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PC | PlayStation 3 | Xbox 360
Genre: First Person Shooter
Developer: Splash Damage Official Site:
Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
Release Date:
12th May 2011
Brink Review
Review By @ 02:32pm 11/05/11
Back in 2008, DICE released an intriguing first-person anti-shooter called Mirror’s Edge. Not without its flaws, the idea of parkour free running from a first-person perspective was a fascinating concept. I played Mirror’s Edge, understood what they were going for, but couldn’t get past the tacked on shooting mechanic. “Show me the game that has parkour plus a decent shooting mechanic and I’ll be interested.” True story. I actually said that.

Then along came Brink. Ever since its announcement, I’ve been keeping a close eye on this contender for the online first-person-shooter crown. A recurring theme of my reviews of late is that we first-person shooter fans seem to be sick of having to choose between the apparent online dichotomy of Call of Duty and Bad Company 2. We live in a capitalist society; we want choice, dammit!

So is Brink the first-person shooter second coming I’d hoped for or far from the first person to come second in a race already dominated by the shooter prowess of Bad Company 2 and Call of Duty? Read on to find out.

First and foremost, Brink is not a single-player game. If you approach it as such, the chances are good that you’ll be rather disappointed. The reasons for this are wide and varied; everything from dodgy friendly AI to a distinct lack of story make this an unappealing option as a solo outing. The whole thing reeks of a bot match; multiplayer training for whenever you can’t find an online game, your internet is down or you want to try some newfangled tactic in front of an enemy that won’t LOL at you if it goes tits up.

You have to complete the Challenges by yourself to earn the associated kit unlocks, but because they’re mostly you versus the computer and not you + a team of morons versus the computer, they seem a whole lot easier by comparison. The friendly AI really is that bad. They’ll get in your way, rarely complete objectives or even help you with them unless you lead them there, and they’re not particularly skilled at killing opponents. The most you’ll use them for is praying that they’ll throw you a revive syringe so you can get back in the fight; but even that’s a challenge for them sometimes.

Then there’s the afterthought of a storyline. It exists to advance the plot: that is to say, it’s there to get you from mission to mission and provide some sort of vague motivation in cut-scene form when you’re completing objectives within said missions. Brink has an interesting mythology at play, but it’s not fully explored. The concept of an experimental and self-sufficient floating city that has been overrun with refugees, coupled with blurred lines between which faction—Resistance or Security—is really good/bad makes for an interesting premise. It’s a shame that more energy wasn’t dedicated to telling more of a story with the interesting dystopian foundation.

But then, you’d be mad to play this game alone.

Splash Damage has a strong history of creating solid team-based shooters—Enemy Territory of the Wolfenstein and Quake Wars varieties spring to mind—and a lot of love has been put into the multiplayer portion of Brink. The strange but cool thing is how linked single-player, co-op and competitive multiplayer are. They’re all set on the same maps with the same objectives, regardless of the play mode. That’s the strange. The cool thing is that the character/s you create are likewise linked. Regardless of whether you earn experience in competitive multiplayer, co-op or playing alone through the campaign (challenges or in ‘Freeplay’), all of your hard-earned XP goes towards your character. This is a fantastic addition to first-person shooters and makes it feel less like the usual grind associated that’s with the definitive split between single and multiplayer modes in other games.

Brink supports up to eight players in cooperative mode, and it’s a blast. Three players or above is an absolute hoot and the immense satisfaction of breaking through an enemies’ defensive line to complete an objective with seconds to spare is a second-to-none feeling. You will laugh, you will scream, you will swear, but you will be having fun while working as a team.

Enemy AI isn’t flawless, mind you. There were plenty of times when they ran right by me or allowed me to complete an objective while they watched. But they are deadly accurate with bullets and grenades; particularly when on hard difficulty. In fact, in one co-op session, the AI-controlled enemy team got so fed up with us getting our arses handed to us that they started spawn camping. I was torn between swearing frustration and begrudging respect for this very human sign of intelligence. They’re much more challenging when they’re on defence than offence, but when the clock is close to zero, rest assured, they will surge.

And that’s because Brink forces you to play as a team and rely on your teammates. Sure, you can pick a particular favourite class and level up it up in order to access the higher-echelon abilities and weapon attachments, but you’ll really only ever be able to kill farm if you play the lone wolf; and that’s not how you win matches.

Soldiers plant charges on map objectives and replenish ammunition. Operatives hack map objectives, spot mines, convert turrets and can disguise as enemies. Engineers buff weapon damage, lay mines/turrets, defuse charges, destroy hack boxes and can build stationary weapons and defensive walls at strategic points. Medics buff health, revive downed teammates and can also access speed/metabolism buffs. Every class has a vital role to play in keeping your team on top.

Now that might all sound a little bit complex, which is why Splash Damage bribes you with the promise of 1,000XP just for watching the 40-odd minutes worth of training videos before you start the game. If you’ve watched the six ‘Get SMART’ tutorial videos, feel free to skip these as they’re the exact same thing back to back; and yes, I still scored the XP when I skipped them. If you’re relatively new to the concepts of Brink, go and watch these videos or take the time to absorb the information in that 40-odd minute chunk. It’s not the best of ways to convey information in a way that will stick, though, so your best bet for learning the ropes is by jumping into the game.

Speaking of getting SMART, the simplified movement system works really well. For those unaware, it stands for Smooth Movement Across Random Terrain, and apart from being a contender for the Dodgiest Acronym of All Time award, it is the real game changer in Brink and for first-person shooters. Hold down the SMART button and you’ll go into a sprint. When you near an object, SMART will determine how to deal with it. Press jump in conjunction with SMART to clear objects in a fluid movement or to wall run if you have a lighter body type. Alternatively, press crouch while SMARTing to go into a slide that knocks enemies off their feet for an easy takedown. Better yet, while sliding, you can still fire from the hip, allowing for some John Woo-type frags.

How quickly you move and how apt you are with the parkour is determined by your body type. There’s light, normal and heavy on offer; each of which offers different arsenal choices as well as movement options. The light body type is the nimblest and can get to those hard to reach places that the heavy body type cannot. This mixes up the way you approach level navigation depending on what body type you choose. It also determines how much damage you can take before you’re incapacitated. The biggest problem with the body types is that you can’t switch them in-game. Instead, you need to return to the main menu to make the change; an odd oversight considering how limited your navigation options can be if you’re stuck in the heavy body.

Perhaps the decision behind this was to get you to spend more time in the character creation screen. Considering I’m one of those gamers who cares little for the appearance of my avatar that is really only viewable by my victims as I run over their corpses, I spent a surprising amount of time here playing around with the look of my characters. This is mostly thanks to the gorgeous cartoony art décor that is part of what helps to make Brink so distinct. It’s not just the exaggerated look of the male combatants (seriously, you can only fight as a dude), it’s the wide range of colours used in levels that gives Brink a unique look. With the exception of the odd rendering issue—particularly noticeable on the Xbox 360 version of the game (even after patching and installing it to the hard drive)—it’s very easy on the eyes.

This attention to detail carries over into many gameplay elements of the game. Grenades don’t kill, they incapacitate. In fact, any enemy whose health bar you deplete will be incapacitated and represents a revivable threat. The great news for medics is that they don’t have to run over to an incapacitated teammate to revive them; the revive syringes can be lobbed from a distance, keeping revivers out of harm’s way. It’s then up to the downed player to pick the moment when they revive themselves; but the longer they wait, the greater the likelihood that they’ll be finished off for good. As with the syringes, buffing also allows you to chase players that you want to buff. You don’t have to incessantly tap the button, screaming abuse at them to slow down so you can buff their weapon damage; you simply hold the button and you’ll chase the player until they’re within buffing range: very handy.

The bulk of my review hours with Brink were sunk into the Xbox 360 version of the game, as the PC code came through late. While a blast to play, it was always going to be in finest form on the PC. That being said, it is worth noting that I hosted a multiplayer match with seven players, all of whom were also in the same Xbox LIVE Party as me, without any noticeable lag issues on server (an unfortunate consistent problem with being a game host on Xbox LIVE) or client side.

Splash Damage has thankfully paid the right amount of respect to the PC version of Brink. Prettier visuals, a simple server browser, open dedicated server and LAN support are the core of what makes Brink best served on PC. The other obvious drawcard is the use of keyboard and mouse. Brink feels a whole lot faster on PC because of how seamlessly mouse aiming allows you to look while you’re controlling everything else from the keyboard. I held my own on Xbox 360, but when playing competitively on PC, I was able to decimate the enemy team at chokepoints where there was plenty of cover by using simple SMART movements to avoid return fire. It’s just a shame that headshots don’t always kill: a big no-no in FPS gaming.

And that is Brink in a nutshell: the potential to traverse the digital battlefield in an entirely new way that affords the player more combat options. Couple this with the well-balanced classes (including the higher-level abilities) and the distinct lack of camping equipment (there’s really only one sniper rifle in the game), and this is a different breed of first-person shooter: faster, sexier and made for online play. There were some lag issues (I was mostly playing against international players on Australian servers) and minor bugs on the PC version, but I have faith in Splash Damage’s post-release support to iron these bugs out post haste.
What we liked
  • Amazing art design
  • SMART really works
  • Mostly brutal enemy AI
  • Linked XP across play modes
  • Combat depth
  • Character customisation
  • A step in the right direction for FPS
  • Dedicated servers and LAN
What we didn't like
  • Stupid friendly AI
  • Single-player as an afterthought
  • Static training
  • Headshots don’t always kill
  • Some minor bugs
We gave it:
Latest Comments
Posted 02:53pm 11/5/11
fairly good score. any news on a pc demo?
Posted 03:32pm 11/5/11
Good to hear that you guys actually played the game haha. Got my order from GAME UK, they just give you the code which is nice, and was only $36. I do have another copy from a friend coming from ozgameshop however :P
Posted 03:56pm 11/5/11
Posted 03:59pm 11/5/11
"Single-player as an afterthought " in the "didn't like" column?!? That is something that I read and go "HELL YEH"
Posted 04:09pm 11/5/11
"Single-player as an afterthought " in the "didn't like" column?!? That is something that I read and go "HELL YEH"

my thought exactly haha. pretty much single player and a couple of minor bugs in the negative. bugs can be fixed and i probly won't even get around to the SP like in BC2.
Posted 04:12pm 11/5/11
"Single-player as an afterthought " in the "didn't like" column?!? That is something that I read and go "HELL YEH"


Maybe I'll pick this up to get the pre-order discount. It doesn't unlock here on steam for another 48hours.
Posted 04:18pm 11/5/11
I'm in need of a decent shooter other than BO, but I'm still skeptical. I'll rent it and then make up my mind.
Posted 04:21pm 11/5/11
If your after PC version, get it at Ozgameshop, or if you want it now,
Posted 04:32pm 11/5/11
I will most likely be purchasing said game. Sick of CoD:BO/CoD:MW2 (160 hours played) and BFBC:2 (246 hours played) , need something new. Looks promising, but will be waiting a bit.
Posted 04:49pm 11/5/11
Headshots don't kill in one hit? A negative? I don't have that big an issue with this so long as the damage is massively increased. one shot kills can be annoying.
Posted 05:44pm 11/5/11
Posted 06:32pm 11/5/11
"Single-player as an afterthought " in the "didn't like" column?!? That is something that I read and go "HELL YEH"
That's the reality for a lot of players who prefer the long view of the game in an e-sport sense, unfortunately in practise it hasn't really worked out for anyone since Quake 3: Arena.

It seems to just be a fact of life now that you need a substantial singleplayer component if you want to build a player base. You need to attract all those players that buy a game for play on their own time, and then gravitate to online, like CoD and HALO have been so successful doing.

Unfortunately I think Brink's solo mode is going to ultimately let it down there. The only informed people buying this game will be doing so for the (awesome) multiplayer.

I reckon they've made some huge steps since ET: Quake Wars, but I just don't think the formula of combining singleplayer and multiplayer into one exeperience has worked the way they intended, the bots just don't present anywhere near the same experience that human players do.

The model they should have followed is what StarCraft 2 did, it's the same principle, a game that uses a singleplayer component to sell copies to the average joe-gamer to build a player base and a multiplayer component to keep people around for the long haul. Brink definitely has the second part, but they haven't achieved the first part.

Team Fortress 2 was admittedly reasonably successful without singleplayer, but only because of Valve and Steam's killer marketing strategies.

What SD should have done is designed a separate narrative singleplayer campaign with a linear path and only implemented some of the class and customisation options. Draw the average joe in with that, then add them to the ranks of the hardcore players with the e-sport level multiplayer that they have created. Much easier said than done though.
Posted 06:47pm 11/5/11
@ Lilan - I mentioned the headshot thing as more of an afterthought than anything. There are certain weapons that will kill with a single headshot, but the lack of a single-headshot-kills-everyone feature really works in Brink because of its pace.

@ Shao - Wow, that is kinda embarrassing for Splash Damage... I wonder what happened to that approach.

@ Dan - Totally agree. Well put.
Posted 07:11pm 11/5/11
This game will do well with the older FPS players, and rightfully so. It's not meant to be easy, and the making of SMART shows they're trying to help beginners learn to be better. But meh, if you don't enjoy it you don't enjoy it. It's not like there is a small market in FPS genres. It's massive, and so niches have formed. I'm just bored of COD, and Brink appeals to me. BC2 is fun and all, but it has grown stale. And we have about 4-6 months before any new FPS comes out, so I think Brink will be around for awhile.

Also, as the reviewer stated, and many other people have, this games singleplayer is an afterthought. Not that a bad thing, but not a good idea in this day and age I guess. Ah well, I'm glad Splash Damage is sticking to old school styles, keeps my hopes up.
Posted 07:36pm 11/5/11
Awesome, Been reading so many mixed reviews, and there's alot of heresay about the authenticity of such reviews.

I loved ET and ETQW, and was sad to see how quickly the online community for ETQW died. Will be picking up up for PC morrow
Posted 09:29pm 11/5/11
I will wait to see the combat on PC... all I've seen is xbox videos and they just seem to hold the button down until the enemy dies. If it actually requires any skill it might be fun.

I also hate that every time you kill someone they do a 'last stand' thing where they are incapacitated and can be revived. Why can't the enemy just DIE?
Posted 11:21pm 11/5/11
Its a core game play mechanic. It really works to make an awesome game and distinguish from more boring COD/BF clones (or did so for RTCW/ET at least).

Posted 11:41pm 11/5/11
I would have liked a demo to try first as well but in the end I caved and pre-ordered, at £20 I couldn't resist.

"Single-player as an afterthought " in the "didn't like" column?!? That is something that I read and go "HELL YEH"

Same, in fact two of the negatives I took as major positives, this and the headshots not always being one shot kills. It's sounding more and more like a decent return to RtCW/ET style gameplay. Fingers crossed!
Posted 11:53pm 11/5/11
kos, where you getting it for £20?
Posted 12:20am 12/5/11
£20 was an approximation :P I pre-ordered it for £21.99 Delivered from

Google Shopping is always your friend, I'm going to miss it so much when I go back to Aus :(
Posted 12:19am 12/5/11
What are those sites that sell CD Keys for games, are they doing Brink yet? Is it super cheap? I might get it if I can snag it really cheap, I'm not that excited about it from reading reviews and watching videos but I did really enjoy RTCW and Enemy Territory, so if its like that, it could be worth a bash.
Posted 12:24am 12/5/11
What are those sites that sell CD Keys for games, are they doing Brink yet? and haven't listed it yet, which is interesting cause they had crysis 2 available before most of the world had access. maybe this just isn't as big of a blockbuster game and hence not so popular. (which another user recommended) has shown out of stock for as long as i've seen it listed.
Posted 12:49am 12/5/11
Google Shopping is always your friend, I'm going to miss it so much when I go back to Aus :(

Cool yeah I just googled Brink PC and got that result... was just checking if you had a super secret. 23pizzies is probably low enough to buy. Will check it out when its available.
Posted 01:41am 12/5/11
DEDICATED GA servers! Sold.

probably pick it up on ozgameshop or something in the coming days
Posted 08:15am 12/5/11
Google Shopping is always your friend, I'm going to miss it so much when I go back to Aus :(

er what are you talking about? we have google shopping here in aus
Posted 08:26am 12/5/11
I don't have that big an issue with this so long as the damage is massively increased.

Ping Ping Ping!

Why can't the enemy just DIE?

Learn to Gimp n00b.

I miss ET... I think I'm going to have to pick up Brink. Even reading (things like I quoted) bring back fond memories. I was in Uni then though and had a lot more time to play. Still would be nice to reek some havoc on the pubs.
Posted 10:03am 12/5/11
89.99 on steam for australia

49.99 in usa and nz...

Posted 10:04am 12/5/11
er what are you talking about? we have google shopping here in aus

Oh, good, didn't when I left ;P
Posted 10:32am 12/5/11
I was just thinking the same thing kirkoswald, they must think aussies are stupid and wont notice, such a load of bs
Posted 10:53am 12/5/11
When brink came up for pre-order orignally it was $45 US. It stayed like that for a few months and then rose up to $90. I got in eairly and nabbed it for $50 so i'm pleased.

EDIT - Seems that the instore release date for this is today, and yet the steam release date for aussies is tomorrow. That means if you go and buy the game at EB (lol fail) then you need to wait until tomorrow before you can play apparanantly.

last edited by DM at 10:53:25 12/May/11
Posted 10:53am 12/5/11 selling for 29.99 euro, which is roughly $36 something. It's just the cd key however, and is a trusted source.

I've got my dedicated server running on my Mammoth VPS, names Truecraft ->Aussie<- something or other.
Posted 10:56am 12/5/11
Ok nm brink is installing now. Not sure whats up with that. I just had to restart steam.
Posted 11:15am 12/5/11
Looks like one of Gabe's minions just pressed the region unlock button or the cronjob flipped the 0 to a 1, either way it's unlocked now.
Posted 11:18am 12/5/11
yew, gonna jump on your server this arvo Eorl :D
Posted 11:37am 12/5/11
yep will have a play with it tonight!
Posted 11:47am 12/5/11
I've got a mate who can steam gift it to me off steam ( hes in nz )

I've watched some streamed PC online play and it looked as though he was just holding down the trigger and spraying the whole time... Are there any recoil on these guns? And there did seem to be a lot of choke points on the maps he was playing.

Im tempted but hesitant...
Posted 01:06pm 12/5/11
Spraying is all well and good. But it doesn't help when the other guy can aim and hits you in the head 3 times and you die.

As for the maps, they are usually the first thing made/tweaked by the community so hopefully we can see some good ones coming out.
Posted 01:11pm 12/5/11
Spraying is all well and good. But it doesn't help when the other guy can aim and hits you in the head 3 times and you die.
I always felt that was one of the main attractive elements of CS that kept it popular for so long. The fact that, inevitably, you could spray AK fire randomly through walls and statistically you'd end up getting a headshot. So the randomness kept people coming back because they knew they'd always get a bunch of kills like that.
Posted 02:05pm 12/5/11
Thanks for the Link Eaorl. Grabbed it but it won't send a key out till tomoz. All good tho. did the conversion and it's roughly 44 bucks Aud... which is still 44 bucks less than the AU steam store. WIN
Posted 02:08pm 12/5/11
$44 or wait for a bit and get it from cdkeyhouse for $36.99 usd?

I'm gunna wait I think.
Posted 02:16pm 12/5/11
I unlocked early and my first impressions based on Challenges and Campaign/bots is that the game is at its root core essentially ETQW.
I do recommend doing challenges before even campaign as campaign is basically just Multiplayer with bots and doesn't explain anything just throws you in the deep end.
First Star rating of the challenges is the tutorial pretty much. I don't recommend trying the third stars in the challenges except parkour, probably until much later levels (unless you feel like raging with ferocity).

You can't randomly spray and pray, the more you fire the more wildly inaccurate your shots get and the longer it takes to stabilise, it very much encourages controlled bursts and it often reminds you of it.

Was much more fun against people than the bots even with terrible lag overseas it was almost tolerably playable.
Posted 02:33pm 12/5/11
Thanks to dedicated servers, you shouldn't have to suffer that last point for more then a few days when local servers get correctly* setup.

Posted 02:32pm 12/5/11
There's plenty of local servers up now. Most seem to be going through a bit of a teething phase though, figuring out how many players they can serve on a single box by trial and error, so there's often a bit of lag once a server fills up.
Posted 02:33pm 12/5/11
Turret AI is s***e. You can have an enemy dead center in front of it no more than a couple of feet and it wont start shooting. Really enjoying this game. Oh and yeah do the challenges first. When you finish one the first time, hit the "next mission" option and do it again to unlock the ** rewards. Easy peasy.
Posted 03:11pm 12/5/11
God, played the second mission[campaign] 7 times in normal but still couldn't complete it. The friendly AI is the worst i have seen in any game. I have to recover a data key in the final phase. I somehow managed to grab it and ran like hell to the spawn point just to find 5 enemies waiting there for my arrival.
Posted 03:21pm 12/5/11
Any places selling CD Keys yet for less then $45 AUD?
Posted 03:25pm 12/5/11
has anyone had a go on the 360? i rock a macbook so playing it on the 360 is my only shot

well, i would play it on the 360, if i could get Live and my router to f*****g work.

nevertheless, i am keen to see how it plays for aussies, in anticipation of fixing my Live problems and being able to play.
Posted 03:50pm 12/5/11
Can't find your server at all Eorl ><
Posted 08:05pm 12/5/11
Let me check and make sure it's still going, I think it may have closed due to patch. Also, again, anyone wanting just the CD Key, for same price as Ozgameshop, as it is the same distributor, go here It unlocks tomorrow at 9am for anyone interested.

edit -

Should be up now, look for Truecraft something or other. Check forums for anyone interested in starting a server, posted a server.cfg that is pretty much fully tweakable.
Posted 08:19pm 12/5/11
So is the game good? Is it worth paying for at the $35-45 price range? I've been reading pretty mixed reviews. The single player aspect of things doesn't matter for me.
Posted 08:27pm 12/5/11
It's a superb game.

Don't listen to the reviews, especially not the negative ones or the hold off until this or that or 'I am the authorative voice of gaming blah blah blah' Hater's always gonna hate, cautious / conservative types are always gonna be wary or standoffish, or just control their readers with a little bit of a wait.and.see approach. Sucks to be those guys missing out on some quality gaming with this one.

JC's id tech sound component of the game engine is light years ahead of the competition if you happen to be a sucker for a good audiophile experience.
Posted 08:40pm 12/5/11
Excellent, The sound aspect of the game is something that I was eager to hear.

Where to get it from? I don't want to get raped for $'s nor have to do silly VPN stuff. Currently I'm waiting for CDkeyhouse to sell it. I'm hoping they are 'out of stock' until UK release day, 13th or some such.
Posted 08:51pm 12/5/11
Check my post just above trollazor. Haha Dan or Trog, should make it a news item with all the cd key links and ozgameshop etc.
Posted 09:05pm 12/5/11

Anyway, that is for 29.99 pounds = $46.00

Might wait until cdkeyhaus has it available.
Posted 10:14pm 12/5/11
Haha, sorry mate!
Posted 10:42pm 12/5/11
Agreed Trillion. This is a great game and even SP with the rather dumb AI it's still a blast to play. Tolla if you could get this for under $50 I don't think you'd be disappointed. if you liked TF2 then even better. What I love about the SP missions at least (not tried MP, I gather it'd be the same) is it may start off as a defense mission but after the first objective may turn into an escort game. So there is lots of variety and rarely any choke points to cause stalemates with the sheer number of ways to leap around.
Posted 11:59pm 12/5/11
I gathered myself a copy through certain ways while I wait for my CD Key, and by god is it awesome. Obviously only singleplayer due to means of gathering game, but man is the parkour fluent. When you go to jump up, it's responsive, and not clunky. Sliding and slide tackling is just awesome. Shooting is brilliant, it's satisfying but not one hit kill. Snipers are finally underpowered enough that it takes 2-3 shots depending on body part shot at. It has skills that can be purchased for rank points, so you can customise global classes and specific classes.

Character customisation is just...mind blowing. It's so cool being able to chuck on a scarecrow mask. Feels bad ass. And the amount of customisations is just surreal. It really is a great game, and hopefully when the SDK comes out, we shall see some really player driven maps!
Posted 08:50am 13/5/11
It's not without it's s***** launch glitches but.
The server browser fails harder than BC2's did, but you can just use the steam server browser to circumvent that issue.
Sound seems to drop in and out on some online games, a restart fixes it but it's kinda gay. Edit* - fixed, cheers Mephz
I seem to get some strange jumping glitch when the second map loads in an online game, and my fov has a spaz out when I jump.
Oh and the best one, last night I joined a game and couldn't see a single f*****g person, was getting owned by invisible people. ><

All in all but it's a great game, just needs a few issues ironed out.
Posted 08:31am 13/5/11
Enska: for sound issue go to options and try disabling "mute game sound when window loses focus".
Posted 09:15am 13/5/11
Yay finally got my key!!
Posted 09:43am 13/5/11
so no one has it on the 360? :(
Posted 10:24am 13/5/11
LOL the game was 89.99 and now on the day of release it drops to 59.98..... so confused

Shouldnt it be around the other way if anything ?
Posted 12:20pm 13/5/11
Had some awesome games on Reactor this morning. Our team camped pillar and we had waves of resistance trying to bumrush it to no avail, was awesome.
Also, with such a reliance on other team members and a varied class line up, you end up raging at fail team mates much more than usual.
Had two medics a while ago that didn't even realise they could throw injectors to downed people,and a soldier that wouldn't replenish ammo. /facepalm
Posted 01:15pm 13/5/11
God damn it.

I'm trying to buy Brink from the US steam store.

I used anonymous vpn, selected a US server.
I made a steam account to gift it to myself, started to buy it for $49US, then as my order was being processed I got, an unexpected error has occured...

So my order didn't work.

Anyone know of another way?
Posted 01:56pm 13/5/11
Bah I'm just getting it from Game Downloads. how long does it take for them to give up the CD key?
Posted 03:58pm 13/5/11
Yeah a few issues with MP for me. If I don't get kicked within 30 seconds of joining a server, I have sound drop outs, and sometimes can't see enemies. This makes it quite hard to play so looks like i'm stuck doing SP, or just doing 8 player campaign maps until a fix comes out

EDIT - Turns out its only ever the map where you are trying to fuel the plane that makes you lose sound. I'm still annoyed with how broken the turrets are. On some levels they work great. Container yard thingy comes to mind where you have to escort that giant robot thing through the gate and such. They work like a charm. Any other level though and it's really touch and go with how dumb they are.

Anyway these are my 2 characters. Unfortunatlly I accidently picked him a full face tattoo which is ugly as f*** but I can't remove it for some reason so I cover his face at all times. Sad panda.



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Posted 04:01pm 13/5/11
Has anyone used the gamesplanet website to get brink?
Posted 05:58pm 13/5/11
I've tried to get it from gamesplanet. It's taken my money and sent me an email with "validation pending" message... hopefully I'll get a cd key some time soon (it's been 3 hours). That or I had best keep an eye on my paypal account :P
Posted 06:21pm 13/5/11
Just got my key, was accepted by steam and installing at present. Took less than 3.5 hours to buy and receive the key
Posted 06:31pm 13/5/11
Yer I just got mine too.

Thankfully, I've been reading various comments re gamesplanet and they weren't good, but they pulled through. Hooray.
Posted 07:37pm 13/5/11
just ordered, hopefully key comes through soon!!!!!
Posted 08:14pm 13/5/11
my question is

what do the etplayers think of it?
Posted 08:20pm 13/5/11
key took about an hour to come through!
Posted 08:39pm 13/5/11
just got mine, downloading now!!!
Posted 10:29pm 13/5/11
How the f*** do i find servers
Posted 10:37pm 13/5/11
Damnit, I'm trying to resist, I really don't need another new game, but all this peer pressure is mounting!
Posted 10:46pm 13/5/11
I got mine through Gametap and already have my key & downloading through steam.

Screw the regionalized pricing!
Posted 10:48pm 13/5/11
LOL the game was 89.99 and now on the day of release it drops to 59.98..... so confused
I saw that, went to purchase through steam and it reverted back to $89US.

Think it was just a fail ad.
Posted 11:00pm 13/5/11
Well atm, its abit fail, in game server browser is a piece of s***, worst i have ever seen. (which is f*****g hilarious given that multiplayer was there primary focus)

and every time i try to connect via steam it times out.... awesome
Posted 11:36pm 13/5/11
Yeah there are a few bugs, that suttering when loading the server menu is shocking but when you DO finally connect and you get playing, its a damn ball.
Posted 12:23am 14/5/11
Here's my Resistance guy.

I highly recommend people use light body type, being able to wall jump opens up more areas to shortcut.
Posted 12:21am 14/5/11
When do you unlock that s***? i want that outfit so much.
Posted 12:29am 14/5/11
Level 20 (Max level) for the Anger Facemask.

I dropped back to level 19 after resetting abilities, you can't end up with everything in the end like I thought you'd be able to (not for all classes that is).

Easiest way to max level to unlock is medic, you get the most amount of maximum supply from the abilities and just keep on giving out your buffs/revive etc.
Can end up with 11k+ exp per round.
Engineer can pull off similar with Armour buff and Damage buff but gets far less max supply, which makes a difference when you die and automatically get full supply.

I shouldn't give away another secret but.... Sea Pistol + Rapid Fire is near broken, I don't think anyone else has caught onto how near broken it is. Does the second most damage in the game it seems (seconded by the Barnett (Sniper) Light Rifle). No Spread on the shots so bullet goes where you aim even across the map.
Posted 12:34am 14/5/11
Ok i'm trying that out tomorrow. Thanks for the tip.
Posted 12:43am 14/5/11
I saw that, went to purchase through steam and it reverted back to $89US.

Think it was just a fail ad.

Nope, I jumped on it and got the guide + game for 59.98 usd :D

Just means they fixed it pretty quick.
Posted 12:51am 14/5/11
Yeah there are a few bugs, that suttering when loading the server menu is shocking but when you DO finally connect and you get playing, its a damn ball.

Check that out.

Basically go to the "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\8326979\7\remote" folder and DELETE "serverbrowser_hist.vdf"

...and voila, no more laggy server menu.
Posted 07:37am 14/5/11
Goddam, patch is 1.6GB (EDIT: no it isn't, just make sure you rename your videos folder back if you'd moved it to stop the intro vids or Steam will download them all again). Looks like they're fixing a lot of stuff pretty damn fast though.
Fixed issues with custom ui_fov settings when playing as a client
Added support for 2560x1440
Slightly improved start up times
Fixed crash when clicking in blank area on Training Videos menu
Fixed memory leaks on shutdown
Fixed Be More Objective leaderboards being incorrectly named

Fixed “texture gridding” issues on certain graphics cards
Fixed settings being incorrectly applied on the advanced video options screen
Improved performance when using Ambient Occlusion
Fixed halos not rendering correctly

AI Bots:
Removed bot intelligence inhibitors for Freeplay games
Adjusted bot behaviour in Campaign games to make teams more evenly matched
Changed bots’ objective priorities across all game modes
Fixed issue with bot difficulty continually dropping

User Interface:
Fixed poor server browser performance for users with a large number of items in their history
Made server browser refreshes much more responsive
Changed server browser to no longer group player counts by max players
Added new pop-up text for server browser filters
Fixed not being able to sort by favourites column
Server browser now retrieves favourites correctly from Steam
Fixed arrow keys not working when exiting out of a chat submenu
Made it easier to select a default secondary weapon
Disabled chat options in solo mode

Dedicated Servers:
Can now use net_ip command to assign IPs to server instances
Dedicated server binary can now be run as a service, which won't have a CSIDL_PERSONAL virtual folder
Posted 08:15am 14/5/11
Ahh that explaines why my server browser is HEAPS better. I was tweaking stuff this morning before testing it and I was like 'wow that made a huge difference'. Turns out it was just the patch haha.

Also lots of servers with the old version still running.

I like the game so far, took a little bit to get used to the damage/aim system they are using. I kept dieing A LOT at first, turns out some guns are just plain better then others :/ Which is a shame. They really need to make the guns a little more distinctive.
Posted 09:33am 14/5/11
From what I've found, using nearly all the guns, most guns are very similar with minor playstyle differences.
I can't use the ARs for nuts but I've seen people use them very well.
The GuVna
Posted 11:36am 14/5/11
No mention of fixing the map related bugs that remove the game sounds? Made everyone stop voting for Refuel hehe.

Also can you check the GameArena server settings to see if there's a max XP level for users, as I hit level 17 last night & now I cant join any servers because it says my level is to high, I think its defaulted to that or something. Which is dumb. Was stuck playing US servers just then :(
Posted 11:43am 14/5/11
Can't you play as another character for the time being?

I also find mounted MG's almost useless, they are so widely inaccurate that no-one is really scared of them and will just stand in the open and line you up and pop you off, you might hit them once, or twice if you are lucky. Basically makes them kind of useless.
Posted 12:46pm 14/5/11
I can't use the ARs for nuts but I've seen people use them very well.

ARs have a good small spread for about a total of 1 second, which means they are only useful if you tap the fire button in very small bursts. I have the AR which is semi-auto as my primary so 1 click = 1 shot and for my SMG sub weapon I have that galactic SMG or whatever it's called. Slapped in a high capacity mag with a front handle and it's a brutal SMG. I think it's the best one there is personally. 60 round clips, 150 spareish ammo and you need to go full auto with it for it to become too loose.

I've taken shining to Engineer. Even though turret takes around 3 full seconds to lock onto someone and start firing it's awesome as hell. Medic is fun too so I alternate between the 2. Soldier and Operative don't interest me much but I do like the caltrop bomb. Throw it in a high traffic choke and watch the xp rack itself up. Bots just run over it like it was nothing and it gives you like 35xp per hit or something crazy. I'm gonna respec my 7 or so points in operative and throw them in engineer and medic instead.

Another pic of my updated Resistance guy. I just realised now that with a few colour tweaks he could look like Casey Jones.

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Posted 01:02pm 14/5/11
Hmm, i cant connect to aussie servers, in game server browser shows up a heap of random s***, most of which is well over 100ms ping.

When trying to connect via steam server list, it chucks a spaz,

So i edited the file that contains the in game favourites list.. set it to game arena servers... nope, doesnt show them.
Posted 01:07pm 14/5/11
None of the GA servers are even populated atm, guessing they haven't updated yet?
Posted 01:59pm 14/5/11
DM, I presume that was you I was playing alongside on that clan server this morning before GA/Node etc servers had patched. Man our team was slaughtering, felt bad for the other guys. I lost sound on refuel and they were still all dropping like flies.
The GuVna
Posted 06:41pm 14/5/11
Can't you play as another character for the time being?

In theory yes, but really, f*** that :)
Posted 08:36am 15/5/11
Anyone else getting a movement problem while playing online.

ie, It seems I take a step, slow down, take a step, slow down? I played a challenge mission just before to see if offline made a difference and it did, much more fluid offline then on.

What is the go with that? Is it a server issue? Are some servers just better then others?
Posted 09:10am 15/5/11
Never encountered that Toll, sounds like server was lagging.
Posted 09:12am 15/5/11
Yer I'm not sure if it is me or the server.

When I play today I'll reset my modem and make sure I have a clean connection.

It is really distracting, however I don't see it mentioned much so I'm sure it is a connection issue, my side or server side.

I recently fiddled with my prediction settings and stuff haven't been able to try it yet.

net_clientPrediction was the command.

Posted 10:05am 15/5/11
Please for the love of god have at least 2 medics haha. I'm always medic, and absolutely love it, but I can't revive everyone and buff everyone by myself. I need another medic. As soon as I die, there goes revives and adrenaline boosts.

Also, adrenaline boosts are awesome. Think of it like medic in TF2 ubering a person. Except once the effect is over, they take all the damage they soaked. It's very smart, and if used right, can help defend/attack/push quite well.
Posted 10:43am 15/5/11
I don't know what happened but all my abilities cost only 1 ability point. When the cost of the later level ones are like 3 or 4 ability points... Really weird but insanely cool. Absolutely loving it atm, brilliant game. On the headshots thing too, I think it would ruin the manic pace of brink a bit if headshots were a one hit kill. From the sniper rifles I can understand, but in general I think it adds to the game. =)
Posted 11:03am 15/5/11
I play medic but would love to see more op's being played.
Posted 11:33am 15/5/11
I don't know what happened but all my abilities cost only 1 ability point. When the cost of the later level ones are like 3 or 4 ability points...
You get a coin every level and there are 5 ranks. The later abilities need a higher rank to purchase them
The GuVna
Posted 02:01pm 15/5/11
Correct, & once you hit level 20 you've maxed your character
Posted 02:16pm 15/5/11
not a big fan of this game, the player set up and the character models are awesome but i for some reason dont like the flow of the game :(
Posted 02:24pm 15/5/11
The flow of the game is fine.

The problem with it is the feedback of where the game round is currently at. There is non.

TF has the opperator voice chicky that really gives all the players a good idea of what is currently happening.

The UI needs to be redone a little so that it gives a CLEAR idea of what needs to be done, what is happening and how far off it is from completion.
It needs to automatically select the main goal/mission for everyone and the player needs to manually select other goals. That way all the new players at least have a highlight to run towards without having to select stuff.

Unfortunately there are too many people that don't know what is going on yet. That will change over time, but the UI doesn't help (well it could do a better job of helping). A Mini-map or at the least a pull-up map would go A LONG WAY. With only 8 maps, I don't understand why they don't have that.

The netcode needs a little work. I still get that juttering effect happening when I move, it seems to get worse when the servers are getting close to full.

Auto balance please, and get rid of the bots full stop, don't have them in a Multiplayer game please.

The guns do actually seem different, the stat bar's don't necessarily show that difference well.
Posted 02:41pm 15/5/11
I can turn bots off completely in my server if I want.
Posted 02:51pm 15/5/11
I want all the servers to do it.

I'm going to give it time for servers to settle down and be tweaked, perhaps a patch or 2 before I make my final judgement on it. If they can sought out most of the issues then it'd be a pretty good game.

I'm very wary of paid DLC fragmenting the community. As with the current state of the game I'm not prepared to put any extra in for maps and things. Good to see the first DLC is free though, as it should be.
Posted 03:20pm 15/5/11
O also, people REALLY need to capture and keep held Command Points.

I see people whining about how the other team is hard to kill and whatnot. Quite often is because they have health command center and supply, and sometimes they are both upgraded.

I'm often alone when I go and capture them at the start of maps and often no-one else seems to notice or care that the enemy team has captured them. I think people see them as places to change guns and maybe get some ammo, nothing more.
Posted 04:17pm 15/5/11
Toll that is probably about right but people will learn.
Im playing more Engineer now rather than medic (maxxed out a char with Medic and can be done so quite easily).
Engineer is a lot more fun, but you do get a lot less EXP compared to medic buff spam. Once you are at max level its irrelevant anyway.
Posted 04:19pm 15/5/11
Finally took the plunge and got it. Keep an eye out for DeadlyDav0 some time soon.
Posted 06:32pm 15/5/11

all aboard the Brink bus ladies, the party's at teq's place.

My role in the making of this game. A heated exchange of pleasantries in a phone call to a client who had screwed me over after helping him renovate his house. I had threatened the little bastard that I would go there and throw a molatov c***tail up ins his s*** after he had cut my throat with no payment for labour services and then he wiped his hands of any wrongdoing.

So they would have had that awesome conversation recorded (since he's a bit of a gay/druglord anyway and the good lads up in ASIO have had his comms tapped for a long time now) which is where they got the idea I suppose. Kudos to me. Nothing like a bit of excitement to put the fear of God into them hey? :)

The other aspects of the game are courtesy of Digital Urban blog and an Import/Export holdings company, and The Ark which is where some of the inspiration for the in-game architecture came from.

I didn't get any voice acting roles. Not even a look in at any of the creative design process. All I did was pre order the game months in advance on Steam to pay for their work, which is very nice but it could have been done a little better in a lot of niche aspects if i'd have had my way with it.

Gotta love when the system works in your favour though hey. I would have given everyone a free copy but unfortunately management didn't like the idea of free for all riot mode like the good old days of Quake DM. :<
Posted 06:42pm 15/5/11
I play medic but would love to see more op's being played.
yeah ops are really good and actually really easy to get lots of xp per round with.

1. Be good at killing.

2. Comms hack + Disguise every kill you get and that is about 300xp / kill. (marking before you kill is an extra 50xp)

3. Caltrop gren their main walkway for free stream of points. (50-100xp when a couple guys run through them)

*comms hacking is kind of bad because it basically disables intuition for your whole team and intuition is super overpowered*
Posted 09:33pm 15/5/11
Textures look garbage... Bout sick of these devs ignoring proper PC development! :(
Posted 09:56pm 15/5/11
what sort of spec machine are you running it on though?
Posted 10:26pm 15/5/11
Yeah looks fine on my 2x 5870's and AMD 965 3GHz with 8GB DDR3. With the whole DLC fiasco, I hope a majority is free, as Splash have never been a big fan of paid DLC. But who knows. They're releasing a SDK sometime soon so maps will at least be user made.
Posted 02:41am 16/5/11
Not happy so far. 1st game dropped out after the sound crashed, all within 2 minutes.
Posted 11:08am 16/5/11
I've only had the sound issue once now and although it was annoying i still managed to get a heap of xp and kills up.

As for the game, i really like it hey. I love the objective based game play with support classes etc. Reminds me of ETQW which i reallly liked.

As mentioned tho, Brink really needs the TF2 voice over to tell you whats going on... when you first start playing it can be a bit off putting when the round suddenly ends and you win... but you have no idea why...

I'm glad i spent the time doing challenges at the start tho. Without some of the unlocks you get from completing them, it's a lot harder for a noob to get anywhere.
Posted 01:53pm 16/5/11
i suppose the game could benefit from having a commander class as in natural selection 1/2.

the issue with that is the gameplay then becomes too information dense since players generally don't like to be given commands as they like to be free to do their own thing in game.
Posted 05:22pm 16/5/11
NTSC-J copies of Brink will not work on Pal Xboxes fyi. Jewed...
Posted 07:40am 18/5/11
So I played this again last night and had a blast.

The server must have been tweaked well, it ran most excellently.
Everyone knew what to do on both teams and it was a pretty close game most times. Com points where cap'd,defended, re-capped many times throughout the rounds.

Something I would like see changed would be to allow Character customisation between rounds, while staying connected. A lot of people drop out after a match only to reconnect not long into the next round. It is a little disruptive, simply because they may want to change body type.

I'm looking forward to the next patch which hopefully addresses some of the UI issues.

Posted 09:00pm 21/5/11
Why doesnt anyone use VOIP ?? this game needs it.. TF2 did this well
Posted 08:58am 23/5/11
I am really looking forward to this game, buying it this week.
To me, it kind of looks like Borderlands and Global Agenda thrown into a big pot of awesome online fun.
Posted 09:27am 24/5/11
New Brink Update

• Fixed sound dropping out when playing networked games
• Improved graphical performance, especially when using Ambient Occlusion
• Fixed voice packs being reset to default when you delete another character
• Removed ability to use certain cheat protected commands in challenges
• Fixed memory leak/crash when alt-tabbed out

User Interface:
• Full servers are no longer filtered out of the browser
• Added support for entering a range of numbers (i.e. 10-12) in server filters
• Reduced font size in the server browser
• Exiting Head customization returns to the correct menu
• Fixed being unable to bind KP_Enter in the UI
• Increased font size of in-game text chat
• ‘Enter’ now closes text chat prompt if empty
• Fixed challenge in menu flashing even after completion

Dedicated Servers:
• Improved dedicated server CPU performance
• Fixed NPC not spawning for escort objectives online on servers using unsupported cvars
Posted 12:29pm 25/5/11
any word on the exclusive content DLC being made available outside of the retail kits?

Doom guy's getup look's like fun but it's only available in the Xbox/PS3 retail steel book versions so far afaik.
Posted 07:57pm 26/5/11
I haven't seen one of Yahtzee's mini reviews in a while..but i did end up agreeing with what he said about brink
Posted 09:56pm 26/5/11
I haven't seen one of Yahtzee's mini reviews in a while..but i did end up agreeing with what he said about brink
can you summarise it (and your thoughts) for those that don't have 2 spare minutes to watch something that they could read in 1/30th of the time? I have to play StarCraft 2 here!
Posted 07:38am 27/5/11
tf2 is better.
Posted 07:50am 27/5/11
I haven't seen one of Yahtzee's mini reviews in a while..but i did end up agreeing with what he said about brink

I really enjoy most of Yahtzee's reviews. I normally only already watch the vids for the games i have to LOL at the flaws that he criticises and like usual, he was spot on. The only thing i disagree with is that i love FPS parkour games. Mirrors edge was awesome and i wish Assassins Creed was also FPS but that is because im a massive FPS fanboy and TPS makes me cry.
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