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Fallout 76
Fallout 76

Genre: Role-Playing Game
Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
Release Date:
14th November 2018
Thursday, 8 December 2022
Post by KostaAndreadis @ 03:37pm 08/12/22 | 0 Comments
The Nuka-World on Tour traveling road-show has arrived in Fallout 76, bringing a slice of carnival fun to the wasteland. A new permanent addition to the game it brings new characters, rewards, new Public Events, and even a monstrous Ultracite Titan boss. Plus, the Tunnel of Love.

The update arrives alongside Season 11, and is free for all players. Check it out.


Nuka-World on Tour has set up various activities all around the park, including three new public events that will appear every 20 minutes, and contain new rewards for players to collect, from all new weapons to new clothing items, C.A.M.P. décor and more!


Band together to take down a new region boss: the devastating Ultracite Titan. Prepare for a battle of epic proportions. The Ultracite Titan is the largest creature ever in a Fallout game! Gear up and prepare for a showdown like never before.


Take a break from the new Public Events or massive Ultracite Titan and visit the Nukacade to try your hand at carnival games that are sure to be fun for the whole family! It’s got all your favourites, like “Bandit Roundup,” “Nuka Zapper Race,” and “Whack-A-Commie.” We’re also proud to introduce “Bottle Blaster,” which will truly test your might. As you play, you will earn Nukacade points, which you can redeem to get exciting prizes.


Free cam is a new quality-of-life feature for builders. When inside build mode, select X on keyboard, or Start on controller to enter Free cam mode. In this mode, the camera detaches from your character, allowing you to freely build at new heights, pan through walls, doors, windows, and floors.

For full details on the update, including patch notes, head here.
Wednesday, 16 November 2022
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With Amazon putting together a high-profile live-action Fallout series one of the questions surrounding the production is how that will translate visually. Well, if this fan-made live-action trailer for Fallout 76 is anything to go by - the answer is very well.

Created by Infectious Designer it takes the premise of Fallout 76, and the wider franchise. to put together some stunning live-action special effects driven visuals. With music and sound from the game, it's impressive stuff. Check it out.

"Fallout 76 had a rough launch, but it doesn’t discount the memorable experience of stepping out of Vault 76 for the first time and exploring the Appalachian wasteland with friends," writes Director Brian Curtin. "Exploring, building and pausing to take an epic photo amongst the chaos was fun. The world was beautiful and the adventures were abundant if you were willing to look for it. There’s definitely something s.p.e.c.i.a.l about this game. This video is the manifestation of the inspiration I found."

And the trailer has made its way over to Bethesda, who were left speechless. And it's not hard to see why.

Tuesday, 4 October 2022
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The Fallout franchise is celebrating its 25th anniversary this month, and Bethesda is going to be putting a spotlight on the iconic RPG franchise with developer retrospectives and more. In-game activities are kicking off with a Free Week for Fallout 76 that concludes on October 10, alongside an update to the mobile Fallout Shelter.

Which is something of a nice surprise as Fallout Shelter hasn't received an update in over four years. As per the description, it drops next week and includes an alien threat as part of an all-new quest line, new enemies, new weapons, new Dwellers, and a new celebration room theme for your Vault.

There's also a franchise-wise Fallout sale across Steam (until October 18), Xbox, and PlayStation (until October 12). In addition to the Free Week, Fallout 76 players on PC and Xbox can redeem one free month of Fallout 1st through Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

For more info and details on the upcoming community streams and other activities - head to the Fallout 25th site.
Wednesday, 14 September 2022
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Fallout 76’s Expeditions update has arrived with the first trip outside of Appalachia taking players to The Pitt - the iconic location last seen in one of Fallout 3's most memorable bits of DLC. As per the new story trailer we get to see the same dark and ominous tone, as players embark on story-driven repeatable missions.

Here's how it all works.
Expeditions in Fallout 76 are randomized and repeatable story-based Missions on the scale of most end-of-line quests. Each Expedition plays a little different each time, making it worth taking multiple trips to The Pitt to earn legendary items, Scrip, Treasury Notes and Stamps – an all-new currency that can be collected to claim specific Expeditions rewards.

For newer players, the Expedition update also includes other enhancements to Fallout 76 such as adjusted starting gear and a revamped Whitespring Resort. The area now features the Whitespring Refuge hub, allowing players to participate in Refuge Daily Quests, take on random encounters and craft/repair/purchase select items as needed.

Whitespring Refuge isn’t just for new players. The local Responders team in the area have access to a Vertibird essential you'll need to reach The Pitt. Complete their “Responders Reborn” quest to gain access to Refuge Daily Quests, which you can complete to earn the Responders’ trust as well as crucial Ultracell Charge to power up the Vertibird.

Once juiced up, you can exchange a full Ultracell Charge for a flight up to The Pitt to begin their Expedition. Though the rewards are numerous, Expeditions can be perilous. We suggest reaching Level 50 or higher and equipping your top gear for the best experience in The Pitt. Thankfully, enemies scale to your team’s level and drop relevant ammunition and Stimpaks in battle, allowing Expeditions to go smoothly… for those who prepared, that is.

The update arrives alongside Season 10, Red Rocket Presents: The City of Steel, and is pretty hefty size-wise. PC (Steam): 23.5 GB, PC (Microsoft Store): 73.5 GB, PlayStation: 77.1 GB, and Xbox: 80.8 GB.

Head here for the full Patch Notes.
Tuesday, 23 August 2022
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As part of the QuakeCon 2022 celebration over the weekend, Bethesda was on hand to confirm that Fallout 76’s Expeditions: The Pitt update - which introduces a new mode that takes players out of Appalachia - is set to drop on September 13.

"For the first time since Fallout 3, players are invited to journey back to post-war Pittsburgh," Bethesda says. "Radiation and destruction have warped the once-great industrial city, with citizens mutating into vicious Trogs and a power struggle emerging between the blue-collar Union faction and the Fanatics, a power-hungry band of Raiders. Build an alliance with the Union and learn their background, earning new weapons and armor as you build a reputation with the Raider-besieged faction."

Expeditions are "large-scale repeatable missions" with the first set taking place in The Pitt. Bethesda notes that more Expeditions are coming, and those will visit other locations. The good news is that Expeditions scale depending on how many players are in a group, so they can be tackled solo.

The expansion will be available to all players, including those on Xbox Game Pass, but there will be a special Fallout 76: The Pitt Deluxe Edition that includes cool bonuses like the Pittsburgh Neighborhood C.A.M.P. Kit, Fanatic Paint for the 10mm SMG, Trog Plushie, Fanatic Power Armor Paint and Fusion Core Recharger.
Monday, 9 May 2022
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This year Fallout 76 is returning to The Pitt, the locale for one of the most memorable expansions from Fallout 3. The update will let players leave the confines of the vast Appalachian region for the first time as part of a new mission-based mode called Expeditions. With testing set to hit the PTR soon, Bethesda has outlined what to expect.

As part of a new Fallout 76: Inside the Vault update we learn that Expeditions will see the arrival of a new hub called “Whitespring Refuge” set up by the Responders in the Whitespring Resort. There you'll learn about plans "to explore and provide aid to settlements outside of Appalachia" via the use of a working vertibird.

But, the vertibird's Ultracite Battery Cell will need to be charged, so you'll need to complete three Daily Quests to power it up before being able to head out on an Expedition. With the first locale being The Pitt this will then kick-off missions designed for groups and high-level players.
Our first Mission, “Union Dues,” will take you into the depths of The Pitt, a city we have been eager to revisit since it appeared in Fallout 3.

Without spoiling too much, The Pitt is currently fraught with a power struggle between the Union, an industrious and diverse band of survivors working to rebuild the city, and the Fanatics, a gang of raiders looking to expand their territory. Your goal is to provide support to one of the local Union chapters and drive the Fanatics out of “The Foundry,” which the Union had been using as their operating base.

Each Mission that you embark on, like Union Dues, will feature three randomized objectives for you to conquer. While you will encounter the same overarching theme from one playthrough to the next for a given Mission, these randomized objectives will help keep the experience fresh every time you step off the vertibird. In addition, every Mission will sport several optional objectives. The more of them you manage to complete, the better your rewards become.

In terms of rewards players can expect XP, loot, and legendary items. Plus "Stamps" that can be traded at the Whitespring Refuge for loot and rare plans. The more objectives you complete in a mission the more Stamps you earn. Expeditions will be limited, in that Team Leaders will only be able to set out on one per-day, though you can join as many teams as you like. Team Leaders, those that kick-off Expeditions, will also receive additional rewards.

As per our recent interview with Fallout 76 Design Director Mark Tucker, Expeditions will retain the exploration and discovery that is a key part of Fallout. "Expeditions or missions present a different play loop than what we've had before," Mark told us. "We're pushing this idea of challenging missions that are replayable, but replayable with a lot of variety. Something that's been a core design pillar for us is we want to make sure that at every step of the way it still feels like Fallout. That you’re going to these interesting locations so there shouldn't be any time pressure, and you should still feel like you can explore these areas and find interesting lore and discover a lot of environmental storytelling."

And with that The Pitt looks to be the first of many planned Expeditions.
Monday, 7 March 2022
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As per our recent in-depth interview with Fallout 76 Design Director Mark Tucker we discussed the recently published 2022 Roadmap, got the skinny on what Expeditions and Missions are all about, plus a little word on the future of the game. Which, looks to be bright.

As we discovered when we asked the following question.

How is the team structured to support Fallout 76 going forward? We’ve got the 2022 Roadmap, is the team looking beyond that?

Mark Tucker: The funny thing is if I could share what's on this other monitor right here, you would love to see it because it's a five-year roadmap that I'm working on. We have long term plans, and things get a little fuzzier the further we go out because we adjust and adapt as things show up and we see what players want and what they're doing. But, a lot of my time right now is spent on planning that three and five-year roadmap. The three-year roadmap is a lot more understood and known, at five-years it gets a little more fuzzy, but we're dedicated to updating [Fallout 76].

The message to our players is, there should be no reason to think that we're not going to continue updating this game. We have things that we're doing to ensure that we can continue producing updates for the game for a long period of time. We've got a lot of fun, cool stuff that I can't wait to tell people about. Stuff that's beyond this year.

Our Full Fallout 76 Interview
Post by KostaAndreadis @ 06:14pm 07/03/22 | 0 Comments
Fallout 76 has come a long way since it first launched in 2018, from expanded content to complete re-works of design concepts and ideas. We sit down with Bethesda to discuss the 2022 roadmap for Fallout 76, revisiting The Pitt, and the team’s plans for the future.

Fallout 3 is going to be a major influence this year, with the The Pitt Expeditions coming. Leaving Appalachia is no doubt a big change of pace, even just visually. How did the team land-on The Pitt and the idea of missions outside of the main map?

Why The Pitt? Well, one of the big goals for this new feature called Expeditions was to allow you to visit different locations in the Fallout universe. And that's something to keep in mind, because Expeditions is a feature in and of itself. The first location we're going to visit is The Pitt. And we chose The Pitt for a number of reasons, first it's one of those fan favourites within the IP. Also it has this great contrast between what you see and experience in Appalachia. It was important to us to really fulfil that fantasy of ‘I am not an Appalachia anymore’.

We wanted this first Expedition to be dark and gritty and have that ‘this is a dangerous place’ tone. The Pitt checked off all the boxes and it's interesting to revisit a place we’ve seen earlier in the Fallout timeline. It’s also fun to bring back some of those things that fans are familiar with, like Trogs and auto-axes.

Our Full Fallout 76 Interview
Tuesday, 22 February 2022
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Fallout 76 is going to receive a bunch of seasonal updates this year, but perhaps the biggest one will be Expeditions: The Pitt which sees a return to the iconic locale from the Fallout 3 expansion The Pitt (which we reviewed back in 2009!). The key takeaway here is the word 'Expeditions' which will introduce "a whole new way to play Fallout 76".

It doesn't stop there though as the year will close out with Nuka-World on Tour, which is looking to be a traveling carnival of sorts that will make a landing in the Ash Heap region of Appalachia. For those looking in the near future there's the upcoming Invaders From Beyond update coming this Spring (ANZ) which will see the arrival of alien invaders and a number of updates to Fallout Worlds and C.A.M.P. buildings.

Here's the breakdown.

Invaders From Beyond - Spring (ANZ Autumn)

Our next patch will be here soon with an all-new seasonal event, Invaders From Beyond. In this map-wide event, players encounter UFO appearances and aliens. Defeat the invaders and destroy their deployed Brainwave Siphons before they complete their ”research”. This patch also brings improvements and changes to Fallout Worlds, including the ability to earn S.C.O.R.E. on daily and weekly challenges, new settings for C.A.M.P. buildings, PvP settings, disabling VATS, and Legendary Perks.

Test Your Metal- Summer (ANZ Winter)

The Test Your Metal update comes with three new public events: Test Your Metal, Eviction Notice, and Moonshine Jamboree. Fallout 1st members can expect scoreboard improvements like exclusive challenges, increased S.C.O.R.E. earn rate, and exclusive board ranks.

Expeditions: The Pitt - Fall (ANZ Spring)

Expeditions: The Pitt arrives and introduces a whole new way to play Fallout 76. Accessed by a new hub in Whitespring, players will venture outside of Appalachia for the first time in the game. This update introduces repeatable off-site Missions where players will earn new rewards, meet new NPCs with quests and dialogue trees, and reintroduces the Trogs, an enemy first seen in Fallout 3‘s The Pitt.

Nuka-World on Tour - Winter (ANZ Summer)

An entrepreneur of the wasteland has kicked the tires and uncapped the pre-war Nuka-World on Tour travelling roadshow. The roadshow has set its sights on the Ash Heap region of Appalachia. Players can anticipate new Public Events with this update including a new Region Boss Public Event. Earn loot, explore the grounds, and interact with new NPCs to learn more about the show.
Friday, 17 September 2021
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We sit down with Bethesda Game Studios to discuss the latest update to Fallout 76, and discover how its focus on customisation could one day lead to full-scale modding. Called Fallout Worlds "It's an initiative to bring customisation to Fallout 76" Bo Buchanan, Fallout Worlds Lead at BGS tells us.

A snippet.

Building The Foundation of C.A.M.P. Fallout Worlds

“Fallout Worlds is something we've been working on for quite a while,” Bo Buchanan, Fallout Worlds Lead at Bethesda Game Studios says. “It's an initiative to bring customisation to Fallout 76. There's mods in all Bethesda games, and there's customisation in all Bethesda games, so it's an important part of who we are. But, Fallout 76 is different. It's not the same as a lot of the other games we’ve made.”

“Everyone's playing together on the same servers so we had to figure out how to bring customisation to 76 in a way that is easy, and makes the most sense for our fans,” Bo continues. “And most importantly, that it doesn't cause massive problems that they have to then deal with. Developing Fallout Worlds was basically trying different things, and figuring out the right way to bring customisation to players.”

Check Out Our Full Fallout Worlds Interview Here
Thursday, 9 September 2021
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Fallout Worlds is the latest major addition to the multiplayer Fallout 76, bringing customisation and the first version of modding to the game since launch. With that Bethesda are introducing two new modes - Public Worlds and Custom Worlds. The former kicking off with Happy Builder a mode that reduces C.A.M.P. restrictions and requirement to let those players that love construction go wild.

With Fallout 76 available on Xbox Game Pass the Public Worlds will be available to all players with Custom World creation limited to those with a Fallout 1st membership.

Here are the details.


  • The new Public Worlds mode will help you shake up your normal gameplay by offering special worlds that have a pre-selected group of Fallout Worlds settings enabled, fit to a theme.
    • All players can join Public Worlds to dive into an Appalachia that’s wildly different from Adventure Mode.

  • One Public World will be available to players at a time. Currently, we are planning to rotate Public Worlds once per month so that you can regularly try out a variety of different experiences. However, rotation frequency may change in the future based on community feedback and other factors.
  • Here are the first five Public Worlds that you will be able to check out in-game. As voted on by our Public Test Server participants, we’re starting with “Happy Builder,” and will rotate through the rest in the following order:
    • Happy Builder: Reduced C.A.M.P. placement restrictions, relaxed building restrictions, all Map locations discovered, and PvP has been disabled.
    • High Risk: No Fast Travel, always-on PVP, players drop additional loot on death, free workbench crafting, and legendary item attributes have been disabled.
    • Dweller Must Die: Greatly increased enemy difficulty, increased damage, increased equipment durability, and “Dark Bog” weather effects.
    • Quantum World: Max jump height, no fall damage, nuked creatures and flora, and “Quantum Storm” weather.
    • Butcher’s Delight: Infinite ammo, no VATS or melee attack AP costs, and enhanced dismemberment.


  • Players with active Fallout 1st memberships can now choose the Custom Worlds option from the Play menu to create a new type of world where they can adjust a wide variety of different settings to create an Appalachia that’s tailored to their liking.
    • To create a Custom World, click “Play” from the Main Menu, select Custom World, hit “Select World Template,” and then start tinkering with settings you’d like to try out.
    • Up to seven friends can join you in your Custom World, for a total of eight players per World.
    • Please Note: Private Worlds mode has been renamed to “Private Adventure” with today’s update to better differentiate it from Custom Worlds mode.

  • While creating your Custom World, you can choose among a broad array of customization settings and let your imagination run wild with the possibilities! Here are some of the options at your disposal:
    • Workshop: Build in previously restricted areas, disable the need for electricity, increase your C.A.M.P. budget and build height, relax building restrictions, and more.
    • Combat: Infinite enemy spawns, alter PvP rules, adjust enemy difficulty, give yourself infinite ammo, change item durability, and more.
    • General: Disable Fast Travel or make it free. Choose special weather effects, including Radstorms and Nuke Zones, as well as new weather effects, like Quantum Storm and Dark Bog. Add filters for a unique view of Appalachia, adjust jump height, fall damage, or even the consequences on death.
    • Please note: Some Custom World settings may impact your game client’s performance. However, you are still free to use them, and can always enable or disable them again as needed.

  • Currently, you can save a Custom World you’ve created in one of three available slots, and you can select one of them to set it as your active Custom World.
    • You can edit your Custom Worlds after you’ve finished creating them, so even if you’ve filled all three Custom World slots, you can still change them up as needed.

  • If you are a Fallout 1st member and you have played in a friend’s Custom World previously, you will be able to log into it — even if the World owner is offline.
    • To do this, select Custom Worlds from the Play menu, click “View Worlds,” select your friend’s World from the “Shared World” section and set it to “Active.” You can then play in that World by selecting Custom Worlds from the Play menu.

  • If you are not currently an active Fallout 1st member, don’t worry. You can still join your friends who are Fallout 1st members in the Custom Worlds that they’ve set up while they are online.

  • As the mode adds customisation that could be considered cheating players will be able to transfer characters from the regular Adventure Mode to Fallout Worlds but once that's done progression will be separate.

    Today's update also sees the arrival of Season 6 and the new “The Unstoppables VS. The Diabolicals” theme which adds new enemies, locations, and rewards. For the full Patch Notes -- head here.
    Wednesday, 21 July 2021
    Post by KostaAndreadis @ 05:01pm 21/07/21 | 0 Comments
    An all-new Fallout 76 experience is coming and it's called Fallout Worlds. A powerful set of customisation tools that basically lets you configure and create your very own Wasteland. Build C.A.M.P.s with unlimited power and materials anywhere, double down on survival, make the world more dangerous, make ammo a thing of the past, control weather effects, and even mess with jumping heights and ragdoll physics.

    It's basically the mod tool we've been waiting for.

    Yeah, this sounds very cool. And exactly the sort of thing Fallout 76 needs. Powerful tools to adjust physics and creature spawns and set C.A.M.P. parameters and even cover the map with constant Quantum Storms. As per the reveal, Bethesda notes that the customisation options are set to expand over time.

    Fallout Worlds is set to arrive in September and all players will have access to Public Worlds, which are hand-crafted instances by the team at Bethesda. Player created Custom World creation will be limited to those with a Fallout 1st subscription (which runs at a hefty $180 AUD per year) -- though anyone will be able to join a Custom World.

    "We’re committed to bringing even more customizable options and ways to play to Fallout Worlds with eyes on the feedback of the Fallout 76 community," writes Bethesda. "Our goal is giving players the ability to transform Fallout 76 into, as the name implies, their very own world. Whether you’re craving your own immersive roleplaying server, impressive personal fortress, wacky platforming level or whatever else your imagination conjures, we can’t wait to see what the Fallout 76 community brings to Fallout Worlds."

    The first Fallout Worlds to test are coming to the Public Test Servers on PC today.
    Thursday, 8 July 2021
    Post by KostaAndreadis @ 02:19pm 08/07/21 | 0 Comments
    Available today, Steel Reign presents part-two of Fallout 76's Brotherhood of Steel quest-line. Following the Fort Atlas showdown in the Steel Dawn update, the Super Mutant threat continues to wreak havoc across Appalachia. As per the update, players will get to pick a side and "decide the future of the Brotherhood itself".

    And hopefully, score some sweet new Power Armor. The Brotherhood loves to horde that stuff.

    Following the battle at Fort Atlas in the Steel Dawn update, the Appalachian Brotherhood is fractured in more ways than one. The Brotherhood is torn as a rise in Super Mutant attacks coincide with reports of missing people across Appalachia. With resources thin and a rift in ideology grows between Paladin Rahmani and Knight Shin, it comes down to you to respond to the new danger in Appalachia – and decide the future of the Brotherhood itself.

    The update also introduces some new locations, Bysshe Pipeline and the offices of the Blue Ridge Caravan Co. Plus, arrives alongside the latest update which introduces Legendary Crafting, Season 5 rewards, a new vendor called Minerva, and more. For the full Patch Notes - head here.
    Tuesday, 23 March 2021
    Post by KostaAndreadis @ 12:59pm 23/03/21 | 0 Comments
    Fallout 76 has changed quite a bit since its initial launch, the massive Wastelanders update expanded the story to include actual NPC characters and the recent Seasons update has added more incentive to complete daily and weekly challenges. 2021 is looking to expand just about every aspect from improvements to C.A.M.P. building and management and the conclusion to the Brotherhood of Steel storyline.

    As per the roadmap image above -- the team at Bethesda has outlined the updates coming throughout the year.


    Get Locked & Loaded with our Spring update! Introducing S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Loadouts, C.A.M.P. Slots, Mannequins, and an all-new Daily Ops expansion, this update is just loaded with new features to explore! For a deeper look at the new features, check out the Inside the Vault article here. Can’t wait to see these new features for yourself? Players who own Fallout 76 on the launcher can test out all these new features and more in our current iteration of the PTS right now.

    Additionally, we hope you haven’t packed away all your snow gear just yet as Armor Ace returns, this time in a fierce battle against Commissioner Chaos and the Yukon Five! Season 4 brings all-new rewards to the Scoreboard, from cosmetics, to consumables and everything in-between.


    Last year we met The Appalachian Brotherhood of Steel, witnessed a conflict between the ranks and discovered new obstacles in their path. Steel Reign concludes the story of The Brotherhood, introducing all new quests, locations, NPCs, and powerful new rewards. Whose side will you take? Your choices will change the Wasteland.

    To survive the Wasteland, you need good gear! This summer, craft specific Legendary items using Legendary modules. Tailor your build to perfect your playstyle.


    The winds of change are coming, and with it an evolution to Private Worlds! Stay tuned to future Inside the Vault articles for more information as we get closer to release.

    We’re also bringing another expansion to Daily Ops to bring you even more ways to play.


    You’re already a legend in the Wasteland but are you truly legendary? Gear up with all new four-star Legendary Weapons and Armor! Then, after you’ve spent a long day out foraging in the Wasteland, come home to your very own C.A.M.P. Pet!

    Face off against all new dangers with an all-new out-of-this-world event. Public Challenge: Invaders from Beyond will unite everyone across the server to complete challenges, face off against all-new foes and earn some stellar new rewards.

    The Cultists of Appalachia are up to something sinister in a brand-new Seasonal event: The Ritual! Help the cultists in Point Pleasant prepare an exciting and dangerous ritual, and they’ll repay you with unique rewards.

    No doubt there's a lot coming -- and its great to see the mix between new story stuff and expanding and reworking Daily Ops. Fallout 76 is also a part of Xbox Game Pass -- so if you've got a subscription it's well worth checking out.
    Wednesday, 25 November 2020
    Post by KostaAndreadis @ 06:51pm 25/11/20 | 0 Comments
    Surprise, the Brotherhood of Steel have dropped into post-apocalyptic Appalachia ahead of schedule - with Fallout 76: Steel Dawn available now. Apparently the update was inadvertently pushed out to Xbox players ahead of the planned December 1 launch -- and instead of rolling back that update, the team realised it was ready to debut so pushed it out to everyone.

    Fallout 76: Steel Dawn presents a brand-new story and quest-line and is described as the "the first chapter" of the Brotherhood in Fallout 76. Ahead of Steel Dawn's release Bethesda put out the following video giving a detailed overview of where the Brotherhood have been and why they're showing up now.

    Steel Dawn also arrives with a pretty hefty patch -- one that surprisingly removes all negative effects relating to hunger and thirst, instead offering buffs to those that stay hydrated and eat the right amount of Rad Roach. Also included in the update is instanced interiors for C.A.M.P.S. -- very cool.

    Head here for the full Patch Notes.
    Monday, 26 October 2020
    Post by KostaAndreadis @ 03:57pm 26/10/20 | 0 Comments
    With Fallout 76 set to get another major update (following on from this year's Wastelanders update) called 'Steel Dawn'. And yep, as per that title and the new teaser trailer - the Brotherhood of Steel are about to set their Power Armored feet down in post-apocalyptic Appalachia.

    "Led by Paladin Rahmani, this Brotherhood outfit’s objectives currently remain unclear," writes Bethesda. "They will certainly be looking to you for a debrief on the current state of Appalachia, and to lend a helping hand with their endeavors."

    Bethesda notes that Steel Dawn represents the first of a new Brotherhood of Steel narrative arc with new quests arriving in December and a full Brotherhood of Steel questline/story sometime next year. "You will learn much more about the Brotherhood as you take on a variety of new quests that are coming with the Steel Dawn update," Bethesda adds. "But that is only the beginning."

    In terms of some specifics the Steel Dawn update will naturally bring in new NPCs into the game, but also new locations and gear.
    Thursday, 2 July 2020
    Post by KostaAndreadis @ 12:01pm 02/07/20 | 0 Comments
    With Bethesda's multiplayer take on the post-apocalyptic franchise coming to both Xbox Games Pass on console and PC on July 9. Of course, Fallout 76 has come a long way since launch and the most recent Wastelanders expansion has brought several improvements to the game. So the timing is certainly right to dip into its irradiated waters to check it out.

    There's more headed to Xbox Game Pass in July, with Soulcalibur VI available now on Xbox One.

    Out of the Park Baseball 21 (PC) ID@Xbox – July 1
    The 21st version of the award-winning baseball strategy franchise delivers the newest features and improvements in series history! It features unprecedented depth and customization, brand-new guided experiences for newcomers and veterans, authenticity licensed by MLB and the MLBPA, and a bounty of offline and online experiences found nowhere else.

    Soulcalibur VI (Console) – July 1
    Prepare to clash in the retold Stage of History. Soulcalibur VI is the premier weapons-based fighter, head-to-head fighting series with a massive roster of iconic characters and special guest fighters such as Geralt from The Witcher. The heroic 3D battles transpire in a beautiful and fluid world, and now features all-new battle mechanics and characters. Pick your warrior and experience Soulcalibur’s untold history on Xbox One.

    CrossCode (Console) ID@Xbox – July 9
    If you are looking for a game with more than 30 Boss fights, over 120 enemy types, huge dungeons filled up with countless puzzles, combat skills and a ton of quests supported by a handmade music tracks with plenty of playtime, well, in that case you are looking for CrossCode! A retro action RPG set in the distant future in the veins of Secret of Mana and Zelda. Look forward to butter-smooth physics, a fast-paced combat system, engaging puzzle mechanics, all served with a gripping sci-fi story.

    Fallout 76 (Console & PC) – July 9
    Bethesda Game Studios, the award-winning creators of Skyrim and Fallout 4, welcome you to Fallout 76, the online multiplayer role-playing game. Work together, or not, to survive. Under the threat of nuclear annihilation, you’ll experience the largest, most dynamic world ever created in the legendary Fallout universe.
    Monday, 29 June 2020
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    Fallout 76's first Season 'The Legendary Run' is set to kick off this week, and brings with it a sci-fi board-game inspired theme and plenty of rewards to unlock. Free for all players, Seasons overhaul the existing Daily and Weekly Challenges by offering challenges and activities with rewards handed out based on the S.C.O.R.E. you achieve. It begins on Wednesday and will run through to September.

    The Season includes 100 Ranks to reach with rewards ranging from Atoms to Perk Card packs and unique cosmetic items. Like this, the very awesome Captain Cosmos Power Armor.

    In fact, the rewards all sound pretty great. The Lunchboxes offer "a +25% XP bonus to you and all nearby players as well as a random social buff" and the new Ammo Converter is a thing you'll be able to build that will let you trade-in unwanted ammo for AmmoPoints to then use to get the ammo you do need. Yeah, way to bury the lead there Bethesda.

    For more details on the first season - head here.
    Friday, 22 May 2020
    Post by KostaAndreadis @ 06:19pm 22/05/20 | 1 Comments
    With the recent release of Fallout 76: Wastelanders, the return of NPCs and traditional Fallout-style storytelling has seen the online Fallout find some post-apocalyptic redemption. We sit down with Bethesda Game Studios to discuss its development, the troubled launch, and the road ahead.

    A snippet from our chat with Fallout 76 Project Lead Jeff Gardine and Lead Designer Ferret Baudoin.
    The return of NPCs sees tension and mystery return to the simple act of exploration. With Wastelanders the spotlight not only hits the Settlers that have created a new village called Foundation. Or, the Raiders that have turned the wreckage of a crashed space station into a shanty town called Crater. It hits the stage too – West Virginia.

    “You need those quests, those drivers, to get lost in the world,” Ferret continues. “It's this weird sort of Catch 22, which we didn't realise when we were making Fallout 76. We were so focused on just making multiplayer Fallout. We were enamoured with things like the first time we heard gunshots over a hill, knowing it was another player. There are so many games that already do that, but we were lost in it. Bringing NPCs back, for me as a player, gives the context needed to head out and power up and get materials for my C.A.M.P.”

    Click Here to Read Inside Fallout 76 – From Launch to Wastelanders and Beyond
    Friday, 15 May 2020
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    With the release of Fallout 76: Wastelanders now out and about, which brings NPCs and number of improvements to the online Fallout experience, Bethesda has revealed what else it has in store for 2020. And answer is - a lot. With Seasons, new progression and rewards, a revamped difficulty system, and the arrival of the Brotherhood of Steel.

    All detailed below.

    Seasons present a complete overhaul of the current Challenge and reward system, which sees players rewarded with Atoms for completing daily, weekly, and other challenges. Seasons are set to kick off with Update 20 with Bethesda presenting the first Season as an interactive Captain Cosmos board-game.
    During the first Season, this will be a themed boardgame, and you will be placed at the first space on the board at Rank one out of a total of 100 Ranks. Complete in-game activities to start accumulating new S.C.O.R.E. points, which will help you advance your position and “rank up.” Every time you reach a new Rank, you will unlock an exciting new reward you can claim, like a unique outfit, an item for your C.A.M.P., a weapon skin or Power Armor paint, consumables, Perk Card Packs, Atoms—even in-game currencies, like Scrip, Caps, or Gold Bullion.

    When you reach Rank 100, you’ll unlock an “End of Season” Bundle. In Season 1, this bundle includes several unique Captain Cosmos themed items, like the Jangles the Moon Monkey Stein, a Planetarium Desk Lamp that features special lighting and visual effects, and even a framed version of the Season 1 boardgame itself. Build or display these rewards in your C.A.M.P. to show off your completionist skills to your visitors.

    The big change is that ranking up will be affected by your S.C.O.R.E. which can be increased from doing the stuff you already do - like participate in Public Events or complete certain activities or reach a milestone. As opposed to singular Challenges like the current system.

    The 2020 Roadmap doesn't end there as Bethesda is teasing new boss events, legendary versions of perk cards, a looking for group system, the return of fan-favourite events, a new questline, something called "Daily Ops", loadouts, and repeatable Expeditions. So yeah, if you've finished the new Wastelanders story then there's a lot coming. Plus, the new One Wastelanders update sounds a lot like The Elder Scrolls Online's One Tamriel - where enemies scale to your difficulty level.

    Be sure to read the latest Inside the Vault for more info.