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Forgive Me Father
Forgive Me Father

Genre: First Person Shooter
Release Date:
8th April 2022
Wednesday, 20 April 2022
Post by KostaAndreadis @ 04:24pm 20/04/22 | 0 Comments
With an impressive graphic novel look and feel and some great animation that feels like you're watching a comic book come alive it's a little disappointing Forgive Me Father is pretty much a by the numbers corridor shooter. Albeit one with a Madness Meter and supernatural abilities.

A snippet.
A set number of enemies, ammo drops, and layout that is mostly linear with a few added secrets. Of course there’s a lot more to discover here, and Forgive Me Father has a rather impressive Lovecraftian world to explore, and some fantastic visual design that creates a sense of being right there on the page of a graphic novel. In fact, throw in the ability to choose one of two backstories and professions, a skill tree, and early moments that carry an air of true horror (not to mention that ol’ timey survival horror), and the look and feel of a traditional retro FPS might seem like more of a starting framework than ultimate goal.

Forgive Me Father can be quite challenging during its early stages, and definitely later on when you’re facing off against a boss. This comes down to design that results in enemy projectiles doing serious damage, and a keen focus on arena encounters where moving fast and making every shot count is the order of the day. Fast-paced wave battles with enemies spawning in all around you, it’s a pretty big departure from the earlier hints at more measured and cerebral action. Once Forgive Me Father hits this groove it’s one it settles into, like a 10-minute minimal house track that’s happy enough to simply offer up a beat and some percussion.

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