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Dead Island
Dead Island

PC | PlayStation 3 | Xbox 360
Genre: First Person Shooter
Developer: Techland Official Site:
Publisher: Deep Silver
Release Date:
9th September 2011
Dead Island

Genre: First Person Shooter
Developer: Techland
Official Site: http://www.deadisland...
Publisher: Deep Silver
Release Date:
9th September 2011
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Dead Island Review
Review By @ 04:53pm 05/09/11
It boggles the mind as to how Techland has gone from developing Call of Juarez: The Cartel (our review here), contender for one of the worst games of the year thus far, to creating a polished and entertaining zombie-slaying romp in Dead Island. For anyone that played The Cartel, you’d know that it suffered from boring gameplay, questionable weapons handling and shoddy graphics. In these respects, Dead Island is the antithesis of Techland’s last foray into the land of a first-person title.

The game kicks off with a booze-fuelled first-person perspective of a luxury island resort holidaymaker as he stumbles straight off the set of Smack My Bitch Up and into a party where the player is loosely introduced to the four key characters of the game. Xian Mei is a Royal Palms Resort employee and sharp weapons expert, Purna is an ex-Sydney cop and leet firearms handler, Logan is a former NFL superstar and throwing master, while Sam B is a one-hit rap artist who prefers swinging blunt objects.

For many reasons, there’s only one obvious choice, both from the outset and retrospectively: Sam B. First and foremost, Dead Island’s combat emphasis is on melee weapons, so if the terrible Aussie accent for Purna wasn’t enough to rule her out from her self-narrated backstory, her tendency to prefer firearms—something that isn’t exactly in abundance on a holiday island—crosses her completely off the list. On the topic of Aussie accents, seemingly every other character on the fictional island of Banoi is Australian, adding to the sheer ear bleeding factor whenever their respective voice actors attempt to sound like us. Struth, is that really what we sound like to the rest of the world? Also, terrible lip syncing—particularly in the initial levels—doesn’t help matters on this front. But back on topic. While Xian Mei and Logan are still viable choices, the plethora of blunt weapons on the island and Sam B’s high base stats make him a strangely overpowered option; at least for an initial play-through.

For any fan of looting, Dead Island is a veritable wet dream of explorable areas with bags, lockers, cupboards and various nooks and crannies to find all types of stuff to add to your semi-black hole of an inventory. Weapon slots are limited to 12, but miscellaneous items are apparently unlimited, allowing you to loot them to your heart’s content. Initially, you’ll only have access to two active weapon slots, but as you rise through the RPG ranks, you’ll unlock more. Considering how quickly weapons break down initially, and the sparseness of repair benches, the more weapons you can have on hand, the better your chances of survival.

It’s surprising how many of these spare weapon slots come in handy as you get further into the game; particularly when you take into account the XP spikes you get from completing challenges that range from general (kill X amount of zombies) to rather specific (kill X enemies using a weapon with shock damage modification). As you discover/win custom weapon modifications, you’ll plan your arsenal accordingly. A reinforced wrench is great for breaking limbs, a flaming baseball bat is perfect for turning zombies into burning death traps, while a homemade deodorant-can bomb is ideal for pacifying groups of brain munchers. That may sound a whole lot like Dead Rising, and in many ways it is, but Dead Island’s more serious tone, lack of timed fetch quests and fast loading times set it apart from Capcom’s zombie comedy.

And then, of course, there are the fair comparisons to Valve’s Left 4 Dead 2, with its inclusion of melee weapons. Ironically, the melee damage modelling for Left 4 Dead 2 is said to be one of the reasons behind is censorship in Australia. Suffice it to say, even for those who’ve seen Left 4 Dead 2 in all its gory glory, Dead Island leaves it for dead on the zombie damage modelling front. It’s not just the decapitations and limb severings that are standard fare for this type of game, it’s the depth and combat complexity that’s added by taking it all a step further.

You can target various parts of a zombie’s body to make them easier to take down. Break or sever a leg and your undead foe will have trouble getting off the ground. Smash or remove an arm and they lose the ability to strike at you with that limb. This latter combat option is particularly crucial for taking down the so-called ‘Thug’ zombie types that take a hammering and are rather adept at putting you on your arse if you venture too close. Thankfully, zombies are also susceptible to other forms of damage that we humans are as well.

Knock a zombie face first into water and they’ll start drowning as they struggle to get back up, kick them into electricity and they’ll perform a health-sapping jig, set them on fire and they’ll lose life faster but will still try to take you down. I threw a Molotov cocktail at a Thug zombie that didn’t kill him, and when he stopped writhing, he came back at me as a charred and thinner version of his once intimidating self. It’s these little additions that help to make the combat in Dead Island play like a beautiful ballet of death and destruction that doesn’t really ever get old.

Physicality also helps to push Dead Island into the league of games that warrant attention and offer intimidating staying power. In true Mirror’s Edge tradition, you’ll have a real awareness of the character’s body that you’re possessing. Whether you’re ramming down doors, swinging weapons with forearm or backhand strokes depending on your arm’s position or getting knocked on your back by a zombie overlord, this all adds to the believability of the game and turns the immersion switch to 11. The only thing that occasionally mars the awesomeness of Dead Island’s physicality is clipping stuff-ups and moments when hits don’t connect or zombies run straight through you.

Techland deserves kudos for how well the game runs, how pretty it looks and, most surprisingly, how loading times are essentially non-existent. With the exception of fast travelling (which actually lives up to its name) and moving into certain interior zones, there are no loading times, nor pauses when exploring the picturesque island locale. Unfortunately, this beauty is sporadically offset with lighting fails, shadow oddities and a rather close and jarringly noticeable rendering distance that is at its worst when driving around the island (zombies and objects will literally pop up not too far in the distance).

Technical detractors extend to invisible walls that impede on budding Dr Livingstone adventurer types, ‘You are leaving the playable area’ warnings when trying to take seafaring shortcuts and quest bugs that temporarily stop progression. The lack of a manual save option is a weird omission but is partially offset by a generous and mostly practical auto-save feature. There’s also a distinct lack of punishment for player deaths. When you die you’re simply respawned somewhere else on the island. This usually takes the form of a location close to where you died, but I did have one instance where I came to randomly on the other side of the island. But the odd thing is you don’t seem to lose anything; not money, nor experience, you simply come to five seconds later and go at it again. The only other major oddity is the apparent inability to quit back to the main menu while in-game.

In a time when Deus Ex: Human Revolution has completely captured my attention, I was surprised with how much I wanted to jump back into Dead Island. As a fan of all-things zombie, I went in with high expectations and found that the game ticked a lot of the right boxes. Throw seamless drop-in/drop-out co-op into the mix so all of this can be enjoyed with friends or randoms and the appeal is a whole lot stronger, particularly considering the clever variations between quests. For those who love zombie games or those looking for an open-world RPG that offers plenty of hours for your investment, Dead Island is well worth the visit.
What we liked
  • Open-world zombie slaying
  • Addictive and rewarding side quests
  • Brutal zombie damage modelling
  • Drop-in/drop-out co-op
What we didn't like
  • Abysmal Aussie accents
  • Shoddy lip syncing
  • Graphical oddities
  • Quest glitches
  • No manual save option
  • Can’t quit to the main menu
We gave it:
Latest Comments
Posted 05:19pm 05/9/11
To be honest I expect this to be pretty bad, glad its not. Going to have to pick this one up now. You can pick it up cheap from Green man gaming and its a steamworks game so you'll get a code for steam. Just use the code EATIN-BRAIN-ZZZZZ or READY-UPDEA-ISLAN i think to get it to around $33
Posted 05:27pm 05/9/11
crack a fat. this is gonna be maddddd
Posted 05:55pm 05/9/11
voucher codes don't seem to be vaild for GMG.
Posted 06:09pm 05/9/11
Glad this got a good review. Bought this so didn't want it to be s***.

Abysmal Aussie accents

Why is it so hard to find some REAL australian guy to do voices for aussie people ingame?

Cant quit to the main menu

WTF? Why was this considered something to not include?
Posted 06:14pm 05/9/11
EATIN-BRAIN-ZZZZZ works.. needs to be caps.
Sorry about that Kettels!
Posted 06:19pm 05/9/11
CAN'T WAIT! Definitely going to be launching my steam through US proxy to get the US launch date tomorrow :3
Posted 06:24pm 05/9/11
Any game play demo vids?
Posted 06:25pm 05/9/11
If it's ok to talk about can someone clue me in on how to go about unlocking the game eairly? I payed for the damn game so why do I have to wait 3 days longer to unlock it?. If it's not someone fire me off a PM with some info please?
Posted 06:32pm 05/9/11
@ DM - No idea about the lack of an option to quit to the main menu, it's really bizarre. A lot of the problems I have with this game are fixable with patches. Here's to hoping this game gets some of those sooner rather than later.
Posted 06:33pm 05/9/11
Sign up here and use the free trial they give you, usually lasts about 2 hours, then connect on up to the US proxy, make sure its full connected, easiest way to do this is to go to the steam home page in your browser and see what region of steam come up, it should be obvious considering US price for Modernwarfare 3 is 59 and not 99 (rip off), but once you know you're connected correctly, launch steam and go to settings and change your download region to US New york or something and then steam should take care of the rest and assume you're a US citizen. :)
Posted 06:35pm 05/9/11
awesome thanks for that. I remember last time I tried something like this was with borderlands and it's 1 week delayed unlock time for aussies and it never would connect after setting up the vpn
Posted 06:37pm 05/9/11
when stock is available ... $28.17 online here (good experiences with this site)
Posted 06:37pm 05/9/11
^ Same. I bought crysis 2 from them and Deus Ex. The keys take a little bit to come through (usually around 4 - 8 hours for both mine) but hey at that price who cares. Not had any issue with keys being banned or stuff like that.
Posted 06:38pm 05/9/11
Won't be buying on the basis that you should be able to exit back to the menu.. IN EVERY AND ANY GAME.
Posted 07:06pm 05/9/11
F*** yes!
Posted 07:15pm 05/9/11
Yeh well i used anonnetwork for brink and a mate used it for deus ex human revolution and it worked perfectly, you just gotta change your steam app id which you can find on google.
Posted 07:15pm 05/9/11
Yeh well i used anonnetwork for brink and a mate used it for deus ex human revolution and it worked perfectly, you just gotta change your steam app id which you can find on google.
Posted 07:28pm 05/9/11
Hopefully it will be a better experience on PC. And hopefully they can update any troubles. Oh also, don't buy any games while using a US proxy. Steam will ban the s*** out of you.
Posted 07:29pm 05/9/11
Nice... Scored a free copy of this thanks to Rev. Should be an awsem co op!!!!
Posted 07:33pm 05/9/11
I noticed this review shows up on Metacritic now too, nice!
Posted 07:34pm 05/9/11
Hopefully it will be a better experience on PC. And hopefully they can update any troubles. Oh also, don't buy any games while using a US proxy. Steam will ban the s*** out of you.

lol no they won't, valve doesn't give a s***.
Posted 07:37pm 05/9/11
I just noticed that you lose money when you die.
Posted 08:07pm 05/9/11
@ Eorl, I've been doing it for years, no ban here.
Posted 08:13pm 05/9/11
I think the changing App ID thing only is needed when our version is different form the US since both IDs are the same. Also if I remember right you CAN get into trouble for buying games via proxy on steam. There is nothing against getting someone else to send you the game though wether it be through a special service or CD key sent from the US. Tomorrow should be awesome fun
Posted 08:30pm 05/9/11
Well I did it back in 2009 for L4D2 to get the uncensored version, worked fine. Again in 2010 to get the cheaper version on black ops. Again in May and July this year to get the cheaper versions of Brink and Deus Ex. So if they are saying you will get in trouble, it seems to me they really aren't laying down the law because I have had not one issue. I will be doing the same thing very soon to purchase Space Marine which is annoyingly overpriced on AUS steam.
Posted 08:33pm 05/9/11
How do you purchase your games? I've got a ANZ Debit Card here, but anytime I've tried using it, says it's not valid.
Posted 08:34pm 05/9/11
Hopefully it will be a better experience on PC. And hopefully they can update any troubles. Oh also, don't buy any games while using a US proxy. Steam will ban the s*** out of you.

Most of the games I've bought for the past year or so on Steam have been through a proxy. Still fine so far.
Posted 08:39pm 05/9/11
I use a debit mastercard.
Reverend Evil
Posted 09:33pm 05/9/11
Hope this is as awesome as I think it will be. Already bored of Deus Ex so this should do the trick nicely.
Posted 10:07pm 05/9/11
This looks decent, but I just don't have time to play it. I've still barely played Deus Ex, I got the Old Republic eating up a lot of my spare time atm, and Space Marine coming out this week. I think this is going to end up being one of those games I miss :(
Posted 10:16pm 05/9/11
got it for $32 from greenmangaming!
Posted 07:37am 06/9/11
I got the Old Republic eating up a lot of my spare time atm
Skip playing beta where all progress is for nothing anyway! :)
Posted 08:09am 06/9/11
Unlocks tonight around 6 I believe
Posted 08:36am 06/9/11
Unlocks tonight around 6 I believe

only if you use a vpn

"This game will unlock in approximately 3 days and 19 hours"
Reverend Evil
Posted 08:38am 06/9/11
Let's start a petition on Ausgamers to get it unlocked early. Who's with me?
Posted 11:09am 06/9/11
By the time you rally the troops it'll be unlocked already.
Posted 12:16pm 06/9/11
thanks infi. saved me a few bob
Posted 01:10pm 06/9/11
Unlocks in the US in about an hour, get those vpn's ready!
Posted 01:38pm 06/9/11
yup i am gonna try the VPN goodness
Posted 02:22pm 06/9/11
There's a day one patch.
Posted 02:24pm 06/9/11
Unlocking now. God bless VPNs.
Posted 02:43pm 06/9/11
Decrypting... Saweet
Posted 02:44pm 06/9/11
Posted 03:19pm 06/9/11
Skip playing beta where all progress is for nothing anyway! :)

I'm making the game better for everyone else through my tireless dedication to testing. Its ok, you can thank me later :P
Posted 04:00pm 06/9/11
can you still do multiplayer while running steam in offline mode?
Posted 04:36pm 06/9/11
Ok so unlocked it and while you can't launch in steam (button still says pre-load) you can still play via the .exe which runs with steam anyway. Just can't have the overlay and achivements and that still work.

- The way multiplayer is run is pretty f*****g epic. Simply launch a game and if you want, when it tells you to hit J when someone is near you that is about the same progress/level as you.

- Weapon degredation has never been a good thing. Now it seems like they cranked it up a few notches with only a few kills making your weapons break. Guess thats where talents come into play. This would be bareable were it not for...

- F*****G MOUSE SENSITIVITY. The ingame mouse menu is slow as pig s*** tied to a turtle, but the ingame sens is fast as greased poo. what the crap?

- Game sort of turns into a huge scavenger hunt (which I don't mind) as you search everywhere for all sorts of crap that may be useful.

- I like that the 4 charactes each have specialities. I picked the sharp weapons lady which was a bit of a mistake since you get TONS of blunt weapons. Oh well this game easily has tons of replay value for me.

- Like that you can do not follow missions and still explore. I've spent the past 2 hours f*****g around and only finished my 2nd mission with everyone moving to a new place.

- Combat I feel is great, with you encouraged to dodge attacks and counter-attacking. First thing I do is aim for parts of the body which have muscle or bone showing since that usually = a quick bone snap or slice. I broke both a zombies arms and he still kept coming at me with his arms flapping about which I thought was so awesome.

Great game. Will give Co-op a go later on tonight.

last edited by DM at 16:36:06 06/Sep/11
Posted 04:42pm 06/9/11
Wicked, so getting it unlocked tonight.
Posted 04:49pm 06/9/11
Argh, works great on my i7.
Can't get it to work on my other PC, I get no sound at all..
any ideas? trying to update drivers now :(
Tried editing the config to change audio renderer with no luck either.
Seems I'm not the only one with audio issues but doesn't seem to be too many that get zero sound altogether.
Posted 05:08pm 06/9/11
Do you have a dedicated sound card? Try updating that, if otherwise, do the usual, rollout updates for everything
Posted 05:10pm 06/9/11
They left noclip mode in the game if you push Y apparantly. lame

EDIT - also getting mini freezes. Usually when i'm attacking the game will pause for a second or 2 then it starts again.

last edited by DM at 17:10:28 06/Sep/11
Posted 05:37pm 06/9/11
EORL: it's an onboard sound card on that PC. It's a P5K-E, Core 2 Duo, I've updated the audio drivers for it but to no avail.
No sound in the menu or in game on that computer.
tried re-copying the steam directory from the i7 over to it which the game seems to work without issues. (tried editing config for the renderers, tried the redist. installs again)
But no dice on all of it, I have a feeling its a code/hardware issue and is never going to work. I guess I will ask steam for refunds >.<
Posted 06:40pm 06/9/11
FYI: Seananners (-.-) is running a live stream of this.
Posted 06:49pm 06/9/11
Ahahaha just had the most awesome thing happen to me. Started a new game with the blunt weapons guy (reminds me of coach actually) and walked down onto the beach and kicked a beach ball. My guy screamed, then suddenly fell over dead. I guess he must of tripped, fell and snapped his neck.

Anyway bugs aside (really? Leaving in noclip mode?) and a few trippy texture errors (doom noclip style bluring and floating blood) it's still a fun game and the weapon system reminds me of a diabloesque game where you can pick up greens and such.
Posted 06:53pm 06/9/11
Anybody know of Soundmax/p5K-e audio driver alternatives?
Thinking that may be my next port of call :(
Posted 07:00pm 06/9/11
OH LAWD. It's official.

We released the wrong build to the public

Official Post

Troll of the year award.
Posted 07:06pm 06/9/11
Bahaha, shiiiit. Wonder if it is affecting PS3 and Xbox.
Posted 07:07pm 06/9/11
I do no believe they are official forums DM.

from steam:

[500 - 999 posts]

Join Date: Mar 2011
Reputation: 75
Posts: 681

Originally Posted by tableclown View Post
According to the people from Dead Island, we were given a developers version of the game by accident. Not sure when they are going to fix it.
Lol, thanks for sharing my post on the DeadIslandForums..


Edit: It's not an official forum guys, I don't think there is one.
Posted 07:10pm 06/9/11
wow what a c*** up.. hope i don't have to re download :/
Posted 07:46pm 06/9/11
It's still pretty official that it's a Dev Build. Hell, there is PDB files that should not be there. 50 core .xwb files can be deleted from the data folder and the game still runs like it would, and even the AI is sluggish at best, proving even more Dev buildness.
Posted 08:12pm 06/9/11
.xwb files are xbox wave banks, so yeah, they shouldn't be in the PC version.
Posted 08:14pm 06/9/11
Oh wow I fixed the sound issue on the second PC... It wasn't the PC at all...
Jesus this is bizarre...

under /documents/deadisland/settings

there is Audio.scr (edit that)
check under /steamapps/deadisland/DI/settings/out
and compare your Audio.scr (edit that)

For unknown reasons, on the second PC it was re-writing that steamapps config file and the dev ( // ) notes for the audio renderers are completely different. (the steamapps is wrong).
With a bit of changing to make the game call forth the correct audio render and some read only access the sound is working finally! (I'm not sure why, but the i7 PC does not have this automatic rewriting issue).

After Reinstalling DirectX's, Updating Motherboard chipsets/audio drivers, enabling/disabling audio enchancements and stereo/5.1 etc. this has been the only thing to solve it.

Hopefully for anybody else having the same issue (no sound at all) this saves you more time!
Posted 09:23pm 06/9/11
Hmm im getting really poor performance now after disabling the VPN and launching the exe.. lots of stuttering. Seems like its steam, cpu goes up and memory goes up. Anyone else have that issue?
Posted 09:31pm 06/9/11
To be honest with you, after sorting out that sound issue I haven't noticed any performance issues, launched via exe, played an hour or so of co-op LAN play with:

i7 920 with a GTX275 and Core 2 Duo with an 8800GTS.
High all and Medium all, respectively.

I have read on steam forums some people having stuttering issues after a long period of play. Perhaps I did not get far enough or play long enough tonight however.

Over on steam forums there are some tweakings of settings that may help you out.
Posted 09:36pm 06/9/11
Hmm ok i'll look into it. When i was first playing it launched through steam it was running butter smooth.. played for nearly 2 hours then closed it (that was a few hours ago.). Just started playing it again now and it was stuttering.. I'll check the forums now.
Posted 10:27pm 06/9/11
Hmm alot of people on the forums are having big issues, me included. Looks like we got a s***** build and will just have to wait for a patch.
Posted 10:31pm 06/9/11
God damn this game is brilliant. So much detail. So beautiful. The gore is amazing. The open world is just captivating, I'm still on the first quest and I'm just roaming round, enjoying myself. It's just...GOTY.
Posted 12:08am 07/9/11
It's still pretty official that it's a Dev Build. Hell, there is PDB files that should not be there. 50 core .xwb files can be deleted from the data folder and the game still runs like it would, and even the AI is sluggish at best, proving even more Dev buildness.

hahaha and it still got 8.1 what a joke
Posted 12:29am 07/9/11
well in all fairness the 360 version was reviewed and the c*** up is with the PC build soo...
Posted 12:39am 07/9/11
I also heard that the review copy sent out to certain people is a proper version.
Posted 02:05am 07/9/11
this game is damn buggy, cant collect parts for quests etc. but it's pretty fun!

oh yeah also the weapon equipping menu, i have to drop the weapons before i can equip them FFUUU

last edited by infi at 02:05:25 07/Sep/11
Posted 07:10am 07/9/11
Crakaveli from steam forums for you mate: (copy/paste from here down)


Lightbulb Fix for stuttering.
Okay I have good news and bad news.

- Good News: Found a fix for the stuttering issue that's been happening with the latest patch.

- Bad News: The temp "fix" will turn off MP since that is the cause of the stuttering issues.

The Fix: People were close when they said to make the game Singleplayer in the Multiplayer options in the settings but for whatever inane reason, singleplayer still prompted and checked for players to invite and join in their games which was causing the massive stuttering.

The solution is to set the game to LAN mode. You can do this by starting up the game and in the main menu, go to Options, click the Online tab up top and set "Game Visibility" to LAN. Voila, this should hopefully stop the rampant stuttering from happening.

Hope this helps you all while we wait for the "final" build :|

Edit: Another possible solution is to go to your Task Manager and setting DeadIslandGame.exe's priority to Normal from Below Normal.
Posted 07:46am 07/9/11
new patch this morning is the good news. The bad news is that my game wont start anymore, look like it re-encrypted my files or something, and on top of that people are saying your saves don't work anymore.
Posted 07:51am 07/9/11
Tried both those mephz and no dice. It's definitely the proccesor priority though, it seems to be locked to below normal, everytime you change it and go back to the game it changes.

last edited by Crakaveli at 07:51:44 07/Sep/11
Posted 08:27am 07/9/11
Infi, to equip weapons, press I for inventory, double click the item you want to equip, and then click the slot you want to put it in on the left. While playing, press middle mouse button down and choose which weapon you want to pull out.
Posted 08:37am 07/9/11
My copy just decrypted, I thought the release date was Friday? It said last night that it'd unlock in 2 days and 12 hours.

I didn't use a VPN.
Posted 08:56am 07/9/11
Sorry Crak :(
As far as the priority issue is concerned someone here may be able to help way more than I ever could.
My experience with this sort of stuff goes back to fiddling with windows and games etc. back in the early/mid 90s just to get them to work.
To be honest, it was only stubborn defiance for wanting to fix something broken that I managed to fix my issues :)

Tried forcing Vsync through your video card in windows?
Posted 09:04am 07/9/11
Yeh I couldn't launch mine this morning and I used a VPN last night to open it up, was working fine until this mornings 65mb patch. I guess i should just wait till the official release and hope all these issues start to disappear, considering the game was running pretty sluggish last night, although i'm yet to try fixes like making my game LAN and adjusting my process priority.
Posted 09:52am 07/9/11
Downloaded a 76.6MB patch, and now I'm playing the game properly through Steam, not just using the .exe. It's been unlocked it seems.

Also, creepy.

Also here is a look at the gore that is in this game, and how detailed it is.

Posted 10:04am 07/9/11
Is that lighting dynamic? Like if a room is lit and you spatter blood on the light source, the light goes red? Cos that'd be sweet
Posted 10:07am 07/9/11
Nah, it was a red room set up for porno/snuff film they were doing.
The GuVna
Posted 10:28am 07/9/11
I like how the very first thing you do in this game (well, for Xian anyway, dunno if it's different for other characters) is go to the next door in the hotel & loot the dead couples room. Then loot everyone else's luggage.

Posted 10:32am 07/9/11
hmm as soon as i get home i will see if it's unlocked then!
Posted 11:32am 07/9/11
All my progress has been reset but I still have a Lv 5 blunt force guy and a Lv 6 sharp weapons lady. WTF

EDIT - Oh part of the patch they released reset everyone's progress. Ugh ok thats... akward and stupid.

last edited by DM at 11:32:01 07/Sep/11
Posted 11:32am 07/9/11
Yeah, I still had my levels, but reset progress. So just load last checkpoint and it should go from there.
Posted 12:05pm 07/9/11
Yeah I had my quests reset but not my levels or items or perks.

Fallout with zombies! F*** yeah!!

Also the patch this morning fixed the quest bugs. Thanks for the tip on weapons Eorl.
Posted 12:12pm 07/9/11
How are some people playing via steam? I unlocked via VPN yesterday then was playing through exe.
Today after patch it was back to being locked and had to VPN it again :(

Actually nevermind, after VPN-ing and unlocking and then restarting steam non-VPN'd, its unlocked the non-VPN way.. bizarre!
Posted 12:34pm 07/9/11
Mephz the same thing happened with mine, pretty cool. Game seems to be working properly now thank god, haven't come across any real bad bugs yet.
Posted 12:38pm 07/9/11
ok, so where is the cheapest places to buy this game?
The GuVna
Posted 12:47pm 07/9/11
2nd post in this thread worked well for me TiT :)
Posted 01:13pm 07/9/11
this game is terrible
Posted 01:34pm 07/9/11
ok, so where is the cheapest places to buy this game?

Posted 08:19am 08/9/11
Yeah just go to Green Man Gaming, and use EATIN-BRAIN-ZZZZZ or READY-UPDEA-ISLAN for a 15% discount.

And Boba, elaborate if you can. Just saying "it's horrible" doesn't really give a good idea of why...
Posted 01:57pm 07/9/11
1) you have to disable your second monitor to get the game to load
2) the mouse sensitivity is all f***ed
3) looting luggage sucks balls
4) can't find anyone in mp

would have to be the worst game i've ever purchased
Posted 02:01pm 07/9/11
child please.

1. my game works fine with two monitors
2. i adjusted to the mouse sensitivity in about 5 minutes
3. who doesn't like looting, what's wrong with you.
4. i have friends to play with
Posted 02:05pm 07/9/11
Then obviously this survival open world RPG fallout style game is not for you. Mouse sensitivity is a bit wacky in menus, but fine in-game. I'm running dual monitors and it's quite fine, you probably haven't even set the resolution. Looting luggage is pretty much how Borderlands or Fallout went, don't see what your problem is about that. And MP is a bit wacko at the moment, in order to join in-game, you have to be near each other in geography wise. But you can also just invite via Steam.
Posted 03:36pm 07/9/11
Just had a play around for an hour and a bit and must say its a lot of fun. The game isn't perfect by any means and has its fair share of issue but i'm enjoying it.
Posted 05:38pm 07/9/11
Cheers for that Eorl I used one of the vouchers and a saving was had!
Posted 05:59pm 07/9/11
I was just about to cave and buy it (I have no self control) using that Green man gaming code, but when I got to the checkout the code had expired, then I saw this post on their blog:

We’re currently out of Dead Island keys for the North American region only.

We’re already waiting for more, but unfortunately the publisher, who we normally contact for keys, has run out as well. They need to get Steam to issue more keys.
Posted 06:08pm 07/9/11
Bugger. You could still get it on Steam I guess, though it costs a little more.
The GuVna
Posted 06:09pm 07/9/11
I got that message to Khel, but alas the next morning I had one.

I think I can only really enjoy this game when I get a chance to co-op, it's such a slooooow game. & the inventory / looting mechanic is a nightmare. Plus you have 8 weapon slots but YOU MUST use a console selection wheel. The whole advantage of PC gaming is we have a f*****g keyboard at our fingertips so we dont need these awful mechanics.

That said, melee is fun in this game, & the backdrop is rather pretty. Just need co-op now ( My mates say it aint unlocked till friday for them still?)
Posted 06:51pm 07/9/11
It would be nice if it had a borderlands mechanic of "hold E down to get everything in a small radius" going on. I'm stick what character to use. I love sharp weapons but that asian chicks voice is just so grating and she sure as hell ain't no zoey. Blunt weapons guy is pretty funny but meh... clubs and s***. Might start a 3rd character as that throwing guy since he gets a mix of all types cept guns, and other cool stuff.
Posted 07:00pm 07/9/11
Given this a good go today co-op (got to level 11)
Had no game breaking bugs, no crashes etc.
Even the poor 8800GTS hasn't faulted through the game!

Game play is a bit slow but co-op its alright.
Posted 07:25pm 07/9/11
Any video demos of gameplay?!?!?
Posted 08:19pm 07/9/11
I had some audio issues to begin with. Ear-piercing static out of the right channel. Managed to get that fixed though.

The game runs amazingly well. The visuals aren't amazing, but they're good, especially considering how well it runs.

The Aussie and Kiwi accents are really f*****g bad though.
Posted 08:32pm 07/9/11
Just purchased from GeenMan, $36 is an awesome price for this. I am not into zombies and such but I watched the giantbomb quick look of it........then went to greenman to buy it. Feel free to add me on steam, Current username is Shadrock.
Posted 09:01pm 07/9/11
Oh yeah, use the BRAINZ code, the Summer code seems to have expired! I'll edit that out.
Posted 09:07pm 07/9/11
Tried to play co-op tonight but couldn't, no friends could join my games nor me theirs, and invites wouldn't work. Also when starting a new game it'd say something about internet connection failed. Has it been working for anyone else? If so did you have to do anything special?
Posted 10:19pm 07/9/11
looks like coop is borked...
Posted 10:36pm 07/9/11
They REALLY didn't expect you to go 3rd person in this game.

Best. Gameplay. Ever.
Posted 10:37pm 07/9/11
Haha yeah, I love all the complaints about how s***** the animation is in 3rd person, when it was never designed for third person.
Posted 10:45pm 07/9/11
Hahaha that guy doing the commentary was funny, I laughed all the way through that.
I think it was a combo of his accent and all the f*****g weird bugs going on hahaha
Posted 10:49pm 07/9/11
That video is incredibly s*** and annoying, how far through is the third person bits so I can skip the other crap?

Edit: Starts at 4:15 for anyone else who wants to skip through, you might want to mute the sound though to get rid of the guy who's laughing and choking and gurgling himself to death.
Posted 06:30am 08/9/11
The funny thing is, I haven't played anything but co-op yet and I haven't noticed the animations looking anything like that.
Posted 07:17am 08/9/11
It's cause when you look at another player they have their own animations playing.

I just got so damn scared before, bloody human turned to zombie in front of me. Is anyone else expecting something to jump out of the bath everytime they go in a bathroom?
Posted 01:18pm 08/9/11
Rumors of Eb Games breaking launch date, is this true? On Eb games Facebook I here
Posted 02:20pm 08/9/11
Was in eb games this morning. Saw dead island on the New Release shelf so i grabbed it.

Said to the guy at the counter that i didn't think it was out till Friday but he says no its released in aus today.

Get home and go for the install and get a message " cannot install, dead island has not been released yet"

That was at 9 am this morning.
Posted 02:32pm 08/9/11
Yeah it won't unlock on Steam till tomorrow.
Posted 03:29pm 08/9/11
Only played co-op so far, which is all I'd probably be interested in doing anyway. Enjoying it so far. Haven't had any issues with game play or animations etc.
Posted 03:51pm 08/9/11
My dead island unlocked today for some reason.
Reverend Evil
Posted 04:06pm 08/9/11
Mine hasn't. How are you guys playing it???

Posted 04:22pm 08/9/11
Yeah it won't unlock on Steam till tomorrow.

Mine unlocked yesterday morning, as I said earlier in the thread. No VPN, it just unlocked.
Posted 04:43pm 08/9/11
Have they given any indication that the proper build will get deployed/patched in tomorrow?
I'm not fond of buying it in it's current state as I'm worried it will ruin the fun of the game from the outset (i'm like that with buggy games ><)
Posted 05:45pm 08/9/11
Don't think they've given a timeframe, last I saw they were just promising they'd get the proper version out "as soon as possible".
Posted 06:00pm 08/9/11
Think they already fixed that. I can't use Y to noclip anymore or go into third person.
Posted 06:02pm 08/9/11
Yeah there has been 2 patches now, both have cleaned out files not needed, and fixed bugs/crashes. Also found co-op is somewhat working now.
Posted 09:44pm 08/9/11
I wish GreenMan would give me my key so I can at least start downloading it now ready for tomorrow.
Posted 10:05pm 08/9/11
I just got my key from Greenman, so they're going out now it seems
Reverend Evil
Posted 09:32am 09/9/11
My first impressions after playing it for about 30 minutes. F*****g s***.

There's no vsync so if your video card drivers dont have an option to force it in game than it's gonna look like s***. Lucky nvidia can, dunno about ATI. I have two cursors on the screen. WTF? I can't tell you how f*****g annoying this is. Prolly gonna be gamebreaking for me if I can't find a fix for it. Lastly, there's too much searching thru luggage. It's not fun and gets boring real quick.

I'll give it another go later on because right now I'm too pissed off to keep going. LOL
Posted 10:34am 09/9/11
hand in there rev, it gets better
Posted 10:44am 09/9/11
Yer I've given up searching through luggage. It is slow and annoying and feels a bit clunky. Bashing Zombies is great fun though. So I guess I'll just stick to using battered broomsticks and whatever else is lying around not in a suitcase or needs to be bought.
Reverend Evil
Posted 11:10am 09/9/11
It's gets better. Now my game freezes at the last checkpoint so now I have to start from the beginning. LOFL
Posted 11:13am 09/9/11
So far the accents are terrible lol. The movement does feel awkward and looking in bags is slower than it should be.

I decided to play the shooter chick, horrible backstory (Most are for games with out depth). Think Ill go with Sam B or the asian women. Its bad enough there are many aussie/NZ accents with out your own character sounding like that too.

On the positive side the scenery looks nice and the areas seem designed well enough. Slicing up and hitting people is good, Gore is nice.

Here is a screen for you

Ill Post more when I start again with a different better character.
Posted 08:02pm 09/9/11
Just started this up today as I was too busy playing Deus Ex :o

First things I noticed;

Who's F*****G idea was it to have a floating Menu for options? Thats f*****g GAY!

Feels really clunky (Though probably because I was playing Deus Es for the last week...)

Too many things to search. I like Hide and go Seek as much as the next guy, but you don't need every bag search-able. It should be quicker too.

Weapons seem to wear out really fast (might just be starter weapons, Rusty Pipe and Woden stick etc...) Hope I can find a gun at some point... though I do think this is more 'realistic' i.e. you use whatever you can find to bash a zombie's head in.

Kiwi/Islander dude with Tribal tattoos sounds like he has a (bad) Aussie accent.

A wheel to chose/switch my Weapons? Really!? I'm not playing some s***** Halo game on a console.

AI seems... wrong. If Zombies see me I expect them to try eat me, not stand around going "Huh, I guess I'm sorta hungry... I could eat... maybe after Jimmy has a bite. Oh look Jimmy is dead"

Sensitivity change for ingame menu/inventory... actually that whole system. Cant Drag weapons, cant easily drop. I also couldn't see (didn't look hard) for a way to sort... preferably by damage instead of alphabetically.

- - - - - - -

Really great ideas for a game I think, just executed very very poorly.
Maybe Deus Ex is clouding my judgement though. I am going to keep playing because despite it's (many) short comings it's still fairly decent. But maybe take a break for a while. I think it would be better in Co-op as well, so I might try that with some mates as I doubt I would last long with randoms.
Posted 12:52pm 09/9/11
^ I would like to see all of the "press E to search" things gone and just have the item which is inside the bag/locker/whatever ready to be picked up. Fix the weapon wheel too and let us use keyboard. Lastly about weapons breaking, They do wear out VERY fast in the beginning but i've noticed that around Lv 10 they start to pick up durability and become much more sturdy. Also you can make ammo later on so firearms aren't totally useless, just not something you will always have on you.
Posted 01:15pm 09/9/11
I'm loving it so far, despite the very small bugs that I have experienced. Middle mouse button to switch items is fine by me, use to it from other PC games doing same thing. Loving the blunt weapons guy, smashing skulls is wicked. Trying co-op tonight with mates.

Also, for anyone that has pre-ordered from Green Man Gaming, you will have noticed you may have gotten a email today with two codes. One is for Blood Bath Arena, a DLC quest line or something, the other is for another copy of the game. Not sure why they gave us 2, but they did, so use it well.
Reverend Evil
Posted 03:24pm 09/9/11
Played for about 2 hours with the annoying mouse cursor bug and the game was fun. Love the gore in it. But unfortunately the game decided to freeze on me. I'll go back and play it some other time, maybe a patch will come out soon to fix things.
Posted 03:33pm 09/9/11
Actually yea, the only thing that irks me so far is that you have to search first, and then press e again to collect the item. Should just be the one button.
Posted 03:36pm 09/9/11
Sounds like they f***ed up and resent codes to everyone, including people who already had them. Cos I had been waiting for my key, because they sold out, and I just got that email last night with the two codes in it and thats the only keys I have.
Posted 03:42pm 09/9/11
Agree with everyone re: the accents!!
Posted 03:44pm 09/9/11
I got one key previously, and I just got 2 keys emailed to me now

maybe I got another copy of the game for free
Posted 03:46pm 09/9/11
I'm keen for anyones spare copy :)
Posted 03:54pm 09/9/11
That could actually turn out to be a pretty big kick in the teeth for them if they've resent a second key to everyone who already had one
Posted 03:54pm 09/9/11
yeh any spare key ill take it :)
Tanaka Khan
Posted 04:13pm 09/9/11
Well I'm enjoying the single player stuff (havn't bothered about multi and joining people) and I'm amazed to say I havn't had one bug or glitch yet (touch wood).
Posted 04:26pm 09/9/11
I haven't been sent any extra keys. :(
Posted 04:51pm 09/9/11
You'll get two keys:

Posted 06:40pm 09/9/11
Yeah, got my second key. Definitely not another key for the game, since I gave it to my girlfriend to try and Steam told her that it was for DLC and required the original game first.
Posted 06:42pm 09/9/11
Anyone have any info on what this Blood Bath DLC is?
Posted 07:09pm 09/9/11
I believe its a four player co-op arena, where you fight of waves of zombies
Posted 08:01pm 09/9/11
Keeps crashing my pc, I get out of the first room, around the luggage maze then crashed in the elevator lobby. Tried some crash searching on the interwebs, applied some of the solutions, then it just crashes at the cut scene on the balcony. Anyone know of a solution?

Single monitor
nVidia card
dunno if anything else would be causing
Posted 08:07pm 09/9/11
Only got 1 email with keys. I would like to see them patch the game to make it less of a console port and more flowing, less klunky game play.
Posted 09:15pm 09/9/11
Okay, apparently the extra keys were a mistake, and they will be revoking them from Steam. No bans for activating em, just taken away.
Posted 09:22pm 09/9/11
Game feels sluggish and lame, kind of wish i didnt buy it.

Unless thats just the guy i picked, the heavy hitter guy that looks like t-pain except lamer.
Reverend Evil
Posted 10:37pm 09/9/11
Yeah, it's sluggish alright. But cracking peoples heads open makes up for it, sort of.

Also found another bug that will force you to restart the game. Those stairs you find that have the High Voltage sign on them and they lead underground, don't go down them because you can't walk back up. The character gets to the top and slides back down. F*****g ridiculous.

Posted 10:43pm 09/9/11
Jeez, you guys are having heaps of bugs hey. I've had nothing but smooth sailing :S

Found these hilarious:

Posted 12:35am 10/9/11
A jeep glitching out and sitting on water is what you consider smooth sailing hey :P

Oh and yeah, keys being revoked, but that was already mentioned, but I have a link!
Posted 12:59am 10/9/11
scissoring HOT
Posted 01:06am 10/9/11
Wait, were some people sent extra keys for the actual game, or are they revoking the DLC keys?
The GuVna
Posted 01:44am 10/9/11
Ok, this game should, and only, be played co-op. Just spent 5 hours playing with mates & it is utterly hilarious. Sure the game has its faults, but when you have 3 other mates to play with, the co-op experience outweighs all the negatives 10 fold. Also it actually fixes all the looting boredom as well as there's 4 of you to loot, & you share cash that you pick up.

So if your worried you wasted $30 odd dollars on a s*** title playing single player (like i thought), just give a co-op game with 3 friends for an hour & you'll have hopefully changed your mind.

I was nearly in tears in the 1st 5 minutes seeing 3 of my mates kicking the s*** out of a zombie when he was down :)
Posted 02:45am 10/9/11
People were sent extra keys for the actual game
Posted 04:35am 10/9/11
Pretty unimpressed so far, I keep getting crackling noises in my sound, and the card will only use one of the GPUs on my 590. Glad I only paid $30 for it

Edit: Got it using both GPUs now, but still can't fix the crackling/popping sound. Pretty much unplayable till thats fixed.
Posted 06:55am 10/9/11
I've had not technical troubles or bugs so far. One cool thing is that zombies can die in water, they take water damage. I made an effort to kick one in a pool and I saw blue damage numbers floating around lol. Feel Free to add me on steam, Same name as on here.
Posted 09:28am 10/9/11
We played some co-op last night.

The game itself is fun, but its badly wounded by what feels like newbie dev mistakes.

The FOV is AWFUL, feels like a direct console port, had to sit way back.

In co-op you can't turn Steam's voice chat off so you get echoes if you use vent / ts, so you have to turn off ts and use the s***** in game voice which crackles and drops out. If you can set your default recording device to another input you can get away with it but not everyone has a spare mic and input laying around.

Inside buildings you get stuck behind players who stop to look at inventory or something because you can't walk through other players.

Rage seems to take FOREVER to build so you forget you even have it and end up not using your skills (maybe it builds faster if you are higher level).

But f*** me, all the above aside ... kicking a bikini-clad zombie b**** on her arse and stomping her to (second) death with friends? Good show. Weapons building seems like it may be fun too.
Posted 09:40am 10/9/11
Any video demos of gameplay?!?!?

I sat watching the walkthru on YoutTube for awhile last night.

It looks like someone built a luxury hotel on one of the Farcry islands and through in some zombies. It's a stunning game for sure, though I dunno if it'll hold my attention for long.

What's the MP like?

last edited by koopz at 09:40:45 10/Sep/11
Posted 10:08am 10/9/11
i am having a lot of fun building all the mods too, you can get some badass weapons as you level up
Posted 10:40am 10/9/11
As much as i try to get into this i just cant, the characters feel sluggish to move around with, the graphics at times are so f*****g urgh to look at. The combat feels s***.

Maybe a few patches and tweaks it could be better, but it just frustrates me atm.
Posted 11:28am 10/9/11
Still going fine for me. No issues and it's pretty fun to play co-op.
Posted 01:44pm 10/9/11
Pretty unimpressed so far, I keep getting crackling noises in my sound, and the card will only use one of the GPUs on my 590. Glad I only paid $30 for it

Edit: Got it using both GPUs now, but still can't fix the crackling/popping sound. Pretty much unplayable till thats fixed.

I had the crackling too. There are two things you can do to fix it.

One, go to Documents\DeadIsland\out\Settings and open the Audio.scr in a text editor and change API("XAudio2") to ("aOpenAL").

That alone didn't work for me, but it reduced the static. I also had my soundcard set to 7.1 surround. I dropped it back to 5.1, and that fixed it.
Posted 02:36pm 10/9/11
Just wouldn't be PC gaming if we didn't have to poke around .ini's to get the game running properly.

Anyone else get a really annoying buzzing noise in coop games? Starting to think it's something to do with VOIP as i don't get it in sp. Everyone in the game could hear it though and it was driving us nuts.
Posted 02:40pm 10/9/11
yeah any time you get close to someone else it activates Voice I think, I hear all sorts of ADHD kids wheezing
Posted 03:01pm 10/9/11
That alone didn't work for me, but it reduced the static. I also had my soundcard set to 7.1 surround. I dropped it back to 5.1, and that fixed it.

Yeah, I did the thing in the audio.scr file, and I saw people say they changed their sound from 7.1 to 5.1, but where the hell do I change from 7.1 to 5.1? I couldn't seem to find where the option is to do that in the control panel in windows 7
Posted 03:08pm 10/9/11
right click on the speaker in your taskbar > playback devices > right click your default device > configure
Posted 03:28pm 10/9/11
Yeah, I found it just then, but theres no option for me but 7.1. I'm using a logitech g35 headset, and apparently their drivers offer no support for anything but 7.1 which is a bit retarded. Seems my options are to either wait for a Dead Island patch to fix the issue, or uninstall the logitech drivers and use generic windows drivers and play with stereo sound.
Posted 03:38pm 10/9/11
Something that is really s***ting me is when you sprint, for more than 1 second your character starts panting really loudly. After a few hours of playing this becomes so god damn annoying. Couldn't they of made it so only when you are at 1/4 stamina you start to pant? When you are totally out of Stamina too and are waiting for it to regen, you get this quiet little breathing sound, which should of been used instead for running. Wish I could change those 2 sound files.
Posted 03:46pm 10/9/11
Dm for my guy it is only when you're down to 1/3 or so stamina, I don't know what's up with yours.
Posted 04:08pm 10/9/11
Maybe Xian is just a little b**** and can't run without panting like she is giving birth.
Posted 04:22pm 10/9/11
Yeah, I found it just then, but theres no option for me but 7.1. I'm using a logitech g35 headset, and apparently their drivers offer no support for anything but 7.1 which is a bit retarded. Seems my options are to either wait for a Dead Island patch to fix the issue, or uninstall the logitech drivers and use generic windows drivers and play with stereo sound.

Most games dont offer 7.1 just like most movies dont do 7.1 IIRC. They just copy the sound from the front or rear and chuck it in the side speaker instead of a sound specific for that side speaker.
Posted 05:50pm 10/9/11
Yeah, I know, but I want at least 5.1, and my only options atm are 7.1 (which doesn't work) and stereo, which sounds rather flat and s***. Theres no option in the Logitech drivers to switch to 5.1, which is pretty fail on their behalf, but its equally fail on the behalf of the guys who make Dead Island because every other game I play works fine on this headset (even though I'm sure you're right, most games would just be faking the 7.1, but they still work fine, Dead Island doesn't).

Its not a constant crackling, its like really loud pops and crackles now and then, always happens going into and out of menus, but happens randomly during gameplay as well. So gay :(
Posted 06:40pm 10/9/11
I just had a major session in co-op and it works brilliant! friends can drop in and drop out, and the game is not delayed if one person wants to spend time repairing/upgrading.

the one annoying thing is that a party cannot kick annoying kid that invites themselves in...
Posted 08:09pm 10/9/11
I wanna get a QGL game going sometime of this
Posted 09:23pm 10/9/11
Persisted with it. now I'm starting to enjoy it abit.
Posted 09:43pm 10/9/11
Yeah, same, I bit the bullet and uninstalled the logitech drivers and played it in stereo, and now that I've gotten past all the bugs and s*** and got to play it for a bit its actually pretty cool. I'd be keen for some qgl co-op at some point, everyone seems to agree that co-op makes it heaps more fun
Posted 10:00pm 10/9/11
I just had a major session in co-op and it works brilliant! friends can drop in and drop out, and the game is not delayed if one person wants to spend time repairing/upgrading.

the one annoying thing is that a party cannot kick annoying kid that invites themselves in...

Press 'm' fir map and click on players at the top - you can call a kick vote from that screen.
Posted 10:43pm 10/9/11
It now works for an unspecified amount of time, so I need to enjoy if before it crashes again, getting pretty far now then just random out of the blue crash. And for some reason co-op wont work, invite a mate and comes up with invite expired or not available?
Posted 11:38pm 10/9/11
yeah f***it - bought it

can you host your own server with mates?
Posted 12:00am 11/9/11
yup you just join the game of a friend in steam. 2 easy
Posted 12:22am 11/9/11
I just had a major session in co-op and it works brilliant! friends can drop in and drop out, and the game is not delayed if one person wants to spend time repairing/upgrading.

the one annoying thing is that a party cannot kick annoying kid that invites themselves in...

Got to Game Options I believe, and change public slots to private slots. Ta da.
Posted 12:34am 11/9/11
I have one free CD Key if anyone is interested, I'll give it to first who PM's me. Going to bed now, but will respond in morning.
Posted 12:54am 11/9/11
Posted 01:16am 11/9/11

mother f*****
Posted 01:17am 11/9/11
Posted 01:50am 11/9/11
Is that the extra CD key from Green Man? Cos those are getting cancelled.
Posted 03:37am 11/9/11
Have not played co-op as yet. I might try it with my friend in the Netherlands for the lulz.

Death by water
Posted 09:13am 11/9/11
Have not played co-op as yet. I might try it with my friend in the Netherlands for the lulz.

Death by water

I love kicking them back into the water, utterly hilarious.
Posted 04:29pm 11/9/11
If you haven't adjusted the FOV yet then I recommend heading to this reddit:

The instructions are pretty easy to follow. Grab the file from within the data pak (opening with winrar works well) and set up the my documents folder structure. 82.5 feels pretty good, the setting is <prop n="CameraDefaultFOV" v="82.5"/>

It was such a massive relief when I opened the game after changing it!
Posted 10:00am 11/9/11
That's the best way to deal with zombies IMO when you are near water. gather as many as you can, pull them into the water and kick away until they die. My Xiao is around... 13 I think and starting to get some really durable machettes. Also I was given a quest to find the crashed plane that you see when going to the lifeguard station 1st time, but it doesn't show up in my quest log and the reward is 3500 xp and a purple machette so anyone know where it is?
Posted 10:08am 11/9/11
I chose the "who do you voodoo" rapper guy, just cos I figured the only thing that makes killing zombies better is a black guy going "Daaaaaaamn" or "Yeah b******!" when I do.
Posted 10:10am 11/9/11
I like his ram ability too and have a character of him at around 12 but I love the cleavers and sharp weapons too much.
Posted 12:26pm 11/9/11
khel: unlocking his headstomp ability makes it even more fun
Posted 12:36pm 11/9/11
played maybe 15min of it and wasnt a fan of this game, delete
Posted 01:19pm 11/9/11
That's the best way to deal with zombies IMO when you are near water. gather as many as you can, pull them into the water and kick away until they die. My Xiao is around... 13 I think and starting to get some really durable machettes. Also I was given a quest to find the crashed plane that you see when going to the lifeguard station 1st time, but it doesn't show up in my quest log and the reward is 3500 xp and a purple machette so anyone know where it is?
That quest bugged out for me aswell, dissapeared from my quest log but the quest giver kept saying "have you found that plane yet?". I just moved on :P.
Posted 01:20pm 11/9/11
played maybe 15min of it and wasnt a fan of this game, delete

What didn't you like Scoobs?
Posted 01:30pm 11/9/11
What didn't you like Scoobs?

Posted 01:41pm 11/9/11
cant really explain it, just didnt like the feel of the game. + the whole kick punch bash with object got old as
Reverend Evil
Posted 01:42pm 11/9/11
Any cheats out there yet to have all weapons and infinite durability?
Reverend Evil
Posted 02:14pm 11/9/11
Found a cheaty thing on youtube and tested it. It works but takes a while to do but will be worth it.

Posted 06:48pm 11/9/11
gawd bless joo Rev

leveled like a b**** today :P
The GuVna
Posted 07:25pm 11/9/11
Hehe i found that 2 thugs spawned right at the hotel entrance side door, so kill them, walk enter hotel, exit hotel, kill them again, many a molotov thrown & XP was gained there hehe

Not as impressive as that tho, killing a level 50 through a door, very clever :)
Posted 12:08am 12/9/11
After getting my Xian to 21 and having her in the city, I figured i'd level up a Purna and she is really awesome. Shes 22 now and her fury skill is OP. Auto aim pistol with unlimited ammo that does 450+ a shot, refills your HP to full and slows down time a bit. On top of all that the more enemies you kill the higher bonus exp you get.

Random note: If you want to carry tons of ammo for guns, just stock up on tons of pistols. Each gun lets you have 15 rounds loaded on top of the 50 spare. I have 7 fully loaded pistols with max ammo (not got more ammo skill yet) which is like 155 bullets.
Posted 01:35am 12/9/11
Playing Xian now, Blades are awesome but their short reach can be a problem sometimes. I applied the FOV thing so I will try it out soon, Set it as 82.5 like Trog.
Posted 09:42am 12/9/11
Yeah I set my FoV to 82 as well and that's enough for me. Yes that is also Xian's shortcoming that blades don't have the longest reach. This may change when you can get samurai swords and all but when you simply have machettes, taking down a Thug can sometimes mean you get knocked on your ass. Good thing Xian has a high crit rate so Shock or Toxic mods make them a free kill (crits activate mods, both of those stun/make the enemy violently vomit) Really enjoying this game all goofy animations aside.

EDIT - And this

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Posted 09:46am 12/9/11
Heh yeh Purna's Rage skill is way OP. In our co-op group its standard to check if my girl has one loaded before we take down a thug :)
Posted 09:51am 12/9/11
Added you to friends hoggy so we can get some Co-Op going sometime.
Posted 10:18am 12/9/11
Sure! We hitting it pretty hard most nights, look me up :)

Also, what the f*** is with the work bench being such a tightarse? Sucks up so much money... !
Posted 11:01am 12/9/11
That's another reason Purna is awesome -30% cash at the bench needed. What level are you? Because don't we have to be about the same level/progress to group? I'm like 21 - 22 and just got into the city. Doing random quests

EDIT - 1 thing I f*****g love about this game is when you get to the city, you really turn into paranoid squirrel. You constantly hear the roars of Thugs, Rams, Suiciders (which may be as far as a few blocks away) and not to mention all the infected and normal zombie noises all over the place. I'm constantly looking around and backing myself into corners because I hear what sounds like a jockey from L4D2. Brilliant thing they did there with the sound echoing.

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Posted 11:31am 12/9/11
Haha yeh, I'm 15 at the moment, we're in Act 3. Dumped all my skill points into stuff to enhace the rage and am starting on the survival tree (repair bench, lockpicking etc) now.

You can drop into a lower act and help someone out (we powerlevelled a mate 3-14 last night through quests). Its actually kind of fun to lop the heads off level 2-3 zombies with a single blow :P
Posted 11:39am 12/9/11
Ah righto then when your playing next ill drop in and help you out. Theres an awesome way to make about $8000 - $9000 during the Spoiler:
hotel mission where you need to find that armored truck. grab all the champagne you can find in the kitchen areas
Posted 11:42am 12/9/11
Oh s*** we just finished that ... twice. Only picked up one bottle for the quest ><

Can you go back and raid it?
Posted 12:29pm 12/9/11
I'm not sure. Might be able to possibly if you go back to the door you enter from. I'll go test it out right now for you.

Theres a b**** who trades you the champagne for 100 exp and 1 diamond for each bottle. Diamonds sell for $1500 each. I think there are 6 bottles total in the kitchen areas, maybe 7 so yeah it's a damn good quest

I have 8 on me ATM for when I run out of cash and I still have around 10k. Selling guns in Act 5 is profitable since they go around 380 each. Oh while we are on the subject, I must be missing something because I swear the game goes from Act 3 to Act 5 just like that.

EDIT - Yes. Yes you can re-enter the hotel. Looks like we'll be doing that over. Rather cheap way to farm cash now I know you can go back in.

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Posted 01:02pm 12/9/11
The more I play it, the more I'm really enjoying it, so much stuff to explore and so much stuff to loot, it appeals to the OCD in me.
Posted 01:07pm 12/9/11
Enjoying so far the drop in and out co- op is great Mate work odd hours so the 2-3 hours were all on is good but were not restricted to playin at only hose times
Posted 01:15pm 12/9/11
add me for coop infinex0. lev 27
Posted 02:14pm 12/9/11
I'd just like to point out that I got a free copy of this from Eorl, for free, coz he's a f*****g champ. For free.
Posted 03:04pm 12/9/11
I'd just like to point out that I got a free copy of this from Eorl, for free, coz he's a f*****g champ. For free.

as i said before, mother f*****
Posted 05:34pm 12/9/11
Hog, y u no accept friend request?
Posted 08:34pm 12/9/11
This game f*****g owns, throwing shovels at zombies is win.
Posted 11:06pm 12/9/11
Just got my first auto rifle. Not fired it yet since I only have 80 rounds. Saving it for something special. Also

How the f*** do you kill Floaters? When you get close to them they just spray vomit everywhere and take like 1/2 your hp. When you are far away they hurl vomit at you forcing you to dodge and waste stamina. Only options I really have is use like 15 bullets on them
Posted 12:25am 13/9/11
meh - playing it thru with a trainer.

co-op-seems good but I cbf
Tim Tibbetts
Posted 07:37am 13/9/11
We played a fair bit more co-op last night and got into the second Act. Got totally swarmed by zombies on a few ocassions and even with 3 of us it was getting pretty hairy.

Good game, would be great if they fixed a few of the UI issues and bugs. Considering it seems like it has sold a crap load of copies I'm assuming the developers will keep supporting it etc.
Posted 11:32am 13/9/11
^^ and I hope some DLC!!
Posted 11:58am 13/9/11
Lonely? Zombies trying to eat your brain and overworked liver? Add "BladeRunner" to your steam friends.

Features include:
English Language Pack
Sense of humour.
Will not sleep on your couch and eat your food.
Likes cats and dogs.

Add him to your friends list today!
Posted 06:19am 15/9/11
Anyone know how many chapters there are?
Reverend Evil
Posted 08:02am 15/9/11
Maybe 18 chapters. Don't quote me on that.
Posted 09:07am 15/9/11
Maybe 18 chapters.
Posted 10:05am 15/9/11
It's quite a lot that's for sure. Loving it so far, but been playing Red Orchestra 2 more haha.
Posted 10:12am 15/9/11
47 hours clocked up so far. Magic Wand mod is so much win. Instead of making the enemy becoming electrocuted on the spot they are rocketed away from you and usually means instant death as they tend to explode when they hit something. This + my Logan critical throw build should mean quite a hefty punch.
Posted 12:38pm 15/9/11
Kill floaters with a pistol, 3 shots in the head/upper body takes them down, Never engage them in melee. Its good to see them explode killing other zombos around them. The big guys in the straight jackets are not much of a problem now too.
Posted 12:47pm 15/9/11
Magic Wand is blunt though, so BLEH for Purna!

Shock works well, and gun mods + ammo is a must for the spitters and chargers (although if you're nimble you can take care of chargers easily enough w/ melee).

We got some shotguns and automatic rifles last night, looking forward to finding ammo schematics for these.

The ammo limitation for guns seems to work well, you can use them to make tougher mobs easier but the rarity of ammo means where possible you gotta slice ad dice.
Posted 12:50pm 15/9/11
The more I play it, the more I'm really enjoying it, so much stuff to explore and so much stuff to loot, it appeals to the OCD in me.

Not disagreeing with enjoying the game itself, smashing zombies heads in has a certain charm.
The OCD in me likes the loot as well but just wishes the looted stuff would stay looted.
It's definitely a console port - if you hit a checkpoint and then quit stuff re-appears in bags and bins.
Who the hell is going around the island restocking all of the money and junk?!
Posted 12:57pm 15/9/11
Why does the Bench need so much money? where does the Cash go?
what is the Church hiding?
There are many unanswered Questions in banoi Island
Posted 12:58pm 15/9/11
^ haha 10/10
Posted 01:01pm 15/9/11
I noticed that usually wherever a spitter turns up you can usually find an lpg tank etc somewhere close by. just throw it at him and then chuck a stick at or somethin. bobs your uncle.
Posted 01:09pm 15/9/11
I am about to start the last chapter after doing all the side missions. I DON'T WANT TO LEAVE DEAD ISLAND :'(
Posted 01:09pm 15/9/11
Posted 01:14pm 15/9/11
Lucky bastards, I get to Play for about 2 hrs a night and I'm currently lvl 15 and owned the cholos at the water pump station. Got myself that ripper mod
Posted 03:42pm 15/9/11
Eh? Floaters are super easy in melee. Just wait for them to spew then charge straight in and kill them.

I think I've only done about 8 or 9 chapters so I'm glad that there's still plenty to go.
Posted 05:44pm 15/9/11
Dead Island is soooooo minxy
Posted 09:25pm 15/9/11
If anyone wants to cheat/gain more money, equip an item, hold right mouse button, and then throw it, and as throwing it, hit backspace to drop the weapon. Ta da, duping old school style.

Also, don't know what to make of this, friend found it today

Posted 10:32pm 15/9/11
clocked it :p
Posted 10:34pm 15/9/11
I just passed it too, i knew i was a pro gamer, but i didn't think i was that good. geeze.
Posted 11:28pm 15/9/11
I only just got into the city tonight, I ran around doing random s*** at the resort for ages.
Posted 06:33am 16/9/11
Just gave this a run this morning and it's not too bad at all hey. Shameless console port tho but plays better than most do...

Man it looks like Farcry 2 with Zombies and greenery instead of brownery and brownery...

Still good fun tho... removal of limbs is pretty funny
Posted 07:35am 16/9/11
I've made it all the way to level 3. Got the key to the Lifeguard station and everything.

Was going to give it a serious go after I installed some of the mods and stuff but havent had the time yet. Hoping the mods fix most/all of the Issues I had with it. Probably not going to have any time to play it until my RDO next Friday though :(
Posted 08:14am 16/9/11
Just bought this for $30. Better be good!
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