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Anyone hiring .NET programmers at the moment?
Melbourne, Victoria
18082 posts
So s*** just hit the fan with the job I've been doing, they wanted to start paying me less and renegging on agreements, I said no, they said "too bad" and I walked out. Haven't officially quit yet, but I'd imagine its only a matter or days (or hours).

So yeah, just throwing some feelers out. I've got .NET experience using C#, WPF experience, WCF experience, along with C++ experience and games programming if that matters :P Been programming for many years, so I'm not looking for junior level stuff.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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that sucks ass :(

will you get redundancy, seeing as they tried to change your contract (assuming you have one)
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Melbourne, Victoria
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Sounds s***, I'll ask around for ya

p.s., Interesting poll published today by Roy Morgan says 1mil Aussies are looking for work.
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Melbourne, Victoria
18083 posts
Thanks, Brisbane or Melbourne is fine, I'm actually in Brisbane atm, but I still have my place in melbourne too.

will you get redundancy, seeing as they tried to change your contract (assuming you have one)

Yeah, thats my own stupid fault. This whole job started as a favour for a friend of the family essentially, and turned into a much longer project, but there was never a written contract, just a verbal agreement at the start. Its my own stupid, naieve fault, but yeah, I'm gonna get stung. "Don't go into business with friends" as they say.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Don't know if we are looking for someone right now but with new projects we have been looking on and off for last year and hired a few people.

From the way things are going i am sure we will need more experiences developers. We mainly do ASP.NET (both VB.NET and more recently C#) but we are also doing some Silverlight stuff.

Send your resume to my manager at You can CC me at if you want so i can make sure it comes through (spam blocker often catches new emails).

Q2 Solutions is a great company doing interesting work (mainly HR and Hotel Maintenance). Good people. I've been here nearly 7 years. In that time we have gone from 3 people to 17 people (plus another 5-10 in Sri Lanka).

This applies to anyone else reading that might be looking for new development work.
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Captain Lateral
Brisbane, Queensland
4201 posts
pm mooby, i believe he is hiring.

thread here

Good luck, unemployment is going up but there are heaps of jobs for IT and .net programming.
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Melbourne, Victoria
18084 posts
Ok, will do :) I haven't specifically done ASP.NET stuff before, just windows app development, but I did some ASP back in the old days, and I've done plenty of web dev with PHP in the past, so I'm sure its stuff I would be able to do no sweat. And from what I can tell, Silverlight is pretty similar to WPF.
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Melbourne, Victoria
6343 posts
Have they been paying you as salary, or as contract?

If you're desperate, I've heard on the grapewine Carsales .NET team are hiring, but I honestly wouldn't recommend that workplace to my worst enemies.
Maybe to FaceMan.

But otherwise, stay away.
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Melbourne, Victoria
18085 posts
Well it started as a 12 month contract, then became ongoing work, but I was never actually being paid as a contractor, I was being paid salary. Then out of the blue, a few weeks before christmas they changed to paying me an hourly wage for less money than they were previously paying me. The last straw was they paid me no holidays over christmas (not even the public holidays). When I brought that up with them today, the response was "Too bad, you agreed to it", which is ludicrous because I never did. I'm not sure thats even legal? To not pay someone public holidays?

I mean, they're cheap, and obviously looking for a way to get the work as cheap as possible (even though I'm already doing it way below the pay I should be getting even before they messed around with things), so thats probably where its all coming from. But I just got angry with their "Too bad" attitude, and they tried to make out like they were doing me a favour by even giving me a job and playing the whole "Its hard to find work at the moment you should be thankful" type card. F*** that s***. Maybe my pride got in the way and it was a rash decision, but I just picked up all my s*** and walked out. Cos oh yeah, the laptop I was working on, and all the books and software I was using, I had to buy out of my own money, so I actually had a fair bit of s*** to pack up before just walking out. Kind of ruined the drama a little :(

Been bending over backwards to accomodate them for a while now cos my brother works there too, and the guy is a friend of my father's. Originally I took the job for a low-ish salary because I got to do the work from Melbourne, and work from home. Then they wanted me to come up to Brisbane so I did that (while still paying rent on my place in Melbourne), and stayed with my brother and worked from his place. Then they wanted me to come into their office (which involved driving to the other side of the city each day) and work their hours (8am to 4pm, which didn't suit me at all). But I did that anyway. Now this. Just reached my limit of s*** I'm willing to eat I guess.

Ok, rant over now :P Sorry, have a few bourbons in me.
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Brisbane, Queensland
8453 posts
Kind of ruined the drama a little

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Brisbane, Queensland
3618 posts
Get really drunk and then take a dump in their clothes dryer. They will probably just blame your brother anyway.
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Gold Coast, Queensland
4304 posts
Get really drunk and then take a dump in their clothes dryer. They will probably just blame your brother anyway.

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Gaelic newb
Sydney, New South Wales
20297 posts
Yeh f*** that Khel, you did the right thing.

I am sure you'll easily find another role....
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Brisbane, Queensland
3111 posts
Just looking in Melbourne Khel?

edit: I read good.

Lemme see whats around.
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Melbourne, Victoria
12023 posts
Yep, you did the right thing to leave.

Depending on how it sits with your brother/father's ongoing relationships your story is definitely fun reading for FairWork. I've dealt with two cases with employee disputes in the last 18 months and things were waaaaaaaayyyyyyy more concrete than yours! (Signed employment agreements, etc, etc).

Honestly, if there is no love lost, I would definitely take this to FairWork.

Regardless, first thing you should do yourself is look at the Technical Services Engineers, Scientists and IT Professional Employees (Consulting Services) Award 1998 which I believe (fade?) is the applicable industrial instrument for your profession even if (or particularly if!) you have not signed a common law contract.

See if you can find a relevant award rate for your services and determine if you are above/below it. In the case of engineering these rates are quite outdated (updated 2005) in my opinion, so I would not be surprised if you are above the award, even if you are on s*** money. They are 'award rates' after all.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Drop me an email Khel.
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Melbourne, Victoria
6345 posts
The main thing is the termination clause in the award, entitling him to four weeks pay. That was why I asked if they had been paying him as salary.
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1341 posts
Khel, I know Scoopon are looking for contractors and possibly full time positions (Melbourne) right now.
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Brisbane, Queensland
7481 posts
That sucks Khel :/ I got Seek email about job this morning in .NET (I know it's seek ... but hey it's a lead):

Senior .Net Developer - Permanent role - Unique industry - Start in Jan/Feb 2012

.NET Developer (Immediate start)

Applications Support Developer - Permanent role - Brisbane CBD!!!

Good mate
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Melbourne, Victoria
18086 posts
Honestly, if there is no love lost, I would definitely take this to FairWork.

Talked it over with my father this morning, and even he recommended I take them to Fair Work, so looks like that might be happening.

Thanks for all the leads and stuff guys :) Gonna be updating my resume and all that jazz today then I'll be getting in contact with people.
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Brisbane, Queensland
405 posts
You still looking? Sent you a pm.
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Melbourne, Victoria
18107 posts
Yeah, I've still been trying to sort out all the s*** from the old job, so I haven't really hit the new job hunting hard yet. Spent the past week juggling gastro and the escalating bulls***, lots of back and forth and pointless meetings and offers made and rejected, now both sides are lawyering up and its getting messy. I've got advice that I'm definitely in the right, the problem is the other guy is just a stubborn old prick so having to fight tooth and nail for it. Ended up heading out to my parents place for a while to just de-stress cos it was all doing my head in, I'm not cut out for confrontations like this :P

Anyway, I should be back home again in the next few days and back on deck and firing out resumes and stuff cos I don't want to be living off my savings for too long. I was originally going to wait till all this was resolved first, but its looking like its going to be a painful, drawn out process. I got your PM though and I'll be sure to hook a reply your way.
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Melbourne, Victoria
12222 posts
Hey bud, sounds terrible.

I've had experience with two similar confrontations (on the receiving end! I was the 'bad guy' supposedly, except the Government agreed that I'm just an all round good guy).

Trick is minimise communication - only address what MUST be addressed. And keep a folder with hard-printed correspondence from all parties involved (lawyer, FairWork, etc) in chronological order (and a soft-copy archive).
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Brisbane, Queensland
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I put a call out the other week... only one or 2 replies. we are hiring, but it'll be in the next few months.

I wouldn't stress. If your decent, you'll get snapped up very quickly. I interviewed for someone about 3months ago. The short list was pretty bleak.

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