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R/C Plane FPV Sunset & Lightning Storm from 17.04.13
Brisbane, Queensland
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No music just motor/wind noise. Choose your own music ;)
Sight Flown, rain started dropping as everything loaded into the car so this is as close as it gets.


Couple Grabs from the vid:
10:59am 23/04/13 Permalink
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Brisbane, Queensland
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this is your R/C plane right? what sort is it again? and what camera are you using? do you get live feeds while flying?

looks cool btw.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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nice flying mephz :) i haven't watched the whole video yet... i'll watch it tonight at home.

i prefer the motor noise rather than music IF there isn't some horrible rattle or vibration... your plane sounds great! nice camera location too.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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nice. is this a gopro or fpv recording?
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Brisbane, Queensland
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this is your R/C plane right? what sort is it again? and what camera are you using? do you get live feeds while flying?

looks cool btw.

From the look of the cowl and paint job I would reckon its a F4U Corsair.

No I haven't watched the vid...
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Brisbane, Queensland
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It's a 1100mm F4U corsair. My 1400mm Hurricane MKII suffered bad damage today off a tip stall go-around :( .
Camera is a 808 keychain #16
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Good times ay nice plane

I've got a Bixler from Hobby King which is tough and easy to repair which was great as I was learning :)
I've got some Telemetry and autopilot gear on its way which is exciting so I can hook up goggles and fly FPV can't wait
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Nice footage
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Very cool Mephz
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Brisbane, Queensland
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I'll upload the video of my MKII flight overnight tonight. One dodgy landing (bounced it and clipped a wing on the stalled back end of.the bounce, hatch and camera departure from plane but otherwise nil damage and right way up). The other failed landing I pulled the elevator back too.hard under full deployed flaps and gear down.
The hurricane's outrunner is equivalent to a 40 glow so she sounds pretty beastly.
Fuselage all repaired and just waiting for replacement aluminum spinner to arrive + replace the motor since.bearings a little noisy after its tunnel boring attempt (though motor still good) :)

There was a Loop performed over the freeway which was poor distance judging on my.behalf and whilst not illegal I don't condone flying over roads typically :)
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Nice! I have always been interested in something like this. Ive always wanted a RC Pilatus PC-21. Post up some pics of your plane!
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Here is the first video from the Hurricane MKII.
This bird weighs 2.3KG (compared to the F4U's 850g) so it is much harder to fly (roughly a 35%+ stall speed as well) and landing whilst might look easy is a mission unto itself.


Here's an incredibly scale looking landing from the ground perspective of the same plane (skip to 1:50 after take-off for Turn on Base to Final, The rest was all approach practices)

Almost looks like a real plane with the flaps in full deployment :)
At this speed and size/weight of plane + generally being a typically unstable warbird it's very easy for things to go horribly wrong.
Landing was good, ran out of runway and hit the gutter being on an angle to the road :)

(Compiling last video with slow motion of the tip-stall and tunnel boring exercise :(.. )
10:29pm 25/04/13 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
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Last video uploading (plus I have a few others uploaded on that channel such as a Bomb Dropping Cessna with a dying motor leading to a tree collision :P ).
Last MKII vid (should be uploaded in 15mins from this posting).

I'll post pics of the current state of the MKII tomorrow :P shows just how sturdy EPO is and how easily it repairs (you will be surprised when you see how bad the crash looks/see how compacted the nose is on crashing)
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Couple of pics of few planes and current state of repair of the MKII.

Left little plane: One I built completely out of Balsa wood. It's just an air frame, It flies (like a paper airplane/dart but much further and faster) if you throw it. It would be controllable to fly if it had micro electronics in it and control surfaces cut out.

Left plane: 1100mm F4U Corsair (850g).
Right plane: 1400mm Hurricane MKII (2.3kg)

Last shot to give a little idea of scale/size.

Crushed foam - so easy to repair! (it just exaggerates the skin/paint crocodile effect unfortuantely) (The end of the nose is meant to be cut and on an angle to offset engine torque/p-factor)

This was completely split apart in the crash like a split beanbag down the two-piece mould seam.
30min epoxy to the seam and all stress fracture points - stronger than new (if its going to break again it will not be where you do repairs)

Lost the left nose decal in the repairs. Nothing a new $3 waterslide decal of a pinup on each side won't fix up :)

Scale/Size idea as best I can.
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