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Dark Souls 2
Dark Souls 2

PC | PlayStation 3 | Xbox 360
Genre: Action Players: 1 to 0
Developer: FROM Software Official Site:
Publisher: Namco Bandai Games
Release Date:
14th March 2014
Friday, 16 January 2015
Post by Eorl @ 03:25pm 16/01/15 | 1 Comments
Dark Souls 2 players on last-gen systems will receive the free 1.10 update on February 5th, ahead of the upcoming release of Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin, introducing a new character, a plethora of improvements and online multiplayer adjustments.

Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin – the remastered version of Dark Souls 2 combined with the Three Crowns DLC – is coming April 7th for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and Windows PC. In the meantime, current Dark Souls 2 players on last-gen systems will receive a free patch of “new story elements to prepare for The Scholar of the First Sin” and all of the improvements that developer FromSoftware “can possibly give.”

This includes a multitude of matchmaking and online tweaks and additions, such as the bonfire warp selection screen will highlight the top three active areas and players on their first playthrough will be able to match with other players who are on their second or further playthrough.

Invading players also won’t be able to use items that invite more enemies and the effect of the Human Effigy can be cancelled out at bonfires. The addition of a new item called the Agape ring, which absorbs souls during online play, allows users to "control their online matchmaking experience by limiting their total souls collected."

The patch notes are quite lengthy, so make sure you head by Bandai Namco's Tumblr for all the details.
Tuesday, 25 November 2014
Post by Eorl @ 04:28pm 25/11/14 | 2 Comments
Dark Souls 2 is coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One next year in an enhanced version of the game called Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin, Namco Bandai and From Software announced today. The re-release of Dark Souls 2 will come with the game's three downloadable add-ons and new enhancements as you would expect for a HD remake.

The new-gen versions of Dark Souls 2 will feature updated graphics as well as new game content, including "an expanded story featuring additional in-game events and NPC character along with new deadlier enemies and gameplay improvements." Those improvements will also be available for the PC release of Scholar of the First Sin, which takes advantage of DirectX 11 for Windows.

Dark Souls 2's new game content, augmented item descriptions and gameplay improvements, which From Software is calling version 1.1.0 of the title, are also coming to PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and the DirectX 9 version of the Windows PC game. Players of those versions will get the 1.1.0 update free of charge. The updated version will also be available as a new package for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, incase you haven't jumped to new-gen yet.

Check out the announcement trailer below, which shows a glimpse at some of the improved gameplay mechanics including up to six players now for multiplayer shenanigans. Scholar of the First Sin will be released on April 3rd, 2015.

Tuesday, 30 September 2014
Post by Eorl @ 05:09pm 30/09/14 | 0 Comments
From Software has today announced that the third and final DLC for their ridiculously hard RPG Dark Souls 2 is now available on Steam for PC, concluding the trilogy revolving around three lost crowns.

Titled the Crown of the Ivory King, this new DLC will task players with trekking through what can only be described as a very, very cold place covered from head to toe in snow. You'll be tasked with trying to find the Ivory Crown, and of course in Dark Souls spirit it won't be an easy task.

The new DLC, like the previous two, will include all-new stages, maps, boss characters, weapons and armour for players to discover. You can check it out in the screenshots below, and swing by the DLC page for more info.

Tuesday, 23 September 2014
Post by Eorl @ 08:48am 23/09/14 | 1 Comments
Dark Souls 2: Crown of the Ivory King, the third DLC chapter for the Dark Souls sequel, is being delayed on all formats, Bandai Namco confirmed today.

The DLC release, originally scheduled to launch on Sept. 24, will now see a release on Sept. 30 for Steam and Xbox Live. The DLC will launch for PlayStation Network on Oct. 1. Publisher Bandai Namco offered no explanation for the delay.

Crown of the Ivory King, the final downloadable add-on for Dark Souls 2, will send players to a frozen, desolate land where blinding snowstorms and ice-covered monsters will deliver what may the game's most difficult challenge yet.

The new add-on will also introduce a new gameplay element to Dark Souls 2, called followers. Over the course of the downloadable content, players can gradually accrue followers - allied, AI-controlled characters - who will help them in a battle against a tough boss character. The more followers a player has, the lower the difficulty of that final fight will be.
Wednesday, 27 August 2014
Post by Eorl @ 11:07am 27/08/14 | 0 Comments
Today marks the release of the second DLC pack for From Software's unforgiving RPG Dark Souls 2, this time taking the battle to the Iron King.

After searching for the Crown of the Sunken King in the first portion of Dark Souls 2, Crown of the Iron King promises "an entirely different environment to conquer," one filled with molten lava just waiting for you to slip into. I'm hoping I don't have to go diving in this molten magma for the cruddy crown.

You can snag Crown of the Iron King on PSN, Xbox Live and Steam for $10.99. Alternatively, you can pick up the season pass, which grants access to all three pieces of Dark Souls 2 for $26.99. The final chapter of Dark Souls 2's DLC, "Crown of the Ivory King," launches on September 24.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014
Post by Eorl @ 10:21am 22/07/14 | 1 Comments
From Software's unforgiving RPG Dark Souls 2 will soon be taking the spotlight again with the launch of their first piece of DLC for the game, Crown of the Sunken King, come later today.

To help prepare for the launch, the developer has taken the change to address a number of long-standing bugs since its launch. These include squashing certain speed-running shortcuts and also taking a look at grief tactics used by some invaders. Other changes include damage and defence reduction to weapons and armour, plus a number of bug fixes to ensure the game plays butter smooth.
  • Health Recovery Items can no longer be used during any PvP
  • An upper limit has been set to the number of Souls a player can earn when fighting off invading players
  • Fixed the progression-stopping phenomenon at Heide’s Tower when the host falls off right before the Dragonrider Boss Fight
  • Fixed the phenomenon in Majula where the door does not open even after moved by Licia of Lindeldt
  • Fixed the progression-stopping phenomenon when the player talks to Laddersmith
  • Gilligan in Earthen Peak
  • Fixed the phenomenon when the poison pond does not disappear when the windmill is burned down and immobilized
  • The above is only a snippet of some of the larger changes, but you can view the full list via CVG. Crown of the Sunken King is out later today and it’s the first of three DLC packs coming to the RPG. The pack is titled The Lost Crown Trilogy, with the second DLC, Crown of the Old Iron King, releasing on August 26th and Crown of the Ivory King on September 24th.
    Thursday, 17 July 2014
    Post by Eorl @ 09:44am 17/07/14 | 0 Comments
    From Software has offered up a handful of new screenshots depicting the terribly spooky Sunken King DLC for dying simulator Dark Souls 2 coming later this month.

    The Crown of the Sunken King is due out on July 22nd, and will be the first installment of a planned trilogy that will explore the very dark and very mysterious past of Dark Souls 2. Typical of the series, you can expect monsters that will happily destroy any and all of your squishy body parts, plus a number of new areas to explore themed along the line of the old kings. The screenshots below show a range of those in detail, so make sure you check them out for a heads up before the DLC goes live.

    Crown of the Sunken King will be followed up by Crown of the Old Iron King on August 26th, with Crown of the Ivory King rounding out the trilogy on September 24th.

    Thursday, 5 June 2014
    Post by Eorl @ 09:57am 05/06/14 | 1 Comments
    Dark Souls 2 will soon be getting a trilogy of DLC starting July 22nd, according to a new trailer from developer From Software.

    The trilogy is titled The Lost Crowns, and will arrive in three parts beginning with Episode 1: Crown of the Sunken King on July 22nd. Episode 2: Crown of the Old Iron King will arrive August 26th and Episode 3: Crown of the Ivory King will arrive September 24th.

    "The Crown of the Sunken King sends players on a quest to reclaim the Crown that King Vendrick once owned," the video's description reads. "With an entirely new areas to explore within the Dark Souls 2 universe, players will find pyramids, underground caverns, and unknown foes. It is said that the Ancient Crown is buried deep below the surface, but surely it cannot sit unguarded?"

    Each of the episodes will be priced at $9.99, however a Dark Souls 2 Season Pass has appeared on Steam for $24.99 so expect the same for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Check out the trailer below for a glimpse at the first episode, Crown of the Sunken King.

    Friday, 9 May 2014
    Post by Eorl @ 10:11am 09/05/14 | 2 Comments
    From Software's rather hardcore-inspired RPG Dark Souls 2 has earned a fair amount of respect from both critics and fans for its ruthless nature and unforgiving gameplay. Publisher Bandai Namco has today revealed its financial report, showing that while it may be a difficult title the fans are definitely there.

    According to the report, 1.2 million copies of Dark Souls 2 have been shipped between the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 since its launch on March 11th. The number does not include the sale of PC copies, which was released on April 24th. In comparison, it took the original Dark Souls six months from its October 4th, 2011 release to reach that same number of shipped units, a great change for the developer.

    Other highlights from Bandai Namco's financial report include God Eater 2, a Japan-only game for the PSP and Vita that shipped 700,000 copies, Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z at 620,000 units, followed by the Japan-only JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle (550,000 units) and Disney Magic Castle: My Happy Life (500,000 units).
    Friday, 25 April 2014
    Post by Eorl @ 08:51am 25/04/14 | 102 Comments
    With console fans having faced death multiple times now in From Software's Dark Souls sequel, PC players are now being given the chance to test their strength against the rather difficult RPG with the launch of Dark Souls 2.
    Dark Souls I I immerses players in a bleak setting full of danger and adventure while allowing them to discover what lies beneath the anguish and pain that engulfs the world. With Dark Souls II, Tokyo based developer FromSoftware has taken steps to enrich players’ experiences through improved visuals, life-like animations and dynamic lighting, while preserving the game’s core tenants to provide challenging gameplay and deliver true emotional elation from each hard-fought victory.
    The sequel brings some rather much needed changes to the PC version, including more advanced graphical options and native keyboard/mouse support. Compared to the original Dark Souls, the sequel also offers a smooth 60FPS for all those eager to get the best eye candy.

    “FromSoftware really went the extra mile with Dark Souls 2 in order to make it the legitimate heir to Dark Souls, which was quite a challenge,” said Mathieu Piau, EMEA Marketing Director at Namco Bandai Games Europe. “No other game can quite compete with the DARK SOULS franchise when it comes to delivering a profound yet exhilarating gaming experience! As one of the most awaited games this year, Dark Souls 2 promises an immensely rewarding adventure for those prepared to Go Beyond Death.”

    Dark Souls 2 is now available on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Those looking to gain the best performance can find popular modder Durante's downsampling tools to further enahnce your experience, plus a NeoGAF user has outlined how to get the PlayStation 4 controller working.

    Tuesday, 11 March 2014
    Post by Eorl @ 03:26pm 11/03/14 | 55 Comments
    After showing the world that the hardcore RPG genre isn't entirely dead with both Demon's Souls and Dark Souls successfully hitting big, From Software's sequel to the hit 2011 RPG is finally on our console doorsteps (sadly PC players will have to wait until April). With the promise of new adventures and further ways to watch your character die miserably, Dark Souls 2 is one RPG you don't want to miss out on.

    Helping us seek out redemption is our newest contributor Jeremy “Junglist” Ray, who you may know as the crazy man that successfully beat the original Dark Souls without levelling up. That's definitely a worthy qualification for reviewing From Software's sequel, Dark Souls 2.
    Dark Souls 2 isn’t for everyone, or even every moment. It’s a “sit forward” game that demands you be mentally present and adaptable. But for those who like to earn their victories -- really earn them -- this is a game in which winning means something more than “I went through the motions and witnessed the end”.
    Read on for Junglist's full review on Dark Souls 2 and his impressions.
    Post by Dan @ 12:31pm 11/03/14 | 0 Comments
    Bandai Namco has released the obligatory launch trailer ahead of Friday's launch of Dark Souls 2 on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Titled "Locomotive Breath", the video takes its name from the Jethro Tull track it uses for ambiance, while sharing with us some of "the nightmarish creatures you'll face in Drangleic" before urging us to praise the sun and straighten our souls.

    The PC launch of Dark Souls 2 is scheduled to follow on April 25th. Check out the launch trailer below.

    Saturday, 8 March 2014
    Post by Eorl @ 12:30pm 08/03/14 | 12 Comments
    While the console version of Dark Souls II hits next week, the PC version, with its increased texture resolution options, isn't due out until April 25. While that may be a rough deal for those going exclusively PC this generation, it stills gives you time to make sure your system won't be completely at fault for the inevitable "You Died" screens.

    Thanks to a recent post on Namco Bandai's store page, we've finally been given the final PC specifications and they aren't looking too shabby considering the proposed benefits of high textures and frame rates. Here's the minimum specs:
    OS: Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista SP2, Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8
    Processor: AMD Phenom II X2 555 3.2Ghz or Intel Pentium Core 2 Duo E8500 3.17Ghz
    Memory: 2 GB RAM
    Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 9600GT, ATI Radeon HD 5870
    Hard Drive: 8 GB available space
    Sound Card: Compatible with DirectX 9.0c or higher
    Network: Internet connection required for online play and product activation
    Suprisingly support is still there for those on Windows XP (what little of you that are left), a noted feature that has been absent from the past year of PC releases. Here's the more beefier but still reasonable recommended specifications:
    OS: Windows 7 SP1
    Processor: Intel CoreTM i3 2100 3.10GHz or AMD A8 3870K 3.0GHz
    Memory: 4 GB RAM
    Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 465 or higher, ATI Radeon HD 6870 or higher
    Hard Drive: 8 GB available space
    Sound Card: Compatible with DirectX 9.0c or higher
    Network: Internet connection required for online play and product Activation
    With a reasonable request of at the very least a four year old GPU, it seems like Dark Souls 2 won't be super taxing on any system made within the last three years. Those still running toasters may have some slight trouble, but otherwise it all seems fairly simple for fans of From Software's sequel to Dark Souls.

    How does your PC stand against these specs? Let us know in the comments below! Dark Souls 2 will be available on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 come March 13th, with the PC release available April 25th.
    Friday, 7 March 2014
    Post by Eorl @ 10:55am 07/03/14 | 12 Comments
    Namco Bandai has today finally announced that PC gamers can start preparing for the "You Died" screen come April 25th, when From Software's sequel Dark Souls 2 hits the platform a month after the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 release.

    Those looking to go the PC route will find that besides the peripheral change (though eager warriors can utilise gamepads if they desire), Dark Souls 2 will feature unique increase "texture resolution with enhanced frame rates." Its unclear just how "enhanced" these frame rates will be, but presumably the team at From are aiming for 60FPS at the least.

    It isn't just the graphical advantages that PC players gain, with Namco also announcing that players can now pre-order the PC version of Dark Souls 2 to gain early access to the powerful Black Armor Weapons pack; an in-game weapons cache that can possibly increase players’ chances of survival. This pack includes five special weapons and shields in addition to the array of starter weapons, giving players false hope that they'll even make it through the well-known difficulty of Dark Souls.

    Those choosing to pre-order the game will also get access to a "plethora of digital bonuses including, the Official Digital Dark Souls II Artbook (PDF), Original Dark Souls II Digital Comic Book written by Rob Williams and Andi Ewington with art provided by Simon Coleby (PDF), the Complete Digital Game Soundtrack (MP3), and the Black Armor Weapons Pack (Access Code)."

    You can check all this out over on the Steam page, and also find the part 1 of the prologue below to satisfy your lore needs while you wait. Prepare yourself, you will die.

    Dark Souls 2 will be available come March 13th for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, and PC on April 25th.

    Friday, 31 January 2014
    Post by Eorl @ 01:16pm 31/01/14 | 21 Comments
    Developer From Software has revealed a handful of new screenshots to tantalise your hardcore tastebuds, but also a new nine-minute gameplay video showing off just how difficult the sequel to Dark Souls actually is (I should know, my screen is constantly filled with "You Died").

    Thankfully the person behind this video is a bit more skilled unlike myself, allowing viewers to actually see some of the new content that From are hoping to bring to the sequel. Included is a look at some of the new combat changes, new enemies and new weapons in-game.

    In related Dark Souls 2 news, publisher Namco Bandai has revealed that actor and comedian Peter Serafinowicz, known best for his role as "Pete" in Shaun of the Dead, will be offering his voice as a new character in Dark Souls 2. Serafinowicz also revealed his true identity as a hardcore gamer, calling Dark Souls 2 "the most engrossing game I've ever played," and "the best game of all time."
    Peter will dub a new character named Mild-mannered Pate. Players will encounter this mysterious man during his journey in search of treasure. He may teach players a few tricks of his own in order to survive during their quest. Will they dare to trust this enigmatic character?
    Dark Souls 2 will be available on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 come March 13th. A PC release is expected sometime shortly after, with From Software hoping "to release the PC version in the same window."

    Wednesday, 15 January 2014
    Post by Eorl @ 03:39pm 15/01/14 | 9 Comments
    Developer From Software has revealed a new trailer for their upcoming hardcore RPG, titled 'Cursed' that is sure to get your taste buds tantalising as we get closer to the game's March release date.

    As is the Souls game tradition, the trailer is accompanied by a raspy voiced woman who speaks of a murky, forgotten and ancient land, the new setting for the sequel. Featuring a montage of both cinematic and gameplay footage, the trailer definitely aims to please those eager for the sequel with quick shots of grotesque looking monsters sure to cause you some pain in your journey. If you thought a normal dragon was hard work, well Dark Souls 2 is aiming to include a dragon infested with spiders.

    Check out the trailer below and make sure you mark down March 13th for the release of Dark Souls 2 on PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

    Friday, 11 October 2013
    Post by Eorl @ 02:18pm 11/10/13 | 3 Comments
    While From Software may be busy leading up to the release of their next hardcore RPG in the Demon/Dark Souls series, publisher Namco Bandai has just revealed that a new comic book will be available before the game's release.

    Titled "Dark Souls 2: Into the Light", the graphic novel takes place in the very gritty and thrilling universe of the game with story penned by Rob Williams and Andi Ewington with art provided by Simon Coleby.
    Rob Williams is an acclaimed British-based comic book writer whose credits include Ghost Rider, Daken, Amazing Spider-Man, The Dark X-Men, Cla$$war, Star Wars Tales and the 2013 British Comic Award nominated Judge Dredd: Trifecta.

    Simon Coleby is a British comic book artist who has worked for Marvel and 2000 AD. His credits include creating art for Judge Dredd, Rogue Trooper and the popular ‘The Authority’ series from DC/Wildstorm. He also worked on the 2013 British Comic Award nominated Judge Dredd: Trifecta.

    Andi Ewington is an up-and-coming writer whose breakthrough debut novel ‘45’ won critical acclaim from reviewers and fans alike, and has recently claimed a #1 Amazon UK Kindle Superhero bestseller spot. He was also named in WizardWorld’s ‘5 on the rise’ for 2010.
    When asked about their collaboration around the graphic novel, the authors teased that "Gothic environments, unworldly monsters, eldritch atmosphere, adventure and terror are the best arguments that an artist could wish for!"

    "Before you venture into the darkness, pay heed to those who know what awaits within."

    Those looking to nab a copy of the comic tie-in will find it available sometime during January 2014, ahead of the game's launch on March 14, 2014 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 with a PC release sometime after. Check out a timelapse video of Simon Coleby at work below.

    Thursday, 19 September 2013
    Post by Eorl @ 11:56am 19/09/13 | 4 Comments
    Publisher Namco Bandai has today confirmed a March 14, 2014 release date for their hardcore RPG Dark Souls 2, though this date currently only applies to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 launch with a PC release to come sometime after the console launch.
    Dark Souls II will feature a new hero, a new storyline, and an unfamiliar world for players to survive in, while delivering the uncompromising challenge and ultimate sense of empowerment that players hunger for. Epic battles with gruesome enemies and blood-thirsty bosses await adventurers as they traverse and conquer a devastated world filled with death and despair. Players will also discover a revamped server based multiplayer experience that will put a distinct Dark Souls II twist on the concept of playing and sharing with others. For those with enough tenacity and sheer force of will, great rewards await.
    For those who can't wait until March 14th next year, Namco Bandai is also looking for closed beta testers to participate in two October test phases. To gain access to the closed beta, head over to the PlayStation Network website or find the application available directly on the PlayStation 3 Network.
    Friday, 6 September 2013
    Post by Eorl @ 09:12am 06/09/13 | 2 Comments
    Announced late last month for an October date, developer of the hardcore RPG Dark Souls 2 FromSoftware has unveiled the official dates for their two beta tests, available exclusively to PlayStation 3 owners.

    Those eager to try their hand at Dark Souls 2 will find the first beta event starting on 12th October and the second round beginning on 27th October.
    For the first time join the dark journey with this beta and experience overwhelming enemy encounters, diabolical hazards, and the unrelenting challenge that only FROMSOFTWARE can deliver.
    To find out how to apply for the chance to gain access to the closed beta, head over to the PlayStation Network website or find the application available directly on the PlayStation 3 Network.
    Thursday, 22 August 2013
    Post by Eorl @ 09:38am 22/08/13 | 2 Comments
    Namco Bandai Games has confirmed that a closed beta will be coming to PlayStation 3 users exclusively in October for their upcoming hardcore RPG Dark Souls 2. The beta event will test "players’ skill, intestinal fortitude, and their sheer will to survive."
    The Dark Souls II Closed-Beta will delve into one of the most treacherous areas of the Dark Souls II world; players will not only get an opportunity to explore an entirely new area of the game, but also experience overwhelming enemy encounters, diabolical challenges, and the unrelenting difficultly that only the developers at FromSoftware can deliver.
    Those anxious to gain access to the beta are told to keep an eye on the Dark Souls Facebook page beginning September 5th for news regarding the registration process and details pertaining to the Dark Souls 2 Closed-Beta.

    Dark Souls 2 will be available March 2014 for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3