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Gamearena and AG app on Telstra/Bigpond T Hubs
Brisbane, Queensland
10132 posts
does anyone else have fam members with Telstra T Hubs?

I notice that they're popping up left, right and center atm, though the GA and AusGamers apps crash on them out of the box ( yeah - have updated )

Anyone tried this / got a workaround?
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Brisbane, Queensland
10137 posts

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Brisbane, Queensland
10138 posts
is there a Gamearena forum for this?

I though everything was here now on AusGamers?

That's kinda weak eh...

would you like me to fix it for you?
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Brisbane, Queensland
6035 posts
You know how to use a phone right or is that before your time?
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Cairns, Queensland
14427 posts
koopz drunk on the internets again?
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AGN Admin
Brisbane, Queensland
37392 posts
I know the letters are the same, but AG and GA are not the same thing and never have been!

I have passed this on to someone who might know something about it. I was not even aware there is an AG app for T Hub, but the GA one will be broken as a result of the GA site changing formats.
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Adelaide, South Australia
1 posts
Since all the W8 threads are arrkived i won't bother with a new thread i will put some use full information about W 8.1 here.(Im full of useful information)

How to try and back up on W 8.1.

The original back up tool on w8 has gone and as i found out after i backed up W 8 to an external HD when i tried to back up W 8.1 it didn't compute and the back up drive was completely borked saying i had 52 gigs(on a 1 trb hd) of free space.
Control panel -file history- at the bottom left "system image back up" or you can go to control panel search "recovery tool"

These are not very satisfactory options a third party ghost would be better to clone the entire hard drive.

PS:I tried every tool known to mankind to try and format the external HD drive to no avail i can't get past the 52 gig partition.

PPS: Or you could do what the man wants and use Windows Sky Drive, which is free on W 8.1
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Melbourne, Victoria
692 posts
hail zaraq

the one whose wisdom seeps from the sides of rusty sheeps tin straps

welcome from GA to the future of the now AG
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Adelaide, South Australia
2 posts
Yo ho ho and a merry Christmas Master Bookz ,for some reason i thought of you wearing a trilby which triggered thoughts of Two Tone Sammy.

Speaking of G A what a fcn train wreck 60000000000000000 servers and 99% are empty and if you do want to play a game you're directed here (that is if you can even find the link) for the actual software to log in.

PS: I went to disk management and deleted the offending partition and hey presto my 2 terabyte hd is back in order.
Jesus slap me silly and call me a moose how could i forget such a simple solution.
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