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Android APP (conduit mobile)
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Hewwo peeps,

I am interested in perhaps (having) an android app for my mobile detailing business.

Nothing amazing, hardly interactive, just a nice looking main page with some tabs/links to something like - how to guides, contact info, gallery, pricing etc.

Now I know absolutely nothing about programming.

I have some how come across this

Has anyone got any experience with this? (it's a free android app maker from what I can tell). just hoping it doesnt spam the s*** out of the app with ads etc.

Can anyone speak from experience?

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Brisbane, Queensland
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what? you want people to install an app that tells them about your business? That's some Telstra bloat level s*** right there man. (them and their "apps" which are just links to their website)

Anyway, eclipse is pretty easy to use and is what I used to make a calculator specific to my job.
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lol no more telstra for me. gave that s*** up in march.

d*** smith now haha!

I just thought another avenue would be nice. or be able to have people make bookings through it etc.

Now that I read up more on the conduit thing, minimum $40 a month basically. free version only allows 5 people to use it and no submission to app store etc.

oh wellz!
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Brisbane, Queensland
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if you're a startup and you want manage your own marketing to possibly generate ad revenue later by using an ad conduit across your web IT platform scope, i would probably recommend you look into a hosted system with something like django or rails and build out as spartan or fancy as you like on the frontpage

if you're going to be build targeting for the Android platform in particular you will probably need a Tomcat+Jetty server at some point to service the communicae to your Android segment

of course then you'll need developers and programmers to build the system, fun times

otherwise i think cray cray morton suggested some kind of shmick hosted crm like goldmine as being up to the bizniz of aligning your business practice towards

either way, enjoy paying your taxes ;P
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Brisbane, Queensland
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I know exactly what you're looking for. I make mobile apps for small businesses on Apple and Android and can build you something both professional and affordable. You can have as little or as many built-in features as you want on android, e.g. one touch calling, book an appointment, GPS direction, loyalty program, social network integration, push notification etc. Apple are more strict but can get you on the app store too if you want no probs. Check your PM.
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fixah fixah's everything everything
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AGN Admin
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Someone at work sent this around the other day:
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^ I just ran something through that and it's come out at $17.5K. But it's estimating $60-$100 US per hour.

Surely you could use Freelancer or similar and have our Indian or Soviet friends rattle something up for less than 1/2 that?
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