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Good two year web-hosting deal $39.95
Melbourne, Victoria
4487 posts
This is really good value for anyone that starting a site or whatever.


Saw it on Oz Bargain - sharing is caring.
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Brisbane, Queensland
2528 posts
$29.95 @ Jumba

actually, that is for one year.. my bad..

so hey, that is a great deal! how good are they on service, quality and all that jazz?

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Melbourne, Victoria
4489 posts
No idea, all my hosting is with WebFaction.

They have forums at COVE though - I had a flick through the forums and nothing stood out as particularly poor.

I usually like some details on any RAM or CPU limiting though - couldn't find anything on that.
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Gold Coast, Queensland
1824 posts
Cove was started by some key staff from Jumba, and coincedentally use another Jumba-related company as their wholesaler.

Cove is good for entry level hosting if you aren't a nub.
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Gippsland, Victoria
326 posts
Damn, I got a buisness account with Cove just last month for my store! Gah.

I'm currently using a Syd based business server, all the Melb ones where full. I've no complaints with them. Really fast servers and awesome customer support. Good prices too.

I highly recommend them.
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Brisbane, Queensland
5683 posts
unrelated but still awesome, www.slicehost.net
I wouldn't host my s*** anywhere that I didn't have full root access to it
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Melbourne, Victoria
132 posts
only downside for me in no addon domains - but hey... still a wicked price
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Queenstown, New Zealand
3796 posts
dam that's the awesome price. I just renewed 3 of my domains with dreamhost for another 3 years :-(
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1321 posts
freewebhostingarea.com (I think)

cjb.net for domain yay!
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Brisbane, Queensland
9359 posts
Jumba has gone to s*** for me, I moved to cove a few months ago, excellent speed and service and great pricing. Just moving all of works s*** too it now.
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Melbourne, Victoria
4497 posts
My domain name host (for com.au's) is: http://www.crazydomains.com.au/login/domain_name_login.html

Excellent service when I've had problems, and a back end that does everything so you don't need to deal with people.
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Brisbane, Queensland
4617 posts
i use http://www.bluehost.com/ and they are awesomes.
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