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Death Stranding
Death Stranding

PlayStation 4
Genre: Open-World
Developer: Kojima
Publisher: Sony Classification: MA15+
Release Date:
November 2019
Friday, 16 December 2022
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Kojima Productions is partnering with Hammerstone Studios (Bill and Ted Face the Music) to adapt Death Stranding into a movie. It will feature new elements and characters set in the Death Stranding universe, with Hammerstone's Alex Lebovici stating that it will be "an authentic Hideo Kojima production".

"I couldn’t be more excited about this new partnership with Hammerstone Studios," Hideo Kojima said in a statement. "This is a pivotal moment for the franchise and I’m really looking forward to collaborating with them in bringing Death Stranding to the big screen."

"We are thrilled and honored to have the opportunity to partner with brilliant and iconic Hideo Kojima on his first film adaptation," added Alex Lebovici. "Unlike other big budget tentpole videogame adaptations, this will be something far more intimate and grounded. Our goal is to redefine what a videogame adaptation could be when you have creative and artistic freedom."

And word is the movie is currently on the fast track to full production so we might be seeing more of it soon. This news arrives a few days after the big Death Stranding 2 reveal at The Game Awards, via a very Kojima-like trailer showcasing the cast - Norman Reedus, Léa Seydoux, Elle Fanning, Shioli Kutsuna, and Troy Baker.
Monday, 22 August 2022
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Available on PC (following a long stint as a PlayStation exclusive), Hideo Kojima's Death Stranding is coming to the Xbox family - albeit in PC Game Pass form. Arriving August 23, Kojima Productions and 505 Games' star studded open-world action adventure looks to be coming in standard edition form.

And not the recent Director's Cut, which expanded the story.

From legendary game creator Hideo Kojima comes an all-new, genre-defying open world action adventure starring Norman Reedus, Mads Mikkelsen, Léa Seydoux, and Lindsay Wagner.

In the near future, mysterious explosions have rocked the globe, setting off a series of supernatural events known as the Death Stranding. With otherworldly creatures plaguing the landscape, and mass extinction imminent, it’s up to Sam Porter Bridges to travel across the ravaged wasteland and save humanity from impending annihilation.

Death Stranding on PC is quite the visual showcase too - so be sure to check out our deep dive on its tech back when it first launched.
Monday, 23 May 2022
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That is according to the first game's star Norman Reedus. In a new interview with publication Leo, covering Norman's career and long-running stint on The Walking Dead, the actor let it slip that development on a sequel to Hideo Kojima's Death Stranding had begun.

With actor stating, "We just started the second one". In discussing the development of the original he added that motion capture work took two to three years on and off to complete, so odds are that it's early days for Death Stranding 2.

In light of the slip Hideo Kojima took to Twitter to post the following fun dig at Reedus, "Go to your private room,my friend" .

With its recent Director's Cut update and overhaul on PC and PlayStation 5, who knows, we might get a typically cinematic and cryptic reveal next month.
Thursday, 9 September 2021
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Death Stranding Director's Cut is headed to PlayStation 5 later this month (on September 24) and ahead of its launch Hideo Kojima has bought his editing skills to the final trailer for the game. A mix of music, cinematics, and gameplay, it presents the unique look and feel of the game in a way that feels in line with Kojima's vision and love of all things games and cinema.

It's even presented in the more cinematic 21:9 aspect ratio. Check it out.

With previous versions of Death Stranding out in the wild (here's our review from 2019) it's not concerned with spoilers -- adding a somewhat celebratory tone to the trailer. It's very Kojima, and that's cool. That said, it doesn't really explain or give you a better understanding of what the game is actually about so you wouldn't need to add a spoiler disclaimer.

In terms of the Director's Cut additions, the new version features a suite of updates including new vehicles, weapons, delivery systems, a virtual mission feature, and expanded story stuff. Plus optimisations for the additional hardware grunt that comes from running on PS5 hardware.
Monday, 30 August 2021
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During a press event for The Walking Dead, actor Norman Reedus dropped some tasty info relating to the possibility of a Death Stranding 2. “I think we’re doing a second Death Stranding", the actor said to Brazilian reporter Vitória Pratini from AdoroCinema. Adding that the game is "in negotiations right now".

Which would mean that Hideo Kojima's next project might just be a sequel to the 2019 PlayStation 4 and PC exclusive. On that note the game garnered a mixed reception from critics (our review being one) but still went on to sell over 5 million copies. It'll be interesting to see if this ends up being a traditional sequel (though anything Kojima you wouldn't label 'traditional') as recent rumours have suggested that Kojima Productions is finalising a deal with Microsoft for something game-related. So this might not be a PlayStation exclusive.

Currently the studio is putting the final touches on Death Stranding Director's Cut coming to PlayStation 5 on September 24 -- which the updates and changes outlines in the extended preview below.

Friday, 9 July 2021
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And does so with a suite of upgrades coming, not limited to enhancing the visuals for PlayStation 5. For Death Stranding Director’s Cut we're talking new weapons, expanded melee combat, improved UI, and a cargo bot that can come along with you on deliveries. Plus, a cargo canon which can send packages large distances. Here's hoping there's a net of some kind on the other end.

Check it out.

The Director's Cut also features a new Firing Range mode, a Fragile Circuit racing mode, and expanded story too -- with everything woven into the existing experience. And as a nice little bonus the Half-Life and Cyberpunk 2077 content found in the PC release will also be making its way over.

"The new content isn’t simply bolted on either, it’s been carefully woven into the core game experience and will be made available through discovery as you play," writes Jay Boor, Head of Publishing, Kojima Productions. "Most of the new content is fairly easy to find, though there are some bits and pieces that will take some time to find and unlock."

In terms of PlayStation 5 features they are:
  • Experience environment effects with the DualSense wireless controller’s haptic feedback.
  • Get closer to the world of Death Stranding with bespoke adaptive trigger resistance.
  • Hear sound effects come to life in 3D Audio (requires compatible headphones).
  • Get into the action quickly with the PS5 console’s ultra-fast SSD and near-instant load times.
  • Choose from two picture modes – Performance Mode with upscaled 4K and up to 60FPS or Fidelity Mode in native 4K – both with ultra-wide and HDR support.

  • For owners of the PS4 version of Death Stranding, the upgrade to the PS5 Death Stranding Director’s Cut Digital Deluxe Edition Upgrade will cost $10 USD.
    Friday, 11 June 2021
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    And with the teaser trailer Hideo Kojima presents it with a very cool nod to Metal Gear Solid. Announced during the Summer Game Fest presentation overnight, Death Stranding Director's Cut updates the game for PlayStation 5 with more details expected in the coming weeks.

    But for now, we can enjoy Sam Porter up his stealth game with the help of a cardboard box.

    And with that we can probably expect to find some expanded stealth in the director's cut version of Death Stranding -- which we reviewed back in 2019 on PlayStation 4.
    Friday, 10 July 2020
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    Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding makes its PC debut next week, and having checked out an early preview edition the results are nothing short of stunning. Thanks to DLSS 2.0 support it runs like a dream (within the game's dream-like setting) on a GeForce RTX powered rig. Also, this new driver gets you ready for Horizon Zero Dawn which looks stunning too - and this makes sense when you consider it runs on the same underlying engine.

    Fingers cross that gets DLSS support too as the results speak for themselves. But as graphics don't actual speak here's Akio Sakamoto, CTO at Kojima Productions on the PC release.
    “DEATH STRANDING already has the reputation of being a visual stunner, but NVIDIA DLSS 2.0 helps make the PC debut something special. The extra performance NVIDIA DLSS 2.0 delivers in DEATH STRANDING allows gamers to unlock the vast graphical potential of the PC platform by increasing the graphics settings and resolution, delivering on the vision we have for the game.”

    Also, for a limited time a free copy of Death Stranding on PC is available for any purchase of a qualifying GeForce RTX 20 Series graphics card, gaming desktop, or gaming laptop. For terms and details on that - head here.

    In other game ready-ness from NVIDIA the latest driver also offers optimisation for F1 2020 and the inclusion of more G-SYNC Compatible displays from Dell and Lenovo.

    For more info on the GeForce Game Ready 451.67 WHQL driver - head here.
    Wednesday, 1 July 2020
    Post by KostaAndreadis @ 10:29pm 01/07/20 | 2 Comments
    Hideo Kojima's latest slice of digital cinematic cinematic-ness is coming to PC in the next couple of weeks and we had the chance to go hands-on with the near-final build of Death Stranding. Running on the same DECIMA engine that powered Horizon Zero Dawn (also PC-bound in 2020), this is the sort of PC-port that bodes well for the future. Translation, it looks and runs great.

    Of course we were running the game on an RTX 2080 powered rig, but still.
    Running on the DECIMA engine, the same toolset that powered the also coming-to-PC Horizon Zero Dawn, Death Stranding presents an interesting case study. That being, the curious case of how a AAA and previously PlayStation 4-only release will look on PC. The short answer is, stunning.

    With the game’s post-apocalyptic vision of Earth having an almost photo-real quality to it. From lush grass to highly detailed rock formations, to mud and dirt, and a realistic looking Norman Reedus (as Sam Porter Bridge) riding a future bike, carrying future parcels.

    Outside of the loading times that feel very much like something from the console realm, Death Stranding’s PC port is exceptional. Support for various resolutions, high frame-rates, ultra-wide monitors, and both NVIDIA’s DLSS 2.0 rendering and AMD’s Fidelity FX image sharpening is here. Plus, some tinkering of effects like shadows, depth-of-field, and motion blur. All of that and it runs smooth and feels as responsive as you’d hope.

    Click Here to Read Our Full Death Stranding PC Preview
    Tuesday, 3 March 2020
    Post by KostaAndreadis @ 02:10pm 03/03/20 | 1 Comments
    Kojima Productions is putting the final touches on the PC version of Death Stranding which now has a release date of June 2 - where it'll be available on Steam and via the Epic Games Store. The PC version of the previously PS4-only epic from renowned designer Hideo Kojima will support high frame-rates and even ultrawide displays at launch.

    Plus, as per the following PC trailer a detailed photo mode that will even incorporate a certain bit of head-gear from Half-Life.

    There are some bonuses for pre-orders too, including:

    Purchase DEATH STRANDING on launch day to get the following:
    • DEATH STRANDING HD wallpapers
    • Chiral gold and omnireflector SAM sunglasses
    • Chiral gold and omnireflector cap
    • Gold and silver speed skeleton
    • Gold and silver armour plate

    Plus these goodies for both pre-orders and those that purchase on day one.
    • Selections from ‘The Art of DEATH STRANDING’ digital art book (by Titan Books)
    • Death Stranding Original Score Expanded Edition by Ludvig Forsell (including unreleased tracks)
    • Chiral gold and omnireflector Ludens Mask sunglasses
    • Gold and silver power skeleton
    • Gold and silver all-terrain skeleton
    • Gold and silver armour plate (LV2)

    For more on Death Stranding and what to expect be sure to check out our full review from late last year.