.

And finally, for those that have yet to jump into Overwatch - a free weekend is coming May 26 through May 29 on all platforms.
Friday, 4 May 2018
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If you played through the recent Retribution event no doubt you were impressed by the new map set in Venice, Italy called Rialto. After its debut as part of the Retribution co-op mission, Rialto is now live as a new PvP escort map. Set during the daytime this version of Rialto features both familiar and new locations.

Here's a quick sizzle reel of Rialto set to music perfect for a Gondola ride.

I don't know about you but I got serious Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade vibes from this. And because X always marks the spot I'll be checking this out on the Xbox One X later tonight.
Wednesday, 11 April 2018
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Recently we had the chance to sit down with Overwatch Game Director Jeff Kaplan to talk about the new Retribution co-op mission. The latest, and definitely most successful, attempt by the team to bring co-op story content to the game. We talk about the lessons learned along the way, the early experiments, and the evolution of PvE Overwatch.

Mechanically Retribution is the evolution of PvE content within Overwatch. A team-based shooter designed for PvP, where it has gone on to become a household name across the globe. Thanks to its now with over 35 million players, an annual World Cup that attracts talent from across the globe, and a high profile esports league – fittingly called Overwatch League. The road to creating a co-op mode though, that could stand alongside the core competitive side of Overwatch was a long process. And one that began well before the arrival of Retribution and last year’s Uprising event.

“Halloween Terror 2016 was the first time. That's when we did the whole PvE experiment with Junkenstein’s Revenge,” Jeff tells me. “Before that, we had done some work on playing against AI, which we thought was cool. We knew it wasn't great. We knew it wasn't a compelling experience. Sure, we can teach bots to play the game, but it was never going to be as fun as playing against real people. It really was Halloween Terror, that first year, where we said, ‘Why don't we try something a little bit different. Let's see if we can create this fun new mode’.”

Click Here to Read Our Interview with Overwatch Game Director Jeff Kaplan
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Retribution, the new PvE co-op mission live now in Overwatch finally delivers on the promise of fun story-based content. At a preview event last week at Blizzard HQ we were lucky enough to go hands-on with the new mission and speak with some of the talented people behind the scenes.

“There's just a lot of what we would probably call heavy handedness in Uprising,” Matthew Hawley, Lead Game Producer on Overwatch tells me. “We've tried to be a little bit subtler with Retribution. I think by its nature, Retribution's a little bit more run and gun so you have player interaction as the action. Which has helped us to better tell the story rather than maybe some of the more heavy-handed moments in Uprising.”

Not that it was designed to be the Overwatch equivalent of a campaign mode. The nature of it being a limited-time event meant that it was fine to play through a few times but wasn’t something that you immediately missed.

Little did we know though that whilst we were all experiencing Uprising for the first time, Blizzard were hard at work on a new bit of story content – Retribution. A new co-op mission that would take all the lessons learnt from Uprising, and offer a faster, leaner, and more exciting co-op experience. After the initial tests with the horde-like Junkenstein’s Revenge from the first Overwatch Halloween Terror event, to the experiment in objective-based co-op mission design that was Uprising, it seems like that old saying is true. In that third time’s the charm.

Click Here to Read Our Full Overwatch Retribution Preview
Friday, 6 April 2018
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Last year with the release of Uprising we all got our first taste of story-based co-op Overwatch content. That being a PvE mission where players took on the role of specific Overwatch heroes in a historical battle that took place in London. And now with the introduction of Overwatch Archives, the second historical mission is set to drop next week. And it looks, well, awesome.

Taking place in a new location, Rialto (Venice, Italy) players will get to relive a critical Blackwatch mission as McCree, Moira, Genji, and Reyes take on Talon forces. And that's Reyes as in before he became Reaper.

Now, as it looks like the above trailer was created using in-engine assets this is definitely the most cinematic Overwatch has looked in a while. And it looks great, especially with what look like Talon forces that haven't been seen in-game before. If the new Overwatch Archives event means more co-op missions like Uprising and now Retribution, fans looking for more Overwatch story will be in for a treat.

Also, Retribution will see the addition of over 160 new cosmetic items - including what we assume will be some cool new skins. We'll have more on Retribution next week when the event goes live from 11 April – 1 May AEST/NZST on PC, Xbox One and PS4.
Wednesday, 28 March 2018
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And will once again see countries go head to head this November at Blizzcon. But before that, the players and eligible countries need to be sorted out. So, from From today through the end of Competitive Season 9 (29 April AEST), Blizzard will be tracking the skill rating of each country's top 150 players. With the top 20 countries at the end moving on to compete in the 2018 Overwatch World Cup.

Progress can be tracked here, and as of writing Australia is sitting in 15th place. The four top countries chosen to host Overwath World Cup events - South Korea, United States, Thailand, and France - automatically go through.

Australia made it through to the top eight last year, so here's hoping we can go further in 2018.
Wednesday, 21 March 2018
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The daughter of everyone's favourite master of the portable turret, Torbjörn Lindholm, is the newest hero to join the Overwatch ranks. Whereas her father is more of a weapons designer Brigitte went the imposing armour and defensive route. From her portable plasma shield to her flail, one might be surprised to learn that she's a new Support character.

But then one look at her abilities, which includes being able to throw out healing repair packs and then Rally her team with an Ultimate buff of armour and faster movement, you begin to see her appeal. In that she bucks the usual kinda-squishy Support trend in favour of well, a formidable presence.

For more info head to Brigitte's official character page, or fire up Overwatch and start flailing. Literally.
Thursday, 1 March 2018
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Well, turns out that I was wrong. All that teasing was in fact about hero numero 27 joining the Overwatch ranks - daughter Torbjörn Lindholm, Brigitte. Who also happens to be a mechanical engineer specialising in armour and defense. Click through for a breakdown of her skills and abilities.

Okay so Brigitte, as a new Support Hero, can throw Repair Packs down to heal teammates. Plus, her Flail weapon also has the ability to heal when damaging foes. Throw in a personal Barrier Shield (think mini-Reinhardt) and an ultimate that gives allies long-lasting armour Brigitte sound like quite the addition to the Overwatch lineup.

Her abilities in full:
Rocket Flail – Brigitte’s melee weapon has an extended range, enabling her to strike multiple enemies with a single swing.
Repair Pack – Brigitte throws a Repair Pack that can heal an ally. Any healing over that ally’s maximum health provides them with armour instead.
Whip Shot – Brigitte throws her flail a long distance, dealing damage and knocking an enemy away from her.
Barrier Shield – Brigitte deploys a frontal energy barrier to absorb a limited amount of damage.
Shield Bash – Once her Barrier Shield is deployed, Brigitte can dash forward to stun an enemy.
Inspire – When Brigitte hits enemies with her flail, she also heals nearby allies over time.
Rally – Brigitte moves faster and provides all nearby allies with armour that lasts until it’s removed by damage.

Brigitte is also now live on the PTR, giving everyone a chance to check her out before going live in the near future.
Tuesday, 20 February 2018
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And New Zealand. And sure we could have put that in the headline too, but hey we put the A in ANZ. For those that need a reminder Overwatch Contenders is a semi-professional league that will showcase the best local talent, where they'll go up against each other and possibly make it to the Big Leagues. As in the Overwatch League.

The first of three Overwatch Contenders seasons planned for this year, with a total local prize pool of $150,000 USD per year, kicks off March 12 at 2:00pm AEDT/4:00pm NZDT.

This is all part of the path to pro for Overwatch that begins with the Open Division that is, yeah, open to all. The ANZ region has eight teams confirmed so far: Legacy, Kings GC, Your Name Here, cmonBruh, ViewSonic.DarkSided, Masterminds GC, Kanga Esports, and Alter Ego.

For more info, including schedules and updates head to the Overwatch Contenders site.
Tuesday, 13 February 2018
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It must surprise Blizzard that there are people out there still not playing Overwatch. But, to their tenacious credit, they won't let these stragglers live Overwatchless forever, inviting them in for free this coming weekend to play with the full roster across a number of game modes.

The free weekend will take place across PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Here's the official line:
Attention, recruits! If you haven't already had the opportunity to suit up and save the world as one of the heroes of Overwatch, now's your chance!

During this free weekend, we're making Overwatch's full roster of 26 heroes and 17 maps available for play in a variety of modes, including Quick Play, Custom Games, and the Arcade. Players will also have the ability to level up, earn loot boxes, and unlock a variety of different customisation options.

If players decide to purchase Overwatch after test driving the game, they’ll get to keep any progress made during the weekend—as long as they use the same Blizzard, Xbox Live, or Sony Entertainment account that they played on.

To learn more, please visit: https://playoverwatch.com/en-us/blog/21508380
Interestingly, outside of a few BlizzCon's ago, when the game was first revealed, this editor hasn't since jumped into the full release proper. I guess this weekend gives me no excuse now.

Are you also an Overwatch no-show? If so, what's stopped you jumping in?
Thursday, 8 February 2018
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The new Ayutthaya map, which takes place in Thailand, has been built from the ground-up for Capture the Flag. With Blizzard also refining the mode by introducing sudden death by moving both flags closer to the center when a match is tied up in the closing moments. A new four-week competitive season has also begun with new skins and other cosmetics introduced to celebrate the Year of the Dog.

Blizzard's Jeff Kaplan goes over the changes in the latest Developer Update video below.

The Overwatch Year of the Dog Lunar Event is on now.
Tuesday, 6 February 2018
Post by KostaAndreadis @ 03:13pm 06/02/18 | 1 Comments
On Sunday February 11 to be exact. Well, to be more exact from 12:00pm AEDT. The Stage Finals, and this will be the first for the Overwatch League, will see the top three standing teams go head-to-head for their share in a $125,000 USD bonus. Plus, the title of Stage 1 winner.

Stage Finals take the form of a seeded playoff where the second- and third-place teams face each other first, the winner of which will take on the top-seeded team in the title match. All matches will be best-of-five, and the higher seed will be the home team for each match. Per the Overwatch League Official Rules, title match results will not count toward overall season playoff seeding or tiebreaker scenarios.

Watch live video from OverwatchLeague on www.twitch.tv

Times: Sunday, 11 February AEDT/NZDT. Semi-finals (2nd place team vs. 3rd place team): 12:00pm AEDT/2:00pm NZDT; semi-finals winner faces 1st ranked team at approximately 2:00pm AEDT/4:00pm NZDT.

Stream embedded above.

Monday, 29 January 2018
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Scott "Custa" Kennedy is currently the sole Australian player in the Overwatch League, as part of the Dallas Fuel lineup. Which, naturally has seen local support for the team rise considerably. The Overwatch League, which saw huge audience numbers for its first week of competition is now in full swing. And as part of its focus on talent, Blizzard has posted a profile on our local Overwatch star.

His journey to the Overwatch League is a fascinating one, having started in 2015 when the game was still in beta. Having set aside studies, he traveled to North America with the goal of becoming an Overwatch pro.

“It was really tough to explain to everyone else that this is what I wanted to do,” Custa said. “I honestly didn’t tell a lot of people other than my close family and friends. I literally just lied and said, 'I’m gonna go work in Canada and do something different,' right? But I was really sure of myself. I knew I could do it if I really put the time into it. [Going pro] was the thing that I wanted to do the most, but obviously moving across the world and being like ‘I’m gonna do esports!’ is not a reliable life strategy.”

From there his journey led him to join a few different pro team, travel to countries like Korea, and eventually land a spot on the Dallas Fuel roster. For Custa though, he's excited to see that the new Overwatch competitive road-map that now features an Open Division and separate Contenders league, could lead to more Aussies joining the League.
Wednesday, 24 January 2018
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The latest map addition to Overwatch is perhaps the most anticipated yet, especially for Blizzard fans. Because it, well takes place in a theme park with rides and attractions from Diablo, StarCraft, Hearthstone, Warcraft, and Heroes of the Storm. The update is now live, and in addition to the new map and changes to the game, a bunch of new and impressive skins have also been added.

Totalling up to over 100 new cosmetic items when you factor in sprays and emotes and so forth. The new skins are as follows:

    Legendary Skins:
  • Blackhand Doomfist
  • Black Cat D.Va
  • Kabuki Hanzo
  • Asp Pharah
  • Capoeira Lúcio
  • Ecopoint: Antarctica Mei
  • Immortal Orisa
  • Crusader Reinhardt
  • Butcher Roadhog
  • Magni Torbjörn
  • Nova Widowmaker
  • Barbarian Zarya

    Epic Skins:
  • Caution Junkrat
  • Royal McCree
  • Hellfire Reaper
  • Peacock Symmetra
  • Carbon Fiber Zenyatta

Nova Widowmaker. A character I rarely if ever play, but the StarCraft nod is a very cool addition. Here's a rapid-fire trailer that showcases the new skins, which are not seasonal or timed but will be available in regular Loot Boxes and the Hero Gallery moving forward.

For more on the creation of Blizzard World be sure to check our recent interview with the team.

Thursday, 11 January 2018
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As per yesterday's streaming partnership news for the Overwatch League with Twitch comes the official kick-off of the first season with 12 teams representing major cities in Asia, Europe, and North America. Already off to a good start, viewer numbers for today's matches have so far been sitting around the 300,000 mark.

And with all games taking place at Blizzard Arena Los Angeles, it's definitely one of the most impressive esports presentations we've seen for regular season play.

You can check out the action, which is streaming live right now, below.

Watch live video from OverwatchLeague on www.twitch.tv

Viewers can also tune in MLG.com and the MLG app (on iOS and Android), OverwatchLeague.com, and the Overwatch League companion app (for iOS and Android). Blizzard fans will also have easy access to the Overwatch League’s web presence via a new Overwatch League tab in the Blizzard Battle.net Desktop App.

The first season of the Overwatch League will run from today until June, with playoffs and finals happening the following month in July. Matches will bep layed each Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday AEDT - so be sure to check out the official site for full schedule info.
Friday, 8 December 2017
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Starting next week on Wednesday, December 13 on all platforms. In addition to the return of snowball fights and new Brawl called Mei’s Yeti Hunt, which a group of Meis against a runaway Winston who needs to be stopped before he gets his super. Plus, new seasonal skins and cosmetic items.

Although we don't have footage, we've got the next best thing. Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan talking about the event.