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Batch resizing tool
Brisbane, Queensland
7867 posts

So I've got a chick that does alot of image resizing as part of her role, and is struggling with resizing tools.

What is the current best tool for automating this sort of thing?
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Brisbane, Queensland
10678 posts
I'll bet she could resize my tool

Photoshop. File -> Scripts -> Image Processor
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Brisbane, Queensland
7868 posts
Nah not photoshop dawg

Thinking under $1k
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Brisbane, Queensland
10679 posts
I mentioned photoshop so as to avoid installing additional software, since everyone already has photoshop.
But there are a thousand tools like this, just go to a download site like tucows or whatever and do a search. I doubt there is a 'current best tool', they are very simple programs.
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AGN Admin
Brisbane, Queensland
36666 posts
Irfanview batch mode will do it; it is freeware.

ImageMagick command line tools will do it too
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Brisbane, Queensland
7422 posts
Assuming it's basic image resizing, Irfanview is free and extremely customisable when it comes to that. If it's for professional photos/images of abnormally higher bit-depth, etc (that normal software doesn't support) .. then you're better off with Photoshop style programs.

Just make sure you have "Resample" enabled, otherwise it'll do nearest-neighbour interpolation.
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Brisbane, Queensland
34990 posts
one of the first tools i install on any windows install is the image resizer. (not sure why its not a default windows tool)

select however many images, right click, resize. it does standard sizing, but can also do custom.

simple, fast, easy.

i hate tards that post 3meg or bigger images in emails and on forums
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2285 posts
pix resizer, and it free and awesome been using it for years.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Brisbane, Queensland
1077 posts
I use too. Works great.
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Brisbane, Queensland
3672 posts
doesn't CS4 (i know, no photoshop, but still) have the droplets you can make (basiclly simple work flows, drop a whole folder on the droplett, and it does the same commands to all the files, and spits them to a set folder, bam!)
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Brisbane, Queensland
2904 posts
Easy thumbs
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Also using for a while and it does the job well
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Brisbane, Queensland
9856 posts
MS Office picture manager ftw
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Brisbane, Queensland
6169 posts
I use VSO Image Resizer at home and it works well and is easy to use. Easy enough that I was even able to teach my mum how to use it.

They use a program called Fotosizer at work that even work chumps have figured out how to use, so It's pretty simple too.
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Brisbane, Queensland
6318 posts
The same thing for photoshop exists in GNU image manipulator program (GIMP).

Quick google would have been better than this thread IMO.

If you aren't just going from 1 absolute size to another absolute size then things get tricky though.

Edit: What do you mean by 'struggling' as in 'isn't competent' or more that the tool she uses isn't very good, and if so in what way? What does 'best' mean?
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Brisbane, Queensland
21153 posts
now that I'm on my PC, I'll add more to "mogrify"

you could set it up on a timer so all she has to do is drop a bunch of files in a directory at night, in the morning they'd be resized and she can just move them to wherever, or just make some sort of batch file & drop a directory onto it or what I did, add a menu entry to the right click menu for folders
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Melbourne, Victoria
2041 posts
tucows is still a thing?
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Wynnum, Queensland
2953 posts
Powertools, image re-sizer?
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Brisbane, Queensland
34997 posts
Powertools, image re-sizer?

yer, thats what i used to use, doesnt exist for windows 7 though. shame, it should have been made a default windows tool.
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Brisbane, Queensland
21157 posts
^^ you're a default windows tool
11:01pm 17/01/13 Permalink
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+1 for.

Great tool, I think the above is a Win7 compatible version of the WinXP Powertools original.

I use InfranView or Photoshop if it's more advanced.
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Wynnum, Queensland
2954 posts
Yup there defs is a win 7 compatible version. I have it on my work PC
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