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Adobe Flash error on site ?
Brisbane, Queensland
2405 posts
Something on QGL is causing a script error in Adobe Flash player and freezing IE.
Sometimes the site doesnt load and times out.
Sometimes randomly it will lock up (not responding) in a thread then suddenly come back.

Ad problems ? been happening for around 4-5 days.

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02:26pm 04/02/10 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
4391 posts
Yeah, I'd say it's an ad problem. Had the same thing happen in Opera.
02:28pm 04/02/10 Permalink
Queenstown, New Zealand
3824 posts
same here too
02:29pm 04/02/10 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
5727 posts
I'm getting a pop up in chrome recently saying "a script has caused it to run slow, would I like to terminte Y/N?"

using chrome latest
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Melbourne, Victoria
4558 posts
Same here as well. Been happening all day for me with Firefox.

I get same msg as teq.
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02:30pm 04/02/10 Permalink
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