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I made some more LEGO Ghostbusters - Stay Puft Marshmallow Man
Brisbane, Queensland
6276 posts
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Melbourne, Victoria
3806 posts
Awesome, the more I see your work, the more I want a lego Ghostbusters video game :)
11:48am 19/04/14 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
11546 posts
That's great dude! Seeing his happy face made me laugh.
12:07pm 19/04/14 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
4934 posts
how do you actually "make" these lego things.

is it existing lego pieces you put together to design your theme?

or is it 3D design software or something and you submit the image and concept?
12:10pm 19/04/14 Permalink
Gold Coast, Queensland
168 posts
shut up and take my money!!
01:51pm 19/04/14 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
6277 posts
I used existing pieces, with the exception of the minifigs, they're just photoshopped together in this case, I actually made them for reals with the main 4 ghostbusters
02:58pm 19/04/14 Permalink
The GuVna
Brisbane, Queensland
1998 posts
Just checked out Lego Digital Designer, man it's addictive. Been on it for an hour and a half . Haven't even made anything :/

Though I've just realized that not all the pieces are available as I was attempting to see if I could create the current "City" car I got for my nephew but alas it didn't have a chassis. But yea half the fun (as in real Lego) is finding what you can do with the bricks. Here's what Ive come up with so far, just realized though due to the wheels requiring space (which the chassis part does) so I have to get more creative :P

03:28pm 19/04/14 Permalink
The GuVna
Brisbane, Queensland
1999 posts
Oh and yea, that is awesome WetWired :)
03:35pm 19/04/14 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
6278 posts
LDD is what got me back into lego, I built that batmobile in it then order the parts, i was downhill from there...
05:09pm 19/04/14 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
10248 posts
Too many Lord Business's in this thread.
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Brisbane, Queensland
22890 posts
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Sydney, New South Wales
39 posts
11:13am 25/05/14 Permalink
2328 posts
It's true, LEGO Peck has no d***.
11:19am 25/05/14 Permalink
Sydney, New South Wales
2 posts
This shows some potential towards a video game equivalent. Sweet.
04:51pm 25/05/14 Permalink
Other International
3 posts
I miss my childhood, watching the ghostbuster.. love that ecto1..
08:55pm 19/08/14 Permalink
Reverend Evil™
Wynnum, Queensland
21970 posts
I miss my childhood too. But why did you think it was cool to revive a 3 month old thread? You must have gone out of your way to do this.
09:02pm 19/08/14 Permalink
Gold Coast, Queensland
6568 posts
a lego Ghostbusters video game

omfg somebody needs to make this happen.

Edit: oops, thread bump. Carry on then
09:05pm 19/08/14 Permalink
13 posts
Nice one bro. I like those things. :D
06:56am 15/09/14 Permalink
Gladstone, Queensland
3651 posts
ok so seeing as how i bought your awesome bit of kit that you sold your soul to Lego/Mattel for, can you send me the speshy shiny silver pieces please? :)

03:27pm 28/09/14 Permalink
2673 posts
05:15pm 28/09/14 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
6284 posts
ok so seeing as how i bought your awesome bit of kit that you sold your soul to Lego/Mattel for, can you send me the speshy shiny silver pieces please? :)


Haha not a chance, those pieces weren't cheap to get :)

Also for those people who actually buy the newspaper I was in the U on Sunday rag of the Sunday Mail today for this
05:54pm 28/09/14 Permalink
Gladstone, Queensland
3653 posts
those wings on the caddilac don't look as good as on your original build. was that something they changed in their revision because of part cost or didn't specify?
09:37pm 28/09/14 Permalink
22 posts
You done a pretty good job
04:28am 29/09/14 Permalink
7932 posts
i just want to know what the royalty cheques are adding up too
05:13am 29/09/14 Permalink
Melbourne, Victoria
8775 posts
Are there any local stores that sell this, or am I going to have to order it off Amazon and forward it here?
08:03am 29/09/14 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
6285 posts
They changed the fins and numerous other parts due to their building standards and piece availability and budget.

You can get it from Mr Toys, Myer and David Jones, if you can still find it.

I've been buying them and selling them on at cost signed to people too, I don't make anything from that directly though
08:53am 29/09/14 Permalink
Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
2082 posts
What's the extra cost Wet?

PM me; I'd like to nab one.

Also, I'm in the market for a number of minifigs as a gift for a friend; would bricklink the best bet to headhunt specific minifigs?
01:24pm 29/09/14 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
6286 posts
Yeah bricklink is your best bet, depending on what you're after though I may have some spare, I don't have a lot though

hit me up at wetwired@gmail.com if you're keen for some ghostbusters, they're retail cost $70
01:27pm 29/09/14 Permalink
Melbourne, Victoria
8782 posts
After lots of searching for somewhere that has this set, Toys R Us online store appears to be the place to get it.
06:08pm 04/10/14 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
6028 posts
WetWired I got to see your kit being sold in the lego store in mall of America when I was there, kinda trippy
07:01pm 04/10/14 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
6287 posts
nice! I wish I could see it in one of those big stores, I saw a photo of it opened on display out front of one lego store in the US
09:27pm 04/10/14 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
6034 posts
Well here is a photo of the box

And some crazy full size s*** on the roof of the store
12:33pm 05/10/14 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
5265 posts
I'd never heard of bricklink before. Any tips using it to buy second hand sets (I can't buy new sets there can I?)

Any other good online shops for buying Lego? My son's four now and loves building CITY lego trucks and planes and boats etc and building it all with him makes me want to add to my small star wards collection.
03:32pm 05/10/14 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
6288 posts
nice herbal!

Bricklink is a pain in the arse to use, it's very hard to navigate and find what you want without know the piece or set codes and then you have each individual store operating under different rules

You best bet if you don't know the numbers is to browse the catalogue tab, browse by the type of set it is (star wars etc) and find the code, then do an advanced search and search for the code and condition you're after and restrict the results to only stores that ship to AU
08:17pm 05/10/14 Permalink
08:17pm 05/10/14 Permalink
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