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Fable 3
Fable 3

PC | Xbox 360
Genre: Role Playing Players: 1 (2 Online)
Developer: Lionhead Studios Official Site:
Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios
Release Date:
December 2010
Wednesday, 18 May 2011
Post by Dan @ 09:06am 18/05/11 | 14 Comments
The Witcher 2 isn't the only big RPG to be hitting the PC this week, as Microsoft Games have just launched the PC version of the previously Xbox 360-exclusive Fable 3. Fable 3 can now be found in Australian stores and on the Games for Windows service and Microsoft have even embraced the competition this time around with a Steam release to boot.

Developer Lionhead had assured PC gamers that this wouldn't be just another quick console-port and they look to have at least made good on that promise. Nachos takes a good look at the PC-specific game in today's review.
Friday, 25 February 2011
Post by Dan @ 04:03pm 25/02/11 | 0 Comments
Released on Xbox 360 last October, PC gamers have been wondering when on earth Fable 3 was going to arrive, as long-promised, on their platform of choice. At their February Showcase event, Microsoft have revealed have now officially confirmed that day as May 19 2011 in Australia.
Fable III” for Windows takes gamers back to Albion for the next installment of the beloved “Fable” franchise. Players can take advantage of the same great action found on the console game as well as a full 3-D functionality made possible by NVIDIA technology and a PC-exclusive hardcore mode which offers a higher level of difficulty.
Whether these features will make it worth the wait is debatable but the first Fable did win a few hearts when it landed on PC way back in 2004.

Meanwhile, Xbox 360 owners of Fable 3 will be getting a new DLC offering soon with the "Traitor's Keep" content expansion due to hit the Xbox Live Marketplace next week on March 1 2011 for 500 MS Points.
The Traitor’s Keep game add-on continues the journey as fans venture into three new levels called Ravenscar Keep, Clockwork Island, and the Godwin Estate, taking on new quests and encountering a mysterious prisoner. Traitor’s Keep also comes packed with 250 gamerscore points and additional content.
Check out the trailer for this one below.

Tuesday, 26 October 2010
Post by Dan @ 03:41pm 26/10/10 | 4 Comments
In addition to the split-screen cooperative play seen in Fable 2, Lionhead are boasting full-fledged networked co-op over Xbox Live for Fable 3, also offering some new methods of cooperating. Today's trailer focuses on one such new method, the ability to get married and raise a virtual familiy with your fellow player.

We probably would have preferred a look at how cooperative combat and other gameplay mechanics have improved first, but I guess being able to marry your buddies is pretty important too...

Check it out here on AusGamers.

Fable 3 is now available in Australia exclusive to Xbox 360 with a PC version expected to follow next year.

Thursday, 30 September 2010
Post by Steve Farrelly @ 05:00pm 30/09/10 | 5 Comments
Fable III is just around the corner and in true game publicity hyperbole, Lionhead and Microsoft have shot through a new developer diary showcasing all the rich voice-talent they managed to get in, which is actually a heady cast of respected and well-known British actors.

Sir Ben Kingsley joins the likes of Stephen Fry, Simon Pegg and John Cleese among a host of others to flesh out the games myriad cast of typically kooky, crazy characters.

The previous Fable lifted the series' bar somewhat, but retained a few annoyances, so here's hoping Fable III really picks up the slack.

Watch the video below, or download it here.

Thursday, 2 September 2010
Post by trog @ 11:24am 02/09/10 | 1 Comments
Our roving reporter Mike Bantick sat down yesterday with Louise Murray, the Fable franchise head at Lionhead Studios, to talk Fable 3. A lot of ground is covered in the interview, including some of the differences between the new title and the previous games in the series, the fact that it won't have any Kinect integration, the reduction in user interface, and changes in weapon handling.
Weapons are also handled a little differently in this release. Instead of hundreds of different weapon types and descriptive loot drops, weapons fall into a small number of broad categories and develop along with the players style, similar to the previous games but not quite;

“It was a case of getting the XP and then spending the XP, and you got better at [different weapon abilities], now it happens automatically, and your weapon morphs as you use it. The more you kill innocents with it, the bloodier the effect will be because it is quite an evil sword. If you’re good and protect, then you get blue shades on it reflecting that you are a good and noble hero; the weapon is as unique as you are...
Read on for the full interview!
Tuesday, 15 June 2010
Post by trog @ 08:09am 15/06/10 | 9 Comments
The latest in Peter Molyneux's Fable series is always going to be a title that gathers attention and Fable 3 is no different. The E3 trailer has been released along with a bunch of lush screenshots showcasing the visuals.

The new screenshots are available on our Fable 3 screenshots page and you can download the video now or simply watch it below.

Monday, 24 May 2010
Post by Steve Farrelly @ 07:43am 24/05/10 | 7 Comments
While Fable II might have left its PC audience out in the proverbial cold, its sequel plans a much warmer welcome for the stalwart audience. Lionhead Studios have revealed the game will be landing on the desktop gaming platform as well as Xbox 360 this Holiday season, but will only be available on PC as a digital download and only through the Games For Windows platform (meaning no Steam).

According to reports, a limited edition version of the game will also be made available for both PC and Xbox 360 which will include a different dog breed, an additional quest to complete, a whole new area on the map, a new outfit, playing cards and a coin.

What's interesting about this announcement is the exclusion of any Natal elements - something Molyneux said he was keen to utilise for the series' next installment.
Monday, 15 March 2010
Post by Steve Farrelly @ 11:48am 15/03/10 | 11 Comments
During some talking (of which he does a lot) at GDC, Lionhead's Peter Molyneux might have let the cat out of the bag in regards to Fable III expanding beyond the Xbox 360 and possibly onto PC. Well, a few cryptic remarks from him and a job posting have lead the internet to believe so.

"We still haven't really talked about, 'Are there any other platforms for Fable that we should be talking about now?'", he apparently said to Gamespot. In the meantime a job posting found over at Blues News asks for a programmer with skills in "converting and maintaining the network code of the Xbox 360 version of this game to the PC, and enabling the Xbox 360 version and the PC version to play together", leading us to believe we might not only be seeing Fable III arriving on the PC platform, but also allowing players from 360 and PC to play together.

Of course this is Molyneux and Lionhead, so take it as you will.
Monday, 15 February 2010
Post by Steve Farrelly @ 01:35pm 15/02/10 | 11 Comments
Fans of Molyneux's infectious meandering when it comes to explaining his gameplay ideas or simply talking about in-game dogs will want to check out the latest Fable III developer diary, which shows plenty in in-game footage, and reveals new foundational elements, such as that you're now playing as King of the land.

The game looks a tad better than Fable II, we're just hoping there's a lot more freedom in traversing, it's less glitchy, and we can continue organising threesomes and foursomes.

Click here for the full video, or just check out the embed below.