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My Deutschland photos thread
2009 posts
So I made the move to Germany a few months ago and ended up taking as much of my pc with me in my carry on luggage because I didnt have time to sell and thought id save some coin by doing so. Never got checked by any security and was allowed through all checkpoints with no drama except when I left Sydney the guy on the x-ray scanner took his time looking though my bag lol.

I flew with Etihad and they were not too bad. Id recommend them if you want best value for money. I flew virgin from Brisbane to Sydney.


Arrived in Abu Dhabi at about 11:30pm local time and all I can say is that its hot there. Really hot. 42c when I landed.

Moving along I ended up in Frankfurt then had to travel by car to Nürnberg and that was mostly along the A1 autobahn.


Some photos of the town

You can guess what this is and they are everywhere, just insert your licence and cash or card.

the 'central' train station, its fully automated.

A view from the castle in the middle of the city (Nürnberger Burg)

A bunnings sized 2 level eletronics store. Its awesome.
103 inch

A condom brand of energy drinks

there are some cool things on the road here

local park

some jimmy for 11.89€ ($14.30aud)

THIS without a doubt is one of the best things I have ever eaten. Seriously if god took a s*** this is what happend. F*****g awesome.

€90 or $108 aud.

the city center

I also went to the Audi museum



Ive been trying a few local beers, apparently there are 1250ish different types of German beers available here not including imports.

the 'queen st mall' of Nürnberg

This photo is from a place called Würzberg, im thinking about moving there one day. Its a very nice town.


another castle in Würzberg
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07:20am 10/07/12 Permalink
2011 posts

walked up 265 stairs to get to this church.

More random shots

Anyway there are heaps more photos HERE that I cbf linking in here but still.

Its summer here at the moment and hitting about 35c. I really like the lifestyle and people here (as im sure a few of you would). Everything just seems so much more well thought out, the variety of stuff you can get is mind blowing and the cost of living is pretty reasonable. I do really recommend Europe as a holiday destination for anyone.

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Brisbane, Queensland
5965 posts
Links are either borked or Blocked at my work. Both are equally likely.
07:30am 10/07/12 Permalink
2012 posts
I have them on facebook so most likely blocked unfortunately
07:39am 10/07/12 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
33971 posts
why would a person move from awesome australia to this place?
07:45am 10/07/12 Permalink
AGN Admin
Brisbane, Queensland
36328 posts
Images load fine for me. Looks awesome dude, I just got back from Europe and spent a couple weeks enjoying the cheap alcohol and summer. Hope you like it there; Germany is rad.

Make sure you get to Oktoberfest, although Nuremberg should be Bavarian enough to get some awesome beers and pretzels.
07:52am 10/07/12 Permalink
Gold Coast, Queensland
1180 posts
Germany is beautiful I've been there a couple of times myself and one of the few places in the world I would leave Australia to move to.
07:55am 10/07/12 Permalink
2013 posts
why would a person move from awesome australia to this place?

I thought it would be best for my future with the wife (who is german) and neither of us were really happy with how things were going back in Australia. Plus Im one of those weird people that enjoy the cold. But it was a bit of a gamble coming here but I dont regret it one bit. It is just an awesome place, always something to do or see and it is beautiful here.
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1601 posts
Love Europe man, I'd defo consider living in ze Germans. Oktoberfest is wild, been to that like 5 times.

Germany is ace, it's just so damn efficient!

All so much better then Aus in a lot of ways, mostly the way they are governed I think, probably comes with the age of the country.
08:21am 10/07/12 Permalink
2015 posts
mostly the way they are governed I think, probably comes with the age of the country.

After being here for about a week or 2 I thought exactly that.
08:23am 10/07/12 Permalink
771 posts
I want that white 4 wheel bike. Those places have a nice old world charm to them, historic and such. Unlike Ausfailure.
09:16am 10/07/12 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
1108 posts
Nice Rdizz. Like the photos.
Hope it all goes smoothly for you brother.
09:19am 10/07/12 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
6161 posts
Deutschland, just saying :P

Completely agree with what you said Rdizz.

Spook, why are you so anti every other country in the world?
10:04am 10/07/12 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
8702 posts
What are you doing for a job over there?

10:21am 10/07/12 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
33972 posts
Spook, why are you so anti every other country in the world?

ive been there, didnt rate them. australia was far superior in almost everyway.
10:39am 10/07/12 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
2051 posts
mmm, i've been thinking about a move to europe.

great pics.
10:41am 10/07/12 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
2417 posts
I like your pics comparing Aus to Germany (eg Smokes machine, condom energy drink). I did a similar thing in the USA when i went there about 2 yrs ago. Good to see whats common in a foreign place that is non existent in Aus.
10:55am 10/07/12 Permalink
Reverend Evil
Wynnum, Queensland
20682 posts
Nice pics dude. My mums over in Europe atm with my niece. Starting off from London then finishing in Germany to visit my cousins. Weather should be nice this time of year.
11:02am 10/07/12 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
6165 posts
Spook, do you rate anything that is from another country?
11:14am 10/07/12 Permalink
Melbourne, Victoria
13425 posts
Signing in to say I love Germany as well. I've covered a fair bit of it over the years, with multiple trips there, but never spent any significant amount of time in Nürnberg.

Great photos, thanks for sharing!

Berlin is my favourite city so far. Tokyo my second favourite.

Spook, Australia is not superior to Germany on a social level or on a working level for me. However, Australian weather and lifestyle is superior IMO.
11:36am 10/07/12 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
10275 posts
zomg pinky loves germany? No way.

Also nice pics mate, thanks for sharing.
11:45am 10/07/12 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
33973 posts
Spook, do you rate anything that is from another country?

i like some beers form overseas (that are made in australian anyway)
11:45am 10/07/12 Permalink
Melbourne, Victoria
13426 posts
zomg pinky loves germany? No way.

You're the only dude that's ever made a big deal when I've posted screenies and my computer happens to be in German language.

It's a great language. If someone is looking to pick up a language I'd deffo recommend it. 80mil+ speakers and covers a few countries well enough. Either German or Spanish would be my language of choice to learn.

I studied Japanese for six years and that's a great language to speak, easy pronunciation for an English speaker, but Kanji is a real limitation.
12:07pm 10/07/12 Permalink
Gold Coast, Queensland
21055 posts
Yeah if I was going to learn a different language it would be German.

Is it totally necessary to have someone to take me through it, or do you think it would be possible to teach myself Pinky? I am kind of okay at learning things myself but not brilliant or anything, so if it is super hard it would probably be beyond me.

And Australia is a backwards s***hole. Literally every other 1st world country is better than it (except the US). DON'T LIKE IT GET OUT.
12:13pm 10/07/12 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
4381 posts
12:35pm 10/07/12 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
1686 posts
bit of cultural cringe, eh fpot?

Australia is awesome

Other countries are also awesome

why can't we all just get along
12:40pm 10/07/12 Permalink
Melbourne, Victoria
13427 posts
...or do you think it would be possible to teach myself Pinky?

You need to have some kind of basic intro for pronunciation. After that, you can teach yourself.

German pronunciation is very regular - the dumbest person can pronounce the most difficult word if they see it written down. You just have to learn the basic rules first to bring you up to that level.

The other tricky thing going from English to German is the gender cases: masculine (der), feminine (die), neutral (das). Those cases you have to learn for every noun (e.g., der Mann - the man, but die Männer - the men, all plurals are feminine).

In English the focus of the sentence is greatly simplified, so in German you have to learn how to use cases properly - dativ, akkusativ, nominativ, genitiv. It can be tricky, and you can sound stupid if you get it wrong.

Methods that pushed my German along were buying mirror books - one page English, one page German, same story - and watching DVD's in German with German subtitles (not English subtitles), which is excellent for pronunciation.

Immersion is everything with language and culture. It's difficult to immerse yourself in German in Australia, but if you change your phone language, computer language, maybe subscribe to die Woche in Australien and you're away.

For slang, can't beat signing up to a German speaking forum. I'm not currently, but I've been active on German gaming forums in the past. German slang I've found hardest to learn. Even basic s*** like 'noch was?' (buying Subway they would ask this if you want something else, but 'something' in German is 'etwas', not 'was' which means 'what' so it's confusing as f***, that kind of thing).

In German they have a saying: Deutsche Sprache, schwere Sprache. German language, difficult language. I don't think it's difficult compared to Czech or whatever, but it's a nice challenge and it is an achievable language.
12:50pm 10/07/12 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
5445 posts
You look like your avatar.
01:25pm 10/07/12 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
2418 posts
Dont mean to steal this thread but some of my pics from my USA trip 3 years ago. I have a f***load more but these are some of my fave.

Lapband ads were everywhere
Similar to aquaduct as seen in Terminator 2
Large soft drink container
Car parks
The tunnel from Daylight i think
LA Ink. Doesnt open to the public
Ads in LA often were in Spanish??
Muscle Beach. Seen in Californication, American history X etc
House in newport that i mentioned in another thread. Was split between two brothers that hated each other so the dude on the left moved his house forward a few feet to partially block the dude on the right's view of the ocean thats to the left.
Can buy this for $6k IIRC.
Both billboards are electronic and show video clips. Found all over the USA.
Massive ads everywhere. This is that casino in Vegas, Luxor IIRC.
Weightloss/energy shelf in a CVS pharmacy. Insane the range.
Condoms range in same pharmacy.
Saves effort of walking.
McDonalds in Vegas. Free refills of like 20 different drinks.
Vegas street crossing displays time left you have to cross.
01:33pm 10/07/12 Permalink
6023 posts
bit of cultural cringe, eh fpot?

Australia is awesome

Other countries are also awesome

why can't we all just get along


cultural cringers are just as retarded as the 'straya' bogans they look down thier noses at.
01:34pm 10/07/12 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
33974 posts
sounds to me like fpot should f*** off to nz or sweden or wherever it is better than australia, imo
01:52pm 10/07/12 Permalink
Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
1125 posts
Sounds moreso like people should calm the f*** down.

Sure he'll b**** about it, but if I spent as many years growing up in Germany I could list a few flaws...

The addage "A change is as good as a Holiday" rings true right about now. Everything would be new and exciting somewhere else in the world, and as an adult how many of you could say you experience something 'new' and 'exciting' in an average day?

The man is entitled to his opinion, you don't have to conform to it. It's just his choice of expression right now.
02:44pm 10/07/12 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
6894 posts
cool pix rdizz & deadlydav0 :)
02:55pm 10/07/12 Permalink
Melbourne, Victoria
13428 posts
You look like your avatar.


My avatar looks like just about every skinny white guy with short hair.
04:01pm 10/07/12 Permalink
2017 posts
Im in the process of learning german now and i havent found the basic stuff hard at all like greetings, numbers simple conversation etc but im up to the gender section now and i have to agree its rather confusing.
Im not working yet chub im not allowed to until i sort out some visa stuff, il most likely be working for the same company as the misses but as a truck driver for a while, while i study IT. They already offered to pay for my licence and training so it should be alright.

Did i mention driving here is awesome?

sweet pics davo lold at the merica one
04:15pm 10/07/12 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
3003 posts
nice pics, and nice place,

good work rdizz
04:27pm 10/07/12 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
2419 posts
lold at the merica one

The number of fat people on scooters was insane. I highly doubt many of them were disabled in any way other than being really fat and preferred scooter transport instead of walking - just like the security guard segway thingy.

Saw my very first fat person on a scooter in Aus last weekend. Was a kid maybe 10yrs who appeared to have no obvious health problems apart from being really fat. He rolled past the pharmacy i work with his mum and went to the michel's patisserie to get a quality feed.

Its interesting to see trends i saw in USA slowly come over to Aus - fat people in scooters, electronic video billboards, those high air speed hand dryers like the one below.

KFC over there was launching kentucky grilled chicken (grilled chicken instead of fried, obviously) which im surprised hasnt arrived in Aus.
04:30pm 10/07/12 Permalink
Melbourne, Victoria
13429 posts
Rdizz if you have an Android phone get the app 'AnkiDroid' and download the flash cards "German Gender Rules and Tips" and "German Vocab". There are probably other good ones, I haven't had a good look.

I've found that Germans do not know the rules to their own language. They just learnt it as they grew up, and they are poor at understanding the grammar and construction of their language.

One excellent book I'd highly recommend is: http://www.bookdepository.co.uk/German-3-Months/9781405301015

3 months, bulls***, haha - but this is an EXCELLENT summary of a ridiculous number of sentence structures, how to use verbs in particular ways, etc. It's an awesome book.
04:34pm 10/07/12 Permalink
2018 posts
i used one of those hand driers the other day, apparently they have them in most resturants and stuff here, and they work so well i want one haha bit noisy though
04:34pm 10/07/12 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
8703 posts
KFC over there was launching kentucky grilled chicken (grilled chicken instead of fried, obviously) which im surprised hasnt arrived in Aus.
On a recent episode of No Reservations (in Mexico) there was a placed called "Kentucky Fried Buches"... fried chicken necks.

http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_Odu2ckc2A6c/StZhXaw0d-I/AAAAAAAABf0/JsOgME8yaSI/s400/since 1963.JPG
http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_Odu2ckc2A6c/Sh4vL9AN7aI/AAAAAAAAA38/CaE7Ll2HAWo/s320/una orden.JPG

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2019 posts
cheers pinky il have a look but i dont have an android phone. i have about 5 apps on my iphone though an one is called 24/7 tutor or something and is awesome has the flash cards and tests and lots of words and phrases that can be spoken out by someones recording. i also found an awesome intensive course with audio cds on isohunt of all places and that has taught me a s***load. il still be doing a proper course here though soon.
04:39pm 10/07/12 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
2420 posts
Some more USA pics if interested:

Forget where but the rich people a decade or two ago lived up top and CBF walking down to the lower level so they built rail carts for em

LA was f***loads of concrete roads crisscrossing over eachother like this. Often 3 or 4 layers. Think this part was featured in Speed where the bus jumps.

Universal studios place where they change the buildings to suit whichever movie is being filmed. Was part of Silent Hill amongst others IIRC.

Universal studios used this to shoot the end of dawn of the dead where they take the boat to the island.

From that peter jackson King Kong movie. This was used to shoot when the boat was nearly being wrecked on the island during a storm.

War of the Worlds crashed plane set. Stuff litters both sides of the tram cart thing.

LA every morning looks like this til late morning/noon. Every day i swore it was gunna rain but it never did. Just the smog or whatever.

Freemont street in Vegas. The roof lights up like shown in the next pic with a variety of video shows done every few hours.

Shot of the Freemont street roof during video.

Cheap grog @ Freemont st.

Big Ass energy drinks (700ml IIRC).

All that fight gear thats the rage with wannabes.

Nudie mags available on the street in vegas.

The court house in New york thats shown in those law and order shows.

That bull statue outside wall street?? and shown in a number of movies.

Rich old bird with her dog in New York.

Michael Jackson had just died (like a day or 2 ago)

Where the world trade centre used to be. IIRC they stood nearly as high as the whole shot.
05:05pm 10/07/12 Permalink
2020 posts
man My mate just went to the US as well and came back with like no photos and i was like dude wtf? but its alright daveo produces the good il link him to this thread haha
05:22pm 10/07/12 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
2421 posts
900 photos from USA trip that was 2 weeks. And thats after i deleted all the duplicate pics i took in case i blurred em or something. Too bad many of them now i forget what they were of. We went on a cruise of celeb houses in new port and i have heaps of pics but no clue who they belong to.

I also played a game with the GF where i would take photos of fat people but to try n not make it obvious she would have to get between them and me so it looked like i was taking a photo of her.

That KFC grilled chicken i mentioned:

And that house from Chalries Angels where drew barrymore falls out the window.
05:40pm 10/07/12 Permalink
Cairns, Queensland
421 posts
Germany is pretty nice.

Just got back to Australia last week after spending 4 years there and am experiencing a bit of culture shock.

Spent 2 months in Leipzig 2 and a bit years in Koln and a year or so in Berlin (kicks ass), cheap awesome food, but not too many good paying jobs unless you are in finance or government.

Had a fairly sweet job too, doing IT consulting and managed to score a merc (and free petrol) from the company for all the travelling I had to. Nothing like doing 220+ on the autobahn... though having people overtake you can be a bit unnerving.

So easy to travel everywhere being so much smaller than Australia and it is definitely worth getting a bahncard.

Anyway sounds like you are in for some pretty epic times. Which field are you in btw? and do you speak German already?

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Brisbane, Queensland
20215 posts
ive been there, didnt rate them. australia was far superior in almost everyway.

Australia has corollas.
07:17pm 10/07/12 Permalink
Reverend Evil
Wynnum, Queensland
20693 posts
Awesome fotos Dave. I bet it feels like a completely different world over there.
07:55pm 10/07/12 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
9784 posts
I'm keen to do Vegas and more of New York. I dont mind the US of A as a tourist destination, not as bad as you think.
08:11pm 10/07/12 Permalink
4335 posts
Rdizz, great travel pics man. Thank you so much for sharing.
God I want to travel :(
08:15pm 10/07/12 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
2423 posts
I bet it feels like a completely different world over there.

TBH in many ways i think its the future of australia which is scary. Plus seeing sites that have been parts of tv shows/movies both the movie sets and IRL was awesome.
08:19pm 10/07/12 Permalink
2021 posts
Anyway sounds like you are in for some pretty epic times. Which field are you in btw? and do you speak German already?

yeah i already have had soem epic times but the main thing i want to do is get onto the nurbergring with a decent manual car, but insurance is the killer with that.

I can read and write at about level A1 atm and I can generally get the idea of conversations but I'm not the best speaker yet. I can speak the basics like introduce myself, say where I#m from how & old I am, numbers, talk to shop people about basic stuff like how much something might cost and so on.

The field I'm in now which is what I was in before I left was truck driving lol.. its not to bad I like driving and travel so thats where I'm going to be working until I can get something in IT again. (I was just in help desk for a small company that went bust, did home networking, builds, repairs etc..)
08:55pm 10/07/12 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
10276 posts
Those dyson hand dryers are of british origin.....
09:58pm 10/07/12 Permalink
1602 posts
The dyson hand driers are sweet, dry your hands in like 2-3 seconds! Do they not have them over in Aus yet?
10:12pm 10/07/12 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
15469 posts
yes i've seen a few of them around.
10:14pm 10/07/12 Permalink
1793 posts
I know a whole bunch of German blokes who are ecstatic about living in Australia. They wax lyrical about all the great things you can do here that you can't do back in Germania, and they're all trying the darndest to get visas and stay here
10:15pm 10/07/12 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
15470 posts
I know a whole bunch of German blokes who are ecstatic about living in Australia. They wax lyrical about all the great things you can do here that you can't do back in Germania, and they're all trying the darndest to get visas and stay here

like video games with red blood?

10:22pm 10/07/12 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
6008 posts
Germany has a good housing system that doesn't f*** people over like what happens here. No Negative Gearing Tax rorts for specufestors like here. No doubt why their cost of living is cheaper.

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9989 posts
Europe rulz, aus drulz for everything but NRL coverage.
12:34am 11/07/12 Permalink
Melbourne, Victoria
483 posts
And that is how a proper country looks like.
03:10am 11/07/12 Permalink
3915 posts
predator did you have to speak german when you did your jobs?
03:26am 11/07/12 Permalink
774 posts
Great USA pics too lol. See a can of Fosters there too in the drink thing.
05:28am 11/07/12 Permalink
Cairns, Queensland
422 posts
did you have to speak german when you did your jobs?

I did have to speak some German.

It was a bit difficult initially looking for work (.NET / SharePoint) there when I had just started my language course but as I improved I found it easier to interview and from there it just fell into place.

It depends really on your field I guess, most Germans speak English to some degree and the field I was in (consulting). I'd say half the meetings where in English and the rest of the time the customers were eager to practice so to improve my German half the time I had to insist on speaking it.

If anyone is after any opportunities in .NET or SharePoint there, those skills are in serious demand. Just sign up on Xing or linked in and the offers start comingin after a while.

The thing is, there is such high demand, they are more than willing to hire English speakers. In fact 2 of the consultants I was working with could pretty much only speak English so the opportunities are there.

Anyway Germany and Europe is awesome. If you are in Germany you would really be doing yourself a disservice not to visit Berlin for a couple of days. Cheap awesome food, beer cheaper than water they have massive games conferences year round, awesome transport infrastructure (makes me a bit sad to see the state of affairs in Australia) no 300km/h rail, not being able to just walk to the nearest metro or bus stop and know you wont be waiting longer than 10 minutes and the autobahn.. :) Did maybe 60000 kms and definitely nice in a car that can handle well, feel sorry for people here buying the mercs and audis in Oz, they don't really start to wake up until 170+ and here it just seems such a waste.
12:52pm 11/07/12 Permalink
2073 posts
like video games with red blood?


Nah, we just order games from Amazon UK and have them delivered to Germany (it's all sent from a central Amazon EU despatch centre anyway). Problem solved!

Bigger problems are encountered with games that are only for purchase on Steam/Origin however, but thankfully that isn't really many at all yet.
05:11pm 11/07/12 Permalink
Sydney, New South Wales
6 posts
awesome photos, looks like a cool place
08:35am 13/07/12 Permalink
AGN Admin
Brisbane, Queensland
36330 posts
Stuttgart, 2006 - World Cup time:


Germany rules. Hoping to get back to Oktoberfest soon.
08:40am 13/07/12 Permalink
Some Fat Bastard
Brisbane, Queensland
1163 posts
Two questions Trog.

When are you going to race your Ford Falcon again?

When's the next Hulk movie?

Cause boy, as everyone says, you're the spittin' image of Eric Bana. Hate to say it but maybe even a better looking version.
09:18am 13/07/12 Permalink
2103 posts
Thought i would update this thread so here are some new pics ladies:
sorry about image quality but cbf hosting anywhere else but fb.
biggest spider ive seen. About 12mm.

Took a BMW K1200RS on a bike ride with a few other relative in law with their bikes to this place called Eibsee, easily the most beautiful palce ive ever been. The water is drinkable and clear as a barstard. It was packed there because its summer holiday season here atm. Its at the foot of one of Germanys highest mountains that peaks at 2.8km IIRC.


Its a pretty popular tourist attraction (expect to see loads of hot girls and the stray tit here and there) so if you ever go to europe go here.

There seems to be lots more air traffic in germany i see random s*** all the time from people with those parachutes that act like a hang glider with a engine, to gliders and normal aircraft.


segways are not rare..



a randomly huge red light for not reason?


this place is a clone of the old off ya tree store

cont. in next post
11:53pm 16/08/12 Permalink
2104 posts
This organ is worth €2.2mil and the biggest suspended organ in the world. It moves up and down the wall to let the organist in and out and change the note.
I think the cathederal is st peters?







the usual style of wedding car here has flowers and stuff on the bonnet instead of ribbons..

a nice random street that had some good resturants in it

Corvettes and mustangs are suprisingly pretty popular

epic car park for a shopping center

I thought this was a pretty good idea.. buy something from this shop (big tradional german clothing store) and recieve free unlimited beers. Also while I was having my beer I saw next years model BMW 5 series drive past wrapped up in all that black and white pattern.

old mansion


another cool quad
12:04am 17/08/12 Permalink
2105 posts
hard to see but this is a electric car charging at a charge point in the city

someone get Hunter in here quick, its a Gemini.

I went to the check (sp lol) Republic with the bro in law to score some cheap stuff duty free in this turbo d 3.0L 200hp-ish merc that was limited to 249km/h.





random skids at the addias factory outlet

this place was massive and I could easily spend hundreds on clothes and shoes here. There are alot of things that are only sold here and nowhere else.

size 19

I was so close to getting a pair of starwars shoes but then I thought nah Id never wear then and just leave them in the packaging



This was taken in the Puma factory outlet down the road

The now 2nd fastest shoes in the world (not for sale) used by usan bolt or whatever his name is in the 2008 olympics


meat cigars


I have seen quite a few more expensive cars rolling around since ive been here I have seen a F430, 2 late model Lamborghini's, about 5 aston martins, a 458, m6's, 1 SLS and 1 SLR, lotus elise, a few 1M's, many porsche's but no carrera GT's and about 10 R8's. It sucks that I only drive past them or something and cant get a good photo.





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