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A prank you would not complain about. :)
Brisbane, Queensland
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08:58am 18/09/13 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
8050 posts
That is the best thing I've ever seen
09:06am 18/09/13 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Brisbane, Queensland
2984 posts
Haha brilliant!
09:35am 18/09/13 Permalink
4748 posts
mad kiwi's :)
10:07am 18/09/13 Permalink
Melbourne, Victoria
1290 posts
Hahaha thats wicked
12:38pm 18/09/13 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
4467 posts
that is brilliant. f*** they went to a lot of effort
01:37pm 18/09/13 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
4534 posts
they went to the effort because it was sponsored by TUI (its an ad)
02:26pm 18/09/13 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
10517 posts
F*** yeah, that wouldn't suck. brb buying some tui
02:45pm 18/09/13 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
4250 posts
sponsored by tui maybe?
02:46pm 18/09/13 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
17460 posts
i don't see anything in op, but i'm guessing it's that beer 'prank'. it looked like a viral ad campaign.
03:16pm 18/09/13 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
4253 posts
i only say that cause the kegs, then the new beer mat once or twice pops up, then a couple of the glasses

it was enough to say, hey, that might be a good beer, but not over done so it looks "marketing-y" i could be very wrong, but if not, really well done

(I also think it is based on the amount of video recorder things, all brand, all without rental stickers, no one has that much s*** laying about for mates to use on a prank)
04:49pm 18/09/13 Permalink
Gaelic newb
Sydney, New South Wales
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Brisbane, Queensland
22163 posts
i don't see anything in op, but i'm guessing it's that beer 'prank'. it looked like a viral ad campaign.

me either, it showed up on my phone but I didn't bother watching it, now I'm on the PC I wants to seeeeeeeeeeee but it's gone :((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((
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Melbourne, Victoria
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If he had of gone and had a shower straight away it would have sucked. But otherwise awesome.
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