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first page on google!
Brisbane, Queensland
3511 posts
I got this guy calling me at work saying that there are 3600 google searches for the words "welding brisbane" every month. So what he's offering is that everytime a person does a google search for "welding brisbane" our company website will be one of the hits on the first page..

this costs $99 setup fee then $300 per month.. is it me or this sounds like a bit bs?

oh and those prices are excluding GST.

here is an e-mail:

Dear Martin
Further to your interest in achieving a first page position on Google we confirm that we can provide Google AdWord advertising links to your business website for the following search phrase:

welding brisbane

3600 searches per month

The benefits for your business are:

We guarantee you a first page position on Google for the search phrase listed above.

Your own website will be promoted so you can keep it up to date with all the changes in your business. You do not have to go through a third party.

Instant results as you will be found on the front page within 48 hours of confirmation letting prospective clients find you quickly and easily.

Current research shows that 98% of the business Google generates comes from first page results.
These phrases are available for:
$99 (+GST) setup fee and $300 (+GST) per month.
Kind regards,
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Brisbane, Queensland
1218 posts
what he means by first page on google is your adwords ad will be on the first page. the order that ads appear in is based on how much money you are willing to pay - the more you pay, the higher you appear in adword results.

for example, a term like "porn" could cost $50 to be at the top of the ad results. after 6 people click on your link, there goes your $300 and you will no longer be visible.
a term like "hungry balls and unicorns" would probably cost 2c per click, because it is such a rare search query that there is no competition

would not trust this guy
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Melbourne, Victoria
12373 posts
Yeah it's possible. They essentially reference spam Google. They set up however many other sites which link back to your page with links containing the text "welding brisbane" and similar.

You can do some basic things yourself. Go to sites like TruLocal and get people to review your business on there.

Make sure your IMG HTML and links on the website all contain ALT and TITLE text as well (commonly over-looked).

But ultimately being a very referenced website will get you the best search engine listing. That is, if a lot of sites link back to your site.

The risks are that the guy will be caught out and you will suffer a deliberate website hit of say -40 (meaning even if you're the most relevant search item you will appear on page 3 in the Google search listing).

That does happen. I know of someone that has a forced position on Google due to some dodgy SEO practices.
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AGN Admin
Brisbane, Queensland
35502 posts
what iTom said: it is just an adwords campaign. You would need to clarify if the $300 / month includes the budget for AdWords, a few places I've looked at charge that separately (i.e., you pay them $300/mo for them to just do the work setting up / tweaking the adwords, but then you also need to pay Google on top of that to run the AdWords.

I just chucked 'welding brisbane' into one of my adwords accounts, but it doesn't have a lot of info on those terms by the looks.


welding brisbane
brisbane welding
welding operator brisbane
welder brisbane
mobile welder brisbane

The following are approximations for the keywords above.
Based on max CPC: A$0.98 and budget: A$10.00/day.
Avg. CPC:
Not enough data to give estimates
0 - 1
A$0.65 - A$0.80
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Gold Coast, Queensland
463 posts
common scam going around for the past few years. I'm not here to slander every ad-words company... but I'm yet to meet someone who has had success with these fixed rate PPC 'guaranteed' always on the front page companies.

If you want to boost your business invest some time into doing your own SEO, like pinky said. You can buy a wordpress template for about $35 which will make creating a professional-ish website a lot easier if you're not particularly familiar with web design. Wordpress is relatively SEO friendly out of the box.

You can do your own adwords advertising too, it's relatively easy to set up and it's a great way to get people on your site while you're working on your own link building/rankings.
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AGN Admin
Brisbane, Queensland
35503 posts
I should add, I don't think what that guy is offering is a scam; he is clearly saying he is going to get you on the first page by providing you with AdWords, which will do exactly that.

If you want to get on the first page of results in the "organic" search results though, that is an entirely different beast and you will need to look into SEO solutions - not AdWords.
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Brisbane, Queensland
8785 posts
Well since you've posted a thread on ausgamers about welding brisbane, you have only added another highly ranked competitor to the mix :D

Nobody can guarantee you good rankings on google. Even if they get you up there, everything can change very quickly, as soon as someone else realises they've dropped off the front page, or google changes it's page rank algorithm.

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Brisbane, Queensland
5133 posts
The way google ranks is based on legitimate links and word references/association. More people talking about your business name in relation to the search terms will lend you higher up the list. Just adding it to your signature would help a little. :P

Anyway goodluck I never trust that industry of google ranking manipulation "we promise page 1 on search" when they mean they'll linkspam your site and then get it bumped off google as google automatically finds you on a list which is known for being bad.

Of course if they mean shoved into the yellow paid spots, then that's fine. Though I don't think anyone clicks them, even when they type 'suncorp' they'll click the white under the ad not the yellow paid one to the exact same site.
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Melbourne, Victoria
12375 posts
Sorry, I clearly didn't read the actual email.
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4182 posts
I was getting two calls a day about people offering to do this. I imagine they are calling everyone in an associated business so at some point it would be impossible to maintain their promise. Ie, Their offer would only be valid if they stopped apporaching any other business's if you went ahead with them. And of course, they dont.
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Gold Coast, Queensland
464 posts
I was getting two calls a day about people offering to do this. I imagine they are calling everyone in an associated business so at some point it would be impossible to maintain their promise. Ie, Their offer would only be valid if they stopped apporaching any other business's if you went ahead with them. And of course, they dont.

We can only offer this position in google to one person! I've got 3 other people from your industry interested right now Garry! I need a deposit from you to lock this position in! Visa or MasterCard?
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Melbourne, Victoria
6414 posts
How many SEO experts does it take to change a light bulb, lightbulb, light, bulb, lamp, lighting, switch, sex, xxx, hardcore?
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Captain Lateral
Brisbane, Queensland
4338 posts

post a thread in QGL saying "welding brisbane" with a blurb, link it to your site, and just whore off QGL search ranking.

Just make sure its relatively informal, not like an advert spot, but like you're letting your QGL buddies into a good deal, otherwise Trog might pull out the ban hammer.

also get on true local and gumtree and other service based web-pages that rank highly in their own right. links from these sites are really good in SEO, linking off some marketing server farms and you're fighting an uphill battle as Google go out of their way to try and reduce the effectiveness of this marketing campaign.

Also, get as many reviews as possible out there. just increasing your internet presence will go far. but i wouldn't waste your money on SEO companies, they tend to be dodgy "marketing/sales" sort of companies that want to sell you a possibility and move on once they get their money.

OH, also put a f*****g price on your webpage, even if its full of astrix saying subject to job requirements, most people using google are looking for information, not to make a purchase, however when they are ready to purchase they have a rough idea of how much you will charge, which means you've already got a relationship with the individual instead of starting with nothing and a "could be wasting my time or yours". it also gives them a rough idea of the size of job you're willing to take on. huge companies that will only do $10,000+ jobs tend to have web pages that are similar to an apprentice looking to make some extra coin.

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Sydney, New South Wales
7604 posts
He's not selling adword, he's selling placement on google's front page through search results.

Trog could offer you the same thing.

Or far better than paying him or the original spammer, you could just link to your site from this thread, thanks to the trustedness of QGL and how quickly it's indexed, and all the mention of welding and brisbane on this page, you will rapidly ascend the search results at the cost of QGL's reputation to google.
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Brisbane, Queensland
8788 posts
Raven that s*** is so funny I am making a poster for our office with those words.
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Gold Coast, Queensland
465 posts
How many SEO experts does it take to change a light bulb, lightbulb, light, bulb, lamp, lighting, switch, sex, xxx, hardcore?

fwuckin lol'd
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Melbourne, Victoria
12379 posts
lmao Raven, very nice
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Gold Coast, Queensland
466 posts
inb4 ausgamers is number 1 for hardcore light bulb sex.
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AGN Admin
Brisbane, Queensland
35506 posts
He's not selling adword, he's selling placement on google's front page through search results.
He's selling adwords. He says in the first sentence: "Further to your interest in achieving a first page position on Google we confirm that we can provide Google AdWord advertising links to your business website for the following search phrase: "
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Brisbane, Queensland
2732 posts
welding, brisbane, sex

hope that helps maRtz.......only $150 from me and i've thrown in 'sex' for free (nudge nudge wink wink)
where should i send the invoice?
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2002 posts
rofl raven! hahaa
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7213 posts
i'll do it cheaper :)
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2003 posts
Superform, on your seo page you spelt "strategy" wrong down the bottom.

I didn't even really read the page properly, but it just kind of stuck out :O
06:13pm 24/01/12 Permalink
2004 posts
Actually, it is also spelt wrong at the top "Unifying Your Digital Stratagy".

06:14pm 24/01/12 Permalink
7215 posts
holy s***.. nice pick up - gotta sack that copy writer :)
06:16pm 24/01/12 Permalink
Melbourne, Victoria
7683 posts
Spending ~$2mil/yr on AdWords right here yo!

.. and still waiting for something from Google :(
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Brisbane, Queensland
7512 posts
You helped to set up Facebook?

Were you in The Social Network?
06:21pm 24/01/12 Permalink
7216 posts
have you seen the heineken facebook? its actually more like a CMS these days... each country has a version which is run locally and it uses your locale to work out which page to send you too

+ we build the apps for it

currently we have 47 countries on it

its not the run of the mill fan page...
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Gold Coast, Queensland
469 posts

Your social media marketing section goes to your SEO page too. They are two different things.

I'd recommend renaming the template too. Your clients would be s***** if they found out they were paying you tonnes of cash for a $35 template.
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1800 posts
cant you reg with google or something?

or you do it with the people who host your domain/site.

I remember when I half arsed attempted to start my own business, my flatmate was telling me how to do it. Not that I can remember much but It was either of the two and you register or some s*** for search engines etc.

afaik, he did not mention a fee.
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7217 posts
i deleted the SMM page.. to much info for people to digest..

This site is still a work in progress I only knocked it up last week, i'll look into renaming the template - and people arnt paying for my site.. they are paying for my service :)
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7218 posts
that reminds me.. i just got which is my twitter name :)
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Gold Coast, Queensland
470 posts
This thread is now about mat will promotions.
10:32pm 24/01/12 Permalink
7219 posts
its all about first page on google :)

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2 posts
It is always hard to find good SEO frelancer or company.
The best way to awoid money waisting is learn what is SEO.
04:16pm 10/03/12 Permalink
7262 posts
or you can hire me
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Brisbane, Queensland
193 posts
03:09am 11/03/12 Permalink
3696 posts
my brother had a similar offer ... he paid them a bunch of money and then when he called them to say it wasn't working he got a disconnected number message.
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1 posts
Actually it is entirely possible to do this for most keywords, but some of the companies doing this are not legit unfortunately.

To guarantee in 48 hours it appears likely that they are using adwords (where it's free until people click your ad, then you pay a price per click).

Also it's not strictly true that 3600 people search that term. - Most people do not search like that,

Some people might say welding brisbane, or find me a welder in brisbane, or I need a welder in brisbane. Or more likely you would search by suburb (to avoid traveling far) like

welder in bowen hills, or welder in east brisbane.

Google this term google adwords keyword tool, and them type in your search.

You will see it shows only 1,600 searches per month. So that figure they gave you is wrong.

Bottom line (this from someone who is a full time internet marketer) be wary - it sounds a bit dodgy. For the record I don't do business like that, I get my keywords to page 1, but for my own websites, not for other people :)
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Brisbane, Queensland
1072 posts
Friend of mine enquired about those "Earn $500 a week online from home" posters you spot out in the suburbs. They asked her to make a website on somewhere with free hosting and they would give her code to add to the pages and she would blog about whatever random stuff she did through the day. She sent me the code and it was just an iframe that listed references to other websites for SEO linking. Funnily enough, they didn't pay her. Their SEO now links to gay porn.
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Brisbane, Queensland
5289 posts
Haha always wondered about those scams.
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Brisbane, Queensland
9210 posts
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Brisbane, Queensland
1019 posts
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