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Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon
Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

PC | PlayStation 3 | Xbox 360
Genre: First Person Shooter
Developer: Ubisoft
Publisher: Ubisoft Classification: MA15+
Release Date:
1st May 2013
Wednesday, 9 November 2016
Post by KostaAndreadis @ 05:17pm 09/11/16 | 1 Comments
Ubisoft's 30th Anniversary celebration continues this month with another free game coming to PC players in the form of the rather excellent Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. A title that we reviewed a few years ago, stating that "if you’re a child of the 80s and want to play a game that pokes fun at the modern gaming landscape while throwing back to a simpler time, you can’t go wrong with Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon." A sentiment that still rings true today.

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon will be offered up for free as of next week, but you'll need to be a Ubisoft Club member (which is free to sign-up) in order to snag a copy.

Head on over to UbisoftClub.com for more details.
Monday, 6 May 2013
Post by Steve Farrelly @ 10:35am 06/05/13 | 4 Comments
AusGamers and many others were tickled pink neon by the out-of-left-field release of Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. Starring 80s action and sci-fi icon, Michael Biehn, the game pokes fun at the VHS-era ideals of what we thought the future would hold while also ribbing the modern games industry, to great effect.

Now it looks as though the success of the offshoot could spawn something with some serious gaming legs, as an interview with Biehn by Microsoft's Major Nelson on Major Nelson Radio reveals that creative director, Dean Evans, has ideas for a sequel and (hopefully) beyond (thanks VG247 via Blues News).

"Dean was with me on the phone last night," Biehn said. "He was pretty jacked up. He was going into a meeting today, to you know... I think he wants to turn it into some sort of franchise. He’s got a sequel in mind."

Sounds good to us. The best thing that could stem from this would be a dedicated team working on a sequel not tied to Far Cry. For anyone else who's already played it, where do you think a sequel could go?
Wednesday, 1 May 2013
Post by Eorl @ 01:02pm 01/05/13 | 18 Comments
When Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon was first hinted at, many believed it to be an April Fools' Day joke by the mischievous team at Ubisoft, with its blend of neon-infused lighting to the beat of an 80s soundtrack a radical change to the games of now. No doubt many people were pleasantly surprised when Ubisoft revealed that it was indeed an actual title, and better yet a standalone to the original Far Cry 3.

Taking on the role as Sergeant Rex Colt - voiced by the talented Michael Biehn - AusGamers' own 80s child Steve Farrelly took to the game to see just what Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon has to offer in the neon light department.
If you’re a child of the 80s and want to play a game that pokes fun at the modern gaming landscape while throwing back to a simpler time, you can’t go wrong with Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. It’s mechanics and systems are nice and familiar, which means you can spend the majority of your time laughing and feeling like a 13-year old kid again, and as far as I can see, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.
Check out his full review over here.