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Victorian Govt. releases a bunch of public data; prizes for apps
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Yoinked from google blog:
I'm thrilled to see a great initiative in Victoria. Premier John Brumby has announced that 90 new Victorian Government datasets have been released and set free for public access and consumption from That's 90 new ways to kick start innovation.

Premier Brumby has also launched App My State to encourage Victorians to use these 90 datasets to create new services to help Victorians. There are $100000 in prizes up for grabs, entries close on April 23rd.
Some really cool stuff in there, including things like TransNET (Metlink database) which includes Public Transport stop, route and Master Timetable information.

Hopefully more state governments do this. Free the dataz!
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this is very cool
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Melbourne, Victoria
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F***, that's awesome!

Quick, lets brainstorm...

Wow, they are licensed under various Creative Commons licenses - this is very progressive!
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Mmm yes, how can we use this to our criminal advantage?
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Brisbane, Queensland
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don't worry, Google will write all the tools we need to manipulate this data
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Gold Coast, Queensland
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Victorian Microbreweries
Locations of microbreweries in Victoria, including opening times and available beers.

Top stuff! This needs to be done in QLD imho
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overlay ontop of google maps - stat

wheres the so called 'smart state' and its data! f*****s
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crash stat, awesome.
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Gaelic newb
Sydney, New South Wales
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19,272 licensed venues in Victoria.

that's one hell of a pub crawl :D
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Melbourne, Victoria
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overlay ontop of google maps - stat

wheres the so called 'smart state' and its data! f*****s

I thought 'VIC" was 'The smart state' - used to be on VIC number plates.

EDIT: Clearly I was wrong...
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I'm pretty sure we used to be the sunshine state until some wanker in politics thought being the smart state would make us look..... smarter?
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And now you have a choice, because most people hated 'The Smart State'
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scooter, you've always had the choice since it's conception in ~2003


The LPG diamond is a sign of excellence
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When I bought my car the car dude was like, "hey what number plate do you want - smart state or sunshine state". I said "sunshine state" and he laughs and says "yeh, noone ever says the smart state".
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There are some good mashups over at MashUp Australia and notably ABS In Motion is pretty Google widgeted

They don't use this Vic gov data though
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Forum Hero
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I always run smart state plates.

Peter Beattie, never forget.
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