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Battlefield V
Battlefield V

Genre: First Person Shooter
Developer: DICE Official Site:
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Release Date:
19th October 2018
Friday, 9 November 2018
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We've taken Battlefield V to the same races we took Battlefield IV, but this time there's skylight above and fish in the water, writes Nathan Lawrence, in our naturally in-depth review.

Here's a snippet:
I was on the infamous Battlefield 4 review trip. It’s “infamous” because the game I played in Redwood, San Francisco and the game that launched felt like two different beasts. What I played was a stable online experience, afforded by controlled online matches powered by the kind of internet that, to this day, still seems like science fiction in Australia. For those who played Battlefield 4 at launch, though, they’d know how unplayable it was.

Ever since then, playing any sort of multiplayer-focused game, especially one built by DICE, under controlled review conditions breeds nervousness as to whether what I’ve played will compare to what is delivered. Despite its very apparent warts, last year’s Battlefront II had stable networking at launch. The same is true of Battlefield 1 and the recent Battlefield V beta was promising. Enough time has passed and DICE has learnt its lessons, it would seem, but I wanted to flag upfront that my experience of Battlefield V was played under controlled conditions in Sweden.
Click here for our in-depth Battlefield V review.
Thursday, 25 October 2018
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In a new post detailing the post-launch Battlefield V roadmap that will introduce free content coming for all players, we've got confirmation that the upcoming Battle Royale-inspired mode Firestorm is set to drop March 2019. This follows the addition of a new single-player War Story called The Last Tiger and a co-op mode called Combined Arms, in what looks to be a steady stream of new stuff.

Called Tides of War and split into different Chapters, each new addition will expand and grow the Battlefield V experience.

Roughly two weeks after Battlefield V’s release, we kick off Tides of War and its first chapter.

Chapter 1: Overture brings the Panzerstorm map, where the German mechanized war machine plunges into Belgium, smashing into Allied defensive forces. On this tank-focused arena, you’ll roll across ridges, ditches, and elevated roads with a massive force of armor, carving a path of destruction through the countryside.

The first chapter also lets you take on an addition to our single-player War Stories: The Last Tiger. In it, a lone Tiger Tank crew begins to question the ideology that got them to this point.

With Lightning Strikes arriving early next year, the Tides of War continue – this time with a focus on vehicle warfare and rapid infantry movement. The chapter brings to life the fear created by the Axis war machine through original content and challenges built around vehicle play.

Combined Arms: Join forces with up to three friends and take on the co-op experience of Combined Arms. In a series of Combat Strike missions across several maps, you and your squad will fight against AI components in various challenges.

Battle Royale comes to Battlefield with Firestorm and the war reaches Greece as the third Tides of War chapter is unleashed in the Spring.

Firestorm: During spring, DICE and Criterion start the fire with Battlefield V’s battle royale experience. Firestorm elevates the mode by bringing in the best of what Battlefield is known for. Mix a shrinking playing field with trademark Battlefield elements such as team play, powerful vehicles, and destruction, and you get many unique Battlefield moments coming your way.

Each Chapter is also set to bring new maps and modes and feature with Chapter 1 introducing vehicle customisation and a Practice Range. Battlefield V launches November 20 for PC, Xbox One, and PS4 with early access available for premium editions and subscribers to Origin Access Premier.
Wednesday, 5 September 2018
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Where the new mode pits 16 teams of four against each other in a giant sandbox filled with destructible buildings, vehicles, and weapons. And to keep thing tense a giant ring of fire will shrink the map size over time. This revelation comes as part of a new in-depth This is Battlefield V gameplay video.

Which details all the modes coming.

The new fortification system is also highlighted showcasing an almost Fortnite-feel to combat and setting up defenses. But that's selling the game short as it all still looks and feels like Battlefield, but bigger and more expansive.
Friday, 31 August 2018
Post by KostaAndreadis @ 12:04pm 31/08/18 | 1 Comments
With the new release date for Battlefield V now being November 20, meaning that its release has been pushed out of the October window that included the likes of Call of Duty Black Ops 4 and Red Dead Redemption 2. The reasoning for the delay has been chalked up to additional fine-tuning of the multiplayer modes and the arrival of the exciting new Tides of War live service.

Which will see the arrival of new story content, missions, events, and large-scale operations on a regular basis. The following statement from Oskar Gabrielson, General Manager of DICE, was released alongside word of the delay.
Today, we’re announcing that Battlefield V will have a new launch date – November 20, 2018. I wanted to give you a little bit of insight into how we arrived at this new date.

Over the summer, we’ve had tens of thousands of players get their hands on the game during our Closed Alphas and at E3 and Gamescom – where we were honored to receive the awards for Best Multiplayer Game at both shows.

You have told us that you are seeing an increased focus on squad play come through, you are also feeling the difference in our revamped player movement and we are getting a lot of positive feedback for our improved weapons handling.
You’ve also spurred us to make some meaningful improvements to the core gameplay experience, including adjusting the gameplay tempo, improving soldier visibility and reducing player friction. You’ll see a lot of these reflected in our Open Beta that starts on September 6.

We believe we have one of the best Battlefield games ever on our hands. A game that will deliver on an emotional journey through the return of unseen single player War Stories, a deep multiplayer experience, Battle Royale, along with our new live service, Tides of War – a journey across multiple theaters of WW2 and designed to keep our community together.

With the Open Beta just around the corner, we are excited about the millions of you who will join us and experience the game. And we fully expect to see even more feedback coming our way.

And that’s why we’re moving our launch date. We’re going to take the time to continue to make some final adjustments to core gameplay, and to ensure we really deliver on the potential of Tides of War.

We know moving the launch date means that we all have to wait a little longer. But we’re going to take our time to make sure we get it right.

Thank you for your continued passion and support. We can’t wait to see you on the battlefield in just a few days.

Good to hear that it won't affect the current beta plans which are still on track to kick off next week. Aside from the official response above, there is a vocal contingent within the community pointing to recent revelations that Battlefield V pre-orders were far lower than expected - sparking a rethink of the marketing campaign. With the direct result of that being a new release date. In terms of direct outcome from this delay, which is also quite rare to happen so late into the year, EA share prices fell by nearly 10 percent.
Friday, 17 August 2018
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A nice little teaser at the end of what is an impressive looking trailer of Battlefield V's World War II action showcases what many believe is the first look at the game's upcoming Battle Royale-inspired mode. Where it seems a large ring of fire slowly shrinks the map-size - constraining fighters and vehicles to a small village square.

As to whether or not we'll get to see the mode in action at Gamescom next week, we hope so. But regardless of that, Battlefield V is shaping up to be a visually stunning shooter.

Here's the full 'Devastation of Rotterdam' trailer.

Also, great choice of music too.
Monday, 30 July 2018
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Which is all a mouthful to take in, but hey, this is EA, right? After a pretty lite-on E3 showing, the company also just had its Q1 earnings call, which has covered in detail but specifically talks to the publishing giant looking to Fortnite's success and to also work to model that success through cross-platform play.

So we've abridged the deeper information for you below:
  • VP of Investor Relations for EA, Chris Evenden believes that in "three to five years" most games will exist in the cloud making cross-platform play more manageable.
  • EA reiterated during the call that Battlefield V's Battle Royale mode was just that: just another game "mode".
  • EA is looking into which franchises would work with cross-platform play, presumably their sports frachises, Battlefield and the forthcoming Anthem.
  • However, this looks to be compartmentalised between what can work with mobile to PC to console (such as the Fortnite model), and what wouldn't work with that model, also presumably the above mentioned Battlefield and Anthem franchises.
  • EA is also "interested in experimenting" with a standalone free-to-play release in a more core genre, such as shooters, but took Battlefield out of that lean, seemingly stamping it as a traditional premium Triple-A release for the time being.
All interesting topics, but nothing overly alarming in the grand scheme of things. You could likely single out the 'late-to-the-party' business concepts of wanting to mimic Fortnite's success (which we don't wholly know how sustainable that success is going to be moving forward), which is how we kind of wound up with Anthem as a bit of a Destiny clone. And that the notion Destiny is now an entity Bungie is considering moving on from and isn't performing nearly as well as it should, would be potentially a poorer way to go about it. But as we said in the news opener, "hey, this is EA".
Sunday, 10 June 2018
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Comprised of "in-game footage" and no doubt a few cinematic flourishes at EA Play early this morning we got a good look at Battlefield V's multiplayer in a trailer. From a visual standpoint it's definitely impressive stuff. From the new destruction model that means tanks can level houses and buildings through to new climbing and diving through window abilities.

Plus, being able to tow mobile artillery and larger guns.

A closer look at the new single-player War Stories is expected at the Xbox Briefing early tomorrow.

Finally, thanks to NVIDIA we've also got the following high-end PC demo of Battlefield V multiplayer Grand Operations - running on a GeForce GTX 1080 Ti. Where we learn that thanks to the new epic destruction there's also a fortification mechanic to create some form of defense.

That and it will look incredible on a high-end rig.
Monday, 28 May 2018
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After the reveal of Battlefield 1, certain pockets of the internet got a little upset over the fact that the game featured people of colour. Cut to the release of Battlefield 1 DLC featuring a female fighter on its cover-art and the (most likely) same group got upset, again. Historical accuracy was the cry. As so once again, the perceived backlash was brought to the fore when the main art for the recently revealed Battlefield V showcased a female resistance fighter.

Apparently this is upsetting to some.

And so Oskar Gabrielson, the GM at DICE took to Twitter to double down on the studio's choices, and the fact that Battlefield is traditionally about fun first and foremost. Starting with, "First, let me be clear about one thing. Player choice and female playable characters are here to stay." Adding, "Our commitment as a studio is to do everything we can to create games that are inclusive and diverse. We always set out to push boundaries and deliver unexpected experiences. But above all, our games fun!"

If historical accuracy is the basis for criticising what we've seen of Battlefield V so far, then that's a valid stance to take - if one is so inclined. But only to a certain degree, and one that usually falls apart when cinematic ambition and fun sandbox shooting are the focus of an experience.
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Recently our very own Seamus Mullins attended the world-wide reveal of Battlefield V (or 5) in London. Where we not only got confirmation that the new setting would be a return to the series' WWII roots but that big changes were coming across the board. From co-op to Grand Operations to revamped squad mechanics and yes, no more Season Pass map packs, it's hard not to get excited.

So why not pour a coffee, sit back, and enjoy this massive in-depth preview on why Battlefield V is shaping up to be something special.

When considering what would be the focus for the next entry in the famous shooter series in the lead up to the reveal of Battlefield V, I all but assumed that the setting would be World War II (confirmed earlier this week). But also, that DICE’s focus would be placed on bigger and grander multiplayer modes, and new royale opportunities to take Battlefield to the Next Level. Presuming said changes would relate more in terms of action and explosive set pieces that look good in a trailer; rather than fixing the issues which have plagued the series for years and many entries. Although these assumptions were still correct to a degree, we are literally getting a new multiplayer mode called ‘Grand Operations’, DICE surprised many of us at the recent worldwide reveal in London, by announcing several changes and additions focused and dedicated to finally fixing these long term niggling problems, coming in Battlefield V.

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