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New forum issue...sorta
Reverend Evil™
Wynnum, Queensland
17447 posts
Dunno if this is happening for anyone else but when using the QGL skin and then looking at online people, the names are in black on a dark blue background. Impossible to see unless you highlight over with the mouse.
10:16am 10/04/10 Permalink
10:16am 10/04/10 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
1779 posts
It's just you man.

I got black writing on white background.

edit: Wait I'm a moron, i had the wrong skin on. You are correct. Impossible to read.
10:25am 10/04/10 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
10997 posts

There's a QGL skin? I dunno, I just use http://qgl.ausforums.com .. :)
01:14pm 10/04/10 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
2605 posts
Yeah i noticed that problem long ago but didn't bother to mention it.

Now that you mention it, it's a problem.
01:32pm 10/04/10 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
15929 posts
Weird problem I wasn't able to replicate, when I posted the vehicular connectivity thread and it redirected me back to the thread after posting it, the bread crumbs ended at "general chat", the name of the thread was nowhere to be found. A subsequent test post didn't do it so I dunno what happened.
01:36pm 10/04/10 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
6379 posts
I get this intermittent problem where my forum preferences (such as showing people's sigs, number of pages etc) are not shown the first time it loads the page. But if I hit reload, the page loads with all my preferences... it's weird and it only happens sometimes - like it's not reading my cookie or something properly the first time. I'm logged in (I can see the logged in thingy at the top of the page)...... not sure if it's my issue or not.. I'm using Chrome.
02:03pm 10/04/10 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
2912 posts
Im still getting the QGL in the corner loading and the browser locks up for 15secs then QGL loads fine. Doesnt happen everytime. Its not as bad as it was a few weeks ago.

Ive done virus and spyware scan so im fairly sure its not me, only happens with the front page.
05:47pm 10/04/10 Permalink
AGN Admin
Brisbane, Queensland
30189 posts
plz save all this stuff for the other thread. Rev; this is a known bug and will get fixed asap!
05:55pm 10/04/10 Permalink
05:55pm 10/04/10 Permalink
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