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City of Brass
City of Brass

Genre: Action
Release Date:
May 2018
Amidst the scorching heat of desert sands, a once opulent city lies in ruins after its inhabitants’ excessive greed invoked a genie’s curse. Embark on a grand heist as an intrepid thief armed with little more than a whip and scimitar to combat the legions of the damned standing between players, a fabled treasure at the heart of the city, and perhaps even a way to reverse the curse.

With its signature bullwhip, City of Brass allows players to toy with enemies in a variety of ways. The versatile weapon can trip, stun, and disarm foes to make them vulnerable to blade attacks. It can also be used to swing away from dangerous situations and reach far-off objects, or even manipulate the environment to one's advantage by triggering deadly booby traps. Navigating the settlement is enhanced by the fluidity of movement provided by using the whip to bypass obstacles and access the perfect position to fight against the next wave of enemies.