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AusGamers Game of the Year Contender
Grand Theft Auto 4
Grand Theft Auto 4

PC | PlayStation 3 | Xbox 360
Genre: Action Players: 1 (2 to 16 Online)
Developer: Rockstar North Official Site:
Publisher: Rockstar Games Classification: MA15+
Grand Theft Auto 4

Genre: Action
Players: 1 (2 to 16 Online)
Developer: Rockstar North
Official Site: http://www.rockstarga...
Publisher: Rockstar Games
Classification: MA15+
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Tuesday, 9 December 2008
Post by Dan @ 05:45pm 09/12/08 | 12 Comments
One of the year's biggest titles has at long last landed on the desktop platform. The widely acclaimed Grand Theft Auto IV is now available nation-wide for Windows PC gamers.

While the game is largely the same as it's Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 precursors (which we reviewed upon release back in April) there are some differences and one worthy new addition. We detail it all in this in-depth review update.
Thursday, 7 August 2008
Post by Steve Farrelly @ 10:20am 07/08/08 | 15 Comments
I know many AusGamers users have been waiting for this news. Grand Theft Auto 4 has just been announced to be in development for the PC and will be released in North America on November 18 and Europe on November 21. We've contacted Rockstar Australia for our official date and are awaiting their response.

According to reports, the PC version will pack an expanded multiplayer component in what was already Rockstar's best multi offering for the series thus far.

You can check out our massively in-depth review of the game right here, while all our related media can be found on the AusGamers Grand Theft Auto IV game page.

Update: Rockstar Australia have sent through official word on the release, which will mimic Europe, seeing the game on Aussie retail shelves November 21.
"We are very excited to be releasing the PC version of Grand Theft Auto IV," said Sam Houser, Founder of Rockstar Games. "The whole team is dedicated to bringing an amazing gaming experience to the PC. The game looks and plays beautifully on PC and we canít wait for people to play it."
No word on whether or not the PC version will also have the episodic downloadable content, which was announced exclusively for the Xbox 360 version, leaving the PS3 version with nothing but what comes in the box.
Friday, 30 March 2007
Post by trog @ 09:12am 30/03/07 | 45 Comments
The first trailer from Grand Theft Auto 4 has been released. You can download it in sweet high def locally from AusGamers