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God of War 3
God of War 3

PlayStation 3
Genre: Action Players: 1
Developer: Sony Official Site:
Publisher: Sony
Release Date:
March 2010
God of War 3

Genre: Action
Players: 1
Developer: Sony
Official Site: http://www.godofwar.c...
Publisher: Sony
Release Date:
March 2010
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God of War 3 Review
Review By @ 12:59pm 01/04/10
My anticipation for this game has been palpable. I loved the first game, and consistently cite the second as one of the best action games of all time, so it was with shaking hand I put my review disc in my PS3 in hot anticipation of having to wait for the damn thing to pre-load on the system. No such bad luck; God of War III loads directly off the disc, and does so with ease - win number one already.

Presentation kicking things off, what we're essentially looking at with God of War III, from the immediacy, is Ancient Greek storytelling crossed with a James Bond intro - but it's enough to get the hair on the back of my neck standing on-end. I'm preconceiving all the massive set-pieces I'll be putting Kratos through, and all the death and destruction he'll be leaving in his wake. I'm also thinking about how damn good this game is going to look on the new system; the PS2 seemed almost short of Santa Monica Studios' original vision, but surely that won't be the case here.

Intro out of the way and two minutes into gameplay, everything is just as I expected. Kicking off right where God of War II left us, Kratos is riding the back of the Titan Gaia, as she and her fellow Titan brethren climb Mt Olympus to take down Zeus once and for all. The scene is grand beyond words, and the game looks every bit as good as I'd hoped. Gameplay remains largely unchanged as the powerful Kratos tears through minions and flesh, leaving the sort of bloody mess behind him that would embarrass the entire Mortal Kombat cast. The rich, new details able to be captured by the powerful PS3 now make the game that much more brutal, and engaging as a result - you are the God of war after all, and it should feel like that with every movement you make.

"Epic" is an understatement as I make my way to my first sub-boss encounter, and then something happens. Something I'd completely and utterly forgotten about the previous two games. Something annoying, scathing and unwarranted. God of War III, like the two before it, is wrought with roadblocks in the form of frustrating combat design of the large-scale kind. Hard fail scenarios in the boss sense, and fantastically frustrating as a result.

It's not that I'm a bad player - I destroyed the first two games through and through, but not without turning a Kratos-inspired purple in the face as a result. And here, it delivers in greater spades than I've encountered before, which is doubly annoying because the game is so grand in scale and visual burst, that despite this I'm still going to make my way through. It becomes a relationship of love and hate; though Kratos' demeanour never alters once - he's pissed off from start to finish, and even in the disparate (for brutality) underworld of Hades, broken and practically mortal once more, Kratos stands his angry high ground. If he's not tearing a man's face off, then he's tearing a beast's heart out, and he does this with everything. Hell, even the chests he smashes through throughout are probably forming a gang in response to his unnecessary destruction of them.

It's largely business as usual, with "largely" being the only real change. If you played the first two games and thought the series was epic in scope, God of War III rearranges your perspective like Kratos rearranges faces. An early encounter, in fact, with Poseidon, could go down as one of the most brutal moments in videogaming thanks to a dose of 'on the receiving end' imagery, and your own dishing out of prerequisite punishment for said reception. All of this is just a primer though, the early portion of the game does exactly what it's supposed to do - make you feel all powerful and put you within an arm's reach of your ultimate goal, before stripping you of your powers and knocking you off that perch, literally. In this case, Kratos falls from almost facing his father, Zeus, all the way to the pits of Hades for some side-by-side Dante's Inferno darkness. Dare I say God of War III actually comes up trumps in its vision of hell.

For the uninitiated, regaining your powers is a straight-forward affair of tapping into the rich resource that is the game's source material. Kratos will cross paths with other Greek myth legends, such as Hercules, Helios, Hermes and other characters whose names don't begin with "H". He'll earn new powers and abilities alongside the acquisition of new weapons and power-ups in the form of magic et al, as the game progresses, and it usually doesn't take too long for something rewarding to come your way, which helps in the overall pacing. Chests mostly contain orbs which are used to replenish health and magic, or collect as currency to spend on new moves and the like. Other collectibles litter the ancient land, of which full collection will net our angry purple friend even more to use in his destructive favour.

While the vast majority of the game is split between splitting enemies in half and picking your jaw up from the ground (or kicking some poor soul's jaw about), there are a random and sparing assortment of puzzles thrown in for good measure. For the most part they're not overly cerebral or challenging, which is good because none of what's going on here is rocket science, it's fight club - only you're allowed to talk about it. Quicktime events are back and in similar form to the first two games, with that all-important sexual mini-game finding its way into the fold again. Bouncy boobs ahoy, with some tantalising girl on girl action are all part of the life of a bald man angry at the world, though with opportunities like this around, I really can't see why.

At the end of the day, God of War III delivers what you'd expect, and may be reticent to admit you want: pure unadulterated violence of the epic, legendary mythological kind. It's a non-stop roller-coaster that throws you once more into the breach, dear friend. Or at least on top of a giant lady made of trees, mountains and stone. There's nothing visceral or complex in the story in say, a Mass Effect 2 kind of way, but what's here is both satisfying and compelling, if only because you know the next set-piece is going to blow you away. Beyond that, random puzzle sequences (one that includes some dog-kicking - seriously), a bit of talky, talky in story form and boobs make up the rest of what is a pure adrenalin charged experience of violence, gore and (eventual) satisfaction.
What we liked
  • Absolutely gorgeous to look at
  • Incredible set-pieces and intense bosses
  • Gory and violent as hell, the way a game like this should be
  • Excellent mix of environments and vistas - something new around every corner
What we didn't like
  • Can be frustrating as hell
  • Hard-fail scenarios just don't cut it anymore
  • Kratos is pretty one-dimensional (and can be annoying at times as a result)
We gave it:
Latest Comments
Posted 01:08pm 01/4/10
Must buy imo.
Posted 01:22pm 01/4/10
I so want to buy this but I don't know if having in the house will be a good thing with my kids around. The 6 year old will want to play it and that doesn't sound like a good idea. I really want it though :)

Will this game give my 6 year old psychological problems Steve?

last edited by E.T. at 13:22:39 01/Apr/10
Posted 01:20pm 01/4/10
Must resist buying a PS3 for this game...
Steve Farrelly
Posted 01:25pm 01/4/10
E.T. I'm normally pretty liberal with violence in games and what kids can see (to an extent), but this is actually really full-on. Though it's hard to play, so I'm not sure your 6 year-old would get far enough in to be overly impacted
Posted 01:27pm 01/4/10
Does it have parental controls? Uncensored I would say it's a no go for young-uns. It's pretty violent and has sexy times as well.

I'm a god of war virgin and I found the combat to be pretty forgiving on normal difficulty. There were only two spots that got me swearing (not including the challenges you unlock later), but I found that most of my deaths were due to me taking a gumby leap in the wrong direction at the wrong time.

I would agree++ about Kratos being one dimensional. What an uninteresting character. The voice acting was good, but the actual dialogue was cringe-worthy.

I wish there was more to unlock after finishing the game though. I really enjoy the combat, but I have quickly run out of things to do apart from replay on harder difficulty.
Posted 01:42pm 01/4/10
lol this game has just as many area skipping bugs/exploits as the first two games.

last edited by ravn0s at 13:42:29 01/Apr/10
Posted 01:53pm 01/4/10
Our 7 year old loves god of war, hes not allowed to play it though, but is happy watching me play it... the games have sparked an interest in greek mythology and has also made him question his own religious beliefs.

Whilst it is violent i don't see it being any more over the top then the s*** he pretends todo with his friends at lunch time (one scenario involves the joker jamming a can of laughing gas down someones throat, can goes off stomach expands and explodes... yep fun in the playground i say)

Though i do make him leave the room when im about to get freaky with the ladies
Posted 02:07pm 01/4/10
Awesome game, lots of fun, but yeah its pretty buggy. I've had it outright crash on me a number of times, lots of graphic glitches around water, I've had the circle come up above a bosses head but then nothing happens when I try and do the finishing move, I've jumped off ledges and had kratos get stuck in his falling animation so even when I get to the ground, I can't do anything and need to quit the game, and I've fallen through the world a few times. Kind of suprised me a bit, I thought it'd be a bit more polished considering big of a feather it is in Sony's hat, but its still really good, I'm still loving it.

Posted 02:40pm 01/4/10
Must resist buying a PS3 for this game...
I'm gonna borrow a ps3 off a friend to play it, but not just yet too many exams :(
Posted 02:50pm 01/4/10
I put in some good solid hours into it and finally finished it last night. Thought it was an awesome game and oddly enough experienced none of the issues khel mentioned, though I didn notice a patch recently so not sure if it was happening to others as well and I was lucky. From my point of view I thought it was one of the more polished games I've played, especially on first release with no patch(only had one part left when I patched). I think I fell off the edge in one place once when I shouldn't have and that was it.

It far exceeded my expectations actually, thought it was over hyped and get bored half way but definately not the case.
Posted 02:59pm 01/4/10
Hah, I just looked up the cast on imdb and Hercules was voiced by Kevin Sorbo.
Posted 03:08pm 01/4/10
persus was also voiced by the guy who played persus in the original clash of the titans

the the guy that plays zeus also did the voice of zeus in the disney animated hercules...

Posted 10:46pm 06/4/10
ok guys, sorry to resurrect, but it's GOW3 and resurrection is merely within context....


Just picked myself PS3, HDMI cables (thanks Midda for the tip) and GOW3 but i have to say.. anyone else disappointed this game only runs 720P natively? i thought this game was mean't to be the next gen graphics but i was a tad disappointed it only upscales to 1080i. Ninja Gaiden looks sharper on my xbox 360 and the game is a few years old, or am i doing it wrong?

Either way just been messing around on the 1st stage but i'm looking forwad to epic battles..
Posted 11:02pm 06/4/10
only a few games run at 1080p natively.
Posted 11:19pm 06/4/10
I thought the PS3 was the duck's nuts, the beez kneez, the cows.. whatever.. when it comes to full HD...

The only game that i have that is full 1080p, apparently, is Red Faction Guerrilla.

Not Killzone 2, not Resistance 2, not even GOW3..

Posted 11:36pm 06/4/10
i thought this game was mean't to be the next gen graphics but i was a tad disappointed it only upscales to 1080i.
If you go into the PS3's settings, you should be able to select the video modes to use. If you only select 1080p, everything gets scaled to 1080p.
Posted 11:47pm 06/4/10
Yeah i have it set to 1080p, but i was under the impression that it was native 1080, not upscaled to 1080p, 1080i in GOW3's case.

Anyway, overit. I should be able to finish the game before my 360 comes back anyway.
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