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Free dive base jump?
Brisbane, Queensland
6298 posts
f*** that

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Brisbane, Queensland
5789 posts
That guy can hold his breath
09:49am 03/03/13 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
10831 posts
Came here expecting free tickets to do extreme sports :(
11:27am 03/03/13 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
8160 posts
I would easily do that.

That looks like one of the most controlled environments ever!
12:39pm 03/03/13 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
21490 posts
until you panic and drown
12:50pm 03/03/13 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
6205 posts
Yeah, the Blue hole takes a Diver every other year or 2. No way I would attempt to free dive it, guy is nuts. Awesome, but nuts.

All the people with camera's would have had their Occy at the ready though.
01:09pm 03/03/13 Permalink
Gold Coast, Queensland
4449 posts
There was only 1 cameraman there, so it's not all one dive - He probably did multiple dives. You can also see at the end of one shot he signals to the cameraman, presumably for oxygen. I'm not a diver so I dunno how effective getting oxygen underwater is (Could you do it multiple times, or have to go back to surface once you have the oxygen attached to you?), Scooter would know.
01:58pm 03/03/13 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
3589 posts
I'm not a diver so I dunno how effective getting oxygen underwater is

At the depths you'd encounter in that blue hole oxygen is pretty effective at poisoning you :) They'd be breathing Trimix or even Heliox.
09:33pm 03/03/13 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
3590 posts
From the man's Youtube channel:

FREE FALL: World champion freediver Guillaume Nery special dive at Dean's Blue Hole, the deepest blue hole in the world filmed entirely on breath hold by the french champion Julie Gautier. This video is a FICTION and an ARTISTIC PROJECT.

10:19pm 03/03/13 Permalink
4565 posts
That video shows far more light than would really be at 100m depth doesn't it?

Although light penetration will be less if water is turbid, in the very clear water of the open ocean less than 25% of the surface light reaches a depth of 10 m (33 feet). At 100 m (330 ft) the light present from the sun is normally about 0.5% of that at the surface.
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Brisbane, Queensland
6206 posts
Deepest I've ever gone is 42m and it starts to get darker kinda seems like a bright Moonlight (full moon on a clear night) so you can see mostly everything but it's just dimmer. Never been any where near 100, so not sure what it would be like there.

'Air' (~21% Oxygen) becomes toxic around the ~60m mark (Dean's Blue hole is 202m.) Though if you're down deeper than 'Recreational' depths (<30m) on air for a decent period of time you're probably going to succumb to narcosis anyway, if you're not on the other mixes StopShootingMe mentioned.

Breathing at depth doesn't take any more effort than breathing on land. As long as you're equipment is working properly.

Also, it was all 1 camera woman, his Girlfriend and fellow free diver, Julie Gautier. With no Scuba equipment.
So although it was 'Fiction' it's still very impressive.

This production required us 4 afternoones of shooting. All shoots have been taken in breath hold and with one camera. The script and edition is the resul of our work and imagination.
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