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Job! PHP/Wordpress Developer in Melbourne
Melbourne, Victoria
8201 posts
Hi All,

I have a friend who owns a Digital Marketing/Media business looking to hire a new developer down in Melbourne. The job ad is up on Seek at so if you feel you might be a good fit then put in an application.

Digicap is a young, rapidly growing UX & Digital Targeting agency with offices in North Richmond. We are on the lookout for a keen, all round web developer to help us deliver high quality, bespoke user experiences, through website and digital marketing capability.

You'll be working with a talented and close knit team of industry experts who are passionate about what we do.

To apply for this position you will need excellent front-end development skills and have good knowledge of latest web technologies including browser/device dependencies & best practices. Ideal candidates will have ample experience working with WordPress CMS and/or other open source platforms, and have a good general knowledge of PHP + MySQL.

We’re not looking for you to have a set number of years experience or specific qualifications. Rather, we want to hear from individuals with a passion for web technologies that are keen to join our successful and growing team and contribute to a high output and fun work environment.

Salary is up to $55k/year.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Brisbane, Queensland
15466 posts
55K is a bit poo :(
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Brisbane, Queensland
10175 posts
Yeah that salary is a joke. Try 70.
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Melbourne, Victoria
1068 posts
Yeah I was thinking I could be keen but the cash is just too low sorry mate. Cheers for the link tho ey!
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Melbourne, Victoria
8202 posts
bepatient - you could give them a call anyway, I know they'll pay more for the right person (within reason I suppose).

I checked out Seek for "php developer" (not senior) across the salary brackets and found that in Melbourne for the last 30 days for permanent jobs it was;

$40-50k : 28 jobs
$50-60k : 56 jobs
$60-70k : 90 jobs

I'll let the guys know and mention they might need to up it.
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Brisbane, Queensland
10172 posts
wp devs will still line up for $55k, especially since you don't need paid experience
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Melbourne, Victoria
7336 posts
$55k is fine if you're looking for a grad with ~1yr commercial experience.
But don't expect anyone fantastic for that coin, they're already earning $70k.
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Cairns, Queensland
12701 posts
To be fair the job description isn't for an uber PHP developer. They're looking for someone who can wield WordPress and throw down a little in LAMP.

If you're earning 70+ then this job would surely be boring anyway?
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