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Intro to Wrting for Games @AFTRS
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Intro to Writing for Games
START DATE: May 3 2010
FINISH DATE: May 3 2010
DURATION: Mon 3 9:30am-5pm

The gaming market continues to grow, and concepts and stories are becoming more sophisticated in structure and style.
AFTRS introductory workshop is designed to give aspiring game writers the fundamental skills, knowledge and techniques required to write successfully for the games industry. It will explore the interactive strength of the medium and outline and explain the avenues and technologies available that game writers can utilise. This course will get you started and refine your technique.

Aims and Objectives
By the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:
-Outline stories for games using traditional storytelling and structural techniques
-Understand how games integrate mechanics, rewards, and non-linear elements
-Write game-specific scenes, including conversations and characters
-Deconstruct existing games to better understand their storytelling techniques, including plot, character, dialogue, and theme
-Use available technology to write for specific game engines

Course Presenter
Paul Callaghan has over 10 years experience in the games industry as a programmer, designer, teacher, and writer. His credits include Men In Black 2, Heroes of the Pacific, and a game based on a long-running BBC science-fiction series which was regrettably cancelled.

Paul has written award winning short stories, comics, short films, too many articles to count, and is currently working on his second novel along with a number of game and cross-media projects. He is also the co-director of the Freeplay Independent Games Festival.

How to apply:
Go to or call us on 03 9602 8300
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The gaming market continues to grow

Where is the growing market for developers though.. China? India?
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Wonder if this was cleared first before posting?
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