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Overwatch 2
Overwatch 2

Genre: First Person Shooter
Developer: Blizzard Entertainment
Publisher: Blizzard Entertainment
Friday, 17 June 2022
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Overwatch 2 is set to launch on October 5, 2022 (AEST) as a free-to-play live game, kicking off with the game’s first Season of content that is set to bring new maps, modes, and new heroes like Sojourn and the recently announced Aussie addition, Junker Queen. Overwatch 2’s biggest fundamental change, in terms of gameplay, is a switch from the original’s 6v6 to a new 5v5 setup for its core competitive play.

With the launch happening in October, we break down everything you need to know about Overwatch 2. From PVP to PVE, to console Betas, and more here.

Also, here's Blizzard's full presentation from earlier today.

Watch the Full Overwatch 2 Reveal Presentation
Monday, 21 March 2022
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The upcoming Closed PvP Beta for Overwatch 2 has been given a start date April 26, and even though invites will be limited to those that own the original game on (PC) your " region" will factor in to who will be selected. Alongside hardware specs, though on that front what has been announced looks to be fairly modest.

This probably means players in Australia won't be included in the first round of testing (a full Open Beta is also on the cards for 2022), though Blizzard is noting that "select journalists and community contributors from around the world" will also be included. So... maybe.

Also console players will be able to jump in on future tests. All of these updates arrived as part of a new Overwatch 2 PvP Beta FAQ that's live now.

As with that Blizzard has outlined the PC hardware requirements for Overwatch 2 as per below.

Minimum (targeting 30fps)

Operating system: Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 64-bit (latest Service Pack)
Processor: Intel Core i3 or AMD Phenom X3 8650
Video: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 600 series, AMD Radeon HD 7000 series
Memory: 6 GB RAM
Storage: 50 GB available hard drive space

Recommended (targeting 60fps on Medium settings)

Operating system: Windows 10 64-bit (latest Service Pack)
Processor: Intel Core i7 or AMD Ryzen 5
Video: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 or AMD R9 380
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Storage: 50 GB available hard drive space
Friday, 11 March 2022
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It's been a while since we've gotten some Overwatch 2 info, and well, the floodgates are poised to open. The team at Blizzard is promising "increased communication" and a "consistent cadence of updates" as it moves towards getting the game into player hands. Which is actually happening next month with a Closed Beta set to begin in late April for PC.

"Our goal for this phase is to test our new features, content, and systems before we shift to stress-testing the servers with a wider player base in future Beta tests," writes the Overwatch Team.

As per above it will feature:
  • New 5v5 setup
  • New Hero: Sojourn
  • New Maps
  • New Mode:Push
  • Hero Reworks
  • New Ping System

Head here to sign up for your chance to take part, though Blizzard is noting "select regions" for the first PVP Beta.

This news also arrives alongside a development update from Game Director Allan Keller who notes that a Public Beta will kick off later in the year. This represents a change in Overwatch 2's development, where the PVP and PVE elements are being seperated as to get the PVP side out there sooner rather than later. And to ensure that there's many regular updates to the game as time goes on.

Check it out.

Monday, 27 September 2021
Post by KostaAndreadis @ 12:14pm 27/09/21 | 1 Comments
Overwatch 2 is something of a weird sequel, in that the multiplayer side of the game will merge with the original - lowering team-sizes to 5, updating the characters, and bringing new map and heroes into the mix. In that sense it feels more like Overwatch 2.0 -- until we get to see and hear more about the PvE side of things. Over the weekend, as part of the latest Overwatch League 2021 Season Grand Finals, we got our first exhibition game. And look at the all-new Bastion.

Who's now sporting a hat. In terms of changes the Bastion rework is pretty substantial. Bastion's Ultimate is changing to an artillery strike where you get to choose fire zones via an birds-eye view of the map. Also, Bastion can tank and move at the same time. Plus, Bastion's regular fire is becoming a sniper-rifle of sorts.

For a detailed rundown of the changes -- here's Blizzard's post.

Next up on the rework list is Sombra, who's hacking abilities have been given a major boost -- just about into OP territory, if you're to believe the initial fan reaction.

And here's the full run-down of changes.

Finally, there's the exhibition match that gives a good feel for Overwatch 2 from the competitive side -- and it definitely feels like a faster paced version of the original. But mainly, a lot like the Overwatch 2.0 mentioned earlier. The Overwatch 2 action begins at the 2 hour and 55 minute mark.

Friday, 17 September 2021
Post by KostaAndreadis @ 12:42pm 17/09/21 | 0 Comments
That is, AEST time. The Overwatch League Grand Finals are scheduled to take place next weekend and today comes word that the pre-show and halftime event is going to feature a brand-new look at Overwatch 2. Including, and this is very cool, the first exhibition match of Overwatch 2 featuring Overwatch League players.

In terms of what will be shown we've been advised by Blizzard that the new hero reworks for Bastion and Sombra will be showcased in addition to a breakdown of Bastion's new look and how it all fits in with Overwatch 2.

This follows on from a report earlier this month confirming that Overwatch 2 will be played for the duration of Overwatch League's fifth season in April 2022, using an early build. An announcement that points to a 2022 release for the game.
Monday, 6 September 2021
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The Overwatch League is set to kick-off its fifth season in April 2022, with the surprising bit being that it will do so on an early build of Overwatch 2. The long in the works sequel still doesn't have a release date but with plans to merge the original and sequel's multiplayer sides it looks like that stuff is progressing well. So much so that it'll make its debut via the League.

Which, yeah, is surprising. The confirmation comes from Jon Spector, vice president of the Overwatch League, and a Dotesports report citing a blizzard representative confirming that Overwatch 2 will be played in April. Overwatch 2, which expands on the original does feature a major shake-up in the form of moving to 5v5, instead of 6v6. And with that a single tank per side, which will bring fundamental changes to the overall meta.

Overwatch 2 is also set to feature a number of PvE modes and story missions so it'll be interesting to see what this means for the release date. Recent rumours have been pointing to a mid-2022 release window for the game, though word is that development progress on the anticipated sequel has been slower than expected.
Thursday, 10 June 2021
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Blizzard's Overwatch has the sort of unique look, feel, and style that not only stands out but feels very specific to the universe. From the characters to the locations, it all feels alive yet you might need a reminder that the maps don't actually feature any variation when it comes to the time of day or weather. That's all set to change with Overwatch 2.

The info arrives as a part of a new (and technical) Environment States in Overwatch 2 post from the engineering team working on the highly anticipated sequel.

"With this new system, we have managed to split all the major components of lighting, sound, and effects into self-contained assets that can be combined like building blocks to create what we call Environment Scenarios," writes lighting artist Fabien. "We can share them across maps, and we can also have multiple Scenarios on each map."

How it all works is apparently intuitive and baked into the development tools, where Environment States can be tested and played with -- like a sandstorm in a classic locale as seen here.

"We can prototype new lighting for our maps within a few hours," adds Fabien. "Being able to iterate quickly allows us to experiment more, be more creative, and produce more variety for all our maps. Environment States can also be mixed dynamically to develop new and exciting gameplay opportunities. Imagine that you are sent on a mission to Necropolis to restore the connection to an Overwatch satellite link, and while defending against a Null Sector attack, a sandstorm quickly approaches the location and rises all around you! We can make your mission a bit more challenging by adding a new sandstorm Environment State on top of the Sunny Scenario, which will slowly increase cloud coverage and sand effect density."

This then extends to thunderstorms, snowfall and other scenarios -- which sounds very cool for the PvE side of Overwatch 2 and adding variety to missions and locations. Also Seasonal Events could become, well, seasonal - Christmas Maps!
Friday, 21 May 2021
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As part of an Overwatch 2 PVP livestream featuring the development team at Blizzard, comes word that the 6v6 setup of Overwatch as we know it is changing. As per the headline, Overwatch 2 PVP is shifting to two teams of five with locked roles -- two DPS, two Support, and one Tank.

As per the announcement the change revoles around changes coming to Tanks -- which are set to become brawler-focused -- and the new dynamics of the upcoming sequel.
This evolution introduces a major shift in the way that the team approaches all aspects of the game, from map design to the dynamics between roles and how they interact as a team.

At the heart of this change lies the change in mentality surrounding the role of Tank, previously discussed during BlizzConline, towards one more focused on brawler-style gameplay. This shift from focusing on the protection of your team to in-your-face battling is anticipated to have impacts to the flow and pacing of the PvP experience.

The shift to 5v5 will see fundamental changes coming to all roles, with Role Passives. DPS heroes will move faster than others, Support heroes will all come with a health regen passive outside of combat, and Tanks will have reduced knockback and take less Ultimate damage.

It's a pretty seismic change and you can see the difference in the above stream, with a PVP match on the new New York map coming in at the 25-minute mark. The switch also sees heroes getting a makeover both visually and how they play. For instance Mei's Blaster will slow and deal damage but not freeze ala the original. Bastion is apparently being reworked from the ground-up. With re-balancing and adjustments being made to all heroes we can expect to see and hear more about these in the coming months.
Thursday, 28 November 2019
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We sit down with Overwatch Game Director Jeff Kaplan and Lead Designer Geoff Goodman to discuss the differences that comes from developing story content versus PvP, sound design, Push, and Overwatch 2’s interesting launch plans.

A snippet.
“We liked telling the backstory, we thought it was extremely important,” Jeff Kaplan, Game Director of Overwatch tells me. We’re discussing how, with the announcement of Overwatch 2, we’re finally seeing the response to the call that was sent out by simian scientist Winston when the original game made its debut years ago. As a team-based competitive shooter, that would go on to coin the genre-term ‘Hero Shooter’, Blizzard has spent the last couple of years fleshing out the world through cinematics, comics, and lore filled environments. Giving us backstory, history, and setting up complicated relationships for both the world and its characters.

“A lot of our players wanted us to move [the story] forward super-fast,” Jeff continues. “But it's important to understand who these people are and where they came from. It's a brand-new universe, so you need to explain what happened and how we got to this state. That said, we know that people are ready to see the overarching plotline move forward and that's the complete and full intention of Overwatch 2.”

Click Here to Red Our Big Overwatch 2 Interview Feature