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Amazing art using Bic ballpoint pens
4398 posts
You simply MUST check out this fantastic work. The artist is a lawyer who just has art as a hobby. FFS, his work is breathtaking.

His gallery at Deviantart must be seen.

From the artist:
FAQ: Due to hundreds of questions and my lack of time to answer them all here are the answers for the most frequently asked:

Q:How many colors do you have and what pens are these?
A: I have 8 colored Bic ballpoint pens, for this I used 6 of them plus black. They are just common everyday ballpoint pens.
Q: Where do you get them? I have never seen them.
A: Staples, Ebay, Amazon, and pretty much any good office supply store, just because you haven't noticed them before doesn't mean they don't exist.
Q: Do you use any other medium mixed with the ballpoint pens?
A: No, I just use ballpoint pens for these drawings. Everything is 100% ballpoint pen.
Q: How do you mix the colors? How do you blend them?
A: I don't mix them nor blend them. Ballpoint pen ink dries instantly and can not be erased. I just cross hatch the different colors in layers to create the illusion of blending and the illusion of colors I don't actually have.
Q: Are you a professional Artist?
A: No, I'm just a lawyer, art is just a hobby for me, although it takes from 5 to 50 hours to finish each drawing. I started drawing when I was 2
11:09pm 23/08/12 Permalink
11:09pm 23/08/12 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
10063 posts
Wow, very impressive. The animals are especially cool.
11:11pm 23/08/12 Permalink
Gold Coast, Queensland
5170 posts
Really cool, some of those look like photos
11:16pm 23/08/12 Permalink
Melbourne, Victoria
2860 posts
Wow, that stuff is pretty damn good... why is wasting his time as a lawyer?
01:53am 24/08/12 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
34157 posts
why is wasting his time as a lawyer?

yer, i dont get it either!? with drawing cool pictures being such a lucrative career, it just doesnt make sense!
05:45am 24/08/12 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
4118 posts
haha Spook

Yeah, impressive hobby
07:21am 24/08/12 Permalink
Reverend Evil
Wynnum, Queensland
20848 posts
Jesus. That's f*****g crazy. I wish I was good at something.
07:33am 24/08/12 Permalink
436 posts
Incredible talent there... 30 hours to do some of them... damn this dude needs to discover BF3
09:29am 24/08/12 Permalink
Melbourne, Victoria
7314 posts
The only flaw with these drawings is I'm not convinced a girl that cute exists, and therefore the drawings aren't realistic :P
10:35am 24/08/12 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
6932 posts
mad skillz
11:14am 24/08/12 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
7951 posts
Can tell he's a lawyer, only one of its species would draw an evil souless ranga

I'd hit it with my own ink
12:25pm 24/08/12 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
8971 posts
that guy is a baller ;)

would be so awesome if you could just do that in your spare time when your bored tho, good skill to have :)
12:46pm 24/08/12 Permalink
Perth, Western Australia
808 posts
i call bulls***
01:51am 25/08/12 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
377 posts
The only flaw with these drawings is I'm not convinced a girl that cute exists, and therefore the drawings aren't realistic :P

If you look at the deviantart site, he says it's based on a photo of Любовь Ансимова (in Russian, obviously)
03:07am 25/08/12 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
378 posts
Comparison of picture in OP and original photo:
03:21am 25/08/12 Permalink
4400 posts
Comparison of picture in OP and original photo:

Nice one.
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10:26am 25/08/12 Permalink
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