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PlayStation 4
Genre: Other
Developer: Media Molecule Official Site: http://dreams.mediamolecule....
Publisher: Sony Classification: PG
Release Date:
February 2020
Wednesday, 1 July 2020
Post by KostaAndreadis @ 01:10pm 01/07/20 | 0 Comments
With Media Molecule announcing that the Dreams VR expansion is arriving on July 22 - bringing with it full support for PSVR. With the creation tool going virtual this means being able to create from within VR with full motion controls for sculpting and crafting new digital worlds.

Check it out.

"Dreams players will be able to download a free update that enables PlayStation VR compatibility in Dreams, with new tutorials, how-tos, and kits to get you started when creating with the PS VR system plus new content to play from Media Molecule," writes Abbie Heppe, Communications Manager at Media Molecule. "When it comes to Create Mode in VR, sculpting is truly unique, allowing you to bring your Dreams to life around you. If you have PlayStation Move Controllers, you’ll find sculpting in VR is a very one-to-one experience and lets you fully immerse in the creation process."

Interestingly you don't need access to PSVR to create content for VR, very cool. As per our review of Dreams, it's scope is truly impressive.
Dreams is unlike anything I’ve played before. It’s a game that will only continue to grow and I’m very excited to see where it’s headed. As a platform, it encourages and celebrates creativity in all manner of ways - whether you want to create a piece of music, animate a small short or make a fully-fledged game. You can do it all.

Dreams is currently available for PlayStation 4.
Sunday, 23 February 2020
Post by Steve Farrelly @ 02:19pm 23/02/20 | 0 Comments
Often it's difficult to sink the required amount of time into certain games for in-depth review coverage, but it's even harder when said game is developed by one Media Molecule outfit, but our very own Toby Berger put in the creative yards and has delivered a deep and sweeping review of the full Dreams experience.

Here's a snippet:
Whether you want to create a short video of two larrikins playing music together or conjure up an in-depth space soap opera with fully voiced dialogue options, the tools are there to create whatever your heart desires.

Much like LittleBigPlanet’s brilliant creation mode, I found myself well out of my depth during the first few hours in Dreams’ create mode (dubbed Dream Shaping). The game gives you a quick rigamoroll of the basics before setting you off to make the next big thing, though the sheer amount of tools at my disposal had me struggling to get much of a grasp on it all.

That said, your own dedicated homespace in Dreams is the perfect blank canvas to get a basic understanding of how creating works. The tutorials set out have you moving and cloning shapes, adding in objects and tinkering with lighting and sound, which really does set you up for success -- it celebrates the small victories, and you feel like you’re crafting something quite neat.
Click here for our full Dreams review.