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Killzone 3
Killzone 3

PlayStation 3
Genre: First Person Shooter Players: 1 to 4 (2 to 16 Online)
Developer: Guerrilla Games
Publisher: Sony Classification: MA15+
Release Date:
24th February 2011
Killzone 3

Genre: First Person Shooter
Players: 1 to 4 (2 to 16 Online)
Developer: Guerrilla Games
Publisher: Sony
Classification: MA15+
Release Date:
24th February 2011
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Killzone 3 Review
Review By @ 05:29pm 22/02/11
Amidst all the first-person shooter comparisons that surround Guerrilla Games’ Killzone series, it turns out its biggest enemy might very well be itself. Killzone 3 is a worthy entrant in the series and takes it to new and uncharted territory, it’s just that in the wake of what’s made Killzone Sony’s flagship FPS series, not enough of an effort to maintain charter in these new waters becomes the game’s biggest let-down; it’s all just a little too safe.

There’s no denying Guerrilla have their finger on the visual pulse and sit alongside NaughtyDog in the realm of PS3 power tapping, but you can’t sustain a game on graphics alone, and while the Killzone formula has spawned fans aplenty, Killzone 3 does very little to rock the boat; there’s simply not enough variety in gameplay, and just when it looks like things might be shifting into parts unknown, the team pull you back into familiar light, blinding you with fluency.

You don’t need to know much here; Killzone 3 plays almost exactly as Killzone 2 with the addition of an extra heavy weapon slot, the chance to drive a mech suit and use jet-packs. Actually, the jet-packs make the game. The problem is it’s all so fleeting; you barely get a chance to come to grips with any of the new additions before they’re pulled away from you and you’re pushing through familiar Killzone alien ‘corridors’ again, wondering what it was you just did, and why it flashed by you so quickly.

From a story perspective, you pick up the mantle as Killzone on-foot narrator extraordinaire, Sevchenko, post Visari take-down. But the point of evil is it’s never quashed, and in Visari’s place we find two potential candidates as voiced by both Ray Winstone and Malcolm McDowell. The guys do a great job of portraying greedy evil, to a point they may have been skeksis in their past life, but it’s actually the foot-soldiers on the side of good who do a bang-up job in this Killzone entry, and adding to that some pretty believable animation/mo-cap, you almost have a cast of head-strong army characters you actually feel for. Not bad for a shooter, really.

As for the barely explored new sections of the game, these are clearly areas the team want to move toward, but might just be too shy to fully implement. For example, at one point in total antithesis of what the series is normally about, you take on a James Bond-esque role; killing Helghan fools in the stealthiest manner, while using the long grass as cover (what’s the definition of suspicion? James Bond doing push-ups in long grass... remember that one from school). The problem here is, it’s not anything we haven’t done before, but feels fresh and new in Killzone, but before you know it, you’re cover is blown and you’re out of the long grass and back into the familiar thick of it, figuratively speaking.

Another new addition to the fray, and a long screamed desire from fans, is co-op, but like so much this team does, it’s delivered in only the bare-bonesest form. Available in split-screen local only, co-op offers little more than a tangent to whatever else it was you were doing while you were drinking with a friend, as beyond the ability to play alongside a mate, you’re spending more time equally pushing through corridors, and less in the open areas such an inclusion deserves. It’s fun if you have someone close-by all the time to play with, but it’s definitely more of an after-thought; a greater emphasis on expanded gameplay with true tactical recourse for full co-op is what we need, but most definitely not what we got.

This obviously leaves us with multiplayer, which in the past has been a mainstay for those who’re die-hard Killzone fans, and an odd taste-test party for the rest. Not because it lacks, but like so much of what the single-player attempts to relay in its locational narrative, it’s somewhat alien in today’s ‘modern warfare’ shooter landscape (and by no means a bad thing as a result, fan-boys). Thankfully the team have let their respective hair down in this department; leaving the single-player, which is usually the bulk of this series, in proverbial dust when it comes to gameplay and replayability.

There are eight packaged maps out of the box, and these are among the best in the console FPS multiplayer biz; offering veritable arenas of play with all the windy, twisty paths you could hope for. There’s no specific map for sniping or run-and-gunning, they’re meticulously designed to cater for player styles; ostensibly offering up the first batch of sandbox maps, in terms of how you approach them.

Getting a game, however, is still dependent on your connection, and I didn’t find it consistent. This is still a problem with peer to peer connections though - an issue specifically tied to the console platform, though thankfully the team developing Homefront appear to be doing their best to rectify this; leading the charge with dedicated servers for the console platform, but I digress.

As far as moving your multiplayer avatar forward is concerned, you still earn XP and advance in level, only now you’re given Unlock Points to utilise with each level you attain, and getting to higher levels really isn’t a massive deal. It’s still nothing revolutionary, but at the very least it’s a slight change to the norm we’ve all become used to, and somehow fits the mold here more than I could imagine it working anywhere else.

On top of everything else the game supports 3D, and while that sounds cool (and looked cool when we saw it in action at last year’s E3), the truth is there won’t be too many out there capable of experiencing it - myself included; living on my lowly editor’s wage (jokes, AusGamers... jokes). It was an ambitious addition, but one that probably detracted a team from spending the time where it was most needed; level design, art and gameplay variation. Sure 3D is the big thing at the moment, and I’m a massive supporter of it, but this is a shooter with its roots grounded in driving the player across the surface of an alien planet fighting equally alien Nazis - I’m pretty sure 3D was the last of our desires for this baby. I said this in my Killzone 2 review, and I’ll resonate it here - more alien please, Guerrilla.
What we liked
  • Still one of the best looking games on the market
  • Multiplayer is really coming into its own
  • The team walk into new visual and gameplay territory... (see "What We Didn't Like" for the rest)
What we didn't like
  • ... but don't spend enough time fully exploring these areas (from the former)
  • Not a lot we haven't seen before
  • Co-op is split-screen only
  • Far too many turret sections
We gave it:
Latest Comments
Posted 06:30pm 22/2/11
Did you try using the PS3 Move controller? I've bought the game from OzGameStore, but I'm wondering if I should get the PS3 Move for it as well. Metroid Prime 3's controls were awesome, save for the limitations of the Wii remote. I was hoping to know how Killzone's offering stacks up.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 06:34pm 22/2/11
Midda, nah, actually that's one thing I didn't get a chance to do... I think Metroid works better for something like that though, Killzone is more frantic and frenetic, I can't see Move heightening the experience at all
Posted 06:52pm 22/2/11
I dunno, I can imagine it potentially working will in my head, if that makes sense. Hell, it'd be better suited to frantic movement than a gamepad. It really all depends on the implementation. I've read that the options screen lets you configure the Move settings pretty finely, so I'm cautiously optimistic, but I'd still like to hear something first-hand about it first.
Posted 08:29pm 22/2/11
Was a terrible game. Was watching a friend play, and by god the AI was horrible. Literally 2 feet away, and they wouldnt heal you or revive you. They'd just yell "CAN'T GET TO YOU!". The guns were clunky and eh, and the overall impression was just really bad.
Posted 10:23pm 22/2/11
Yeah I've never been a fan of the KZ series. I played through two while just barely keeping my eyes open.
Game is pretty but oh so monotonous.
Posted 09:11am 23/2/11
undecided on the move controller, I think its something you need a lot of paitence with and to dedicate a lot of time to before you can decide if its worth it or not. It's really counter intuitive especially for someone uncoordinated like myself to move my hand to the right while pushing left on the sub controller, in effect strafing around a corner. That said I probably had the same issues with a mouse controller when I first started pc gaming.

I think it will also require a lot of tweaking on the users part, its setup to not move the screen until you reach the edge of a hitbox. so you can play it kind of time crisis like. stand still and pick off targets. I havent tried it but worth making hitbox like 0%(if possible) so it moves the screen with every movement of the gun, could make for a very shaky vision.
Posted 10:18am 23/2/11
There are plenty of Wii games which have shown it to be a very good alternative to a gamepad. The Move has the potential to do a much better job than the Wii remote.
Posted 07:46pm 24/2/11
As if this game doesn't look completely awesome, who cares if it retains the same formula as the 2nd one, i think it's good to play it safe sometimes, something the Halo franchise had done pretty consistently.. Otherwise mistakes like Halo ODST happen, big mistakes..
Posted 11:49pm 24/2/11
I actually quite enjoyed ODST. On the contrary though, I've never enjoyed a Killzone game. I tried the second one and I agree with Enska, it put me to sleep.
Posted 09:46pm 01/3/11
So much hate, screw you all.
Posted 09:50pm 01/3/11
and who might you be?

Teenage Mutant Wanker N**** Nobody?
Posted 11:00pm 01/3/11
and who might you be?

Teenage Mutant Wanker N**** Nobody?

yeah that'd be me.
Posted 08:20pm 05/3/11
I got a PS3 Move today as I had a JB Hifi voucher and I was curious. I started playing through single player with it on the default settings, and found it to be a bit awkward to use. I stuck with the default settings for a while to see if I just needed to get used to it. It got easier, but it still felt a bit off. I started tweaking the settings, and now after settling on something and playing for a couple of hours online, I definitely feel glad I got it. While it certainly isn't a replacement for a keyboard and mouse, it's loads better than the gamepad. I got s***loads of killstreaks online largely due to me being able to aim a lot faster than most other players. They still have their aim assist though, so it kind of balances out.

The only thing I don't like about it is the melee gesture (you thrust the Move toward the screen). It's easy enough to do, but I ended up facing the floor or the sky fairly regularly after each melee. The relead gesture is pretty good though (quick twist of the Move).

I reckon it'd be better still if I had the navigation controller. I'm just using the Move in one hand and the Dual-Shock in the other. Feels a little unbalanced holding the controller with one hand, but it's not too bad when you're leaning back on the lounge with your hand resting on your lap.
Posted 08:28pm 05/3/11
He is The Man With No Nick and has been posting here for ages.
Posted 08:32pm 05/3/11
Hahaha, I read that as "The Man With No D***."
Posted 08:48pm 05/3/11
Met a few of the guys working on this, theyre based in amsterdam one or two are aussies as well. Havent tried it myself though.
Posted 04:12am 09/3/11
Yeah I worked on it, I did the level design for the "Stahl Arms" SP level.

Me and 1 other guy were the only Aussies on the KZ3 team. We did just have a 3rd guy join us a week or so ago.

Also, next patch will allow move users to assign melee to button.

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