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Heroes of the Storm
Heroes of the Storm

Genre: MOBA
Developer: Blizzard Entertainment Official Site: http://www.blizzard.com
Publisher: Blizzard Entertainment Classification: PG
Release Date:
Friday, 29 June 2018
Post by KostaAndreadis @ 03:31pm 29/06/18 | 0 Comments
Space cowboy and StarCraft veteran Jimmy Raynor was one of the very first heroes to join the Nexus in Heroes of the Storm, which means his rework is very welcome news for Heroes fans. Same goes for Azmodan, or Azmodunk, which thanks to not really being all that powerful end-game wise has seen the Diablo villain missing from most competitive play.

Well, not anymore. As the reworked Azmodan looks to rectify things by making his abilities and strength grow over time, kind of like his Diablo cohort The Butcher - where the more he hits enemy minions and other heroes his damage gets buffed. Which is only fitting for one of the Lords of Hell.

Check out the below preview that goes over the major changes coming.

As for ol' James Raynor, the rework is more streamlining to suit as auto-attack style of play. As detailed in the video below, the changes to self-healing and bonus damage shots should make Raynor a go-to hero once again.

The reworks for both Azmodan and Raynor don't have a specific release date as of yet, but are both expected to drop sometime in July.
Tuesday, 5 June 2018
Post by KostaAndreadis @ 05:10pm 05/06/18 | 0 Comments
Celebrating its third anniversary this year, Heroes of the Storm finally brings the Warcraft universe into the Nexus with Alterac Pass. During a recent preview, we talk to the Heroes of the Storm team about bringing the iconic Warcraft location into the Nexus.

“We knew we wanted to bring Warcraft into the Nexus with a Battleground,” Matthew Cooper, Lead Content Designer on the Heroes of the Storm team, tells me. “Around the time the team was wrapping up our two Overwatch Battlegrounds we were already starting to talk about it - we had to do Warcraft. The question then became which Battleground? What look and feel do we want. Alterac Valley was an obvious one because it's such an iconic Warcraft moment where you have the Horde and Alliance fighting against this visual backdrop of snow, mountains, and everything else. Stuff we don't have in Heroes of the Storm, so that became the starting point last year.”

Click Here to Read Horde vs. Alliance: Heroes of the Storm, Warcraft, and Alterac Valley
Post by KostaAndreadis @ 05:03pm 05/06/18 | 0 Comments
During our recent preview of the new Warcraft-themed Battleground Alterac Pass, we kind of forgot that Warcraft had yet to receive its own epic lore-heavy arena. Well, that's about to change with the introduction of Alterac Pass. Fans of WoW will know the name well as it served as the backdrop for epic Horde versus Alliance battles.

Coming as part of the new Echoes of Alterac event, in addition to the new Battleground there's also a new hero - the Draenei paladin Yrel - several new cosmetic items, and cool new quests and rewards.

New Map – Alterac Pass: A snow-covered, three-lane Battleground that is the first to bring a piece of the World of Warcraft’s Alterac Valley to the Nexus. Raze keeps, gather forces, and defeat your opponent’s legendary General: Drek’Thar for the Horde, and Vanndar Stormpike for the Alliance.

New Map Mechanic – Cavalry: Your Cavalry units have been captured by the enemy! Your goal is to break them out of Cages on the map while preventing the enemy team from doing so. Channel on the enemy Cage to gain control of it, then maintain control until your prisoner is freed. After a short delay, the winning team will spawn a Cavalry unit in each lane, boosting the movement speed and
damage of nearby allies.

Lay Siege to your Opponents: Standard cores have been replaced by Generals who will fight back when attacked! Generals can be attacked after one keep is destroyed, but they gain 20 armour from each keep that’s still intact—destroy all three enemy keeps to diminish their defenses.

Destroy Keeps to Spawn Reavers: When a keep is destroyed, the enemy team will begin to spawn melee Reaver minions instead of catapults. Reavers lead your other minions into combat, and serve to tank the brunt of the enemy General’s attacks.

New Hero – Yrel: This Draenei paladin is a deliberate melee warrior with heavyweight abilities and a unique gameplay style that rewards premeditation and commitment.

New Event – Echoes of Alterac: It’s time to pick a side! Declare your allegiance to the Horde or the Alliance, then complete the following questline and unlock your faction’s Warcraft themed rewards, including a portrait, banner, and mount.

Raid the Nexus for Epic Loot: Get your hands on new Warcraft-themed skins, mounts, sprays, and more via Echoes of Alterac loot chests and three event-exclusive bundles, or craft them with Shards!

One of the quest rewards is a Warcraft Reinforcements Chest that in addition to the standard four random items also includes a guaranteed Warcraft Hero from a pool of 28. Alterac Pass is currently playable in the Heroes of the Storm PTR.

Tuesday, 15 May 2018
Post by KostaAndreadis @ 01:04pm 15/05/18 | 0 Comments
And best of all it includes the announcer featured in the trailer (which you've got to watch and is embedded after the jump) who is a famous luchador from Latin America. As part of the event a number of Heroes are getting wrestling-themed makeovers that include brightly coloured outfits, or tights.

Check it out.

Alongside the event both Diablo and Lunara are getting reworks, with Diablo in particular seeing an almost complete overhaul to abilities and skills. Which you can read about in full here.
Thursday, 10 May 2018
Post by KostaAndreadis @ 02:56pm 10/05/18 | 0 Comments
We take five with Heroes of the Storm Game Director Alan Dabiri to talk about the recent Dark Nexus content drop. Where it turns out that the mythical place where heroes, villains, and champions from all walks of Blizzard-verse life, be they from Overwatch, Warcraft, StarCraft, Diablo, or even Lost Vikings, has its own stories to tell.

On the decision to delve deeper into the lore of the Nexus.
“While we continue to look forward to bringing Blizzard heroes into the Nexus, we also wanted to explain a little more about what the Nexus is all about. Until now, we’ve mostly waved our hands as we brought in existing Blizzard characters and didn’t do much to address the Nexus. We feel now is a great time to dive deeper into the lore of Heroes of the Storm to provide better connections between everything coming into the game, and to allow us to explore entirely new ideas.”

Click Here for Take 5: Exploring Heroes of the Storm’s Dark Nexus
Wednesday, 2 May 2018
Post by KostaAndreadis @ 03:42pm 02/05/18 | 0 Comments
When Heroes of the Storm launched a few years ago the first battlegrounds like Cursed Hollow where unique to the Nexus. And not tied to any specific Blizzard property. In a step to create a more cohesive universe, that has access to all Blizzard universes, the new Rise of the Raven Lord comic sets the tone for new lore and a suite of Dark Nexus skins and mounts.

The first issue of the comic is online now and you can check it out here. You can see twisted Dark Nexus versions of Alarak and Gul’dan below.

More avatars than versions, as lore-wise they've been summoned by the Raven Lord. In execution you can expect these to be more than simple re-skins as all abilities and UI elements have been updated to reflect the new threat to the Nexus.
Monday, 19 March 2018
Post by KostaAndreadis @ 12:58pm 19/03/18 | 0 Comments
Whose background is that of a Protoss hero that died during the Zerg invasion of Aiur and was then implanted into the body/shell of a dragoon. To continue the fight. Whatever the case, the addition of a StarCraft dragoon unit as a playable hero in Heroes of the Storm is, well, very cool.

As per the Fenix spotlight video below, he's a high damage assassin character with some impressive abilities. Of the laser cannon variety.

Available soon, to find out more about Fenix and his abilities head to official character page.
Wednesday, 17 January 2018
Post by KostaAndreadis @ 03:29pm 17/01/18 | 0 Comments
Today Blizzard unleashed a batch of new skins for its popular Blizzard-verse MOBA Heroes of the Storm. With the update called Mecha Storm you can probably guess where the team drew its inspiration from. The original Transformers cartoon series from the 1980s, the entire robo-anime genre, figurines with bulky and movable parts.

Turning iconic Blizzard heroes into anime inspired robots isn't as easy as it sounds. As Michael Cuevas, Senior 3D Animator on the Heroes of the Storm team explains.

Transforming a character like Tyrael, the angelic force of power from the Diablo franchise was not as simple turning his wings into shiny pieces of metal. “[Tyrael] was actually more challenging and his look was one of the things that wasn’t a one-to-one transition,” Michael tells me. “The wings on Tyrael are programmatically animated in the engine (via ribbon FX) and there are only two organic wings on Seraphim which behaved completely different. On top of that, there’s a total of six wings on Mecha Tyrael that had to be considered. Iterations ranged from “did absolutely nothing” to “always in the way”. In the end I think we found a good balance.”

Click Here to Read Our Full Heroes of the Storm Mecha Interview
Post by KostaAndreadis @ 02:37pm 17/01/18 | 0 Comments
Seriously, some of the coolest skins we've seen come in the form of Mecha Rehgar, Xenotech Abathur, and Mecha Tyrael. Now live in Blizzard's Heroes of the Storm. Taking inspiration from the sort of '80s robo-anime vibe that many of us grew up watching, these new skins raise the bar for reinterpreting classic characters. Check out the awesome cinematic after the jump.

Very cool.

The update to Heroes of the Storm also comes alongside a re-vamp to Tyrael which re-balances the hero with buffs to both health and health regen and lowering the mana cost of his angelic abilities.

Bonus points for nailing the music too. Check back later today as we bring you our interview with Blizzard where we talk about the Mecha Storm update and go behind the scenes with the studio.
Monday, 18 September 2017
Post by KostaAndreadis @ 01:12pm 18/09/17 | 0 Comments
Heroes of the Storm, Blizzard's free-to-play MOBA, is one of those go-to titles that you can always fire-up for a few quick rounds of fun. But beneath the easy pick-up and play aspect lies a pretty deep experience, once with a huge stable of Blizzard characters and locations. And now we can add more Overwatch love, with the introduction of the Volskaya Foundry battleground and two new heroes!

Ana and Junkrat!

For those that play Heroes you'll know that one of the aspects that keeps the title from being fun from round to round is how different each Battleground is. Offering up new objectives and ways to score that you don't see in standard three-lane MOBAs.

For example the first Overwatch Battleground to join the game, Hanamura, featured the Payload mechanics from Overwatch.

So the introduction of Volskaya Foundry might be another three-lane control Battleground, but the Overwatch-style capture points and giant mech rewards make it another stand-out and unique location to battle in. Here's a taste, filled with awesome new skins and a glimpse at the next two heroes to join the ranks - Overwatch's Ana and Junkrat!

With Ana being a burst Healer, and Junkrat a ranged Assassin.

The new Battleground also means new Brawl, with Bash ‘Em Smash ‘Em Robots - where "each team starts with a mech and they keep on spawning for non-stop giant robot smashing action". Very cool.

Friday, 11 August 2017
Post by KostaAndreadis @ 12:33pm 11/08/17 | 0 Comments
Powerful warrior and tactician of the Horde, Garrosh is the latest hero to join the fight in the Heroes of the Storm Nexus. After a few characters from the Diablo, StarCraft, and Overwatch universes Blizzard has returned to its Warcraft roots with this latest addition. Hit the jump for to check out Garrosh's Hero Spotlight.

Throughout the history of Azeroth, there are few mortals of greater notoriety than Garrosh Hellscream. A powerful warrior and tactician of the Horde, Garrosh was heralded as a hero of his people after having successfully countered the armies of the Lich King during the Warsong Offensive in Northrend.

Now, this proud and fearsome warrior has crossed over into the Nexus, seeking to champion his cause by challenging all who would stand in his way. For Garrosh Hellscream, there can be no peace. There is only victory… or death.

As a Melee Warrior with low health, high armour, and CC abilities Garrosh continues the trend of interesting and fun new heroes joining the Nexus this year. For more info on his abilities and strengths and weaknesses, head here.
Wednesday, 17 May 2017
Post by KostaAndreadis @ 02:47pm 17/05/17 | 0 Comments
Thanks in part to D.Va joining the ranks as a new hero, but mainly the latest quest that rewards players upon completion with -- get this, 10 x Loot Chests for Heroes of the Storm and 10 x Loot Boxes for Overwatch. Yeah, a pretty tasty deal. Having only recently garnered enough courage to face off against humans as opposed to AI, I've been having a blast with Heroes of the Storm of late. And I can't wait to hop into D.Va's mech and... maybe come out victorious.

Because hey, I'm a realist.

The fourth and final week of the Nexus Challenge 2.0 event is now available! Players who completed last week’s quest earned an Overwatch Nexagon mount, a D.Va spray, portrait and banner in Heroes of the Storm, and a D.Va spray and player portrait in Overwatch. This week, players who complete five games with friends will be rewarded with 10 Loot Chests in Heroes of the Storm, and 10 Loot Boxes in Overwatch! This is the last chance to complete the Nexus Challenge 2.0 quests, so jump in with a friend and earn exclusive loot before it’s gone! As a reminder, all previous quests will remain active, and can be completed, until the event end on 23 May.

If you plan on getting all that sweet loot, be sure to add toadosvky#1791 and hit me up for a game or two. Be warned though, like with all things in life outside of quoting Seinfeld, my skills are somewhat limited.
Tuesday, 9 May 2017
Post by KostaAndreadis @ 11:13am 09/05/17 | 0 Comments
Available to play now on the Heroes of the Storm PTR, the next hero to enter the nexus is Hana Song, better known as D.Va. In a new video highlighting all her abilities its safe to say that her transition from Overwatch to Heroes has been a fairly seamless one. From boost to self-destruct, D.Va will also be playable outside of her Mech in Pilot Mode dealing single target damage.

D.Va has two modes: Mech Mode and Pilot Mode. When her Mech is destroyed, she is ejected after 0.75 seconds and can continue to fight out of her Mech. In Pilot Mode, each Basic Attack she deals reduces the cooldown of Call Mech by 0.5 seconds. While on foot she can use a mount to get around the map quickly. In Mech Mode, D.Va can shoot while moving, but her movement speed is reduced by 15%. Her Mech Mode Basic Abilities include: Defence Matrix, which channels a defensive field for 3 seconds, reducing the damage dealt by enemy heroes inside it by 75%. Damage dealt to the Mech by enemies within the Defence Matrix still grants Self-Destruct charge. D.Va also has Booster, which increases her movement speed by 125% for 2 seconds; enemies that are hit while boosting take damage and are knocked away. When D.Va is in Mech Mode and her Self-Destruct has charged, she can eject from her Mech which will explode after a 4 second delay, dealing medium to massive damage in a large area, radiating from the centre of the blast.

It's great to see a non-assassin hero join the ranks, not to mention the fact that its D.Va. Oh, and if your an Overwatch fan make sure that you log into Heroes today, as the very cool Officer D.Va skin for Overwatch is still up for grabs.
Wednesday, 26 April 2017
Post by KostaAndreadis @ 11:46am 26/04/17 | 0 Comments
Sometimes you don't know what you want until you're taken by surprise. The latest cinematic trailer that has launched alongside the release of Heroes of the Storm 2.0 to showcase the arrival of Overwatch's Genji into the Nexus alongside the serene battleground of Hanamura has done just that. In it we get to see Genji face-off against Diablo. Yeah, ol' Deebsy himself. And just when things couldn't get any cooler, in comes D.Va to lend a helping hand. This is the best sort of illogical fan fiction come to life in stunning detail.

Check it out.

Very cool. But perhaps even cooler is the amount of stuff up for grabs if you log into Heroes of the Storm and bask in its shiny new coat of paint. Which means one of the most popular events we've seen for the game is coming back, the Nexus Challenge 2.0. And thanks to the new reward and progression system... this time it's personal. And by that I mean, I love it. Teaming up with friends will not only unlock a number of cosmetic items and special mounts to use in Heroes of the Storm, but also new skins and stuff for use in Overwatch too. Including a very cool Officer D.Va outfit.

As the unlocked stuff is all centred around playing games with friends, Blizzard has also launched a new Looking For Group site so you can find local players to team up with -- www.heroeslfm.com.

Oh, and let's not forget that if you log in to play Heroes between now and May 23 you also get access to a free Mega Bundle containing 20 Heroes.

Plus, Loot Chests to open.

Friday, 21 April 2017
Post by KostaAndreadis @ 12:00pm 21/04/17 | 1 Comments
With the news dropping today that Heroes of the Storm 2.0 goes live April 26 comes additional word of a nice little bonus from Blizzard. One where everyone that logs into the game gets to unlock one of four hero Mega Bundles, themed around different play-styles. There's Support and Specialists, Assassins, Tanks and Bruisers, and the all-round Flex bundles with each one containing 20 heroes to become part of your roster. Freebies!

A very cool offer indeed. Here's some basic info on the bundles:
Support and Specialist:
Playmakers in Heroes of the Storm come in many forms. The Support & Specialist bundle is all about keeping your team in fighting shape, turning the tide of battle, and providing the flexibility and strategic tools to conquer any obstacle. Heroes include: Overwatch’s Lucio, Diablo’s Auriel, World of Warcraft’s Medivh, StarCraft’s Abathur, and more.
The Assassin Mega Bundle is hyper-focused on Heroes who dish out destruction wherever they go. Get in your opponents' faces as a sustained auto-attacker, nuke enemies from the back line, or roam the battlefield to gank unsuspecting targets. Heroes include: StarCraft’s Raynor, World of Warcraft’s Gul’dan, Diablo’s Nazeebo, Overwatch’s Tracer, and more.
Tanks and Bruisers:
This bundle is brimming with Heroes who have no problem getting up close and personal. Create opportunities to pick off an enemy, peel threats away from your teammates, and lead from the front with the Tanks & Bruisers bundle. Heroes include: StarCraft’s Alarak, World of Warcraft’s Arthas, Diablo’s Leoric, Overwatch’s Zayra, and more.
If you’re eager to fill different spots in your team composition, or are brand new to the MOBA genre, consider picking up this bundle to gain experience with a wide variety of roles and playstyles, including Warriors, Specialists, Support, and Assassin Heroes. Characters include: StarCraft’s Lt. Morales, Diablo’s Li-Ming and Johanna, World of Warcraft’s Greymane, and more.

Also be sure to check out our hands on with Heroes of the Storm 2.0, and find out why it represents the best version of the game to date.
Tuesday, 18 April 2017
Post by KostaAndreadis @ 02:23pm 18/04/17 | 1 Comments
For Heroes of the Storm fans it was only a matter time before we got our hands on the first Overwatch-themed battleground. And with the introduction of Hanamura, a large scenic battleground where teams will need to defend and escort payloads in order to damage the opposing team's core, you can be sure that Blizzard hasn't taken any half-measures with this debut. And alongside the update, in addition to the substantial 2.0 stuff coming this month, Genji is also joining the ranks.

If you've played Overwatch you can probably guess how he'll handle in Heroes. Genji is a super-fast assassin with multiple abilities tailored around moving around a battleground very quickly. And being very deadly. He can also jump over walls, making him a potentially very dangerous hero to try and take on alone. Fans of quick heroes will find a lot to love in Genji, and with the recent additions of Cassia, Probius, and Lucio, Blizzard has been on a bit a role lately with its new heroes.

But enough about that, take a look at Hanamura! A brilliant addition to the game that like the best battlegrounds feels like a new mode.

With awesome Overwatch content, and the 2.0 update, April is shaping up to be quite the month for Heroes of the Storm. And the perfect time to check it out for the first time.
Tuesday, 4 April 2017
Post by KostaAndreadis @ 03:05pm 04/04/17 | 0 Comments
Last week Blizzard announced Heroes of the Storm 2.0, a new update to its take on the MOBA genre out later this month (playable right now on the PTR) that completely rewrites the progression and the reward system found in the game. Sure, on paper the big takeaway might be the implementation of Loot Chests, but underneath all the various skins, sprays, banners, portraits, voice lines, emojis, and announcers lies the greatest version of the game to date.

That's because when taken as a whole, they further re-iterate the feeling that Heroes of the Storm is a celebration of all things Blizzard. In addition to being incredibly fun to play.

At the Heroes of the Storm Spring Summit in California last week, we were lucky enough to witness the debut of what’s been called Heroes of the Storm 2.0. Currently available to play on the Heroes PTR, the most obvious and notable addition may be the introduction of Loot Boxes, but it’s the new progression system and what’s found inside said boxes of loot that points towards a new and more inviting direction for the game. The update, which doesn’t really change how the game is played, instead offering a complete re-write of the progression and reward system, more than earns the 2.0 subtitle. It features the same game that we’ve watched evolve over the past year or two, but this time wrapped up in a new and exciting coat of paint.

Click Here to Read Our Hands-On and Impressions
Wednesday, 15 February 2017
Post by KostaAndreadis @ 04:00pm 15/02/17 | 0 Comments
And, if we're being completely honest, he's the most interesting character to join the Nexus in a while. Well, since the last Diablo hero. And that axe guy from WarcCraft II. Okay, so we're a bit biased! But, as Lucio's abilities are transferred almost verbatim from Overwatch to Heroes of the Storm, his AoE healing and speed boosts should prove to be quite the asset for any team. Which you can see in full in the new Lucio spotlight video.

Check it out.

Overwatch support hero, Lúcio, is now available to play in Heroes of the Storm! He brings with him his Wall Ride ability, making it possible to traverse impassable terrain and walk through the enemy team. His basic abilities include Soundwave, which allows him to deal damage to an area, and knock enemies back. He also has crossfade, an ability that can passively heal or speed boost himself and surrounding allies. Lúcio’s first Heroic Ability lets him shield all nearby allies for six seconds with Sound Barrier, just as he does in Overwatch. He also has a secondary Heroic Ability, Reverse Amp. This new skill allows him to hurt enemy heroes for 4 seconds with his Crossfade track, causing Healing Boost to inflict damage, and Speed Boost to slow their movement speed by 45%.

The addition of Lucio also signals the start of the "For Azeroth" event where teaming up with friends will unlock sweet in-game loot for both Heroes of the Storm and World of Warcraft.
Monday, 6 February 2017
Post by KostaAndreadis @ 03:01pm 06/02/17 | 0 Comments
And much like his role in Overwatch, Lucio will be a Support Hero. And like with Tracer and Zarya, two Overwatch heroes already in the Heroes of the Storm lineup, his transition to the more traditionally MOBA environment should be fairly seamless. As in, all his moves should carry over with little to no alterations required. This is great news for HOTS players, as we've been waiting quite a while now for the next Overwatch hero to drop.

Because there's only so many Warcraft assassins we can handle. The Lucio announcement came via the below trailer, and he'll be available to play on the PTR as of tomorrow.

Feel that healing beat.
Wednesday, 30 November 2016
Post by KostaAndreadis @ 05:56pm 30/11/16 | 0 Comments
At BlizzCon this year we had the chance to sit down with Blizzard's Senior Art Director Samwise Didier, who currently heads up the art team working on Heroes of the Storm. For those that are familiar with the name, you might know Samwise as one the key artists at Blizzard who shaped the look and feel of its many franchises since its days as a developer of Super Nintendo games. And then when his work on Warcraft III would go on to shape the look and feel of an entirely new genre, the MOBA, just about everyone would become familiar with that 'Blizzard-look'.

Heroes of the Storm, the developer's take on the MOBA genre, not only continues this work but also serves as a single game that celebrates each of the company's franchise. You could even call it BlizzCon: The Game, where heroes from Warcraft, StarCraft, Diablo, and Overwatch battle it out in bright and colourful arenas.

Naturally, wrangling all the different heroes from properties like Diablo, Warcraft, Overwatch, and making them play nice together is no easy feat. And heading up the task of making sure that each hero looks like they belong in the same game is Blizzard’s Senior Art Director, Samwise Didier. A name that is no doubt familiar to many Blizzard fans, Samwise joined the company in 1991, responding to an ad in a local paper looking for artists to create art for videogames. At the time, he was working as the head usher at a local movie theatre, and without any professional experience or a portfolio he simply took art that was hanging on his wall at home, and made the trek to the small development studio that was then known as Silicon & Synapse – later renamed, Blizzard Entertainment.

The first game that he would work on for the still relatively small developer was a game called Lost Vikings for the Super Nintendo. “Back when we first started it was twenty little Lost Vikings as it was based on Lemmings, an old PC game from the time,” Samwise tells me. “And over the course of the development, which was probably a few months, it went from 20 to 10 to 5 to 3 Vikings.” Fast forward over twenty years, and Blizzard announce the latest hero added to the Heroes of the Storm line-up, the very same Lost Vikings from the Super Nintendo. “I can’t tell you how cool it was when we introduced Lost Vikings as our newest Hero. Here was Heroes of the Storm, our newest game, featuring the oldest characters that I worked on.” Samwise recalls, “It was cool to see that these little Viking guys could manage to make their way from 1991 all the way to today. The oldest art that I worked on was now becoming the newest art that I was working on.”

From Warcraft III to Heroes of the Storm - Talking Art and Blizzard's Long History with Samwise Didier