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Genre: Action
Developer: Remedy Games
Classification: MA15+
Release Date:
August 2019
Tuesday, 17 March 2020
Post by Steve Farrelly @ 01:01pm 17/03/20 | 0 Comments
Our winner of the AusGamers Top 10 Best Games of 2019 list, Control, will have its first expansion dropping next week, March 26, and if you know Remedy and their penchant for proper expansive content, you know you're super-ready to re-enter The Oldest House once more only to fall down that enticing rabbit hole.

But PC and Xbox One owners of the game will have to wait, with no firm release date for the new content yet revealed in another annoying timed-exclusive 'first-on' release. But, for the PS4 players of the game out there, here's what you can expect:
The Story

In The Foundation, the Astral Plane is colliding with our reality. Jesse Faden, the Director of the Federal Bureau of Control, must travel through the caverns of the Foundation to prevent the Astral Plane from consuming the Oldest House. The missing Head of Operations, Helen Marshall, may hold some answers to the mysteries surrounding this threat. As she travels deeper, Jesse will learn more about Marshall’s disappearance, and about the enigmatic Board.

Jesse’s Mission

The Foundation is an all-new level, which can be accessed through the Hotline Chamber in Central Executive. Important note, in order to access The Foundation DLC, players will need to have completed the main game.

Within The Foundation, there’s not only main missions to work through, but multiple side missions to get stuck into as well. On average (because this question tends to come up a lot) players can expect to get around 4-5 hours of all-new gameplay out of The Foundation.

Abilities and Skills

Our community love Jesse’s abilities, as do we! As part of The Foundation, we’re adding skills to her supernatural arsenal. Take Control of an all-new ability (exclusive to The Foundation) called Shape and an upgrade to the Service Weapon called Fracture, allowing Jesse to transform and shatter the Foundation’s environments.

Jesse will also have access to Shield Rush, an upgrade to the Shield ability that allows Jesse to charge at her enemies, knocking them back during combat. This upgrade will come as part of the free March update, but more on that later!

The Hiss Sharpened

The Foundation introduces the Hiss Sharpened, a new enemy type which can be found in the caves under the Oldest House. This new Hiss-type is particularly challenging, so get ready to put your skills to the test as they approach you with their melee swings, pickaxe in hand. What’s more, Hiss Sharpened will come at you from different directions, so think about how you can use your abilities to take them down. (Top tip: Look at how you can use Shield Rush and Levitate to your advantage!)

Free March Update

One more thing. We’re launching a free update alongside The Foundation. In response to player feedback, we’ve improved the functionality of the map, added the option to reallocate Ability points using Essence at Control points, and other quality of life improvements. There’s also the Shield Rush ability upgrade and many more improvements under the hood.
Thanks to 505 Games' Antonela Pounder for the PlayStation Blog update. Now, just tell us when the rest of us get to play it!

Monday, 23 September 2019
Post by KostaAndreadis @ 12:33pm 23/09/19 | 0 Comments
Where analyst Daniel Ahmad points to a financial report from Digital Bros (parent company of Control publisher 505 Games) that lists a 9.49 million Euro payment made by Epic Games. The report, which is in Italian, reportedly states that the money is for digital exclusivity.

With 55% of the payment going to publisher 505 Games.

Naturally, this is not controversial in and of itself but sheds some light on the situation relating to Epic Games Store exclusive releases on PC. With the over $10 million in USD paid for Control it's safe to assume that the amount paid to 2K for Borderlands 3 would probably me markedly higher.
Wednesday, 18 September 2019
Post by KostaAndreadis @ 12:12pm 18/09/19 | 0 Comments
Out on PC and console, Remedy's Control is already a Game of the Year contender. No matter the platform the cinematic look of the game is often stunning, but on PC - with the right GPU - Control's visuals enter the realm of next-gen. With full NVIDIA GeForce RTX ray-tracing support it adds immeasurably to the immersion.

And offers a glimpse at the next-generation of gaming - as Nathan "nachosjustice" Lawrence found out.
To date, we’ve seen promising first-gen applications. Reflective surfaces from puddles of water to the barrel of a gun in Battlefield V displaying environment detail both seen and unseen. Revamped real-time lighting in Quake II that is completely ray-traced (I’ll be writing more on this later). Global illumination in Metro Exodus. And some other impressive tech demos you can download for free off the NVIDIA website. They are, in effect, great demonstrations of the tech and the potential that ray-tracing holds in store for players.

But as great as they can look, they pale in comparison to just how impressive the ray-tracing in Control is. Make no mistake, even without ray-tracing Control is a gorgeous game. With ray-tracing enabled, it’s positively stunning to the point where it’s tough to go back to the ‘RTX Off’ setting. After all, Control isn’t the kind of shooter that particularly rewards 144-fps responsiveness – my preference for the likes of Rainbow Six Siege and Battlefield V.

Remedy Entertainment’s cinematic presentation is the perfect match for showcasing just what the fps-destroying tech can do.

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Thursday, 12 September 2019
Post by KostaAndreadis @ 11:20am 12/09/19 | 0 Comments
With Remedy's supernatural mind-bender Control a definite Game of the Year contender, the studio has outlines its plans for post-launch updates and content. In addition to a recent patch that fixed some of the bigger issues, some free content in the form of a Photo Mode is in the works plus a New Game Mode that will introduce Expeditions - described as "challenging new end-game content".

Where "Jesse must help Security Chief Arish explore the mysterious Formation and its strange surroundings." More Control in any form sounds great, as per our review the combat "blends Force-like powers with the supernatural and strange" - so more of that is definitely welcome.

Where things get interesting is that Control will receive two full expansions in 2020 called The Foundation and AWE. Stuff that will expand on the already fascinating sci-fi lore found in its world. And as per the teaser below looks to be teasing an Alan Wake crossover.

The Foundation will delve into the history of the Oldest House. At the request of the ever-mysterious Board, Jesse must explore what lies beneath the Bureau as she returns order to the Foundation and the Oldest House itself.

The second Expansion, AWE, will take Jesse into a new area of the Oldest House, the Investigations Sector, where the Bureau closely examines Altered World Events.

There seems to be some PS4 exclusivity going on too, as the Season Pass for the above is available for pre-order on Sony's console now, and will arrive on Xbox One and PC after the release of The Foundation.

Bringing things back to the Photo Mode - with the PC version's impressive and stunning implementation of real-time ray-tracing thanks to NVIDIA GeForce RTX support - this is a feature that we'll be checking out extensively.
Wednesday, 28 August 2019
Post by KostaAndreadis @ 01:00pm 28/08/19 | 0 Comments
No matter the platform, Remedy's Control is without a doubt one of our contenders for Game of the Year. From the excellent, superbly weird, and engrossing sci-fi supernatural story to the thrilling telekinetic combat - it's a must play for fans of single-player games. On PC though, powered by a NVIDIA GeForce RTX GPU things get even better - with the most impressive use of real-time ray-tracing to date.

Seriously amazing stuff, where things like transparent reflections, shadows, and lighting take the already cinematic presentation into the realm of true next-gen visuals. Be sure to check out our RTX Off and RTX On video for a few examples.

As per this clip from Gamescom, Control's game director Mikael Kasurinen notes that seeing the effect for the first time was shocking in terms of things ray-tracing added that he didn't necessarily realise were there.

Here's a more technical breakdown of the effects - with NVIDIA going through just what is happening on screen. And off-screen.

No specific word on whether or not the new GeForce Game Ready 436.15 WHQL drivers increase performance over previous versions, but it's safe to assume that they do - as has been the case in the past. Even if it's minor.

Control is out now.
Tuesday, 27 August 2019
Post by KostaAndreadis @ 12:05am 27/08/19 | 2 Comments
First off this is not being written to implore you to rush out and buy a new graphics card, nor is it to state that a single game - Control - will justify that sort of purchase. No, it's to simply confirm that the game's implementation of ray-tracing as seen on PC with a high-end NVIDIA GeForce RTX GPU, completely sells the technology as next-gen.

Thanks to ray-traced transparent reflections not only can you see through windows, but your faint reflection and that of the room behind you. For an immersive and cinematic sci-fi mind-bender like Control - ray-tracing adds depth to the environments which subsequently has a flow-on effect to that thing we love about modern single-player games - feeling totally lost in the world depicted.

Check it out.

Remedy's Control implements the technology for a number of groundbreaking effects, including: Ray-Traced Translucent Reflections, Ray-Traced Indirect Diffuse Lighting, and Ray-Traced Contact Shadows. Now, even though these can be read as hard-to-fully-understand terms the end results speak for themselves. This is a glimpse into the future, and the next-generation of visuals.

For more on Control, be sure to check out our full review.
Monday, 26 August 2019
Post by KostaAndreadis @ 11:17pm 26/08/19 | 4 Comments
Remedy, the studio behind Max Payne, Alan Wake, and Quantum Break returns with the supernatural sci-fi mind-bender Control. From the excellent writing, characters, and evocative art direction, to the kinetic action that feels like Force-powers mixed with third-person shooting - it's an experience you won't want to miss.

Where to begin? When it comes to Remedy’s Control it’s almost fitting to start at the end and then work your way back. Much in the same way some of us digest reviews. Check out the score, have a glance at the conclusion, and then go back to the beginning to get some context. For Control this isn’t talking about anything specific that comes from its final moments, or the sense of closure imparted from its spectacular and grandiose finale. Where the state-of-mind bending supernatural story and setting reaches its conclusion.

Beginning here one can’t help but revel in the slow and measured crescendo of Control’s story, mechanics, action and characters. The inventive sci-fi concepts, wonderful art direction and genuinely engaging combat. Plus, a generous helping of sci-fi weirdness. All packed into what may initially feel like Remedy’s least ambitious project in years.

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