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Dead Space
Dead Space

PC | PlayStation 3 | Xbox 360
Genre: Action Players: 1 (2 Online)
Developer: Electronic Arts Official Site:
Publisher: Electronic Arts Classification: TBC
Friday, 23 July 2021
Post by KostaAndreadis @ 12:21pm 23/07/21 | 0 Comments
A built-from-the-ground-up remake of Dead Space is real, and it's currently in development for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and S, and PC. With developer Motive Studios at the helm (the studio behind the great Stat Wars Squadrons) the Resident Evil 2-style remake will be taking full advantage of the Frostbite engine.

The latest version of which is powering Battlefield 2042 Although we don't have a proper look at gameplay, here's the teaser trailer for Dead Space.

The sci-fi survival horror classic Dead Space returns, completely rebuilt from the ground up by Motive Studios to offer a deeper and more immersive experience. Harnessing the power of the Frostbite game engine and next generation consoles, this remake brings jaw-dropping visual fidelity and improvements to gameplay while staying true to the original.

Isaac Clarke is an everyman engineer on a mission to repair a vast, sprawling starship, the USG Ishimura, only to discover something has gone horribly wrong. The ship's crew has been slaughtered and infected by some alien scourge...and Isaac’s beloved partner, Nicole, is lost somewhere on board.

Now Isaac is alone with only his tools and engineering skills as he attempts to uncover the nightmarish mystery of what happened aboard the Ishimura. Trapped with hostile creatures called “necromorphs”, Isaac faces a battle for survival, not only against the escalating terrors of the ship, but his own crumbling sanity.

The original Dead Space is one of the great survival horror games of the Xbox 360 generation so it'll be great to see it remade in crisp 4K. No release date has been set, so fingers crossed for 2022.
Friday, 2 July 2021
Post by Steve Farrelly @ 01:30pm 02/07/21 | 0 Comments
We haven't had to really "Rumour Update" something before, and often just let the conjecture play out as either fanciful fan thinking, or as truth, and then run with the official news as it manifests in the wake of those murmurings. But in the case of that Dead Space remake or re-release rumour, here we are, investigating just what's happening on that long-abandoned planet cracker, metaphorically speaking.

According to old mate Jeff Grubb who has had his fingers in this cinnamon-coated rumour pie the entirety of its life, a new Dead Space is very real and it's a remake of the original game in a similar way to Capcom's celebrated remakes of a number of the Resident Evil games, notably Resident Evil 2.

In this light, it's cast that a Dead Space remake would have an obvious visual overhaul, taking advantage of current hardware, but it's also suggested we could see new gameplay mechanics introduced as well as an entirely new delivery of the game's story, while maintaining the pillars of the first game in foundation only.

Grubb suggests EA had gone cold on the series given that around the time of its out to pasturing, single-player games just weren't where the big bucks were. Fast forward a few years and we live in a place where single-player games aren't just alive, they're thriving with titles like The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Red Dead Redemption 2, Assassin's Creed Valhalla. The latter two of which have enjoyed life beyond initial release in the form of post-launch content, and with Valhalla in particular now confirmed to be receiving another year of seasonal DLC it makes a bit of sense for EA to be looking at what they might have missed out on by spending too much time and money creating Anthem.


We're still super-cautious on the rollout here, but in using Resi 2 as the go-to reference for success, we'll upgrade to "cautiously optimistic".
Wednesday, 23 June 2021
Post by Steve Farrelly @ 01:54pm 23/06/21 | 0 Comments
Housekeeping: This news post is based wholly on speculation with nothing confirmed from within EA's four walls.

Rumour has it EA is set to unveil a reimagining of the original Dead Space at its annual EA Play event, scheduled to happen on July 22 (July 23 in Aus). According to multiple reports citing multiple sources, the reimagining will be at the hands of EA Motive, the studio behind Star Wars: Squadrons which, if true, can be seen as awesome, or on-rails alarm bells.

Far be it for us to cast a shadow over an officially unannounced title from a maybe studio, but with Squadrons being almost better to play in VR, and with Dead Space at one time featuring in an on-rails scare-fest on the Nintendo Wii, and EA looking for dollarydoos where it can find it... well, "caution" is how we'd prescribe any fan anticipation.

Related: Exclusive: Dissecting Dead Space - A Revisit to the USG Ishimura with Co-Creator Michael Condrey

Interestingly, this rumour, which has blossomed over the past few weeks either due to it being very real, or for the sheer will power the industry has in hoping things of this ilk are real, would sidle any endeavour up against The Callisto Protocol -- a "Dead Space-like" from the creators of Dead Space, specifically outspoken beefcake, Glen Schofield, who is one of our favourite games people.

If the rumour is true and it's all handled with a measure of respect to what came before it, we'll hold our breath, but heavy "what if" caveats weigh down the potential here. Like, why reimagine an already masterpiece-level title? Why revive a series in reboot form at all when it's not even that old and still incredibly relevant? And in taking into account those questions, why not just kick off with a brand-new horror-based IP in the same spirit as what Condrey and Schoefield did with Dead Space, you'd be held less accountable to fucking up a near-perfect game as it still stands, and applauded to trying something new.

One thing currently is true -- this rumour isn't going anywhere, so all eyes now are fixated on July 22/23. But in the meantime, check out the Related link above for a deep-dive on Dead Space, and watch the reveal trailer for The Callisto Proitocol embedded below. And be sure to tell us what do you think of all of this.

Wednesday, 17 April 2019
Post by Steve Farrelly @ 05:40pm 17/04/19 | 0 Comments
In a recent in-depth chat with Dead Space co-creator Michael Condrey, it came to light that a Dead Space major motion picture was on the cards amidst the series' transmedia explosion, that never came to fruition.

"In all, more than a dozen creative spin-offs came from Dead Space’s humble beginnings,” Condrey told us. “At more than one point, Dead Space was in talks as a feature film, too. That would have been something really wonderful to see come to life."

The series, as it stands, remains lost at vacuum sea, but we'd heard these rumblings before from reliable sources, and Condrey admits that while Resident Evil was a key inspiration for Dead Space in the first place, it was also the original Alien that helped them land where they did with the base concept.

"Ridley Scott’s Alien was such a powerful north star for us in that way. The crew of the Nostromo, and the space tug itself, were very familiar and set a tone that allowed the alien threat to feel credible and relatable. Our primary focus for the USG Ishimura was functional spaces that supported our gameplay goals, but the form was rooted in environments and cohesive spaces that were grounded to today’s shipping crew needs -- medical decks, science labs, crew quarters, food storage, the bridge…".

It's hard not to think about how a movie based on Dead Space couldn't have done really well. Especially given the first game's version of Isaac had no voice but was of salt and pepper origin in the hair and facial hair space. Our honest thoughts? George Clooney as Isaac Clarke would have made all the sense in the world.

What a shame.

Read our full, in-depth Michael Condrey Dead Space interview feature right here for more information on the game's development.
Tuesday, 16 April 2019
Post by KostaAndreadis @ 01:09pm 16/04/19 | 2 Comments
When the sci-fi horror classic Dead Space arrived in 2008 there was no way to really judge just how well it would hold up over a decade later. The answer of course is 'remarkably well' with Dead Space being one of the defining releases of the previous generation of consoles - from its groundbreaking and exceptional blend of intense action, horror, and sci-fi. Plus, there's the brilliant sound design, realistic lighting effects, and intuitive HUD-free presentation.

And of course, the now iconic Plasma Cutter that allows you to target and scientifically slice off Necromorph limbs from a distance.

Recently our own Stephen Farrelly decided to replay through the seminal release, where along the way he reached out to co-creator Michael Condrey (Visceral Games, Sledgehammer Games, and now in the process of setting up a new studio at Take-Two) to talk about everything Dead Space.

The result is a retrospective that looks back at the core design, classic moments, and a look behind the scenes of its creation.
“I’d love to say that we were brilliant enough to design the entire ship’s layout from the beginning, but it was a creative exploration that developed over time,” he adds. “Our first prototype, for example, intended to showcase both our gameplay and tone. We had a zero G section, a terrifying elevator sequence, and an interior combat area showcasing the dismemberment mechanic, all of which inspired the future game, but none that survived 100% intact to the shipped game. As the storyline developed, and the locations became more firm, the USG layout evolved into what fans ultimately came to know in the original game.”

Click Here to Read 'Dissecting Dead Space - A Revisit to the USG Ishimura with Co-Creator Michael Condrey'

Tuesday, 5 February 2019
Post by KostaAndreadis @ 03:29pm 05/02/19 | 0 Comments
And sure Call of Duty: Advance Warfare and Call of Duty: WWII were massive releases in recent years, because of you know, Call of Duty. But really, it all comes back to Dead Space, created by a talented team at the now defunct Visceral Games. A sci-fi survival horror game that has aged like a fine wine, which is why we're taking note of Michael Condrey's behind the scenes movements.

After leaving Activision late last year, he has since joined up with Take-Two aka 2K to create a new development studio based in Silicon Valley. Although the size and scope of the new studio are both a mystery, speaking to, Condrey notes that he will focus on hiring a diverse team with the goal of being able to reach a broader audience - citing Hollywood films Black Panther and Wonder Woman as examples.

According to Condrey being under the 2K label means complete autonomy and being able to run the studio independently, adding "with no legacy creative or technology constraints in place, has tremendous latitude to explore, take risks and ultimately chart the most exciting and ambitious course available".

Back to Dead Space for a second. Even though it's a long-shot, we'd love to see the first game get the remaster treatment.
Wednesday, 14 February 2018
Post by KostaAndreadis @ 12:03pm 14/02/18 | 0 Comments
"You are Isaac Clarke, an engineer on the spacecraft USG Ishimura." A great description to be sure, because what follows is one of the best survival horror games ever made. An all-round classic from the sadly defunct Visceral Games, and something that still feels fresh and riveting today. And it's currently free via EA Origin.

Which means that if you haven't played Dead Space, now's the time. Or, replay it for the third or fourth time. In terms of atmosphere Dead Space is second to none, and the horrific fast-moving Necromorph enemies mixed with the plasma beam weaponry that lets you shoot off limbs is as intense as ever.

Originally released in 2008, here's a snippet from our original review.

Unlike the Resident Evil series, there's almost never a moment you feel safe in Dead Space. There's no "save room" with enchanting calm music to ease your nerves, and enemies don't predictably respawn; you may very well walk through corridor after corridor without a single confrontation, yet moments later face enemy after enemy in unbelievably unpredictable patterns. The Necromorphs will literally come at you, any time, without abandon. And while there are certainly many scripted moments and events throughout the game, the AI for these monstrosities is such you never face them the same way twice. They react differently each time which not only keeps you on your toes, but reminds you the severe lack of powerful weapons at your disposal is something that has to change quickly.

Dead Space unfortunately is a franchise that seems to be in a bit of a dead, err, space after the abysmal third entry. Here's hoping that the tenth anniversary sparks a new mission for Isaac Clarke.
Saturday, 15 June 2013
Post by Eorl @ 10:27am 15/06/13 | 1 Comments
After initial reports earlier in the year were suggesting that the highly-rated Dead Space series had been canned following poor sales with the release of Dead Space 3, EA has officially revealed that this actually isn't the case.

Speaking with Eurogamer at E3 2013, EA Games Label boss Patrick Söderlund has confirmed that the Dead Space series is not "dead", however has revealed that the rumoured Dead Space 4 title is currently not being worked on by developer Visceral.
Is that team working on a Dead Space game today? No they're not. They're working on something else very exciting. You have to think of it from that perspective. Is it better to put them on the fourth version of a game they've done three previous versions of before? Or is it better to put them on something new that they want to build, that they have passion for?

I am of the utmost opinion that we have to put the best possible games in the hands of our fans. How you get to a great game, the first thing you need is a great development team that have a passion for building what they're building. That's a simple parameter. Everything else follows. Money, time, everything else follows. It's less relevant. That's ultimately how you get success. It's as simple as that.
Söderlund did add that while currently development is not being worked on, a future title may see the light of day. For now though, Visceral are "focused on something else that you and other gamers will be very happy with."
Tuesday, 22 March 2011
Post by Steve Farrelly @ 11:49am 22/03/11 | 3 Comments
It's good news knowing EA and Visceral are committed to expanding the rich world of Dead Space, and it's equally good to hear that the announced film is still very much in production. We're not sure it's good news I Am Number Four director, D.J. Caruso is attached to direct though.

"We're working on the story," Caruso recently confirmed (via Joystiq). "We had one attempt of trying to do a prequel, but the story didn't quite work out as well as we wanted it to. But if we can capture how -- I don't want to say, I guess, how scary or horrifying it would be to play that game because it's really, really fantastic. It'd be fun to make that into a movie."

So, thoughts? Prequel? Tangent? Adaptation? How do you think they should handle the Dead Space movie?
Friday, 31 October 2008
Post by Steve Farrelly @ 04:32pm 31/10/08 | 61 Comments
As the year begins to close out, we've been slogging it out with the best publishers have to offer, and so far the pickings have been good. Far Cry 2, Fable 2, LEGO Batman and more (we're powering through what we have, there's more to come!), are all good reasons to forget about the dying Aussie dollar, but if you want a pure gaming experience, one that requires only, the lights out and gaming into the AM, Dead Space is it.

You can check out our in-depth thoughts on what we think is one of the most solid single-player gaming experiences in a long time right here, and as is usually the case, you'll find everything we have related to the title on our AusGamers game page