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Genre: Adventure
Developer: Official Site: http://moonlighterthegame.com/
Release Date:
May 2018
Wednesday, 12 September 2018
Post by KostaAndreadis @ 12:50pm 12/09/18 | 1 Comments
With developer Digital Sun announcing that the charming and all-round awesome Moonlighter is coming to the Nintendo Switch in November. Already available on PC and consoles, Moonlighter blends fun and rewarding Zelda-style combat with the added bonus of selling all your loot for profit.

As per our review.

One could easily play Moonlighter with an emphasis on the action-RPG side. Thanks to the depth of the customisation and the ability to continuously invest in abilities, over say, the idea of investing in a bowl of fruit to place next to your cash register. Set in the picturesque but rundown Rynoka village, there’s an element of Stardew Valley to both the presentation and the intoxicating blend of things to do, and then do again because they’re so much fun. Visually a treat, the animation is also reminiscent of classic LucasArts adventures from the ‘90s including The Dig and Full Throttle. Where character detail extends to environments with no tiny plume of smoke or gentle waving of a cloth in a breeze too small a detail.

The announcement was made alongside the following charming teaser.

Friday, 1 June 2018
Post by KostaAndreadis @ 04:51pm 01/06/18 | 0 Comments
A fun and exciting premise doesn't automatically translate to great experience. That being said the idea of a top-down Zelda-like action-RPG where you play a shopkeeper that needs to explore and complete dungeons in order to fill shelves with new stock is an awesome one. Thankfully, Moonlighter has the design to back it up.

That, and it's a great action-RPG to boot.

One reason, of many, that adds considerable weight to its success comes down to the simple fact if you were to subtract the shopkeeper stuff and view it from a dungeon perspective – Moonlighter still works. From the top-down perspective to the old-school Zelda-like layouts where you traverse through rooms descending deeper into more difficult levels to reach the boss - the progression of the action itself is sound. The combat has a great feel, the animation exceptional, and both enemy variety and design feel spot on. But what happens when you take a well-executed action-RPG and then add in the potential motivation that you’re simply there to find new and potentially exotic items to sell? Well, you get a literal game-changer.

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