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Call of Duty: Black Ops
Call of Duty: Black Ops

PC | PlayStation 3 | Xbox 360
Genre: First Person Shooter
Developer: Treyarch Official Site: http://www.callofduty.com/bl...
Publisher: Activision
Release Date:
9th November 2010
Call of Duty: Black Ops

Genre: First Person Shooter
Developer: Treyarch
Official Site: http://www.callofduty...
Publisher: Activision
Release Date:
9th November 2010
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Call of Duty: Black Ops Review
Review By @ 05:12pm 09/11/10
So you want to know about Call of Duty: Black Ops? Well, I could tell you, the then I’d have to kill you. Actually, AusGamers was privileged enough to be able to attend a specific review event for the game ahead of release, and we’ve been champing at the bit to actually fill you in on the finer details ever since.

First of all, the AusGamers quote that you see on the back of the PC/Xbox 360 box saying “very, very awesome” rings true. Call of Duty: Black Ops is excellent. It’s Treyarch’s best work to-date, and a worthy entrant in the halls of the Call of Duty experience. As an overall product, you’re essentially getting what has come before - a solid, blockbuster of a story (with slightly more length this time) along with an equally solid and fleshed-out multiplayer experience.

What’s evident with Black Ops is that the series has very much come into its own. Infinity Ward certainly sparked the shift from WWII shooter dominance to the Modern Warfare platform, but Treyarch have regressively pushed the genre forward here, in that, by bridging the gap between modern warfare shooters and WWII shooter with an epic yarn, they can rely on modern weapons and largely alien settings (or plot points), while maintaining their stance as the best in the biz at capturing the ‘old school’.

The game is definitely a split affair with single-player offering up a gripping story that breaks the Call of Duty mold by giving you, the player, a voice. AusGamers’ previously broken story about Sam Worthington voicing the main character of Mason is true, and despite the odd hiccup here and there where he clearly left his American accent at home, he does an incredible job. So does the rest of the cast too, with the likes of Ice Cube, Garry Oldman and Ed Harris filling roles; fleshing out a reasonably deep and complex narrative that spanned, on Hardcore for this player, some seven to eight hours of frustration, engagement, despair and fulfilment.

The other side of the coin is in the multiplayer, which probably should have been locked up for excessive *insert random act of societal defiance here*. Seriously, in terms of the sheer volume of content and change here, Treyarch have put together the absolute best multiplayer experience the series has seen yet, and even when I thought they couldn’t possibly give us more, they did.

Multiplayer offers up a very similar experience to the Modern Warfare games (no tanks here), with a host of added modes. The usual affair of Team Deathmatch, Free For All, Domination, Headquarters et al, are in place and just as addictive as ever. But new options such as Theater, Wager Match and Combat Training add so much to the fray, they could be a whole new component on their own, without the older stuff. Then on top of the new modes is Treyarch’s trademark Zombies, which yes, offers anyone who finishes the single-player campaign a chance to play as Castro, Nixon or the man himself, Kennedy. Finally, Dead Ops, which could have been an XBLA/PSN title of its own, just adds to the myriad modes on offer, and also works as a great distraction to the intensity of everything else on offer.

Continuing their tradition of breaking the mold though, Treyarch have also introduced a monetary system to multiplayer, which adds insurmountably to everything else on offer. So, while you do level up and gain in rank; unlocking new items, modes, perks and more in the process, you also earn money which you can use to deck out your character or buy attachments, perks and more. This works because ultimately, you can give yourself a slight headstart with a new attachment (say a Grenade Launcher) early on, so you don’t feel so far behind waiting to unlock better equipment as you go.

On the money front though, you can also create Contracts, which give yourself in-game challenges to complete, with an actual time-limit (40-minutes in-game, for example), and doing so awards you more cash, and if you’re not overtly worried about decking out your character and want an excuse to get rid of the money you’ve been earning, Wager Matches will help you scratch that certain itch. In this mode, you essentially play with no perks or customisation; instead adhering to a set of rules with five other players (six in total) to attempt to come in first and win the big bucks. Each person can also elect to Double Down at the start of a match (therefor earning more money), or you can even enter a high stakes mode with a buy-in in the thousands. While these matches mifght seem exclusive, or even hardcore, they’re among the most fun options of the game (Sticks and Stones or One in the Chamber, are excellent).

We reviewed the game on the Xbox 360, so can’t offer any words on PC play, or dedicated servers, so we’ll be touching on that a little post-release in our own dedicated feature, but for the console owners out there, there is still the option to search for Locale or Locale Only servers, keeping connection searches a little longer, but with the added bonus of a more stable connection in the longrun. There’s also a heady set of tracked stats now, which should cater to the more OCD players out there, while minor changes such as voting for maps now, and not against them (two on offer, with Random as a third option), make the game just so much better.

The whole interface is much easier to manage and navigate now, while the team have also stolen a few ideas from Bungie; offering up a map showing all current multiplayer activity around the world, along with an insanely deep (yet easy to use) Theatre Mode, which allows you to go into any one of a massive list of the last games you played and watch, record or edit your way through. You can create your own highlight reels, screenshot galleries and more, and upload them all to your profile, which is accessible from your menu, to then share with your friends or the community as a whole.

Really, in a full three days of access, I had barely scratched the surface of the multiplayer which, on its own, would garner a score of 9.5 from this reviewer, but this is a product with varying parts, and while the single-player component is fun, engaging and often thrilling, it also feels like it needed a few more months in development, with particular chapters lacking in variety and direction. The way in which the story is told now works better for the series on the whole, and the actors they brought on board are excellent, but at times it felt disjointed and rushed. Almost like they’d worked too hard on some section, and just not enough on others (the arctic mission with Reznov, and its outro is a prime example of this). None of it is game-breaking, but if I were reviewing only the single-player component, it would struggle to enter the 9s.

Which brings me to my conclusion, which is that as a product that will deliver countless hours of fun and engagement; that isn’t just a rehash of what we’ve been seeing the past few years, and offers a gripping and well-told story of a lost, or buried era in history, Call of Duty: Black Ops delivers, and delivers in solid measure. Does it suffer in parts? Yes, and we won’t know how fully until the game has been out for a while, but the sum of its parts make a great whole and in terms of investment, you’re definitely going to get a lot of life out of it. It’s Treyarch’s best work to-date, and possibly the most jam-packed competitive multiplayer offering on the market, with an awesome story thrown in for good measure. Very, very awesome.
What we liked
  • The most jam-packed multiplayer experience out there
  • Wager Matches and Theatre alone make it worth your while
  • Single-player campaign is gripping, well written and has great voice-acting
  • Still looks amazing in parts, despite the engine being as old as it is
What we didn't like
  • Polished in parts, but lacking in others (in single-player)
  • Can feel disjointed here and there due to the above
  • Enemy AI is the same as it always has been (ie frustrating)
  • No progression in the way in which you actively move through the story
We gave it:
Latest Comments
Posted 07:13pm 09/11/10
A treyarch game without tanks, WTF?

Oh and its "Champing at the bit" not chomping. Don't worry too much though it's a horse thing..
Posted 07:18pm 09/11/10
Ausgamers got on the back cover too! :P
Posted 07:37pm 09/11/10
So a 9+ rating is the price of early access to a game now days? :P

Seriously though, I hope it's as good as you say it is. Although I was hoping for a good Single campaign (As I was with with MoH too), it may be worth getting just for the Multiplayer. Think I'll wait and see how it goes on the PC before I decide.
Posted 07:41pm 09/11/10
It is f*****g awesome. Mind blowingly f*****g awesome. The singleplayer is without a doubt the best of the COD series. It is engaging, it is quick with actions, it feels responsive, it's engaging, the sound effects are just my god awesome, the explosions, sweet jesus all of it. I was so pumped in the very first playable scene, running through chopper fire and explosions hitting the ground, my god was it right out of a war scene. A++++++++++ game.
Posted 07:58pm 09/11/10
I would buy this but i just feel dirty giving money to bobby kotick, oh and the fact its bloody $90 on steam. Also all the people i know with the pc version haven't really been able to play any mp all day because of the servers.
Posted 08:02pm 09/11/10
Heh, I still feel cheated if I pay $30 more than the US for a digital only copy... I don't think I have the energy to try and purchase it through the US either :( :*(

Call of Duty®: Black Ops
Release: 9th November 2010
USD AU$ 88.59$ 89.99
USD $ 59.99 » USD AU$ 59.06$ 59.99 (-33.34%)
GBP £ 39.99 » USD AU$ 63.88$ 64.89 (-27.89%)
Posted 08:04pm 09/11/10
Posted 08:06pm 09/11/10
Needs to be an AG gifting service IMO. Surely someone could set something up.
Posted 08:16pm 09/11/10
Yeah glad the VPN still works. Paying more than 60 for cod LOL
Posted 08:27pm 09/11/10
the funny (sad) part is, you can buy the physical copy CHEAPER from JB Hi-fi. $79
Posted 08:30pm 09/11/10
People are already finding game breaking glitches, doesn't look good for multiplayer at the moment.

Posted 08:37pm 09/11/10
Hahaha Tremble, that was gold.

"This is the new one man army. Just look at it, it floats - it doesn't even adhere to the laws of gravity."
Posted 08:38pm 09/11/10
hahaha ^
Posted 08:41pm 09/11/10
Played a little bit so far.
But are you kidding me eorl? Are you honestly that excitable?

The first couple of mission of SP were terrible in both level architecture and story. Few missions in and its improved at least.
Posted 08:52pm 09/11/10
So PC people, how are you finding multiplayer? Aside from those freezes that are supposedly unrelated to the servers themselves, do you think that the sole server provider is adequately meeting demand or are you finding it hard to find a non-full dedicated server to play on and having to join player created games?

Anything else noteworthy about the experience?
Posted 09:22pm 09/11/10
If I buy blackops PC from JB's will the SP work for me without having to login into steam and register it?

Or if I do have to login to steam and register, would there be any large files that need to be downloaded?

Review makes the game sound pretty good, looking forward to it.
Posted 09:22pm 09/11/10
I cannot believe that they released the game in this state and are just partyng into the night!! What a dissappointment!
Posted 09:28pm 09/11/10
^^ Must have bought the mac version...
Posted 09:31pm 09/11/10
Yes, I was that excited about SP. It was very fun and very enjoyable.

MP is good. Maps are layed out with though, and not just go to center and shoot. There are pits, there are rocks, theres hideouts theres open space. Besides lag, which I'm not sure who or what is doing that, everything is going well. Damage is improved in my opinion, in that it takes 3 bullets max to the head of someone in normal mode to kill. Guns are nice and smooth reloading/firing animations. Sprinting, then hitting prone makes ya slide, which is awesome when ya get last kill. Looks badass.
Posted 09:32pm 09/11/10
the game is broken on PC atm, all players across the board reporting crippling stuttering and lag both singleplayer and multiplayer.
Posted 09:45pm 09/11/10
Played a few missions on the 360. Yeah the single player is good but It definitely didn't excite me as much as Eorl.

Cross bow with explosives was the highlight for me so far. Yet to test out multiplayer.
Posted 09:46pm 09/11/10
My SP works fine. My multi crashes when I try to change the resolution.
Posted 09:54pm 09/11/10
I jumped in with my Call of Duty clan (TOG) this afternoon on a private server and Multi was running great had a few little lock ups but nothin major maps are f***en great but i dont like the single play game much (( 7/10
Posted 09:54pm 09/11/10
SP is very average, other COD titles had me hooked and wanting more, this time round I'm only playing more hoping that its going to get me interested soon.

MP on PC is very laggy, FPS are low and getting random lockups. Feels cheap. Played 20mins worth and i've had enough for now.
Posted 10:08pm 09/11/10
I am really enjoying the game multiplayer. not game to touch single player just yet. Not sure what is going on with the glitching but should be fixed by tomorrow apparently.

great game. great multi action. love it.
Posted 10:17pm 09/11/10
Just got the multi going and had a go. It's great, but I'm getting this thing where I lock up for a few seconds every couple of minutes, kind of annoying.
Posted 10:21pm 09/11/10
Yea, getting some lock ups too. Their twitter and facebook have gone quite...
Posted 11:21pm 09/11/10
Yea, getting some lock ups too. Their twitter and facebook have gone quite...

Quite what? Quite quiet?

Still waiting for mine to arrive in post but had a look at mates game, just to see the server browser, was impressed :D.

Hope they patch this freeze issue I'm hearing about before mine arrives.
Posted 11:58pm 09/11/10
The lag is atrocious. It really needs to be fixed soon.
Posted 11:59pm 09/11/10
oh noes a cod game with laggy multiplayer. someone call the president
Posted 12:50am 10/11/10
It's frame spikes, not latency.
Posted 06:24am 10/11/10
It's frame spikes, not latency.
Have a look at your ping while playing and see how erratic it is.

Game runs smoothly on my machine...
Posted 08:41am 10/11/10
Yeah I noticed the AusGamers quote too lol - "Very, very awesome" and I agree! Getting the grenade launcher so early on the first mission sold me.

Now if I could only get down this f*****g mountain alive!

Haven't tried MP yet but well done Treyarch for a fun, exciting and engaging title more than worty of the COD brand.

One negative is no co-op campaign but apart from that the this is a new favourite. Sure I enjoyed Medal of Honor but this seriously s**** on it.
Posted 08:45am 10/11/10
Oh yeah I got it on 360 - my gaming rig doesn't really cut it these days for titles like this. At least on 360 I know it will run OK (but yes framerate issues in New Vegas) but hope Treyarch sort out the issues for my PC brothers and sisters ASAP!
Posted 09:02am 10/11/10
I must say that having an "embargo date and time" on reviews is not good. Many respect reviews to decide to purchase or not. In this case it is a safe bet but still...
Posted 09:18am 10/11/10
Just got the multi going and had a go. It's great, but I'm getting this thing where I lock up for a few seconds every couple of minutes, kind of annoying.

This is so f***en annoying!!! what the problem? i get constant awesome frame rates then this happens?
Posted 10:16am 10/11/10
yeah doesnt matter if you are running an I7 with 8gb ram.. same lock ups etc
Posted 10:22am 10/11/10
Man i'm going to wait awhile and see how this one pans out. As a PC gamer, i'm still hurting from the MW2 debarkle so i'm treading carefully....
Posted 10:48am 10/11/10
Supposedly there is going to be a patch within the next 24 hours to fix the lag. And that they're working on server browser issues and fixes.
Posted 10:54am 10/11/10
Yea i guess the problem is when you deploy software to the world its alot diffrent from in house testing because there is to many diffrent types of comp and networking hardware configurations, There is bound to be issues. I think EA's forum will be crawling with issues and no doubt a patch to back it up. I have to admit it takes alot of balls to advertise big and get smashed down by the fans then release a patch that says STFU hehe. Keep fragging guys.
Posted 11:22am 10/11/10
i totally agree Mephz,
i couldnt believe how bad the first few levels were, i just found the single player a bit lame and way too unbelievable. 9.2 out of 10? wow.
Posted 11:24am 10/11/10
Steam forums too it seems!
Posted 11:32am 10/11/10
Well im happy i bought MOH 2010, MP is great runs well on PC, Ill wait aswell for black ops to settle. Still cant beat COD WAW tho.
Posted 01:33pm 10/11/10
That's the thing morbz, it didn't run great on alot of people's computers as well. They were plagued with the exact issues that BO is having too. People need to learn, game development is never 100% bug free. It's impossible with how programming works.
Posted 02:28pm 10/11/10
Yea with a little time and community imput they will get the game tweaked to user specs and hopefully smooth out the user XP.
Posted 03:01pm 10/11/10
I'm laughing at all the people freaking the f*** out demanding money back and all sorts of s***. Give it a week (that's being generous) and these same people will be saying how awesome it is and that the problems weren't all that bad. I myself have TF2 to keep me busy until the issues stop and I buy it.
Posted 06:00pm 10/11/10
Played a bit more today, definitely gets better, however do yourself a favour and DO NOT play on veteran difficulty.
The hill scene and some of the scenes are just not designed nor probably play tested on the veteran difficulty.
Thanks to the dodgy teammate AI who will allow an enemy to walk right through them, then another 10m and watch them melee you in the back also doesn't help.
Posted 06:11pm 10/11/10
Anyone else notice bowmans voice acting is by ice cube?
Posted 06:17pm 10/11/10
^haha I thought it was iceT
Posted 06:21pm 10/11/10
Yeah, I saw a youtube vid of him unwrapping a prestige edition. Man went ballistic over it lol.
Posted 06:43pm 10/11/10
Posted 06:51pm 10/11/10
Wait nvm, that was Ice T lol.
Posted 07:00pm 10/11/10

What a douche haha
Posted 07:02pm 10/11/10
anyone else have issues with d/l speeds from steam?
3.0kb/s is a little bit too slow for my liking..
guessing its cos every man and his dog is on steam and downloading?
Posted 07:05pm 10/11/10
The game f*****g sucks.
Posted 08:08pm 10/11/10
No. It doesn't.
Posted 08:13pm 10/11/10
I was at 600kb/s before Enska. Might be steam getting hammered.

Crakaveli, why, why post on a thread about a game you hate? Yes your opinion is great to hear, but I would like to know why? Instead of just one liners of "this sux, bad game is bad", I'd like to hear why it is you don't like it.
Posted 08:16pm 10/11/10
So I caved in and bought it. Already Rank 5 or whatever you call it. However how the s*** do you do something as simple as change your name? It says i'm Unknown Soldier ## when I join, and I can't find a name command or anything. Also no issues so far. 1 DC but I was sucking hard in that game so it's all good.
Posted 08:22pm 10/11/10
DM, PC, Xbox or PS3?

PC, go steam (either desktop or shift click for overlay) and hit friends list, just click the little arrow next to your name and change that.

Xbox, I presume it takes your profile name, not sure.

PS3, I presume the same thing as Xbox.
Posted 08:55pm 10/11/10
yeah I've picked back up to about 230-50kb/s so it must just be steam getting smashed.
still,at this rate my xmas holi's will be over :P
Posted 09:14pm 10/11/10
It's on PC and changing my name isn't actually the issue i've found. It lets me join a game, but as soon as I spawn, it changes my name back to Unknown Soldier. Really f*****g annoying. Trying a name longer than DM, maybe it has some minimum letters s***.
Posted 09:18pm 10/11/10
Give it a shot, but I believe it's minimum 1 character. I haven't looked to far into player settings, besides normal graphics/controls changing. There might be an option in Playercard.
Posted 11:10pm 10/11/10
Yeah it seems it's at least 3. That sucks. Can't use DM so while I have it set as [DM]Seoleim, it's showing up as DMSeoleim. So... yeah anyone who wants to add me go nuts.
Posted 11:20pm 10/11/10
Is ya steam name DM? Also, to add brackets, curly braces etc, open up mp config in steam folder, and change ya name there
Posted 11:21pm 10/11/10
Yeah thats what I did. On steam my name is [DM]Seoleim but ingame is shows up without the [ ] for some reason why everyone elses does.
Posted 09:55am 11/11/10
Yea just edit the mp config file in steamapps > cod black ops > players. Put the brackets in there and it will show.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 10:35am 11/11/10
I'm playing on 360 for the moment until PC sorts itself out.

add me:

Gamertag: steve farrelly
Steam: stephenfarrelly

(original I know)
Posted 11:01am 11/11/10
Only gripe i've got with this game is the respawns. I'm finding it really difficult to read the games and where enemies are since its so random. Fkn hopeless treyarch.

They need the MW2 system imo.
Posted 11:44am 11/11/10
Just finished playing the single player. Starts off a bit meh but it picks up and the s*** gets deep n****! Pretty decent story line, good variety of action and the graphics are pretty nice (and gory as guts in some parts). Multiplayer is next bebeh.

Steve Farrelly, added your original ass.
Posted 01:15pm 11/11/10
Just seen on the main twitter for BO:

Whoa whoa.... It's been a little more than 1 day, how can we be ignoring players after just one day?

And another:

Hello World. We're here, working. We will patch all platforms, as always. I'll have info of substance once we catch our breath.

Twitter: http://twitter.com/jd_2020
Posted 01:44pm 11/11/10
Ice Cube is f*****g cool, I laughed all through that video.
Posted 08:33pm 11/11/10
Been putting in the hours on the PC multilayer even through that buggy/stuttering, love it so far, can't wait for it to be fixed. Spawns seem ok, not sure if serious there Kappa asking for the MW2 spawns, because from all the time playing MW2 that was the most complained about stuff while in game zomg mw2 has bad spawns etc etc (oh and noob tubes)
Posted 02:06am 12/11/10
So having never played MW2 multiplayer, I can't say wether or not the leveling is faster or not because i'm already level 41, and i've only been playing about 15 hours. Guess thats a decent enough time to unlock everything. Few gripes though

- Whenever I shoot, its like everyone else is wearing magical bullet deflecting armor and I miss like a mother f*****, but when someone shoots me they only have to pop off like 2 - 3 rounds and i'm dead. I call hax

- Sometimes spawns can be annoying but isn't a big issue. Theres a server that is non stop Nuketown, which is my favorite map ATM and having 18 people in TDM, with kill streak rewards is bloody insane. Sometimes die as soon as you spawn.

- Not having any FPS issues but I am having a bit of "connection interupted" problems, usually late at night.

All in all this is f*****g fun. best kill i've pulled off so far was on Nuketown and was edging around the bus on the right hand side next to the army jeep, I pulled out my ballistic knives, shot one through the upstairs window, and got a head shot on a guy who popped up to snipe me.

last edited by DM at 02:06:49 12/Nov/10
Posted 02:32am 12/11/10
Damage is improved in my opinion, in that it takes 3 bullets max to the head of someone in normal mode to kill.

The ONE thing that s**** me about noobcore is that it takes so many shots to kill people. I mean come on I can understand body shots taking more but THREE shots to the HEAD to kill someone? F*****g console players noobifying every game.

Posted 06:47am 12/11/10
Ice Cube is f*****g cool, I laughed all through that video.

This, even tho he was prob payed to do it.

The ONE thing that s**** me about noobcore is that it takes so many shots to kill people. I mean come on I can understand body shots taking more but THREE shots to the HEAD to kill someone? F*****g console players noobifying every game.

Hardcore for lyfe n****!
Posted 08:10am 12/11/10
Ice Cube is f*****g cool, I laughed all through that video.

it was ice t

Posted 08:38am 12/11/10
It was ice T SVU yo yo yo.

A patch just dlz on steam so wonder if some s*** has been fixed. Still yet to f*****g play it after a busy work week.

The ONE thing that s**** me about noobcore is that it takes so many shots to kill people. I mean come on I can understand body shots taking more but THREE shots to the HEAD to kill someone? F*****g console players noobifying every game.

Just shoot em from behind if you are on console because they cant do a 180 turn with the controllers luls consoles.
Posted 08:40am 12/11/10
Game is missing something, the multiplayer side feel lifeless, treyarch have no idea how to make a fun game, oh Iw how we miss you.
Posted 08:41am 12/11/10
Just realize that Steam was downloading a patch for BO lets see what they did.
Posted 08:53am 12/11/10
single player feels pretty bland and meh
Posted 09:16am 12/11/10
Reports are in that the FPS/Lag issues have been fixed, anyone here able to confirm? (im at work!).

I had some games last night and DM was playing as QGL DM =]
I'm on as chacha.

last edited by Python at 09:16:48 12/Nov/10
Posted 09:15am 12/11/10
the whole playing through ur memories thing is old and sucks for this game, you really cant do it after assasins creed has done it so well.
Posted 09:20am 12/11/10
Haven't played Assasins creed, having said that...I did enjoy playing BO single player.

The ending..AMERICA FK YEH! hah
Posted 09:26am 12/11/10
What do you mean it's missing something Totenkopf? As in, there aren't many features for MP? Cause there are a crap load. Make sure your taking contracts to for extra money!
Posted 09:53am 12/11/10
18 person multiplayer is wtf.
Posted 09:56am 12/11/10
opps lol yeah it was Ice T, my bad..
Posted 10:07am 12/11/10
i've been playing a bit of MP on the 360 - having a bit of fun, but the way my 360 is setup, using wireless adapter, i'm finding i'm lagged quite a bit more than others (according to the little meter thing on the scoreboard too), which means that every 50/50 chance when i'm shooting someone, i'm already dead on their screen. gets a bit annoying, when you get the death replay from their view and it doesn't match what happened on mine at all.

still, enjoying it a fair bit (and that gripe is just a result of my setup really), i've only been using the 2 day trial of live that comes with the game though, so i'll probably buy an upgraded live subscription soon to keep playing it.
Posted 10:10am 12/11/10

LOOOOOL pretty good hitbox. still funny though
Posted 10:33am 12/11/10
must have got him in the achilles.
Posted 11:55am 12/11/10
Posted 12:15pm 12/11/10
Getting really cranky that I seem to be getting worse at FPS as time goes on. No matter what I do, I always seem to die within 2 seconds of seeing an enemy. They always have perfect aim and just down me like that. Or sometimes I hit them 4 or 5 times and they don't go down, and then they headshot me.
Posted 12:36pm 12/11/10
fact of life: 15-16 yo sk's have faster reactions than ppl in their 20's+ :P

oh and about 10x more time :P
Posted 01:17pm 12/11/10
smg + extended mag = win.
Posted 02:55pm 12/11/10
heh the game raked in $350million first day. more than mw2.

last edited by ravn0s at 14:55:04 12/Nov/10
Posted 02:40pm 12/11/10
Fkn lol at that tomahawk video!

I'm using the Galil at the moment but might try the AUG next.

I got a 34-1 on jungle last night then went to make a video and it couldn't load the game replay!

So far the game is great except the random spawning right behind me!
Posted 02:40pm 12/11/10
from steam update:

- Friends fix for join in progress and Friends tab in server browser
- Performance improvement for dual and quad core systems

lag continue for me thou.
Posted 03:19pm 12/11/10
The GuVna
Posted 03:39pm 12/11/10
went to make a video and it couldn't load the game replay!

same, did an epic fly through window with Valkyrie killing 3 guys, profound sadness :(
Posted 05:13pm 12/11/10
Oh man... I'm using the G11 rifle now, the one you get at like 46 or 47 and god damn it's strong. Almost like every shot you make hits the target and it's a burst rifle so you never lose your aim really. Adore it.

EDIT - I was in Nuketown and was camping up on the enemy side's room upstairs with the window. They just kept running through the door 1 by 1 and I picked off about 8 before they attacked me as a group. I love this rifle.

last edited by DM at 17:13:05 12/Nov/10
Posted 07:28pm 12/11/10
Posted 10:44pm 12/11/10
how long is the steam download? and what connection u got?
Posted 10:51pm 12/11/10
Uhhh, I bought a box copy, but I'd presume on a adsl 2+ connection, it'd take bout 2-3 hours to download.
Posted 10:55pm 12/11/10
I saw 12gig On min sys req. But i think the download was 6GB in about 3hrs.
Posted 10:09am 13/11/10
Yeah 6gb compressed, then it unpacks to 12gb
Posted 11:24am 13/11/10
Steam was actually 8gb single and 8gb multi. I think its just 1 8gb dowload with a 10mb exe for multiplayer. Bloody steam suspended when my computer went into power saving and only got hald of it while i was sleeping. I changed the download region to Japan where i have seen the highest torrest download speeds and bada-boom steam went to downloading at 2mb/s got the other half the game in 20 minutes.
Posted 12:28pm 13/11/10
Posted 02:42pm 13/11/10
destruction 2.0??? NO ? not buying it ...

Im not taking a step back..
Posted 04:05pm 13/11/10
destruction 2.0??? NO ? not buying it ...Im not taking a step back..

because you can't blow the map into a boring piece of s***? cool.
Posted 05:10pm 13/11/10
So went into prestige mode and already about 21 or something. I miss my G11 but only another 20 something levels till I get it back.
Posted 09:23pm 13/11/10
I was really surprised how the character we kept seeing on the screenshots and trailers wasn't actually the main character.. :P
Posted 09:41pm 13/11/10
I was really surprised that DM let us know he went prestige mode like anyone gave a f***....
Posted 12:19am 14/11/10
The spawning is pretty absurd in black ops, though it can lead to some funny s***:

Posted 12:26am 14/11/10
I don't get it, whats that video sposed to be showing?
Posted 12:27am 14/11/10
Biggest pile of steaming defecation to have ever been release into the wild.
Posted 12:31am 14/11/10
Khel: basically people spawning in direct LOS of the guy and if it was quake it would of been a telefrag lol
Posted 01:06am 14/11/10
yeah pretty much that as I ran in, dudes spawned on top of me, then after that wave was gone, even though they were also spawning else where (presumably on the other side of the bridge that the grenade kill was at) they spawned again right on me.

Which just means that if you are coordinated as a group, you can basically camp their spawn and kill them as soon as they appear because the game doesn't move their spawn when enemies enter it.

I guess the problem is that as an attacker it makes capping the flag hard because you can have guys spawn behind you after you clear the spawn and as a defender, it means you are susceptible to really bad spawn trapping because you spawn in line of sight of potential camping positions.
Posted 01:30am 14/11/10
I've lost all faith that Ausgamers gives reliable reviews. Although I was suspicious after they gave Halo: Reach such a good review than slammed it for having health bars.

Too many games are rated by their production value and not their true game play value. A good game like counter-strike or starcraft will last a decade. A game like this will be lucky to last a single year. Yet it has such a high score?

Call of Duty is time consuming and addictive, not that fulfilling however.
Posted 01:31am 14/11/10
Biggest pile of steaming defecation to have ever been release into the wild.

Agreed, people fall for the hype so bad they start defending the game before they've even played it.
Posted 01:51am 14/11/10
that may be true. But the majority of people in this thread have played it, and the majority find it pretty damn fun.
Have you played the game Blue?
Posted 02:17am 14/11/10
Too many games are rated by their production value and not their true game play value. A good game like counter-strike or starcraft will last a decade.

If everyone scored their games based on longevity in the gaming community then 99% of games would score < 5 when comapred to sc and cs.

Posted 08:31am 14/11/10
I score a game on how I like it, WHEN i've played it. No point saying it's a 10 if I haven't even played it. It's fun. It's time consuming and it's my new arcade fps.
Posted 09:30am 14/11/10
Biggest pile of steaming defecation to have ever been release into the wild.

Nah, that would be modern warfare 2.

Where's pure aussie gamer, we need him to do one of his awesome youtube reviews (yeah sarcasm)
Posted 10:36am 14/11/10
Really enjoying the game.
I rate it

And I love the maps!
Pretty big and so many spots to pop out of.
Game feels a little like Medal of Honour, where is COD6 had a more fluid feel to it.

Sprint and prone are pretty win.
I've had guys jump out of windows after throwing grenades into the room they were camping and prone'd mid air only to cop a bullet in the face.
Good times.

Can anyone clarify Valkyrie Rockets to me.
Do you only get one?
I've only used it once then died.
You zoom, fire and fly around like a pred missile and boom?
Seems a bit soft for a 7kill streak :(

They've switched up the Perks, allowing for new combos. For example, you don't need the "Harden" perk if playing in normal mode games to drop enemies quick.
Enemies take all the same damage regardless of perk.
Kinda free's up how you want to play, rather than forcing you to use certain perks just to have a level playing field.
Posted 12:47pm 14/11/10
Gave the multiplayer a bash (360) and it was good fun. The game overall is packed with so much content i've deemed it worthy of purchase. I would liked to get it for PC but I don't think it'll handle it very well.

Can't go wrong with $57 brand new delivered off ebay, bebeh.
Posted 01:03pm 14/11/10
They've switched up the Perks, allowing for new combos. For example, you don't need the "Harden" perk if playing in normal mode games to drop enemies quick.
Enemies take all the same damage regardless of perk.
Kinda free's up how you want to play, rather than forcing you to use certain perks just to have a level playing field.

That's something I suppose. The intervention in MW2 is pretty damn powerful but can still take 2 or 3 shots to kill someone in noobcore mode.

You zoom, fire and fly around like a pred missile and boom?

Sounds like the redeemer from unreal. Now, if this stupid game did have the redeemer (remote controlled thermo nuclear device you can fly like an rc plane) then I'd be on it like a fly on turds.
Posted 10:55pm 14/11/10
I think the Valkyrie Rockets do that Whoop. Not sure, haven't used em yet. I keep forgetting to unlock killstreaks xD
Posted 11:10am 15/11/10
I had Valkyrie rockets drop this morning from an air drop.
They are fking insane, and have a nice blast radius too
It's pretty much exactly like the redeemer from unreal whoop, so so fun.
Posted 11:40am 15/11/10
I haven't read the whole thread but has the crap sound been discussed???

I am finding the gunshots are ridiculously quiet in this one.... it is rather disappointing.
Posted 12:53pm 15/11/10
The triggers for the single player are very basic compared to mw2 which leads to s*** just bugging out and some of the things they want people do arent very clear which leads to just trial and error to try and figure it out. Also some of the events arent balanced for veteran lol. By this i mean when the NPC goes "follow me!" and he runs through a hail of bulelts (which you would survive with any other difficulty) and you just die instantly because you cant just follow the games script on veteran lol.
Posted 10:23pm 15/11/10
After trying to like this game for the past few days I've just given up.

A short list of things that are wrong with this game on the PC,
- The horrible lag, both graphical/engine and network
- Horrible hitbox detection
- Prone and crouch does weird things to hitboxes, but this would probably be a symptom of everything else
- Muzzle flashes seem to count as part of your hitbox
- The worlds biggest gun only needs the tip of your head above an object to shoot over it
- Really bad client hit prediction
- Server browser won't let you do join a server until it's attempted to refresh at least 50 million servers in every other part of the world
- Spawns are a complete joke, unless the constant backrage turns you on
- You can't change your classes at the end of the round, which means you're back at the mercy of the server browser each time you get something new
- Using the "join ranked server" option for even trying to get into any game more often than not puts you into an empty server

Gameplay elements I personally don't like,
- rcxd is the new noob tube/martyrdom
- Matches seem to be over before they've begun

Actual good parts of this game,
- The zombie mode
Posted 11:29pm 15/11/10
The first couple of mission of SP were terrible in both level architecture and story. Few missions in and its improved at least.

I'm currently up to rebirth after giving it a few hours on the weekend. I just find the story too far fetched and unbelievable. I do hope the purpose of the interrogation is revealed at the end. I have a few ideas so I better not be disappointed.

As someone else said, flash backs just aren't the same after Assassins Creed, which I'm yet to finish.
Posted 01:36am 16/11/10
The spawns are a joke for the most part.
MY biggest tip (mostly TDM) would be that if you're having a fire fight that lasts more than 2-3 seconds, rather than dance until someone is the winner... run, because inevitably either your teammate will spawn behind the enemy and win it for you, or more likely it always feels, the enemies teammates will spawn behind you around a corner somewhere.

Most success I've had with scoring big was simply predicting where enemies will spawn.

53/15 as a score.
FAMAS+ Silencer, Ghost, Ninja, Sleight of Height Pro.

Now primarily using the L96A1 but it feels very underpowered and there seems to be something broken with it + someone who enters prone (which is just about everyone who spams dropping into it in a fight), if you shoot at them just as they hit prone you will miss, wait a second (until animation on their end completes I imagine) and it will be a hit. Dodgy.

Diving into prone is cool, but dropping into prone and still firing should be removed from all games, needs a big firing delay penalty for entering prone if not sprinting (and thus not firing already anyway).

last edited by Mephz at 01:36:07 16/Nov/10
Posted 02:18am 16/11/10
yeah prone s**** me up the fking wall, however the awesome dive you do while sprinting rocks, a dude got a killcam with it tonight and it looked f*****g sweet.
Posted 02:29am 16/11/10
I'm not a fan of prone either. S**** me when someone does it, and really shouldn't even be in multiplayer. My biggest gripe with MP really is the spawns. I guess they did it to kind of throw things around a bit so spawn camping is harder to do, but on some maps like Nuketown when you spawn in the enemy base it's 9 times out of 10 that it will spell a very fast death for you. Theres nothing more f*****g annoying than to have someone spawn directly behind you that kills you straight away without any reaction time on your part. I spawned directly in front of an enemy today who was firing at someone on my team who was behind me. So he not only took me out the second I spawned but he killed that person too. That's not cool.

RC cars don't really bug me all that much but their radius seems a bit glitchy at times. Sometimes I tell it to blow up and it doesn't, When it gets shot it makes a big explosion and bang but it does no damage to anyone... so why does it explode and just not say fall apart in some sparks? Theres been more than a few times where i've ran directly into someone and detonated it but it hasn't killed them or even done any damage. They weren't in that flak armor either.
Posted 02:39am 16/11/10
On another note, Iv'e been loving Search & Destroy. Makes it feel like and awesome version of CS :P
that and the pace of the game slows down to a much more serious/intense tone. your movement and such becomes a much bigger part of the game, instead of just sprinting all over the place in tdm
Posted 02:55am 16/11/10
What the hell are you console girls on about? Prone is the best thing ever in FPS's. If bad company 2 had prone it'd be 10x better than it is now and if it also had lean it'd be > *. Who in their right mind hates prone? I'm guessing you're one of those people who always get shot by someone who runs up to you & prones while they shoot at you. I do that, it's so funny watching people shoot at where your head used to be.
Posted 08:37am 16/11/10
Actually the problem lies in the fact that the hit boxes are BROKEN when you run up to someone and just hit prone.

Sorry but no, there needs to be a penalty when going into prone.
In Black Ops if you sprint and DIVE into prone there is a window where you can't actually fire or at least your accuracy is as wild as it gets.

If you are standing still and hit prone you can continue to fire without penalty to accuracy, this is terrible design and also very broken with regards to the hit boxes, use the L96A1 and this will become obvious.
Posted 09:00am 16/11/10
I love the dive when sprinting and going to prone. I still giggle when everyone dives onto a flag at the start of domination :D
Posted 10:17am 16/11/10
Posted 10:35am 16/11/10
^ Damn son. There goes Rambo lawn mowing on Sundays again.
Posted 10:38am 16/11/10
prone shat me to tears at the start. but if you can't beat them join them and now I get so many tears about it
Posted 10:56pm 17/11/10
I've had no real problem with people going prone.

SP - Sux imo. It's fun the first run through. It feels fast paced and fun and fresh. Anything after the first play through is just boring. Some of the missions are just shooting your way to a certain point (sometimes back again). I just feel there isn't much in the way of innovation. I know they have innovated, just not enough.

Veteran difficulty is once again a joke like all CoD titles. The damage and accuracy of enemies is up'ed... and that's it. They fail to make the game any more challenging, they just upgrade the enemies accuracy and damage. The only reason I'm bothering to play on veteran difficulty at this point, is for the achievement points.

Biggest gripe is the lack of decent story. I know FPS's aren't big on storyline's, and that's ok by me - I don't play FPS for compelling lore. But FFS don't make the storyline a big f*****g jump around/flashback in the same sense as MW2! I gave up on the story. It's f*****g pointless and at the same time, annoying. They should of just had random no names do the voicing for the characters because who really gives a s*** about them?

MP - It's fun and the reason I haven't tried to get a refund at this point. It's a general rehash of MW2's MP with more innovation. I'm currently loving the hardcore modes atm. They reward people for playing conservatively and give a change of pace from free running in every match. Kill streaks are better off imo. Targeting zones means that an entire map isn't dominated by a single helicopter (or crappy jet lol). Attack dogs are cool when your using them. Mortar strikes are a great kill streak and should have been thought of sooner.

Zombies - Is straight up great fun. Harder then I thought it would be, I'll admit that. The intro video after finishing the campaign is pure awesome! JFK's pip and words of wisdom had me laughing hard. Dead Ops arcade is also a good laugh. Four player co op with mates is the way to go with both Dead Ops and Zombies.

Only real complaint is the lack of maps. I'm twitching for more already, which is a problem because the second some DLC with more maps comes out I'll end up buying it. Basically I'd just prefer to have more then 2 maps for zombies upon release. Seems like a rip off to me.

Basically I like the multiplayer side of the game. They needed to have a separate team altogether making the campaign imo. With a decent f*****g writer on the storyline.
Posted 07:38am 18/11/10
Ninja Pro doesn't work.
Posted 08:08am 18/11/10
the sp is linear as.

you are trapped in the little scripted sequences (but think you have freedom)

still fun though, dont imagine you'd ever replay it.
Posted 10:43am 18/11/10
Ninja Pro doesn't work.
It works for me?
You have to go to the perks right click on it and buy the pro version, I'm going to assume you knew that and have done so.

Makes enemy footsteps slightly louder and yours completely silent that's all it does, its not a huge difference over the non-pro perk.

There's my custom created emblem, cut the image and put it onto where the equipment kills are. I use the tomahawk quite a lot but it results in a lot of death due to the delay of getting your weapon back if you miss (It's a bit too long if you ask me). Had quite a few long range and really good throws lost to the replay not saving bug. Had one across the forested area of array from the very far corner of the map to the base of the hill/pass :)

Have a funny replay shared of clearing a room of 3 guy with just the tomahawk and the 4th with gun, even picking it up under fire :)

last edited by Mephz at 10:43:07 18/Nov/10
Posted 02:38pm 18/11/10

Zombies - Is straight up great fun. Harder then I thought it would be, I'll admit that. The intro video after finishing the campaign is pure awesome! JFK's pip and words of wisdom had me laughing hard. Dead Ops arcade is also a good laugh. Four player co op with mates is the way to go with both Dead Ops and Zombies.

Totally agree. Josh Olin tweeted this "Five" vid today, LMAO

Posted 02:49pm 18/11/10
^Wtf, is that voice chat? Those dudes sound f*****g retarded.
Posted 02:51pm 18/11/10
hahaha they got supremely f***ed up in that vid.
Zombie mode is alot harder than I expected, and hence has become my favourite mode atm
Posted 09:24am 13/12/10
LEGO Black Ops, LOL!

Posted 10:10am 13/12/10
Crappiest game ever!

Played for like 1-2hours then just stopped, I got sick and tired of watching the stupid movies that came up each time you finished a level. Spend 5mins playing then 10mins watching stupid movie.

last edited by Damo at 10:10:38 13/Dec/10
Posted 10:08am 13/12/10
There's no accounting for bad taste :p

You've gotta admit, this video is pretty frickin' awesome - imagine how long it took to make.
Posted 10:19am 13/12/10
There's no accounting for bad taste :P

You've gotta admit, the lego video is pretty awesome. Imagine how long it took to make!
Posted 10:59am 13/12/10
There's no accounting for bass taste :P
Posted 04:41pm 13/12/10
So i've been doing a lot of grenade spamming and love the impact kills ..

Posted 04:15pm 15/12/10
Would you survive a zombie apocalypse?

Posted 09:19pm 16/1/11

Thought I'd share some funny black op clips:

If you have any cod clips please post them up!
Posted 10:12pm 16/1/11
Played for like 1-2hours then just stopped, I got sick and tired of watching the stupid movies that came up each time you finished a level. Spend 5mins playing then 10mins watching stupid movie.

this. im on my second run through of the game. and its still drawn out when you skip these scenes.
Posted 11:05am 19/1/11
how do you transfer recorded games to viewable vids outside the game?

where to i find the files that have been recorded?

ive played with the diff camera angles and ghosting tommohawks and rpgs etc and have some cool arse snippits.
Posted 11:12am 19/1/11
Which platform sleepy?

I only know 360.
Posted 11:17am 19/1/11
Posted 11:17am 19/1/11
next post kappa is your 1337 post.

no pressure
Posted 09:29pm 19/1/11
1337 post spoot?

last edited by trog at 01:48:40 25/Apr/14
Posted 09:33pm 19/1/11
a well executed 1337 post I must say.
Posted 09:40pm 19/1/11

This is a friends clip ...

Posted 11:08am 10/2/11
First Strike has been out on the Xbox since Feb 1st - verdict? Anyone played the new Zombie map?

I likey Discovery and Kowloon City
Posted 11:25am 10/2/11
Yet to play the Zombie map, but realy like Berlin, Kowloon is alot of fun barely see people touch the zip lines, Discovery is just snipey tastic and the way the game respawns you you end up right near the guy who killed you.
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