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Locking / protecting an excel sheet
Gold Coast, Queensland
16 posts
I've got a sheet that i have developed heavily at work including a lot of macros and valuable code that i want to protect in case someone decides to leave and takes a copy of the sheet. so obviously i can't just put a password on the sheet cos he will need to use it every day. has anyone dealt with a similar situation?
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If I understand your question correctly I think this will work:

Alt+F11 --> Tools --> VBA Project Properties --> Protection --> Lock + password, confirm password --> OK --> Close VBA --> Save --> Close and open workbook.
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Gold Coast, Queensland
17 posts
Taggs - worked a treat thanks!

next question; is there a way to code in a time-bomb sort of thing whereby every x amount of time the sheet breaks (whether it simply doesn't work, or multiplies the quantities by y?

obviously by only locking VB the sheet can still function, you just can't see the code so i still need to get a resolution to if someone leaves and takes a copy of the sheet with them
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Perth, Western Australia
1505 posts
Sounds dodgy, shouldn't you take that up with your employers or clients who are presumably paying you to develop said sheet?

Do you have a document control system with file auditing? Sounds like you need to be tracking that stuff.
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Melbourne, Victoria
184 posts
Sounds very dodgy - however i'd love to help you screw over your employer.

You can put in todays date into the spreadsheet calcs - =TODAY()

then all your over calcs, make them something along the lines of IF =Today() < 09/10/2013 then "-" else (Calculation)

That should show all results until aftert that date.

P.S Eski is totally right tho - if you developed this during your companies time, it is actually not your property.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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At my job when there was a sort of power struggle for the company, and we knew one of the skill-less f**** in our office was a dirty little snitch because he believed the new leadership would put him in a management position, we fed him misinformation about code time-bombs in our infrastructure, then the company had to hire all these auditors to go through all our horrible code, recover deleted files off our hard drives, check all customer accounts for secret employee accounts, hahaaha what a circus they found nothing except I had removed the sata cables from my computer which made me look really suspicious, and another guy had totally forgotten he recently had a hard drive replaced and kept insisting they were wrong about their serial number theory.
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Gold Coast, Queensland
18 posts
i'm not trying to do a dodgy here, i've had a suspicion that one of the guys on my team who had nothing to do with the development of the sheet is going to leave and i don't want him to take something with him that has taken me half a year to develop and is potentially worth a lot of money.

this has been very helpful thanks to all contributors.
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Brisbane, Queensland
11006 posts
If it's worth a lot of money, then how come it's an excel spreadsheet?
Make it a webpage, only authorised people see the code that runs it, you control who can view or edit the data, and most importantly unless you're the one doing backups - you can't take anything with you when you leave.
Here's some news: lots of big organisations have spent s*** tonnes of money on MANAGING their RIGHTS with DIGITAL files, and the only way it ever works is if the super secret important bit is on a server.
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