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Recommend me a code editor
729 posts
I have been doing a bunch php development recently and I am over notepad++.

I have tried Eclipse with the PHP view, and it is good but I am yet to find a ftp plugin for it that works as well as the ftp plugin for notepad++.

What would people recommend. The freer the better.

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Brisbane, Queensland
3137 posts
Phpstorm, except it isn't free. Made by Jetbrains (the guys who made Resharper for Visual Studio).
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Melbourne, Victoria
3345 posts
Tried Crimson Editor?
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Gold Coast, Queensland
4328 posts
Open source dev Rob Conery made a fuss about Sublime Text 2 recently:
Looks good for the vim crowd, but also not free so I'm not sure where their niche is compared to gvim.

If I was going to plonk down $60 for something like a text editor though I'd probably prefer UltraEdit. It's been around since forever and has just about every feature you'd want + more.
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Gold Coast, Queensland
413 posts

I use this and filezilla... I always think it's a bad idea saving direct to FTP...
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Brisbane, Queensland
5203 posts
Surprised someone hasn't set emacs, or is it not applicable in this case? Been meaning to learn how to use it, supposedly the benefits are huge but the learning curve is steep, like cliff steep.
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AGN Admin
Brisbane, Queensland
35445 posts is another pro one; I used it for a while and thought it was good, although it ran a bit like s*** (I assume because it is written in Java, but in deference to all the Java fanboys I'll offer another option: maybe it just sucks). It might be better now on more modern hardware.

It is expensive (~$300) though, and I suspect bang for buck is probably better with PHPStorm.

I haven't used any other OSS options except for Eclipse, which I never really got into but I thought it looked pretty awesome.

If you need the FTP plugin to deploy to production, I would recommend stopping doing that and switching over to SVN or some other source control, but if you must use FTP then I would just write a PHP script to automate your FTP deploys which you can probably hook into Eclipse yourself without much hassle.
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Melbourne, Victoria
12189 posts
I use Aptana with the PHP plugin.

Probably not much different from your Eclipse setup (since Aptana is based on Eclipse), but worth a crack.
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Brisbane, Queensland
8701 posts
PornoPete, I know exactly how you feel, I'm right with you.

I've tried Eclipse, and Netbeans, and they fail to do the trick.

I use a program called "EditPlus" which is basically another Notepad++ clone, it crashes all the time if you don't know how to be gentle with it, and it incorrectly highlights syntax, it is maintained by like one middle aged fat north korean guy, but I use it religiously because of one reason: FTP. It lets you open and save files via an SSH compatible FTP browser, just like they were on your own computer. WHAT AN OBVIOUS FEATURE... yet... No other f*****g program in the history of Earth has this feature... why the f*** not. I've seen some half-arsed plugins for eclipse that claim to give access to remote files, but they are s*** and actually make you save the files locally and then 'upload' them periodically... no no no.

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Melbourne, Victoria
12192 posts
thermite, you should move to UltraEdit already in that case
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Brisbane, Queensland
8702 posts
Pinky, I have accepted your advice, and I gotta say: so far so good!
It's like a suped up slick version of editplus, and has the feature I need...!

edit: except uh... why can't I drag and drop files onto the program to open them...
I am so disappointed by this. WHAT AN OBVIOUS FEATURE to leave out.. insert comment about history of earth here.

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Sydney, New South Wales
743 posts
Use the text editor of champions:

cat > urfile.txt
01:33pm 16/01/12 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
8703 posts
Got drag and drop working now without doing anything, must have been a fluke or something before, ultraedit pwns. It does what I want, comes with some pretty useful features, and yet doesn't have the bloat and pretentious wank factor of an IDE.

Considering paying for it. (the audience goes *oooh*)
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Brisbane, Queensland
5341 posts
emacs or gtfo j/k

I personally like coda on osx which is pretty good otherwise I use notepad++
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Melbourne, Victoria
12196 posts
Yep, UltraEdit is a great little app. Especially some of the buttons at the bottom that do HTML decode/encode and menu items like 'capitalise' and so on - you just keep on finding new little tricks.
05:08pm 16/01/12 Permalink
730 posts
Thanks for all the suggestions guys.

I would be happy with eclipse if it had a simple FTP feature. Like thermite said the FTP plugin just makes life simple for work on remote files, but for some reason eclipse have you reinventing the wheel for something that should be straightforward.

I would like to use eclipse just because of little things like picking up un-matched braces etc. Plus for java at least, its code suggestion is pretty damn good.

Anyway, lots to look at. Thanks a bunch
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Brisbane, Queensland
2700 posts
i can't take the credit for this, shared post with step son who's a programmer. made me lol though
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