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Guitar Hero World Tour
Guitar Hero World Tour

Genre: Other Players: 1 to 4 (2 to 8 Online)
Developer: Neversoft Entertainment Official Site:
Publisher: Activision Classification: PG
Guitar Hero World Tour

Genre: Other
Players: 1 to 4 (2 to 8 Online)
Developer: Neversoft Entert...
Official Site: http://www.guitarhero...
Publisher: Activision
Classification: PG
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Guitar Hero World Tour vs Rock Band: An Australian Comparative Review
Review By @ 04:54pm 11/11/08
This holiday season, console owners are truly spoiled for choice. In addition to all the top shelf action, strategy and role playing titles, there're a couple of big hitters with more universal appeal. I'm talking of course about the rhythm games. Electronic Arts' Rock Band, originally released a year ago in North America has finally landed Down Under and Activision's Guitar Hero World Tour has now also arrived, only a few short weeks after its US debut.

Guitar Hero World Tour
Both games now offer the full band experience; allowing four simultaneous players to take on guitar, bass, drums and microphone duties and jam along together to an assortment of popular and classic rock tunes.

So we've got two great offerings from the world’s top two video-game publishers, both here just in time to compete for your holiday dollar. They're certainly not cheap either - the full bundles of both games costing more than you can actually pick up a new Xbox 360 or Wii for. So rather than review the games separately, we thought it would be more useful to put them head to head and give you a straight-up comparison from an Aussie perspective.

Guitar Hero World Tour continues the evolution of the Activision's hugely successful series. Developed by NeverSoft (the guys that have brought us nearly a decade of Tony Hawk Pro Skater games and of course, Guitar Hero 3), World Tour - like each of the successive skateboarding games - has retained the core of its predecessor while adding a whole bunch of new features on top.

Rock Band
Rock Band has been crafted by Harmonix – the guys that started the lounge-room rock movement with the original Guitar Hero and Guitar Hero 2 under Activision before shipping off to start this new franchise under the EA umbrella with MTV.

The competition is still undoubtedly fierce but fortunately both teams seem to have accepted that there's a limit to the amount of plastic crap their customers want cluttering their lounge rooms, so both games now offer compatibility between their respective controllers – at least in the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions (unfortunately not Wii). You're not going to get the absolute best experience using either game’s peripherals to play the other, but you can still get by just fine.

Guitar Hero World Tour
The biggest feature for both is obviously the drum peripheral (it's the reason the boxes are now about four times the size of Guitar Hero 3). The World Tour drum kit consists of three circular pads, two elevated, fan-shaped cymbals and a floor kick-pedal for a total of six triggers. Rock Bands' is a row of four circles and a kick for a total of five. You play both games simply by hitting the corresponding trigger-pads as the notes scroll down the screen.

Drumming in both games feels much more comparable to playing a real kit than the relation between the guitar controller and a string instrument and playing these games will no doubt inspire a lot of people to seek out some genuine skins.

Rock Band
Guitar Hero Star Power is activated by hitting both cymbals simultaneously whereas in Rock Band, you activate your Overdrive in certain free-style fill sections throughout the song. There's a multitude of subtle differences like this that gives each game their own unique character but in each case, neither is really significantly better than its competitor.

In terms of build quality the World Tour drums are a definite cut above Rock Band's, they're also wireless while Rock Band's require a cable (a USB hub is included for those without enough spare ports on their console though). Rock Band's pads make a pretty annoying noise that can be very distracting for the others you're playing with, whereas World Tour's make a damper sound and have more bounce, making them much nicer to play on.

Unfortunately, the World Tour review-kit that I received suffered from an early manufacturing defect where some pads were not sensitive enough, requiring extremely heavy hits to register in the game. I managed to get hold of a USB-Midi interface for my PC and was then able to re-calibrated them myself, after which they worked perfectly. The procedure was certainly something you couldn't expect the average casual gamer to perform though so hopefully Activision have this issue nailed for the Australian retail release. Even after that experience, however, the Guitar Hero World Tour drums still win over Rock Band's, they just feel much nicer to play.

Rock Band
Rock Band's guitar controller, modelled on the iconic Fender Stratocaster, is also wired. Two new features differ it from Guitar Hero 3: An effects selector - a five-point toggle switch that adds effects such as flange, wah and echo; and five high-fret buttons – a smaller set of buttons higher up on the neck, that don't require strumming to play.

Guitar Hero World Tour
Guitar Hero World Tour's guitar controller is once again wireless and introduces one new feature: The neck slider. Certain sections of a song will award extra points for using the touch sensitive slider to scale notes; you can also use it to add a wah effect to sustained notes, in the same manner as the whammy bar. These extras in both games sound kind of cool, but in practice they serve more as just gimmicks - fluff to help differentiate the games from each other – rather than adding any actual new enjoyment factor.

The Microphones function pretty much the same in both games. Nothing super special here - anyone that has played Sony's Singstar will know the drill - simply read the lyrics that scroll by at the correct pitch. Again like Singstar, you don't necessarily have to sing in the same octave as the rockstars you're emulating, just as long as you're singing the same root notes and staying in key.

The increased popularity of these games has meant that the cover versions of songs that made up the bulk of the earlier games' content are no longer required. Artists and their labels have recognised the promotional potential and so for Guitar Hero World Tour, every track included with the game is an original master. With more than 85 songs it's also the biggest setlist the series has seen in a single game, with several extra downloadables available for purchase at launch (including the complete new Metallica Album – Death Magnetic) and certainly more on the way.

Rock Band
Rock Band still features several cover songs among its 58 on-disc tracks but the one year head-start over its rival has given it a leg up in the total amount of content, with over 300 additional tracks available for online purchase, including several complete albums.

In terms of variety, the selection of music in both games is honestly about even. Guitar Hero World Tour perhaps has a bit more on offer for fans of classic rock with a bit more focus on greats from the 60s and 70s and Rock Band arguably has more to offer for fans of the heavier and crustier ends of metal and punk. There's certainly something for all rock music tastes in both games, and then some.

Guitar Hero World Tour
Which brings us to Guitar Hero World Tour's most unique new feature, the Music Studio. Music Studio not only allows you to create your own new tracks to play with in the game, but also lets you share them with other players. It's hardly a professional level DAW, but considering you're using the game controllers to create and manipulate your tunes, it serves the purpose surprisingly well.

This is definitely one area of the game that some are going to find much more value in than others. It's a fun little utility to mess around in and will definitely be a winning feature for the creative types (probably even a good learning tool for children or just for those looking to learn more about music in general). There's some seriously cool stuff like licensed Line 6 amp modelling to re-create the signature sounds of your favourite guitarists and the drum kit can actually even be hooked up to external devices (via the same kind of Midi interface I used to re-calibrate my kit) to use as a real instrument.

Realistically though, the quality of music you're going to be producing here doesn't hold a card to the licensed tracks in the game already. Despite the game not allowing vocal recording, the majority of the top-rated tracks in the online sharing system are copyright infringing melodies – mostly just various theme tunes and re-creations of classic video-game music from games like Megaman and Final Fantasy.

So while it might sound like a great way to extend the content of the game. The result is more like the Spore creature creator – a nice sandbox for people to fiddle around and burn up some creative hours with; just don't expect to find anything too amazing amongst the thousands of sandcastles (and look out for all the poop).

Guitar Hero World Tour
Most of the focus of these games is deservedly on the audio, but the graphics definitely require a mention here too. Guitar Hero has gone to lengths re-creating some iconic real-world venues to play in as well as using mo-cap sessions with several of the game's signed artists (including Sting, Zakk Wylde, Billy Corgan and Travis Barker) to bring them to life in the game. The backdrop for the TOOL songs in the game have been designed to resemble the band's disturbed music videos and album art. It's all well intended and does aid the atmosphere of the game, but the overall art style is just a bit... ugly. In trying to capture the rockstar attitude, they've gone a little too far with the bright colours and clutter.

Rock band comparatively, has a much slicker look about it. The fret boards are translucent black and scrolling notes are smoother. It's still colourful, but more clean and vibrant. It also renders your band members into the loading screens in images that are like tour photographs, documenting the rise of your virtual stardom. In defence of Guitar Hero here though, its larger note icons, while less attractive, do admittedly make it easier to tell the difference between regular strummed notes and hammer-on/pull-off sections.

Rock Band
Both games offer a good depth in character creation and thankfully have done away with the prohibitively expensive virtual gear that you could only purchase by completing the toughest songs on the hardest difficulty level. Instead, you just earn more dollars the more that you play and spend it on a varied wardrobe for your characters.

Guitar Hero has made an important change for the better here, now giving you the option to change difficulty at any point in the career mode instead of having to start again from the beginning. A hugely welcomed adjustment considering the exhausting length of the included track list. They have also added a new Beginner difficulty level which drops the game to a truly remedial level – perfect for getting the littlies (and the older folk) involved in the fun. Rock Band is slightly less accessible in this respect.

Playing by yourself is all well and good, but Rock Band and Guitar Hero World Tour are both party games at heart so you're going to want to find some friends to get the most out of them (maybe you can even get them to split the cost, heh) – if not, it's no huge issue as both have a very solid online multiplayer component.

You can play cooperatively through the songs locally, or jump online and band up with others. Additionally you can go head to head in a variety of different modes that include complete four vs four player band battles and there're leaderboards for the truly elite to compete for top spot.

Guitar Hero World Tour
One caveat is that the extra downloadable tracks can only be played online between players that have both purchased them – a fact that perhaps gives Guitar Hero's larger on-disc library an advantage over Rock Bands more populated online catalogue. Conversely, EA's Rock Band 2 (currently now available only in North America) boasts 84 songs on disc, but more importantly, backwards compatibility with 55 tracks from the original Rock Band via an inexpensive patch download – a good sign of future support for the series, but then it took them a year to release the first one here, who knows when we'll see number 2.

In terms of quantity, Rock Band wins the battle on overall content and also for keeping their downloadable tracks to a reasonable file size (note to Neversoft: with our country's current broadband situation, 1 Gigabyte really is too much data for the average Aussie to be blowing on a single album of music – it should be better compressed). Guitar Hero does stay in the game, however, simply by offering more tracks on the retail disc.

Rock Band
Rock Band loses some points for twelve months of tardiness and kudos goes to Activision for getting this to Australia in time for the holidays. Guitar Hero World Tour is also the clear winner in the hardware stakes (despite my uncalibrated drum experience). In addition to being wireless, the instruments are just of a better build quality and feel like they'll outlast their Rock Band counterparts.

The fact is that both of these games are top-notch entertainment and in software it's only minor differences and gimmicks that separate them functionally. Ignoring the criticism of those that whinge about playing rhythm games when you could be learning a real instrument, the genre has proven itself through popularity as an innovative new way to enjoy and interact with the music that we love, instead of just listening to it.

EA's Rock Band and Activision's Guitar Hero World Tour are both worthy purchases this holiday season, you really can't go wrong with either. AusGamers official recommendation for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 owners however, is to pick-up the Guitar Hero World Tour complete bundle for the game and instruments and grab the Rock Band software only pack. If you do have to absolutely only pick one - unless Rock Band has some specific songs you can't do without - Guitar Hero World Tour is the stronger choice.

Wii owners should exercise more caution as instrument compatibility between the different titles on this platform is not yet 100% clear. The PlayStation 2 versions have no online component so Guitar Hero is the clear victor with more on-disc tracks.

The below summary is for Guitar Hero World Tour only - Click over to the Rock Band page for that game's corresponding breakdown.
What we liked
  • The full band experience; a perfect party game
  • Complete online multiplayer - cooperative and competitive, bands vs band
  • 85 songs on disc
  • Quality peripherals
What we didn't like
  • Limited downloadable content library with large file sizes at launch
  • Borderline ugly menus and over-all art style
  • Uncalibrated drum sensitivity (hopefully retail buyers won't experience this)
We gave it:
Latest Comments
Posted 07:06pm 11/11/08
In terms of build quality the World Tour drums are a definite cut above Rock Band's, they're also wireless while Rock Band's require a cable

Sorry but having 4 instruments that all require batteries is bloody stupid to me. I'm GLAD the Rock Band controller uses a hub and is corded. Who would need a wireless drum kit anyway? You plan on moving around with it while playing?

Anyway was hoping someone would put something up like this so I could put my thoughts on RB.

- The RB guitar I thought is good but you have to get used to it. Having no "click" noise when you strum is a bit odd at first and you will need to get used to it. My sister prefers to use the GH3 one when we play together. Also the neck buttons don't really have any spacing so you can lose your mind's tracking on where your fingers are and fudge things up

- if Guitar Hero 3 is anything to go by then RB is, and will, lead in DLC. Ton of awesome songs to get against a Metallica album that is bloody huge and not that good? Yeah...

- Timing. This will destroy you for the first few hours to a full day. In GH1, 2 and 3 I can pass 98% of the songs on expert without worry. In RB I failed my first hard song because the timing window was so different to me. No it wasn't lag either. You have to be spot on with very little room for error. Ho/Po's too are the same. Don't expect to be able to rattle off huge combo lines like in Gh3 or even 2. At least not without some practice. I avoid them as much as possible because I usualy fail the timing.

last edited by DM at 19:06:53 11/Nov/08
Posted 07:04pm 11/11/08
I know GH3 guitars can work with GH:WT but will they work with RB? (Wii specifically)
Posted 07:44pm 11/11/08
When you have a billion cords running from instruments to one console while people singing, playing guitar while moving about and people swapping in and out constantly about above said cables it's an accident waiting to happen. F*****g hate Buzz on the PS2 for that. I'm glad they're wireless.

Anyway I chose World Tour's instruments over rock bands based online reports and IGN's comparison which was much like yours. I'll pick up the game only for Rock Band after I'm sick of the songs on WT and have played through on all instruments (except singing)
Posted 08:09pm 11/11/08
Yep, I definitely want people forming their own opinions so I tried to provide a lot of details.

re: the wireless vs wire thing. A USB hub requires another power point, and it has a plug pack so you can't plug it in next to other things on a powerboard - only slightly annoying though.

Also, I was playing it on an HD projector over the weekend and the rock band's drum cable wasn't really long enough to sit far enough away to watch the screen comfortable, not a problem with the wireles GH drums. Obviously that's not going to be an issue with regular TV's but just another example benefit. Choose the best setup for you.

Another big IMO the GH drums are much better at playing RB, than the RB drums are for playing GH.
Posted 09:56pm 11/11/08
Yeah, I've spent so much time playing Rock Band, either just practising by myself, or with friends over, I think possibly the only game I've clocked more hours on is WoW. I've spent heaps of extra money on it (buying DLC, buying a better pedal, getting proper mesh heads for the drumset, and probably other s*** I've forgotten), but its all worth it cos the game just delivers so much fun.

So, at the end of the day, whether your flavour is Rock Band or Guitar Hero, I'd highly recommend picking up at least one of them, sure its not cheap, but you wont regret it!
Posted 10:07pm 11/11/08
I never have played or wish to play any of these type of games.. ever.. I see absolutely no appeal whatsoever strumming on an oversized eukalaley... What is the appeal of them??
Posted 10:13pm 11/11/08
Wow, if only I had have mentioned something like that in the closing paragraphs of my review... oh wait.
Posted 11:06pm 11/11/08
boxhead: me either. I don't see why you would spend so much on a silly 4 pad drum thing to hit when dots fly over the line...

But i'm an actual drummer in an actual band so makes me lol at ppl who think they're so awesome at guitar hero. I tried playing the drumming one at an arcade once and couldn't even do it. Give me a real drumkit and band anyday

It's funny when you see guys at jb or d*** smith playing GH nonstop for like 20 mins by themselves.
Posted 11:50pm 11/11/08
It's funny when you see guys at jb or d*** smith playing GH nonstop for like 20 mins by themselves.

why? because they are having fun?
Reverend Evil
Posted 11:52pm 11/11/08
Why play games at all? I should just go buy a real shotgun and just blow people away.
Posted 12:00am 12/11/08
I tried playing the drumming one at an arcade once and couldn't even do it. Give me a real drumkit and band anyday

One of the lead programmers at work is a professional drummer and he had a blast playing Rock Band, so maybe you just suck :P He jumped on the drums and did Enter Sandman on hard having never played the game before, cos it was close enough to the real thing and he knew the song really well from playing it at gigs.

Really though, I don't get the hate towards these games, its not like they're in any way dimishing your ability to play a real instrument or making you less cool or something. Just because theres suddenly lots of people out there playing a drumming game on their home consoles doesn't somehow make you less of a drummer yourself. If anything, they get more people interested in music and maybe get people interested enough to pick up a real instrument. Plus, they're just lots of fun to play.
Posted 12:09am 12/11/08
boxhead: me either. I don't see why you would spend so much on a silly 4 pad drum thing to hit when dots fly over the line...

But i'm an actual drummer in an actual band so makes me lol at ppl who think they're so awesome at guitar hero. I tried playing the drumming one at an arcade once and couldn't even do it. Give me a real drumkit and band anyday

Yeah, all of these silly people having fun. Why should they bother having fun with a simple enjoyable game with friends when they could spend years learning how to play a real instrument?

Posted 12:20am 12/11/08
I lol at that pic everytime I see it Midda
Posted 12:21am 12/11/08
Why play games at all? I should just go buy a real shotgun and just blow people away.

um what.
Posted 01:29am 12/11/08
Who would need a wireless drum kit anyway?
Posted 02:00am 12/11/08
GH:WT is due tomorrow (today now), but as of yesterday midday the local store still didn't have their shipment in, although they've been shipped last week so it's gotta be close.

I used to think I'd never play a rhythm game because they all blurted about how you can be a real rock star, etc. that I'm totally against. I picked up GH3 with the PS3 purely because it was a defining console game, not becuase I thought I'd enjoy it. Tell you what though, like that comic strip, it's just fun. To hell with the promo wiffle waffle, it's just fun to get in there and play.

Now that the entire family is converted to GH3, GH:WT will mean we're all on at once, and hopefully my 3 year old can keep up on beginner drums (if I can get him off LittleBigPlanet).
Posted 08:26am 12/11/08
"GO PLAY REAL INSTRUMENTS YOU NOOBSSSSSS" irritates the f*** out of me. Why is it that this comparison is only brought up for these f**gy instrument games? What about sports games, racing games, and army games - all these things you can do IRL as well.
Posted 11:28am 12/11/08
Let me rephrase my post. Its sad to see some random walk into DSE or JB and go straight to the GH stand and stand there for 15 mins mashing away... I go into stores to buy things not to have a gaming session.

I take back my go-play-instruments post tho - point was kinda moot given other games...

Self-induced flaming....

last edited by 3dee at 11:28:36 12/Nov/08
Posted 11:26am 12/11/08
A friend just picked up Guitar Hero III with 2 guitars for $30 (go kmart!) so i'll be having a crack at it tonight for the first time..haven't played these types of games before
Posted 11:28am 12/11/08
it's called try before buy

Posted 03:45pm 12/11/08
GH:WT prices ?

Best I have seen for xbox360
DSE $278
BigW $278 (Tommorow)
JBHiFi $288
Posted 04:25pm 12/11/08
Yeah $278 seems to be the best around, harvey norman matched that for me this morning.

I HAD preordered from JB in the city on the 27th of last month, I got a phone call yesterday (tuesday) saying they didn't have enough stock to fill my preorder. So after ringing around a ton of places I found some copies at harvey norman down the road who were kind enough to match Big W's price with me even asking them (usually they're d**** to deal with). So first thing this morning I went down and picked it up. Jump to lunch time today, JB rings me and tells me my World tour pack is ready to be picked up! wtf

anyway hopefully I'll get my $20 deposit back, then I'll just buy the guitar stand they were giving away with preorders :P
Posted 07:06pm 12/11/08
So, just as a heads up to anyone else

My red pad on the drum set is already broken

culprit of very s*** soldering
Posted 07:21pm 12/11/08
Vorador, which game did you get?
Posted 07:37pm 12/11/08
I should have pointed that out hey - GHWT for 360
The GuVna
Posted 12:33am 13/11/08
How awesome is the Eagles "Hotel California" chart! Missed 1 note in the whole thing to & earned $1200 for one song.

Oh & I like how the Tool "Location" is basically just trippy spiral with Tool images, rather clever
Posted 08:16am 13/11/08
My yellow cymbal seemed a bit flaky but after talking to someone else who got it, they told me to hit more precisely in the center of the cymbal and harder. It's not too bad now, though I still might hook the kit up to a PC and calibrate it with their software once I can get a hold of a USB to MIDI cable.

Otherwise it's been awesome, I'm slowly getting better, I started on beginner on drums but it's retarded, it's literally nothing but kick drum. I put it up to medium and it's a s***load better, more notes makes it easier for some reason, I guess it's closer to matching the real drum notes and it's easier to predict or something.

Anyway when you do nail notes all over the place on a good song it feels awesome.
Posted 02:31pm 13/11/08
> I started on beginner on drums but it's retarded, it's literally nothing but kick drum.

Actually you can hit any pad on beginner level. I was pissed when I found that out after pounding thru 3 songs on kickdrum.
Posted 04:00pm 13/11/08
Found out the hard way - the PS2 version of GHWT doesn't recognise the PS2 singstar mics, even if you have a controller plugged in. Back to get the Wii version and re-buy my guitar controller :(
Posted 07:57pm 14/11/08
Ok so ive bought both these games and here are my thoughts. (Keep in mind i havent used the guitar or mic once yet for either game but im sure they're fun)

Rock Band: Great game, started on Medium and have completed the game and now half way through hard, drums seem to be good, very responsive, although quite noisey and not so durable, also could be set up in a much cooler way.

Guitar Hero World Tour: Lets start by saying i like the set up of the kit itself a lot more, and the toms/snare feel good, a lot less noisey. First thing i noticed is (again starting on medium) world tour is much much harder than Rock Band, not entirely a bad thing just something i thought i would note.

Now for the bad, the kick for me is s***, it feels crap under your foot and its response is s***house, at the start of the songs when you can hit anything all pads work fine and the kick picks up maybe one in every 4 kicks.

Also the left cymbal doesnt seem to be quite as sensitive as the rest of the pads, and the right cymbal when raised rattles when hit, so im currently playing with both cymbals down.

Anyone else experienced these problems? If so id love to hear.

last edited by Deathwalker at 19:57:28 14/Nov/08
Posted 07:43pm 14/11/08
First thing i noticed is (again starting on hard) world tour is much much harder than Rock Band, not entirely a bad thing just something i thought i would note.

There are a few RB songs that are quite insane on difficulty. Green Grass and High Tides comes to mind. GH:WT do seem to be tougher looking at them on youtube but that is what I think to be just the GH series. Ever since Neversoft took over they seem to like to make the note charts a big tougher than what they have to be.

Just look at videos of Number of the Beast in RB and GH3 and you'll see what I mean. That isn't a bad thing though. Just depends on what you like, eaiser or harder difficulty. I'll be picking up this next time I get payed
Posted 07:58pm 14/11/08
Sorry meant to be saying starting again on Medium, im not up to hard on world tour yet.
Posted 11:14pm 15/11/08
Picked up GHWT on Xbox on Thursday, and the Red pad has stopped working already.

Looks like time to send it on off to the old Activisions return centre and see what they say....

Quite disappointing. Doesn't stop me doing the career with the guitar, but eh, drumming was awesome fun.

I can only hope they don't knock back a warranty because my housemate managed to spastically break one of the little plastic tabs which keeps your drumsticks in place when not playing it, because he left it up while guitaring and managed to smack it.
Posted 11:24pm 15/11/08
exact same problem with mine cyph, red drum just died friday night when I had a heap of people over playing it :(
Posted 10:50am 16/11/08
had people round last night ... we bashed it all night long no problems with any of the pads
Posted 01:34am 23/11/08
I played GH:WT at a mates place and mainly did the singing, but had heaps of fun on the drums and guitar. I'm mainly a medium player for the instruments.

I think with party games like this, it's sometimes hard to get everyone to play if they don't know the songs, or if they don't have the games themselves. I found that the songs on GH:WT weren't so "singing"-friendly. It was a bit hard to get everyone to play if they had to sit there on Beginner/Easy and mumble lyrics. Granted, I'm sure you can disable it though. But yeah, how do you sing a Tool song? Or that Mars Volta song? Not fun at all! :p
Posted 05:35pm 23/11/08
But yeah, how do you sing a Tool song? Or that Mars Volta song? Not fun at all! :p
I smashed that Mars Volta song first go! Probably only because I knew the tune though; I don't think my attempts to read the Spanish were particularly accurate!
Posted 07:19pm 23/11/08
The beastie boys one is hard to sing too... I am to white to rap
Reverend Evil
Posted 07:36pm 23/11/08
Not liking hearing about the drums f*****g up on GH:WT because I have one on order. So is there a main reason they're breaking? Like smashing the crap outta the drums or just built dodgy?
Posted 07:41pm 23/11/08
Built Dodgy though it's not all of them, I know of more people who's are working fine than those who have broken ones. Either way I don't regret getting the GHWT ones over the rock band ones
Posted 07:55pm 23/11/08
I belt the f*** out of my drums and haven't had any problems..

The Mars Volta song was difficult on drums but that's probably because they are freaks, in a good way :)

I haven't tried the mic yet, I'm tempted to try guitar and mic together for Everlong
Posted 08:20pm 23/11/08
Rev, mine works just fine and i beat the s*** out of it (I am not a small guy) ... so meh ... guess its just pot luck
Posted 08:46pm 23/11/08
Not liking hearing about the drums f*****g up on GH:WT because I have one on order. So is there a main reason they're breaking? Like smashing the crap outta the drums or just built dodgy?
I mentioned this in the review, it's a calibration issue with some early kits.

It's a software fault, not hardware. It's fixable but requires a MIDI interface in order to connect the drums to your PC to do so. Red Octane support were mailing these out for free to people in the US that requested them, not sure about Australia.
Posted 08:53pm 23/11/08
They are available for purchase around the place.

Not that I have an issue. But I am all for chipping to buy one to keep say with the folks at mamoth for locals to fix their drums ? (assuming they'd be ok with that concept?)
Posted 09:09pm 23/11/08
can you buy the drums separately?

I went in after reading this thread and just got the guitar + world tour game
I'm already loving it, I wouldn't mind trying the drums

Posted 09:41pm 23/11/08
Well, I've been too lazy to getting around to mailing my drums off to Activision to RMA them, so I've opened it up with a Torx attachment for my socket set (all except 2 of them, damn thing isn't long enough to reach them, to bunnings it is!), and I can see that the ground wire to the red drum isn't connected anymore.

So a small soldering job tomorrow when I get back from Bunnings tomorrow.... and I should be back in action...
Posted 10:34am 27/11/08
I got my drums back yesterday, 8 days after I sent them off for repair. They've replaced the whole unit with a brand new one which is good, doesn't seem to need any calibrating either.
Posted 11:26am 27/11/08
guitar hero ftw
Posted 11:29am 27/11/08
that sucks that the drums break so easily =( would have thought $300 would get u something that lasts longer than a week
Posted 12:02pm 27/11/08

*edit* a better ... slightly more adult version

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Posted 12:52pm 27/11/08
So far has red drum issues with GH:WT which has managed to be fixed up via soldering. Still have issues with the yellow cymbal which requires calibration - AU red octane are now offering the same support as in the US so you can get fill out a warranty form and get a USB-Midi cable sent to you rather than paying for one.

Went and picked up GH3+Guitar at Harvey normans for $90~ yesterday and figured I'd get the rockband game while I was there. Playing rockband and enjoying the actual game a bit more than world tour, but that may be because with the yellow cymbal issue, I've swapped the orange to where the yellow should be and can actually play 4 drums :P

Posted 05:51pm 01/12/08
seen this??
Posted 06:15pm 01/12/08

And now I can blame my lack of guitar hero power on an inability to play the real instruments.
Posted 06:32pm 01/12/08
Everlong is a f***en hard song to play on drums, its good to see they made it hard in rock band/guitar hero.

Posted 03:04pm 12/12/08
Maybe I missed something but my PS3 Rock Band guitar is wireless. Picked it up day 1 here in Oz so I don't know what you guys bought to get it wired? The drums are indeed loud and need something to dull the noise.
Posted 07:48am 26/12/08
But i'm an actual drummer in an actual band so makes me lol at ppl who think they're so awesome at guitar hero. I tried playing the drumming one at an arcade once and couldn't even do it. Give me a real drumkit and band anyday

And i suppose just because you play the drums real drums that makes you cool? I play guitar myself but that doesnt mean im too good to play guitar hero. It makes me laugh at people like you who take games so seriously. Doesnt sound much like a life to me hun lol.

Although i dont have the rockband or the guitar hero world tour as of yet i will soon but its not because i can play a real guitar. Its because i believe in having fun. Not stuck at home beating my drum you know what i mean?
Posted 09:24am 26/12/08
So you do it on an online gaming forum instead.

Posted 12:59pm 26/12/08
get out of this thread Royal

you must be a crap drummer, my bro in law is incredible at the drums (gigs for lots of bands etc) and even he said he was surprised at how reasonably accurate GHWT drums are to the live songs.

he plays on expert and hardly misses a beat (for the songs he knows). thats without really looking at the screen, so they have programmed the game well to detect the correct beat patterns
Posted 03:28pm 26/12/08
I play real Guitar but im kinda interested in Guitar Hero.
I was very sceptical of it at first but now..
Looks a load of fun and aint that what games should be ?

Its a GAME. Lighten up.
Reverend Evil
Posted 07:08pm 26/12/08
They're awesome fun games to play. Solo they can get a bit boring but if you've got others with you it is f*****g heaps of fun. My suggestion is to buy GH:WT bundle with the lot and then buy the Rock Band disc separate. The RB drums only have 4 pads compared to GH:WT's 5 so it makes playing GH suck without being able to use the 5th pad to drum.
Posted 07:42pm 26/12/08
Far out. This is an amazing amount of technology for the money. Very impressed, wished I had the skillz to do this.

Posted 12:07am 27/12/08
hell yea ^
love metallicas drumming, has always appealed to me in its simplicity and awesomeness.
so this vid is the rockband game?
Posted 12:16am 27/12/08
Ok I've got GH:WT now, sweet. Being as actual drummer this is what interested me the most was to play the drums portion and see what it was like. I'll just say that it's not really the same, give me a real kit any day. On the other hand I play a little guitar and I'd rather play the GH Guitar haha cause I'm much better at that than real guitar :). My cymbals need to be calibrated cause they don't pick up all the hits properly. When that's fixed we should be sweet to go straight to Expert and bash away. Awesome game!
Posted 12:32am 27/12/08
Yeah, that video is Rock Band
Reverend Evil
Posted 09:27am 27/12/08
I ended up ordering RB2 from that Game place you suggested in the UK Khel. Ended up working out pretty much the same price as you'd pay here for games. So any idea when it get's released out here? Prolly ages away.
Posted 09:55am 27/12/08
let me know how that turns out rev, you got it on 360 right? if you get yours and it's all working fine on an unmodded xbox I might have to do the same
Reverend Evil
Posted 10:07am 27/12/08
Yeah, got the 360 version. Did some googling and it seems everything should be fine.
Posted 01:34pm 27/12/08
Yeah, it works fine, mine arrived on monday before Christmas and we spent all day/night monday playing it, getting drunk, and taking turns singing Eye of the Tiger and Hungry like a Wolf, much fun :) Still haven't unlocked Everlong though, I'm hanging out to try that cos I downloaded the Foo Fighters album but it doesn't come with Everlong, since thats already in Rock Band 2.

So any idea when it get's released out here? Prolly ages away.

Yeah, I don't think theres even a date for it yet :(

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