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Brisbane in the 60's
Some Fat Bastard
Brisbane, Queensland
1448 posts
Found these on the net. Thought them interesting. I grew up during this time as a boy. Brisbane used to be such a small town. I lived at Carina and that was the end of suburban Brisbane, only farms thereafter all the way to the bay at Cleveland.

1960 River Cityscape (looking from Southbank to town, old Victoria Bridge in right of picture)

Today River Cityscape

1960 Gabba Fiveways

1960 Story Bridge

Today Story Bridge

1963 Cityscape Brisbane

1963 Old Victoria Bridge and William St Square

1965 Customs House and Story Bridge

1965 Edward St Brisbane

1967 South Brisbane Station

1967 South Brisbane Station

1968 New Victoria Bridge

1968 Roma St Station

Today Roma St Station

1969 Brisbane Roma St Station
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Brisbane, Queensland
2709 posts
cool pics!
04:29pm 24/09/13 Permalink
Some Fat Bastard
Brisbane, Queensland
1449 posts
04:34pm 24/09/13 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
151 posts
lol, awesome, i know its only a 'new' suburb , but a guy at work was saying that back in the 70's Algester was just motorbike tracks, not much there back then !
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Gold Coast, Queensland
12 posts
Great pics!
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Brisbane, Queensland
4275 posts
about 2003 I was working in the commonwealth bank, and there was a group of old guys that would rush in and get their pensions

one of those dudes gave me a lift into the city late one night after easter, the guy was pretty cool, turns out for years i'd been serving rock-and-roll George, not just some nice old dude
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Brisbane, Queensland
7866 posts
wow these are aawesome!
04:45pm 24/09/13 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
17466 posts
how about we go back further?

queen street 1859
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Some Fat Bastard
Brisbane, Queensland
1450 posts
^ Those were the days.
04:54pm 24/09/13 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
396 posts
Love comparisons from different eras, very cool. Always loved how the city nightlife looked in those days.
04:56pm 24/09/13 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
11189 posts
Great pics!
05:07pm 24/09/13 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
2470 posts

The Valley

Vitoria Bridge from Queen st 1939

QLD Treasury Queen St 1938

AMP Building 1938

Festival Hall


Brisbane now Macarthur central

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AGN Admin
Brisbane, Queensland
37394 posts
Those are great! I'll have to harass my parental units and see if they have any old photos!
06:04pm 24/09/13 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
14354 posts
Ansett :(
06:09pm 24/09/13 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
22196 posts
You know what I love about older times? The cars.
06:30pm 24/09/13 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
4277 posts
You know what I love about older times? The cars.

i like the fuel prices better
06:31pm 24/09/13 Permalink
Nerf Stormborn
Brisbane, Queensland
8030 posts
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Brisbane, Queensland
4494 posts
awesome pics.

Here's some old Brisbane history for ya.

I grew up in the City, literally, at the Botanic Gardens. My grandfather was the Head Caretaker and as such got a house to live in. You guys would now know the area as that mound where they have all the concerts.

it was a huge old Queenslander and we lived there after i was born with my grandparents and my cousin (1 year older) and his parents until we moved into a flat on Gregory Tce, Rutland Court they were called, then we moved to Wilston. Both these properties are still there but my parents never bought, just rented, I'd be a millionaire now if they had!

I was living in the gardens as they were building what was then called QUT and the Vic bridge. Dad and i used to walk down and go fishing on the pontoons that went out to the bridge supports. And my cousin and i used to run amok in the construction site of QUT and loved climbing the old sandstone walls of the old buildings. great hand and foot holds those large sandstone blocks have. I went to Brisbane Central State School.

I used to walk up with my Nan and collect our mail from Parliament House and my cuz and I would do the rounds with Pop when he rang the bell which meant the gardens were closing so he had to kick all the bums out, the ones he could find.

did you know the gardens used to have animals? bit of a zoo it was.

The house was on a huge block and down the back was the nursery for propagating plants for the gardens. We even used to swim in the river and explore the mud flats at low tide.

my cousin and i had the best playground in the world!
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Brisbane, Queensland
8878 posts
Yeah cool photos.

But QUT was only called QUT from around 1990 onwards, before that it was QIT.
06:45pm 24/09/13 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
10568 posts
brisbane's skyline certainly has evolved
06:50pm 24/09/13 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
4497 posts
But QUT was only called QUT from around 1990 onwards, before that it was QIT.

ahh s*** yeah. the old QLD Institute of Technology. got my acronyms mixed up.

they used to have the city morgue down the back also. very scary as a kid walking past there when we were out playing late, well actually we ran past it.
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Brisbane, Queensland
22199 posts
i like the fuel prices better

fuel might have been 10c / L but you also were only earning $300 a week (or whatever) so..
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Gold Coast, Queensland
1389 posts
nice pictures.

the brisbane trams was stopped service & Cased in 1969, and QR electric train was first comissioned in 1979 between darra to ferny grove.
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Sydney, New South Wales
9082 posts
Airport comparison is incorrect - the original photo was of the old airport at Eagle Farm:

I believe that's Doomben on the left.

EDIT: eK are you asdfg or do you just read the same forum as I do where that photo was posted?
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Reverend Evil™
Wynnum, Queensland
21543 posts
Love looking at old pics of Brisbane.
09:40pm 24/09/13 Permalink
2477 posts
wow awesome thread keep it rolling
03:26am 25/09/13 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
10711 posts
The yellow and green taxi in the airport postcard is an ascot taxi, nicknamed an ' egg and lettuce' because of the odd colour scheme. Eventually evolved into ' brisbane cabs (BC) otherwise known as bash & crash. They turned off their phones when GST came in because they were a bit dodgy.
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Brisbane, Queensland
3178 posts
For those who are interested, the rebuilt City Hall has a Brisbane museum has a big exhibit of old Brisbane photos, most with comparisons to that area now - quite a good trip
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Sydney, New South Wales
2096 posts
Great thread! 60's Brisbane looks awesome.
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Brisbane, Queensland
606 posts
Here are some promotional films for Brisbane from the 50's:

Checkout more here:
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Brisbane, Queensland
3601 posts
Great photos, and I love the Youtube vids, just subscribed to that channel :)
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Whiskey 7
Sunshine Coast, Queensland
33 posts
Nice pictures all. Born & bred Brisbane late 50's and they bought back some nice memories.

Edit: Now retired to the Sunshine Coast and didn't think I updated my profile as I hadn't been here in ages...
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Brisbane, Queensland
3045 posts
RIP Festival Hall :(

So many great times there. She wasn't pretty, the sound was s***** and it was hot as f*** in the summer time, but I still loved the place.
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Brisbane, Queensland
9890 posts
nice pictures. the brisbane trams was stopped service & Cased in 1969, and QR electric train was first comissioned in 1979 between darra to ferny grove.

Stupidest thing they did was remove the trams. Idiots.
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