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what domain name for global brand?
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hi guys,

dont know if i'm barking up the wrong tree but does anyone have any experience with global domain name research?

i need to propose a communication domain/s for our site.

the thing is we have visits from all most countries in the world and we have secured most ccTLd

from the stats on the site most people just type or visit directly.

imho our communication url for all countries should just be domain.com

marketing always need strong arguments, my stats stand up well on their own but i was wondering if there is other respected research into this that anyone has heard off
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Cairns, Queensland
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Err aside from .com, what would you be using?
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Brisbane, Queensland
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*.com.NL probably.

No evidence, but surely *.com is common sense?

I hate having to justify bulls*** that's glaringly obvious, I have to do it all the time at Council because "It's ratepayers money"
Spend my time, which end the end costs the 'ratepayer' more then just buying the equipment would have.
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Stick with .com for global, generally brands will use country specific domains as well for location specific marketing. I.e. When it identifies you as browsing from Australia it redirects to .com.au. Mostly important for different products/marketing in different regions, etc.

Is this what you're talking about?
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we use around 150 ccTLD's everything from .bb to .sg -

my proposal is for countries to advertise there cctld for localised content and for all other campaigns to use heineken.com

marketing think it should be www.heineken.com/starfinal changing for each campaign.

i think this is ineffective as my data shows no one types that into a browser. 3rd party banners would of course use the full url.

i'm looking for research to back up my case.

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It depends if the presence on the site for the campaign is just a landing page or more involved? Also what is the primary source of traffic? Does it matter what the URL is?
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Brisbane, Queensland
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I would like to help but I don't quite understand you.

So how would you run different campaigns from heineken.com? I would assume heineken.com would be your landing page, then www.heineken.com/campaignname would be a fair way to go. It's SEO friendly as far as I'm aware (people can google the campaign name and find it easy) ?

Do you mean to have something like starfinal.heineken.com? Or is your major beef that marketing don't want to make use of the ccTLDs and run all their campaigns universally from .com? If it's the latter, you could provide some statistics (I think I read a white paper survey) which proved that brand recognition was more reputable in Japan with a .jp domain. Another thing to look at would be that if you are to use ccTLDs that website would be bound to whatever internet laws the country has (I guess the latest example would be google.cn and all that drama).

Not sure if that helps.
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Dell has an excellent policy on this. They use a different URL and often even a different phone number for every campaign. This allows them to track easily how many hits over phone/web/etc they get per campaign, which gives them a lot of insight into what does/doesn't work in regards to marketing campaigns.

I would suggest global initiatives/campaigns should use
http://heinekin.com/campaign_name, but region specific campaigns should push their local TLD domain ( Heineken.co.uk or whatever ) to get punters used to seeing their localized page in the domain. But I would make the campaign name work from any TLD anyway in case punters do something dumb.

I would think the .com would probably redirect people to their location's TLD anyways ( with an override option if they're via vpn or something which makes getting their location from their IP erroneous ).

Doing this will allow you to track hits to the site that are specifically directed to/from a particular campaign ( whether it be banner, email, print or whatever media ).

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Brisbane, Queensland
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Wouldn't it be best to register as many as possible just in case? .com .com.au .etc etc etc?
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Wouldn't it be best to register as many as possible just in case? .com .com.au .etc etc etc?

Wouldn't it be best to read the thread properly before posting.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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The company I just started working for is changing from .com.au to .com

Started as smaller Australian company, but now that there has been a bit of international expansion, its off to .com
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Seeing as your not direct marketing what is the point in any of this? Most of these campaigns would simply be a branding exercise?
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Brisbane, Queensland
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marketing (or advertising) people probably wants those heinekin.com/campaign addresses so they can track effectiveness of the different campaigns.

the only reason you would use anything other than .com as a base url would be to add authenticity to the heritage. ie a netherland beer looks more like a netherlands beer if it has .nl.

imo, i'd register new campaign names as .com's. jo public is actually more likely to remember the campaign than the product the campaign is for.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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I googled this to try and find a good argument for dot coms, and all I got was this thread.

Perhaps just ask the marketting people to each think of the most popular site on the Internet. Then pray most of them pick dot coms.

oh I found an article saying to use local domains 6 ways local domains crush dot coms :/
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Gaelic newb
Sydney, New South Wales
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sifnt just use heineken.com as teh GLOBAL landing page and GLOBAL advertising brand, from there the .com has users select their country and then from there it appends the local .whatever slash campaign

i.e. heineken.com -> select AU -> heineken.com.au/superformshouldlearntodohisownjob

EDIT: I agree with you superform just so we're clean, but I don't have any evidence to back up the claims :)
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AGN Admin
Brisbane, Queensland
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FWIW I would also consider the technical issues of different domains. Google will see them as different things, thus diluting your brand awareness across all domains (probably not a big deal for something like the Big H, and it might actually be better for you if you want to have better per-country search fidelity anyway). I am not sure if you can teach Google to consider different domains as part of the same thing for ranking purposes (we redirect all our .com.au's to .com for AG to avoid the problem).
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Brisbane, Queensland
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What are the campaigns?
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Gold Coast, Queensland
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Best practise for this is to have Heineken.com automatically redirect the visitor to their local TLD Heineken site based on their IP location.

All marketing should send them straight to Heineken.com. Consistent message, consisten brand.

Somewhere on each of the localised sites you have a switcher to visit other nations' sites if they really want to see another nation's site etc.

It's important to use local TLD sites because

1) different countries have different laws regarding advertising alcohol
2) different countries need different campaigns

SEO is not a factor for major brand campaign sites like this, I wouldn't bother putting it in the discussion unless a campaign revolved around it.

What agency are you with by the way?

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Gold Coast, Queensland
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Actually I would just do something like Heineken.com/AU and use the local TLDs to redirect to these region specific areas - easier to manage the site that way.
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