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NBA 2K23
NBA 2K23

PC | PlayStation 4 | PlayStation 5 | Xbox One | Xbox Series X
Genre: Sport
Developer: 2K Sports
Publisher: 2K Games Classification: PG
Release Date:
October 2023
Tuesday, 17 January 2023
Post by Steve Farrelly @ 12:05pm 17/01/23 | 0 Comments
In thinking about this deal, I couldn't help but chuckle at the confused Americans who'll undoubtedly see the HJ's logo, recognise it for its familiarity, and then scratch their heads over why the words "Hungry Jack's" aren't the words "Burger King". But then, it's the simple things in life that help me smile.

Anyways, the NBL and NBA 2K have reached an agreement to bring Australia's National Basketball League jerseys into NBA 2K23 which is further evidence of the growth of our local league which hasn't enjoyed this much interest or investment or engagement since the 90s.

Players can purchase and wear their local NBL Team jerseys for their MyPLAYER in The City or the G.O.A.T. Boat.

“Customising a MyPLAYER is often the first thing our players do when they jump into NBA 2K23 and we’re excited to have been able to work closely with the National Basketball League to add NBL team jerseys throughout the City and G.O.A.T. Boat to give our players a way to show off their local team pride,” said Alfie Brody, Vice President of Global Marketing at NBA 2K.

This year’s inclusion is the first time the NBL Team jerseys have appeared in NBA 2K.

“Adding NBL jerseys to NBA 2K23 grows and strengthens the thriving partnership between our League and 2K. Last year NBL Oz Gaming became the newest expansion team in the NBA 2K League and preparations towards our inaugural season are ramping up. NBL jerseys will now be accessible to a new legion of basketball fans across the world and we can’t wait to see them being worn in NBA 2K23,” said Jeremy Loeliger, Commissioner of the National Basketball League.

“It is going to be awesome to see Perth Wildcats jerseys in NBA 2K23. As a big 2K fan, I know I’ll definitely be rocking one in the game and I can’t wait to see other players wearing Wildcats’ jerseys as well” said Luke Travers, Perth Wildcats youngster and winner of the NBL Cup 2K Tournament.

NBA 2K23 fans can purchase the NBL Team jerseys for their MyPLAYERs in JT’s Sporting Goods in The City available on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S, as well as in Rowe’s Sporting Goods in the G.O.A.T. Boat on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch consoles, and PC platforms.
It's obviously not the teams or anything, and could ultimately be seen merely as basic cosmetics. But it's a small step to helping the NBL grow, which as mentioned before the jump is currently experiencing a huge boon here. Which is saying a lot. When competing against the likes of cricket, AFL and the rugby codes, it's hard for grass roots growth of any sport in Australia. But a healthy NBA tends to lead to a healthy NBL, and the more the sport can grow in a social and 'cool' sense for the kids, the better. And I'm an AFL person saying that.

Hopefully this is the beginning of bigger things for the NBL on the world stage. Watch the video above, or just check out the jerseys as screenies below.

Thursday, 12 January 2023
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The Bulls havent had a great run this season just yet, but at least two on its roster in DeMar DeRozen (pictured) and Zach LaVine stepping up in a number of games and really putting on either a show, a clinic, or both. Despite the team's indifferent season, LaVine finds himself as the face of NBA 2K23's Season 4 rollout, which takes place this Friday with a number of key features set to expand the game and your engagement with it.

The new season is poignant as we head into All-Star weekend (I voted almost the entire Miami Heat team because I am tragic), which is celebrated as part of the new content you'll uncover. Here's the full, official breakdown of what to expect:
In NBA 2K23 Season 4, Chicago Bulls’ All-Star Zach LaVine takes flight into the new year with the destination set for the NBA All-Star game, which takes place February 19. This season will deliver All-Star calibre rewards and content in The City (PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S) and on The G.O.A.T. Boat (PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC). More updates include:
  • MyCAREER additions include more swag and new content for players to unlock as they climb the rewards ladder, including a remote-control drone with warp abilities that players can earn for reaching Level 40.

  • MyTEAM celebrates the Lunar New Year with multiple two week events this Season that combine Agendas, Challenges, and Locker Codes for a Galaxy Opal player card by completing its collection. Additionally, highflying and dominant back-to-back All-Star Zach LaVine takes centre stage this Season as the Level 40 reward and also features in the new Signature Challenge along with his hand-picked team of all-time Bulls players.

  • The W additions include all-new W-related rewards, ranging from Logo Cards and 2KBreakthrough skins to clothing bundles and more. NBA 2K23 continues to showcase the game’s biggest stars with its roll out of the 60 WNBA player jerseys coming to the City and the G.O.A.T Boat in MyCAREER. Season 4 brings Atlanta Dream star Erica Wheeler, LA Sparks’ Nneka Ogwumike, Indiana Fever duo Tiffany Mitchell and Kelsey Mitchell’s jerseys onto the court.

  • 2K Beats this Season brings eclectic soul, forgotten gems, and timeless sounds as Soulection takes over with 10 new songs from their roster of musicians debuting exclusively in-game, alongside more of their Soulection Supply apparel in celebration of their 12th anniversary. Additionally, a new track from Dayne Carter will also debut exclusively in game this Season. The NBA 2K Producer Series also adds beats from notable producers Bizness Boi and Big Duke allowing players to record their own verses over these new beats while playing through the game and share it on social media using #NBA2KProducerSeries.
More can be uncovered from the new Season by clicking here.
Thursday, 1 December 2022
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Say what you will about aspects of the game that divide punters and pundits alike, but NBA 2K as a brand and cultural vehice for worlds beyond the court is pretty good. And in a local triumph extending that sentiment, a number of Aussie hip hop artists are set to use the brand as their platform for exclusive, bespoke performances.

In collaboration with NBA 2K23 and Universal Music Australia, three young Aussie hip hop artists in Chillinit, Sahxl and Barkaa have come together to create Court in Session, a "unique musical performance series" featuring beats created from within the game itself.

Check each of them out below.

For over 20 years the soundtrack has become an annual ‘greatest hits’ of today’s top hip-hop artists, and today the brand further substantiates its footing in the local Hip Hop scene with the launch of its new cultural platform, Court in Session.

Stood upon a basketball court (their stage), today’s most exciting Hip Hop artists will perform a bespoke track inspired by the game. Performing alongside huge vertical screens that sync game footage to the beats, the artists will MC over unique beats crafted from basketball sound effects. Ball bounces become beats, bleacher stomps become heavy drums and shoe squeaks become record scratches across the three original tracks.

The music videos have been directed by acclaimed twice ARIA-nominated music video and commercial director, Gabriel Gasparinatos. Gabriel has recently directed films and commercials for Adidas, Beats by Dre, Spotify, Google and the A-Leagues.

Gabriel said, “It's been so fun getting back to my rap video roots on this project, it’s highly technical with massive LED screens, an enormous lighting set and motion control rigs but working with DOP Tyson Perkins and bolt operator Max Pepper from Cinoptix on it has been super rewarding. Pulling inspiration from 2K gameplay highlight reels and modern rap clip sensibilities we had a blast pulling these individual videos together. It's so cool to see such exciting, global brands willing to invest in & give a platform to Australian hip hop artists.”
It's always great to see unique collaborations like this, particularly in our own backyard.
Monday, 10 October 2022
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Monetisation has, for better or worse, made its way into the traditional gaming space as a key pillar. Sat alongside feature points like "open-world", "multiplayer" and "ray-tracing", as if it was a developer tool baked into Unreal Engine, "in-app purchases", loot boxes and more permeate the space. And problematically, for all the 'won't pays' out there, there's more 'will pays', which leaves publishers and devs leaning, more often than not, into not only what works, but what makes the most money. Sometimes at the detriment of the core experience.

Enter the NBA 2K franchise and its latest installment, NBA 2K23...

2K and Visual Concepts get a lot right in this franchise. And its flavour and tone, which is normally a culture tilt into the broader world of basketball, from street ball and music, to NBA pathways and the big time, has always been a selling point. But over the past while the actual game of basketball has taken a backseat to trinkets and bells and whistles. Like being told you're off to the court with your carer to play some basketball, only along the way they've stopped at every damn store they can so when you finally make it to the court, you only have five minutes to shoot around before it's too dark to play.

At least that's the sentiment Joaby walked away with from his review of the game -- a deliberately belated piece to get deep on every inch of what's on offer in NBA 2K23.

Here's a snippet:
The more cynical take on the weirdly out-of-place MyCareer mode is that it's designed to frustrate people into spending money. That the tedious back-and-forth and cringe-inducing questlines are carefully honed to convince players that maybe dropping a bit of cash to get a few levels wouldn't be so bad.

And sadly, that's where I land in the end. On the cynical side of things. NBA 2K is a billion dollar enterprise, it doesn't do things by accident. It chose to put MyCareer front and centre, to put MyTeam right below it, to bury the ability to simply play a game of basketball in layers of menus.

The shame of it is that I genuinely think it's the best representation of basketball ever...
Click here for our full NBA 2K23 review.

Friday, 9 September 2022
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There's been a fair bit of roof top shouting going on for this one, but when you elevate the GOAT just that little bit more, it's difficult not to want to tout larger than usual. NBA 2K23 is available now and has a plethora of Michael Jordan baked into the experience.

Here's the official word:
NBA 2K23 offers an authentic and hyper-real basketball experience showcasing all-new gameplay innovations and animations, the coveted return of the Jordan Challenge mode, an immersive online community experience, and so much more.

“As a franchise, we strive to be at the forefront of basketball culture, and we’re excited for players to get their hands on NBA 2K23 to see the game come to life,” said Greg Thomas, President at Visual Concepts. “With the return of the Jordan Challenges, NBA 2K23 asks players to answer the call and experience some of the greatest performances in basketball history. The incredible attention to detail has led to our most realistic and authentic title yet, with fun integrations that long-time basketball fans and new players will enjoy.”

Additionally, Seasons returns to NBA 2K23 with brand new rewards, music, and challenges for players to compete and win. Jump into the first Season right away to enjoy unique experiences across MyCAREER, MyTEAM, and The W. Level 40 rewards let you cruise around in a four-person Golf Cart on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S and a Hoverbike on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Switch, while new cards and game modes, better accessibility, more customization, and endless lineup combinations await in MyTEAM.

NBA 2K23 features several new additions and improvements, where rookie players and veteran ballers alike will find a variety of experiences to dive into:
  • This is Game - Players can compete as their favourite NBA and WNBA teams and stars, and experience the pinnacle of true-to-life gameplay. With best-in-class visual presentation, improved player AI, up-to-date rosters and historic teams, the game has never felt more real and complete than it does in NBA 2K23. Feel the energy of the crowd, the intensity of the competition, and the endless entertainment of one of the most immersive sports products in gaming today.

  • Michael Jordan Returns - Step onto the hardwood in the most definitive Michael Jordan experience to date with the revamped Jordan Challenge. Relive 15 iconic performances from Jordan’s illustrious career, with 10 of the original challenges making their return from NBA 2K11 completely rebuilt from the ground up, alongside five entirely new moments. Step back in time as you play through these iconic performances that include period-correct game presentations, arenas, and PA announcers, while listening to NBA luminaries that experienced first-hand the legend that came to be.

  • Make it to the League - Players can fulfill their NBA dreams as they set forth to greatness in a dramatic journey in MyCAREER. Forge relationships, build rep and overcome the arduous obstacles that test even the most promising ballers. Players can diversify their brand off-the-court and make their name the one to remember on the hardwood floor.

  • Join the Hoops Community - Players can experience the most immersive City to date on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S, or embark on an epic voyage aboard the G.O.A.T. Boat on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. No matter the journey with MyPLAYER, be ready to work, gain rep, and run the courts. Test limits in the Gatorade Training facility, and hit the shops for the freshest gear from the biggest brands before competing in year-round events.

  • Build Your Dream Squad - MyTEAM turns fantasy into reality as players collect and earn cards to assemble out-of-this-world starting 5s with legends and All-Stars from any era. Discover immersive challenges, competitive tournaments, and exciting rewards, along with new updates season-after-season.

  • Take it to the Top - Call the shots to build a dynasty or decide the league’s trajectory in the most immersive managerial simulation experience in MyNBA on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S. Choose to kick off your journey during different Eras and experience unparalleled control paired with in-depth tools to inform decision making and success. Jump into a season or envision long-term growth with a multi-year experience available online or offline.
Keep an eye out around our AusGamers neighbourhood for more as the game and its servers settle out in the wild.
Friday, 2 September 2022
Post by Steve Farrelly @ 12:28pm 02/09/22 | 0 Comments
We've repeated it over and over again, but a point of absolute celebration when it comes to 2K's management of its official NBA license in the NBA 2K series, is its intergration of bball culture on top of the sport itself. This has been happening in ever-expanding ways since way back when Jay-Z was involved and in NBA 2K23 it's shaping up to the best transcendent experience yet.

Our focus on this winning aspect of the franchise doesn't preclude the gameplay, nor the oft controversial microtransactional element that has crept its way into the premium product over the years, that's still up for exploration. But on the face of the product's presentation and overall exposition of basketball culture, NBA 2K23 is shaping up to be the goods.

Here's more official wording:
2K today revealed details about the all-new MyCAREER experience in NBA® 2K23 on Next Gen that includes the largest and most involved storyline in franchise history. The story kicks off after the NBA Draft and challenges players to balance their performance in the NBA, while navigating their off-court career through music, fashion, and business. Among a rich cast of characters and cameos, MyCAREER will feature Dreamville musicians Elite and Bas as they help players befriend J. Cole and capture the hearts and minds of The City.

“NBA 2K has long been a place to discover new musical talent through their game and continues to be a gold standard for showcasing all things basketball culture,” said J. Cole. “It’s been an amazing journey to not only appear on a cover of this year’s game, but to be part of the MyCAREER storyline, soundtrack and bring the DREAMER brand into NBA 2K. There’s also more to come, so watch out for all things Dreamville and DREAMER brand drops during Seasons and for Bas and Elite in this year’s MyCAREER story.”

“The sheer scale, depth and talent featured in this year’s MyCAREER creates an unparalleled experience within NBA 2K23,” said Alfie Brody, Vice President of Global Marketing Strategy at NBA 2K. “At the top of that list of talent is our first cover star who truly sits at the intersection of basketball and music. Bringing a visionary like J. Cole and DREAMER into the creative process for both the game and the soundtrack showcases the pillar of culture that NBA 2K23 has become.”

Additionally, the NBA 2K23 soundtrack will feature a collection of globally renowned artists at launch, including “TITANIC (feat. Rich Brian)” by Jackson Wang, “Rucón” by Alemán, “West Like (feat. Kalan.FrFr)” by Destiny Rogers, “The Matrix” by Ski Mask the Slump God, “Surround Sound (feat. 21 Savage & Baby Tate)” by JID, “Wants and Needs (feat. Lil Baby)” by Drake, “Nail Tech” by Jack Harlow, “Megan’s Piano” by Megan Thee Stallion, “No Trends” by Mike Dimes, “Que Oso” by Snow Tha Product, “Rapstar” by Polo G, “love nwantiti (ah ah ah) [feat. Joeboy & Kuami Eugene] [Remix]” by CKay, and many more. With three new tracks dropping every Friday, the NBA 2K23 soundtrack will feature a variety of artists, along with record label partnerships and integrations throughout Seasons.
2K tells us more info on "The City" will rear its head on September 7, so stay tuned for more as we close in on the game's release.
Friday, 12 August 2022
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We've already highlighted that this year's iteration of the annual NBA 2K series, NBA 2K23, is seemingly selling a visual and cultural feast of an experience, and as if to put a full stop on that sentence of thought, today's Jordan Challenge game mode trailer is about as epic as they come.

What's more astonishing with this trailer is that every basketball shot is in-game footage of a Jordan Challenge in line with the trailer's less than two minute narrative. It's just... wow.

Here's some official info on what the Jordan Challenge game mode will offer up in NBA 2K23:
“The Jordan Challenge is an immersive experience unlike anything NBA 2K fans have seen, completely rebuilding the challenges from 2K11 and adding five new moments,” said Erick Boenisch, VP of NBA Development at Visual Concepts. “Our team took everything into consideration when constructing this game mode; the arenas, the players, the uniforms, the broadcast, and the play style of the era have been accounted for in an effort to give fans a truly authentic and unique playable Jordan experience.”

The Jordan Challenge introduces iconic NBA moments and in-game innovations, including:
  • Experience a breathtaking recreation of a bygone era, from the 1982 NCAA National Championship to the 1998 NBA Finals. Each challenge features a pre-game interview with a luminary who was a part of what made every game special;
  • A complete presentational package including an intricately designed video filter system that recreates the television experience of these games as they were originally broadcast during the 1980s and 1990s, showcasing the look, feel and sound that take players back to the original game;
  • Key gameplay changes to fit the era, such as a heavier focus on the post and mid-range game and reworking the transition game for the 1980s feel, including tighter transition lanes and more players cutting to the basket with a numbers advantage, as opposed to the spotting up for three you see in today’s NBA;
  • More physicality modelled on the floor and in the paint, along with new signature style upgrades for classic greats like Magic Johnson and Larry Bird, featuring all-new jump shot, layup and dunk packages;
  • Hand-checking and hard-hitting body-ups for a different feel to the one-on-one battles with accurately represented regulations that mirror the 1990s basketball era, like the Detroit Pistons “Bad Boys” with their famous “Jordan Rules” and more.
For all the details on the Jordan Challenge, check out the latest Courtside Report. Stay tuned for additional deep dives in the coming weeks to reveal even more of what’s new in NBA 2K23.
That stay tuned rings true for here too, as we'll have more as it becomes available in the lead up to the game's launch next month. And yes, there are still questions around some of the series' more recent questionable aspects we hope to have a bead on soon, but for now enjoy the above for what it is -- greatness in in-game trailer form.

Thursday, 4 August 2022
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The months before a new entry in the NBA 2K series drops is a lot like the lead-up to a new season of the world’s premiere basketball league. Freshly waxed courts, new b-balls sourced from the, err, b-ball factory, and players ready to display everything they’ve got. According to 2K, NBA 2K23 is all about creating an authentic NBA experience for newcomers and 2K pros alike -- more so than ever before.

A snippet.
Last year there was a focus on the defensive, and with NBA 2K23 the development team is promising an experience “jam-packed with new features and upgrades on the offensive end of the floor”. As the team keenly watches every NBA game with an eye toward detail and then tries to simulate the same match-ups virtually, it noticed that NBA 2K22 was great for perimeter players and long-range shooters, but wasn’t as evenly crafted for players who drive the rim. Going back to the authenticity motto for NBA 2K23, this has led to several changes and improvements coming to the act of attacking the basket.

The Pro Stick is getting new gestures such as a double-throw that’s essentially flicking the analog stick multiple times, and switchbacks that are like that but one flick and then moving the stick into an opposite direction. Adding more finesse and style to layups, with things like a hop-step. NBA2K23 has many new “layup packages”, which are animation and move-sets modeled after real players.

Dunks are getting some love too, with skilled dunks returning with new Pro Stick commands that’ll let you dunk how you want to dunk, covering the range of classic rim shakers.

Head Here For Our Full NBA 2K23 Gameplay Preview
Monday, 1 August 2022
Post by Steve Farrelly @ 04:55pm 01/08/22 | 0 Comments
From the indomitable Steph Curry to King James and all in between, this new "First Look" gameplay trailer for NBA 2K23 is a short one-minute-plus look at the polish and pizzazz of this year's entry in the annual franchise. And we can't emphasise pizzazz enough, because part of this series' strength is its vigour and display of basketball culture, and here that's on display in short-form bucket(s) loads.

With new details still yet to be revealed, what we can glean from the above is that 2K and not skimping on 'production' when it comes to this year's NBA 2K23, and we're here for it.

Stay tuned for more details when they're revealed next week.
Friday, 8 July 2022
Post by Steve Farrelly @ 12:00am 08/07/22 | 0 Comments
We already told you about the GOAT Michael Jordan taking cover honours as this year's legend for two specific covers of the annual NBA 2K series, and today we can reveal the Phoenix Suns' Devin Booker as the cover athlete for the game proper.

It gets a bit rough sometimes keeping up with all the covers and editions of this series. But hey, if you follow the NBA and its players... I mean, how many kicks variations are out there?

Here's some official info following the above including local pricing:
Phoenix Suns’ shooting guard, three-time NBA All-Star, and 2021-22 Kia All-NBA First Team selection, Devin Booker, is featured on this year’s Standard Edition and cross-gen Digital Deluxe Edition. The iconic Michael Jordan – a six-time NBA Champion and five-time Kia NBA Most Valuable Player and known as one of the greatest basketball players of all time – appears on the NBA 2K23 Michael Jordan Edition and the brand-new NBA 2K23 Championship Edition.

“It’s a dream come true to see myself on the cover of NBA 2K,” said Devin Booker via press release. “I’ve been a huge NBA 2K fan since I was a kid, and it’s surreal to finally join the exclusive club of basketball greats who’ve been cover athletes. I’m also honoured to share this year’s covers with the iconic Michael Jordan, who changed the game for all players who came after him, as well as two of the all-time WNBA GOAT’s, Diana Taurasi and Sue Bird, who continue to make a huge impact on the game.”

This year, NBA 2K23 will offer four editions of the game in an array of digital and physical formats: a Standard Edition, a cross-gen Digital Deluxe Edition, a Michael Jordan Edition and an all-new, exclusive Championship Edition, which includes a 12-month subscription to NBA League Pass. All editions of NBA 2K23 are available for pre-order now and will release worldwide on September 9:
  • The Standard Edition will be available for $99.95 AUD / $109.99 NZD on PlayStation 4 (PS4), Xbox One, $89.95 AUD / $99.99 NZD on Nintendo Switch, and PC and $119.95 AUD / $129.99 NZD on PlayStation 5 (PS5) and Xbox Series X|S. Additionally, a special version of the Standard Edition, recognising the cross-section of music and basketball culture, is planned for later this Fall. More information will be shared in the coming months.

  • The Digital Deluxe Edition will be available for $129.95 AUD / $139.99 NZD and grants players access to the Standard Edition across both generations of gaming within the same PlayStation and Xbox consoles; along with MyTEAM content, including 10K MyTEAM Points; 10 MyTEAM Tokens; 23 MyTEAM Promo Packs; Cover Star Players: Sapphire Devin Booker, Ruby Michael Jordan; Free Agent Option Pack; 1 Diamond Jordan Shoe (non-auctionable); and 1 Ruby Coach Card Pack; as well as MyCAREER content, including 10x 6 types of MyCAREER Skill Boosts; 10x 3 types of Gatorade Boosts; 2-hour Double XP Coin; 4x MyCAREER T-Shirts; Backpack; Custom Design Cover Star Skateboard; and Arm Sleeves;

  • The Michael Jordan Edition will be available for $149.95 AUD / $159.99 NZD on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC, and features 100K Virtual Currency in addition to the MyTEAM and MyCAREER content included in the Digital Deluxe Edition;

  • The brand new Championship Edition will be available for $239.95 AUD / $249.99 NZD on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC and includes a 12-month subscription to NBA League Pass; 10% XP Boost on MyTEAM Season Progression; 10% XP Boost on MyCAREER Season Progression; and exclusive Michael Jordan-themed Go-Kart available at launch, in addition to the 100K Virtual Currency, MyTEAM, and MyCAREER content included in the Michael Jordan Edition. This edition will have limited availability and the digital version will only be available for pre-order. Physical versions will be available in select regions and select retailers while stocks last.

  • Dual-gen access is included for the Digital Deluxe Edition, the Michael Jordan Edition, and the Championship Edition for the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S platforms and provides a version of the game on each console generation within the same console family.

“It was only fitting for Michael Jordan and Devin Booker to be the NBA 2K23 global cover stars,” said Alfie Brody, Vice President of Global Marketing Strategy at NBA 2K. “Michael established himself as one of the greatest athletes in history, and his generational impact on the game is remarkable. MJ’s accomplishments, along with Devin Booker’s young, yet already outstanding career, will continue to inspire basketball fans around the world for years to come. It also goes without saying that this year’s WNBA cover celebrates two of the most outstanding players in the league, Diana Taurasi and Sue Bird, who continue to make their mark on basketball history.”
That's a lot of info, but each and every year this series becomes more and more jam-packed with features and unique attributes to cater to everyone from the passing fan to the die-hard collector and everyone else in between.

Stay tuned for more on NBA 2K23 as it becomes available.