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Batman: Arkham Knight
Batman: Arkham Knight

PlayStation 4 | Xbox One
Genre: Action
Developer: Rocksteady Studios Official Site: http://www.batmanarkhamknigh...
Publisher: Warner Brothers Interac...
Release Date:
3rd June 2015
Batman: Arkham Knight Review
Review By @ 11:03pm 19/06/15
Note: This review was written after playing a PS4 debug build of the game, which is closely in line with Xbox One. The PC issues were not made apparent to us ahead of writing this review, the copy and score reflect the platform the game was reviewed on.

Next-level next-gen. That’s my catchphrase for Rocksteady’s Batman: Arkham Knight. From the outset this is a journey that transcends videogames and storytelling, it’s now the benchmark for any other superhero game to come and it is absolutely a work of narrative art. It’s a dark and lonely place, despite its constant badgering at you because the story it’s telling isn’t wholly yours. It’s Batman’s, too, but in a way no one has ever experienced before. It takes every slice of meaningful media ever constructed around the man, and collates it into one of the single most important Batman stories ever told, only you're not turning the page or watching passively from the couch, you’re living it, one unbelievable moment at a time.

Batman: Arkham Knight is a difficult beast to write about in review form though. As it would be if Batman were real (I like to believe he is), every moment is a challenge and a surprise. His 70+ years of history emerge at every possible moment, and never announced. And like all of the previous games in the Arkham series, Knight takes place in the span of a single night, leaving our weary but eveready Caped Crusader with a giant task on his hands.

He has help this time around, of course. Plenty of foes fill and command the streets of civilian-evacuated Gotham, but even Nightwing has dropped in from his hood at Bludhaven to lend a fighting stick or two. And in keeping with the same grey storytelling Rocksteady has become a master at, often detractors from the force of Batman’s will for justice become unlikely, but ready, allies to the Dark Knight and the task at hand.

While the game’s story is the most poignant place to kick off this review, I’d be doing Rocksteady and Batman fans a huge disservice in detailing any of it. E3 already spoilt what is arguably one of the best opening sequences to a game, ever, during the Sony pre-E3 presser, so I’ll move on beyond leaving you with this: anything and everything you thought you knew, and expected from Arkham Knight, is a lie. It’s a lie constructed by you, me and anyone else who thought they knew what it took to take this series beyond Batman: Arkham City, or even Batman in general. You should go into this game with fresh eyes and an open mind, because at every turn it’s going to surprise the absolute fuck out of you.

So here’s what I can tell you. Gotham’s three unique islands: Magani, Founder's and Bleake are unbelievably recreated here. This is arguably the most dense and perfect open-world city ever built. It’s commanding in its sheer scale for the basic square kilometers of it all, and while you can effectively glide around the whole space in less than 10-minutes, exploring all of its gorgeous nooks and crannies, as well as its unbelievably crafted and detailed interiors is more than hours upon hours of fun. There’s a design maturity riddled throughout the game-world, like, wherever you go no detail emerges as minute or non meaningful, even if it isn’t an interactive or specific part of the story at-hand. The art team has detailed a dark and brooding world with so much eerie life, it’s like Gotham has truly existed in the real-world this whole time.

What this expanse of space and design maturity has lead to is a break in structured play. Where you could argue Asylum and City broke the basics of Rocksteady’s disparate Batman pillars -- predator maps and hand-to-hand combat -- into ‘levels’ and sections, Arkham Knight merges them and frees up their parameters by giving you more space, more verticality and more options. Skyscraper rooftops and parking garages are now showdown areas for stealth and combat, and can be approached and dealt with in vastly different ways, among many other unique and unexpected environments. Old and new gadgets return and debut respectively, but they’re almost never required beyond maybe an initial tutorial use. While enemies, enemy-types and game-world puzzles and impediments have also been bolstered in ways that dwarf the previous games combined.

Gliding across the storm-filled Gotham night sky never gets old, and Batman’s animations for even minor cape adjustments for pitch and yaw are glorious. His cape beads perfect rain droplets and I challenge anyone who plays to drop out of the night sky, land anywhere and not immediately find a perfect screenshot -- the whole game is a living postcard only Gotham could create, and it’s eerily dark and inviting as a result.

The game’s pacing and invitational direction where side-quests are concerned is also another area where it’s matured. There’s a mission wheel which I initially felt was too ‘gamey’ until Rocksteady’s Dax explained its purpose, and from the word go when playing the final game proper, it actually held its place. There are plenty of other ‘gamey’ inclusions too, such as the expanded AR missions and challenges, as well as some of the Riddler bits and pieces, but this is Batman we’re talking about and they all still fit and feel at home. And despite the urgency of the main event that takes place, Arkham Knight does a bang-up job making you want to explore the new options and quests on offer, in part because they’re more cleverly tied to how that main event carries out across the city, but I’m treading in spoiler territory now, back to the game.

So the Batmobile is the obvious other major known inclusion here, and it’s a sweet, sweet ride. Most of the time. In fact, if I had to pick an area that didn’t completely gel with me, it’s in a lot of the driving components. The freedom of much better gliding aside, the Batmobile’s controls -- in basic car form -- kick off too clunky to really work with the winding city streets of Gotham. Moreover, using the boost and getting hung up on a wall or obstruction can be infuriating in some chase sequences, partly because of the idea that, as a result of L2 being used to immediately switch into battle mode, it’s no longer the more familiar function of reverse, so makes movement and responsiveness to urgent scenarios tricky to master.

It’s not all doom and gloom, and there’s plenty of upgrading that goes on across Batman and the Batmobile so it does become an easier tool to use, and a lot of its puzzle uses are clever and interesting and contextual to the world. But I’d be lying if I said I used it all the time -- the game’s freedom in gliding was the only sure way for me to get around Gotham, when I didn’t need the Batmobile.

Like the previous outings, completionists will find a huge amount of content to bite into here, but even the story for those of you who only usually follow the main path is a large and expansive one. As mentioned, the Riddler returns but his challenges are more engaging and unique to this new world Rocksteady has created, and regular streetside confrontations with the usual Gotham rabble can throw you into ever-escalating skirmishes. You’ll earn points for leveling up though, so everything you do in the game goes towards a basic progression system that fits with what’s thrown at you contextually, and I applaud Rocksteady for making it meaningful given that Batman is the sort of character who maybe doesn’t need to level up.

Outside of the main game Challenge maps return with Predator and Combat, alongside Batmobile Race, Combat and Hybrid. There’s hours and hours of content waiting in the wings outside of Gotham’s woes, and with a “Downloadable Content” tab, here’s hoping Rocksteady supports Arkham Knight in bigger ways than they ever did with Asylum or City. (Psssst, Rocksteady, more single-player narrative content, please.)

On our review platform: PS4 debug, the game never ceased to amaze and I came across no major issues beyond a very small number of clipping glitches after finishing off a thug or two, here and there -- small development details that will likely be fixed in the game’s updates post-release. But honestly, this is one of the most complete and perfect games I’ve ever played.

From an engagement perspective, and one built from my love of single-player games, it’s impossible to fault the entire package here, even with my Batmobile teething issues. It’s the best-looking game across both console platforms (yes, even over The Witcher 3), but more importantly it just delivers in every aspect you could hope for. It’s challenging and engaging, expansive and enticing. Its game-world is wholly realised and gorgeous to look at, but above all else, it tells such an incredible story in so many new and unique ways, it’s impossible to ignore. Batman: Arkham Knight is a Batman experience no self-respecting fan should miss, and if Batman’s not your thing, then make it your thing. You won’t regret it. Trust me.
What we liked
  • The best Batman story I've ever been engaged in, regardless of media
  • Absolutely gorgeous
  • An open-world city like nothing you've ever played in before
  • Wonderful, expansive side-quests that tie into, and flesh out the main story in incredible ways
  • A polished product no other games at this point in time can touch
What we didn't like
  • The Batmobile can be a tricky vehicle to master
We gave it:
Latest Comments
Posted 11:24pm 19/6/15
"you're not turning the page"

As in you are not turning the page.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 11:29pm 19/6/15
Nice pick up, thanks :)
Posted 11:31pm 19/6/15
a 10, whoa
that makes the $25 preorder price even more sweet
Posted 11:32pm 19/6/15
Great review though Steve. The game sounds fantastic and looks very pretty too.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 11:33pm 19/6/15
It's absolutely stunning on PS4, I can't wait to see how it looks on PC
Posted 12:14am 20/6/15
i want to get this game but i'm probably only half way through witcher 3. :/
Posted 10:00am 20/6/15
I saw keys are going for like $30 USD on some sites. I'm so freaking pumped for this game.
Posted 10:35am 20/6/15
sold! bought for steam for $25!!!!! Thanks vash for the heads up to go hunting.
Posted 10:48am 20/6/15
The hype is real!
Posted 11:41am 20/6/15
f*****, I really didn't want to buy this game at launch because I think they are c**** for pulling the expensive season pass thing but I love these games so much :(
Posted 12:20pm 20/6/15
So is the combat the same as previous games or have they beefed that up too?
Posted 12:24pm 20/6/15
woohoo <3 batman arkham
Posted 03:32pm 20/6/15
I hope this isn't the last DC game we see from Rocksteady.

Bring on Suicide Squad please!
Posted 04:49pm 20/6/15
the devs that made origins are probably doing a suicide squad game.
Posted 06:16pm 20/6/15
Posted 06:17pm 20/6/15
a 10, whoa
that makes the $25 preorder price even more sweet

woah! from??
Posted 06:36pm 20/6/15 have it going for 23 US, I've bought a s***load of games from em and never had a problem.
Posted 07:00pm 20/6/15 have it going for 23 US, I've bought a s***load of games from em and never had a problem.

Awesome thanks.

I usually use GMG. This is alot cheaper!
Posted 07:24pm 20/6/15
I'll get this from the bargain bin in a year or so and play it then like I did with the last three batman games.

I just pre-ordered Lego Dimensions that s*** is off the chain, Portal adventure pack now!
Posted 12:00am 21/6/15
Isn't Lego dimensions basically just skylanders with Lego toys instead?
Posted 12:07am 21/6/15
pretty much but it does look kind of cool though.

Posted 06:41am 21/6/15
Isn't Lego dimensions basically just skylanders with Lego toys instead?

Yep but it's Lego so it's for adults because kids can't afford Lego these days.
Posted 07:53pm 21/6/15
Well thanks I cancelled my GMG pre-order and ordered from CD-KEYS and have key already activated in steam.

Posted 08:12pm 21/6/15
so, i tried this cdkeys website, I would have liked to have known before hand that after I have paid, they want my telephone number, before sending me the serial key :/
Posted 10:51pm 21/6/15
It's to send you a text to confirm you're you. Good security.
Posted 10:54pm 21/6/15
pfft no way i would give them my phone number. glad i didn't buy from them.
Posted 11:47pm 21/6/15
i bought as a guest, they didnt have my number to begin with
Posted 06:17am 22/6/15
I'm a registered user and have never had to give my phone number?
Like I said, I've used em heaps and never had any problems, if you don't wanna use em enjoy your $30-40 key from somewhere else.
Posted 10:41am 22/6/15
pfft no way i would give them my phone number. glad i didn't buy from them.

Posted 11:05am 22/6/15


Paranoid much
Posted 03:29pm 22/6/15
its the internet, if youre not paranoid, youre the one thatll be missing $
Posted 04:18pm 22/6/15
It's preloading on steam.

Got my copy downloading. I'm hyped as s*** for this one. Perfect timing too. Semester is done and not much to do for the new couple weeks!
Posted 06:23pm 22/6/15
pre-loading 33.7GB
Posted 06:08pm 23/6/15
My steam says now available does this mean it's playable?
Posted 06:34pm 23/6/15
So apparently the PC port is f***ed.

Didn't they QA it on PC or something before release.
Posted 06:42pm 23/6/15
I have an older pc that's running a 570 and it's running fine for me. I've got everything set to normal and in 1080p and it runs smooth most of the time. No crashes either.

So far so good.
Posted 07:19pm 23/6/15
looks like the PC port is total s***. :(

Posted 07:33pm 23/6/15
A lot of people are complaining about a 30 fps cap for the PC port and s***house performance. Most of the reviews on Steam are negative.
Posted 07:42pm 23/6/15
Yeah, hold off on PC hopefully they fix it...
Posted 09:10pm 23/6/15
Should of got a console lol where is your master race now muahahhaha
Posted 09:19pm 23/6/15
A lot of people are complaining about a 30 fps cap for the PC port and s***house performance.

you can change that by editing the .ini file.

just played for 30mins or so and it was running pretty smoothly for me. fps was averaging high 50s. there does seem to be a pretty bad memory leak though.
Posted 12:27pm 24/6/15
I'm downloading it now. Will be interesting to see how my 980 handles it.
Posted 04:13pm 24/6/15
Steam refund policy came at the right time eh. 30fps cap haha.

The recommended specs of a GTX 760 is apparently only going to get you the performance of a ps4/xbox1 in this game.
Posted 04:36pm 24/6/15
wow what a f*** up. so it begs it the question, how many of you pre-ordered this haha. I'm just gonna wait for the next steam sale. I'm a big fan of the games but this on top of the already insulting season pass s*** is reason enough to give it a miss.
Posted 04:41pm 24/6/15
'cept for the train smash PC launch!
Posted 06:21pm 24/6/15
Haven't played a great deal yet but ... wow it's good so far. Runs and looks amazing on ps4.
Posted 06:27pm 24/6/15
Can you modify original OP title.
Perfect Knight - Far from perfect release
Posted 06:52pm 24/6/15
So another f*** you to pc gamers, well devs and publishers can expect that f*** you right back at them.
If you got this on steam do not play for over two hours and ask for refund.
Happy I didn't get on the hype train, was always putting this in the wait till it's in the $5 steam sale bin.
F*** consoles.
Posted 07:50pm 24/6/15
just played for a couple hours and apart from the memory leak it runs pretty damn smooth on my PC. guess i'm lucky.
Tanaka Khan
Posted 08:34pm 24/6/15
All the Steam reviews scared me right off this
The GuVna
Posted 08:47pm 24/6/15

Steam refund policy came at the right time eh. 30fps cap haha.

The recommended specs of a GTX 760 is apparently only going to get you the performance of a ps4/xbox1 in this game.

ctd that thread is amazing, literally 100 posts (probably more as I type this) of just pure hate.
Posted 09:46pm 24/6/15
Yeah I'm seeing a lot of hate for the PC port, guess I'll wait and see if they fix it.
Posted 09:48pm 24/6/15
Lucky it wasn't reviewed on the PC ;) bet the score wouldn't be a 10.
Posted 10:19am 25/6/15
plz let me know when PC version is fixed! I really want to play this.
Posted 11:09am 25/6/15

Doesn't look good trog

Dear Batman: Arkham Knight PC owners,

We want to apologize to those of you who are experiencing performance issues with Batman: Arkham Knight on PC. We take these issues very seriously and have therefore decided to suspend future game sales of the PC version while we work to address these issues to satisfy our quality standards. We greatly value our customers and know that while there are a significant amount of players who are enjoying the game on PC, we want to do whatever we can to make the experience better for PC players overall.

Thank you to those players who have already given valuable feedback. We are continuously monitoring all threads posted in the Official Batman: Arkham Knight Community and Steam forums, as well as any issues logged with our Customer Support ( If you purchased your copy of the game and are not satisfied with your experience, then we ask for your patience while these issues are resolved. If desired, you can request a refund at (Steam refund policies can be found here: or the retail location where you purchased the game.

The Batman: Arkham fans have continually supported the franchise to its current height of success, and we want to thank you for your patience as we work to deliver an updated version of Batman: Arkham Knight on PC so you can all enjoy the final chapter of the Batman: Arkham series as it was meant to be played.

Posted 11:24am 25/6/15
i cant even play. thinking about a refund and getting the ps4 version.
Posted 11:40am 25/6/15
I was debating the PC or Xbone version of this.....guess I got my answer
Posted 11:49am 25/6/15
wow they're suspending sales. is that a first?
Posted 11:53am 25/6/15
maybe ill just wait. ps4 version is 3x what i paid for the PC version
Posted 12:04pm 25/6/15
wow they're suspending sales. is that a first?

That cricket game Ashes Cricket had it happen.
Posted 02:04pm 25/6/15
No joke, I forked out the coin for a 980 ti in anticipation for this one. I was left rather unimpressed on Monday night... :(
Posted 02:57pm 25/6/15
I must be one of the lucky few.

I edited my .ini file. Running at 60fps, no stutterting at all. Even when in batmobile. Am making good progress in game.

I did have one crash in the menu but just started up and hasn't crashed since.

Game is pretty good actually. All Nvidia features are on.
Posted 07:04pm 26/6/15
So kotaku stating that its a piece of s*** on the PC and has been withdrawn from steam is meaningless.
Posted 01:13pm 28/6/15
Only played a little, but I dunno, I kinda hate the batmobile so far. The controls for it are frustrating considering that every car game ever has left trigger for brake and right for accelerate, but in this the left trigger goes into combat mode. I constantly end up going into combat mode when trying to stop or slow down =/ it also bounces around like a ping pong ball when it hits something and far too easily ends up facing the wrong way or flipped onto its roof.
Posted 01:48pm 28/6/15
Trying to get 3 stars on that first riddled track and now I hate the batmobile even more. Hate the controls and hate how it feels to drive and how half the time it doesn't seem to actually go in the direction I point it.

And is there a controller I can get for ps4 that is basically the shape of an Xbox controller? Because whoever designed the ps4 controller is obviously a moron. I've noticed the problem a little in other games but its happening all the time in arkham knight. If I have the left thumbsticks pushed all the way to the right, my thumb can hit the PS guide button and quit out to the dashboard. At least half the races I fail are probably because of that. What an utterly retarded place to put the guide button. Maybe if they didn't waste half the controller with a gimmicky touchpad that nobody uses they could have put buttons in more sensible places. Seriously, like every game I've played on ps4 pretty much just uses the touchpad as a button, they may as well just have added another button and saved all that space
Posted 05:09pm 28/6/15
Heh. Can't help you there. Playing on PC with an XBox controller. Took a few goes but eventually got 3 stars. All the ARs are done now, thank god.
Posted 09:48pm 28/6/15
Trying to get 3 stars on that first riddled track and now I hate the batmobile even more.

there's another riddler race track further along that's even worse.
Posted 10:17am 29/6/15
there's another riddler race track further along that's even worse.

Oh joy :(

Yeah, I got 3 stars eventually, but I think maybe I should just leave the AR stuff alone for a bit and play more of the rest of the game cos the AR stuff is just pissing me off and I don't want to end up hating the whole game because of it.
Posted 11:15am 29/6/15
just started playing on PC and it's sweet
Posted 11:52am 29/6/15
Oh joy :(

there's good news though. there's only 2 race tracks for the riddler mission.
Posted 03:35pm 29/6/15
I think the formula is starting to wear a bit thin though, I mean my first reaction when I saw there was like 260 riddler challenges wasn't excitement at how much there was to do, it was more of a groan and "Oh god, not again".
Posted 04:19pm 29/6/15
Must be one of the lucky ones also, with it running nicely on my PC..

But I'm wondering if I'm expecting too much, the fight mechanics seem rubbish. My 6yr old would be able to roll 10+ baddies at once by mashing mouse button 1 and beating up every guy in range. Anyone else find the combat lacking?

Posted 06:16pm 29/6/15

I think the formula is starting to wear a bit thin though, I mean my first reaction when I saw there was like 260 riddler challenges wasn't excitement at how much there was to do, it was more of a groan and "Oh god, not again".

of that 260 only ten are challenges or trials. the rest are all riddler trophies and s***. the bad news is that you need to collect all the riddler trophies to complete the riddler mission. the very bad news is that you need to get 100% completion of the game to get the extended ending.

But I'm wondering if I'm expecting too much, the fight mechanics seem rubbish. My 6yr old would be able to roll 10+ baddies at once by mashing mouse button 1 and beating up every guy in range. Anyone else find the combat lacking?

nope, they gradually add new types of enemies (eg. ninjas, medics, electrified enemies) as well as drones and sentry turrets. it can get quite difficult if you don't make good use of your skills and gadgets. hell, you can completely miss some gadgets if you don't go looking for them.

last edited by ravn0s at 18:16:28 29/Jun/15
Posted 04:18pm 01/7/15
Picked this up last night for the PS4 played a couple of hours, holy f*** that first Riddler race, I just assumed Khel failed at racing games... but f*** me lol

I ended up doing it in first person mode racing the Batmobile seemed better but because I couldn't actually see if I cleared the doors or not a lot of the time I just blew up.

Other than that it's great so far
Posted 01:34pm 02/7/15
I got to the second Riddler challenge last night, but I feel like I'm missing something. I just can't seem to get the Batmobile to go straight when it comes off the ramps, pretty annoying so I gave up.

On the plus side, even though gforce experience says that my laptop doesn't meet the minimum requirements it still gets 30+ FPS on full settings even with the nvidia gameworks stuff enabled. It ran very poorly until I took some bright spark's advice to run it in borderless windowed mode. Instant improvement! Looks amazing too, between this and The Witcher 3 I've got plenty of gorgeous gamey goodness to keep me busy for a while.
Posted 03:30pm 02/7/15
I just can't seem to get the Batmobile to go straight when it comes off the ramps, pretty annoying so I gave up.

you can use the direction keys while in mid air if it looks like you're going off course.
Posted 09:22pm 02/7/15
10/10? Aww geez I am tempted to get this now. Can't seem to keep up with all these good games anymore. Still have the Witcher there waiting to be finished. Time to cancel my WoW sub again I think.
Posted 09:44pm 02/7/15
If you're playing on PC Jeffro hold out a bit longer hey.
Posted 10:31am 03/7/15
Have there been any PC patches yet or are they still plugging away?
Posted 10:39am 03/7/15
There's been one? rolled out to fix a few issues but afaik the major problems are still plaguing it.
My brother gifted me a copy yesterday so once the dl (38 gb, gg rocksteady) is finished I guess I'll see for myself.
Posted 10:41am 03/7/15
there has only been one patch that fixed ambient occlusion and rain effects. i think it's going to take a while for them to fix the main issues with the game.
Posted 01:58pm 04/7/15
Btw, that site still has stock and it's now going for 18.50 US or something ridiculous. If anyone wants the game cheap for when it's finally fixed I'd jump on that. They'll probably stick the price back up once its back out on steam for purchase.

Edit* - So I've managed to get it running pretty smooth. motion blur seemed to be a pretty big killer but you can disable it in the ini. The memory leak is real though, it gets nigh unplayable after about an hour in game and the texture streaming issue is pretty noticeable, similar to how bad Rage was on release
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