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Dying Light: The Following
Dying Light: The Following

Genre: Adventure
Developer: Techland
Publisher: Warner Brothers Interac... Classification: MA15+
Release Date:
February 2016
Thursday, 12 May 2016
Post by Steve Farrelly @ 10:52am 12/05/16 | 0 Comments
This weekend, Dying Light: The Following players can join in a group cull of Volatiles in an event the studio is calling "Sun Eclipse".

Across PC, PS4 and Xbox One, playing the game and targeting the ferocious Volatiles at night will go towards a group goal of killing 2 500,000. That's a lot of Volatile corpses.

By doing so, and achieving the goal, you'll unlock a unique character outfit and also a new weapon docket, provided the goal is reached within the time limit of between May 13 - May 15.
“We wanted to give players more opportunities to kill Volatiles - explains Producer, Tymon Smektała. - We’re making the night in the game twice as long during the event, so it’s easier to reach the goal. It might be harder to survive, though!”

Fans can track the cumulative score live at dyinglightgame.com/bounties. The website features a countdown timer to the beginning of the event and a live community score counter. Only participating players will be eligible for the rewards. The event runs from May 13th, 12 PM to May 15th, 10 PM (Pacific Time). All players across PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One can take part. In the first community bounty, participants tripled the goal by smashing 18 166 973 zombies with their in-game buggies.
In case you missed our glowing review of Dying Light: The Following, click here to give it a read.

Wednesday, 24 February 2016
Post by Steve Farrelly @ 04:24pm 24/02/16 | 5 Comments
Dying Light has, most likely, cemented Techland as a Triple-A developer. The game approached the zombie formula in unique ways and gave us a reverent character all gamers could related to, so it's not surprise the game's first real does of expanded content, The Following, is as good. (If not better.)

Here's a snippet from our review:
Dying Light was bloody brilliant. It borrowed the best bits from a handful of other games and tied them into a unique and cohesive whole, with an interesting narrative, a perfect score and some of the best in-game traversal we’ve ever seen in an open-world. That last point is poignant here, because the first proper expansion for Dying Light, The Following, gives us a new traversal tool on top of what we already have that fundamentally changes your approach to said open-world, while maintaining the pillars of the vanilla game. It’s a feat that should not be overlooked and speaks to the love of the IP Techland has. Dying Light was bloody brilliant, but The Following is near bloody perfect.

Interestingly, Techland saw fit to take us out of the city of Harran for The Following, and into rural areas, complete with farms, warehouses, dams, a seaside village and more. Obviously, in such open environments there’s a question about how one gets from A to B. If Spider-Man were ever dropped into the countryside, he probably wouldn’t be web-slinging everywhere, and so Techland has given the player some wheels by way of a buggy that is far more important than any of the throwaway vehicles in games like GTA or Far Cry. In fact, your ride becomes an RPG extension of yourself: it’s tied directly to your skill and XP UI, and is completely upgradeable and customisable, but more importantly it becomes your premium mode of transport in an unforgiving expanse of a place, and right out of the gate it’s amazing.
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